Find The Haunted Abandoned Places Near Me

Abandoned places near me – Many abandoned places exist in the USA, UK, and other countries. Like ghost towns, deserted builds, old cemeteries, and lost sites. These places are creepy and interred in the yesteryears. Most of them are obliviated, but some are near modern settlements. The latter ones are fascinating and can be visited anytime.

Visiting most of these abandoned places in America is legal, and these places have private securities, entry fees, and rules to follow. However, trespassing in privately owned abandoned sites is not advised. It would be best to visit deserted places for weak and old constructions carefully.

These abandoned places in the USA are like time capsules from a different era; visiting them is exciting and sometimes spooky.

Abandoned Places Map

How to find Abandoned Places Near you that you can visit and explore?

Use the following Google Maps to find these cool old abandoned places. Some places are haunted, scary, and creepy too.

Abandoned Places Near Me
Abandoned Places Near Me

10 ways to find abandoned places near you

There are many abandoned places in almost every city in every country. Like ghost towns, creepy old mansions, deserted mines, old cemeteries, abandoned hospitals, and many more. These places are poignant and lost in the past and are mostly spooky. However, many people like to visit these places and make their journey documented. 

Visiting these abandoned places is mostly legal. Sometimes, visitors must pay entry fees and provide proper documents. However, trespassing is strictly prohibited on private properties. Explorers need to do a proper background check before entering a deserted place. These places are like time capsules from different ages. Here are some strategies helpful for you to find your next target. 

1. Search for “abandoned places” on Google map  

Google Maps is the best tool to locate abandoned places. You can easily spot the nearest entry points, parking spaces, and all the essential information. For example, start your search with wide rivers, railroads, and highway connections. These are the most important modes of connectivity for the past hundred years. You will come up with prospective locations quickly. 

2. Search for fellow explorers on social media

There are many fellow explorers out there doing the same job as you. They explore deserted areas, document them, and share their experiences on social media or websites. All you need to do is befriend them and share your knowledge. You can also team up with some of them in your next project. Or, you can check out their videos and venture into those abandoned places.

3. Look for online websites offering information about deserted places

Many explorers like to document their research and journey to deserted places, like a visit to a spooky deserted mental hospital abandoned church, or deserted hotel. They provide detailed insight into the place. Like the background, reasons for abandonment, spooky legends, and many more. If you’re an enthusiast, these websites are perfect for searching for such places. 

4. Look for abandoned superfund sites

It’s something for advanced and experienced explorers. Freshers and newbies should strictly avoid these types of websites. Areas that are contaminated and regarded as hazardous to the environment are called superfund sites. Most are permanently closed, but some are open depending on the harsh conditions. There are many tools to locate, like the TOXMAP by the National Library of Medicine. Before endeavoring such a location, it is important to gear up properly and do your research thoroughly. 

5. Set a google alert for deserted places

If you actively search for abandoned places on Google Maps, setting Google alerts for probable spots is a good choice. Simply research “Abandoned places near me” and set alerts on spots you think will be deserted or demolished soon. It’s best to search with keywords like “Demolish” and “Abandoned” to set the alert.

6. Befriend the realtors and real estate agents

Realtors and real estate agents may know abandoned mansions, soon-to-be-demolished malls, and deserted hospitals. In short, they know about deserted properties and their history, which they mostly keep secret from clients. If you’re looking for an easy way to get information about these places, then this group of people can provide a gateway. All you need to do is befriend an experienced realtor and get information. You can learn about spooky mansions in any neighborhood that are off the record.

It might be unknown to many, but many abandoned places have their own Wikipedia pages. You can provide accurate GPS locations and all vital information about that place. It’s an easy option for newbies. Just start your research with keywords like “Abandoned,” “Haunted,” and “Deserted.” 

8. Start an advanced Google search for Abandoned placed

Everyone mainly advises secure research, but it’s hard to practice sometimes. Sometimes, people mistakenly share the whereabouts of different locations on Google Maps. Once shared, these places get indexed in Google Maps. You only need to search for “MyMaps Keyword” in your Google Maps to get thousands for such locations. Undoubtedly, the keywords will be “Abandoned Places,” “Deserted Mansions,” and many more. You can also take printouts of such locations. 

9. Study your history

History is the only subject that links you with the past. So, before googling and searching online for abandoned places, a thorough study of history is essential to know about such places. The history of an area tells a lot about lifestyles in a different era. It’s helpful to know about abandoned factories, hospitals, mansions, and places that were once thriving. 

10. Search your neighborhood

Every city has a past, which means there are abandoned marketplaces, community swimming pools, factories, mansions, and hospitals. A tour of your neighborhood could give an insight into these abandoned places near your home. It’s the best way to start exploring deserted places and their history. 

Abandoned Places in the US

Following abandoned places near me in the US. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, San Antonio Tx, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Abandoned Places in America

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