All Michelin Star Restaurants in California 2023

In the USA, California is home to many excellent restaurants. A Michelin Star is one of the most renowned awards in the food industry and is a yardstick of every chef’s success. In a cozy and ideal setting, you can savor various authentic and delicious foods in these outstanding Michelin Star Restaurants in California.

In addition to three, two, or one star, Michelin also bestows the Michelin Green Star and Bib Gourmand Star, two additional renowned labels. Only a few qualified restaurants in the category can take home these awards. According to Michelin’s official guide, the meanings of the Michelin Rating are as follows:

Michelin Star restaurants in California
Michelin Star restaurants in California
  • One star: High-quality cooking, worth a stop!”
  • Two stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour!
  • Three stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey!
  • Bib Gourmand: good quality, good value cooking.”

List of Newly Added Michelin Star Restaurants in CA

  • AMA Sushi (Montecito)
  • Asterid by Ray Garcia (LA)
  • Bar Le Cote (Los Olivos)
  • Bird & Buffalo (Oakland)
  • Caboco (LA)
  • Camphor (LA)
  • Chulita (Venice)
  • Cyrus (Geyserville)
  • Damian (LA)
  • Ember (Arroyo Grande)
  • Hatchet Hall (LA)
  • Hi Felicia (Oakland)
  • In bloom (Paso Robles)
  • Itria(SF)
  • Ken(SF)
  • Kingfisher (SD)
  • Kinn (LA)
  • Kodo (LA)
  • La Cha Cha Cha (LA)
  • Les Petites Canailles (Paso Robles)
  • Matu (Beverly Hills)
  • Meteora (LA)
  • Nate’s on Marsh (San Luis Obispo)
  • Osito(SF)
  • peasants FEAST (Solvang)
  • Pizzeria Bianco (LA)
  • Ramen & Tsukemen TAO (Buena Park)
  • Rebel Omakase (Laguna Beach)
  • Saffy’s (LA)
  • San Laurel (LA)
  • Sushi Kaneyoshi (LA)
  • The Dutchess (Ojai)
  • The Hatch (Paso Robles)
  • Valle (Oceanside)
  • Yangban Society (LA)
  • Yuji(SF)
  • Yunomi Handroll Bar (LA)

How Many Michelin Star Restaurants In California?

As of now, there are 612 Michelin-starred restaurants listed in California. Six 3-star restaurants, twelve 2-star restaurants, sixty-eight 1-star restaurants, and one hundred forty-three Bib Gourmand restaurants are present.

Discover 109 Michelin-recognized Restaurants in California in the United States.

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