Durga Puja Near Me

Durga Puja near me – The organizers have started date counting for puja, and the countdown to Durga puja 2022 has already begun. Friends and families from places like Bihar and Bangladesh ask about decorations and preparations of Sreebhumi, Barisha club, Naktala Udayan Sangha, Bagbazar, Deshapriya park, and other big shots in the pandal hopping list of Kolkata. Indians in other metropolitan areas like Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi prepare for Ma Durga Navratri celebrations.

People have started to buy dresses and ornaments for Durga puja celebrations. Instagram is flooding with customized Mehendi designs and photoshoots for different looks for Panchami, Sasthi, and other puja days.

durga puja near me
Durga Puja near me

Use This Map To Find A Nearby Durga Puja Pandal

Durga Puja Worldwide Celebrations
Durga Puja Worldwide Celebrations
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10 ways to find a Durga Puja Celebration Near you in 2022

The festival is celebrated in more than 150 places in 36 countries outside India. South Korea, Japan, Trinidad, London, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, New York, all over the UK, Argentina, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Jersey, Australia, Norway, France, and Germany are some of the newest countries where Bengalis have been hosting Durga Puja for more than five years. 

1. Search online

In today’s world, everything has a digital presence. People visit different places and share photos and detailed descriptions about them on social media pages. Durga puja is no other at all. Even other Puja organizers have their web pages, Facebook pages etc. All you need is to search for Durga Pujas near your location. You can get timelines for the next puja and details about the festival there. Even you can get online memberships to enjoy fully.

2. Search for Bengali communities

It is said that if there are at least 3 Bengalis, then a Durga Puja is just round the corner. If you’re settling in Foreign lands, search for Bengali communities in your neighbourhood. Besides organizing Durga Puja, these communities are helpful in every way. They provide legal advice, financial support, and social services for fellow Bengalis. 

3. Ask someone you trust

It would help to build a trust circle in your locality and workplace. This way, you can communicate with people about your problems and expectations while adjusting to foreign lands. You can also look for fellow Bengalis and fellow citizens in this way. Searching for places to attend Durga Puja will be easier if you ask people from your trust circle.

4. Explore your neighbourhood

While settling in a new area, it is important to explore your neighbourhood. It’s the best way to get a clear idea about the socio-geographical nature of the area. Besides getting an idea about restaurants, and shopping centres, you can also search for places organizing Durga Puja during festive seasons. 

5. Befriend fellow Bengalis and Countrymen

In foreign lands, every countryman becomes friendly and part of a large community called Indians. Even a small conversation with fellow countrymen is refreshing. It’s best to befriend your fellow countryman, especially Bengalis, in your office or university. This way, you can get entry to the Bengali and Indian communities organizing Durga Puja in your neighbourhood. 

6. Plan your visit and future goals ahead

Settling in foreign lands requires prior planning and future goals. So if you’re planning to settle abroad, list your priorities and goals. For a Bengali, Durga Puja surely makes the priority list. You can plan your vacations and other activities before the festival and search for all the places nearby for the occasion. This way, you can have a lot of time to enjoy your Puja vacation.

7. Search for religious organizations for Durga Puja

Religious organizations like Ramakrishna Mission, Iskon Temple, and Bharat Sevashram Sangh have branches in almost every country. They organize Durga Puja, besides other Hindu Festivals. You can search online for the nearest branch to you to enjoy Durga Puja. 

8. Ask questions about the occasion and other important festivals

Asking the right question is the best way to seek out something important. So feel free to ask about Durga Puja to any fellow Bengali you meet outside your hometown. Ask for dates and timing of puja, place of occasion, and how to get entry to the venue. It’s the best way to seek places to organize puja.

9. Follow announcements of different Bengali occasions in neighbourhoods

Durga Puja or Dassehra is the largest festival for Bengalis. Local News agencies love to cover such colourful, bright 5-day long festivals. Bengali communities use local newspapers to announce the festival’s puja dates and other details. It is best to keep a close eye on newspapers for announcements. 

10. Organize your occasions

Self-help is the best help. Bengalis do like to enjoy different festivals now and then. Even when they are settled in foreign lands, these small festivals are best to socialize them. If you’re settled in foreign lands, organize your festivals like Saraswati puja, Deepavali, Holi, and others. This way, you can socialize with fellow Bengalis. Socialization is one of the best ways to know about places and Bengali communities organizing Durga Puja. You can also participate actively in Durga Puja celebrations nearby. 

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Conclusion of Durga Puja Near Me

People celebrate Durga Puja by wearing new clothes, cooking exceptional food, and visiting temples to pray. During this time, people celebrate by worshipping idols of Durga and enjoying food and music. This article will discuss the significance, culture and Traditions, Facts, history, and this year’s puja date and time.

Photography from last year’s puja celebrations is circling on social media. People are debating over themes like Burj Khalifa and others with low-budget traditional pandal decorations of cities like Cuttack. Enthusiasts are also preparing Shayari on Durga Puja. Make sure to mark the timetable of the UNESCO Heritage festival in your calendar to spend your vacation happily.

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