5 Best Beaches Near Margate Kent 2024

Many famous Beaches in Margate Kent are covered with dunes, a favourite spot for tourists and locals to enjoy vacations. Multiple hotels and delicious restaurants are there to provide convenient residences and food.

Free car parking and well-sanitised restrooms are there on Westgate On Sea, Birchington, Broadstairs, and Margate beaches in the UK. The train and bus routes are interconnected well to all these spots. The coast guards and lifeguard services are available anytime, ensuring the safety of visitors. The high tides covering the beaches are a beautiful view during the spring here.

Beaches Near Margate Kent
Beaches Near Margate Kent

1. West Bay Beach – Westgate on Sea, Margate, UK

West Bay is made of sand with plenty of cliffs and an excellent spot for family entertainment. A strong sea wall concrete rounds the bay along with railings. When the tides are at their peak, the sea covers the bay.

There are many residents on the sea road near the place to explore. Westbay is also called the Dinosaur Coast, as people from around come here for fossil hunting.  

West Bay Beach Westgate on Sea Margate UK
West Bay Beach Westgate on Sea Margate

A big grass area is available on the top of the cliff near the coastline. Recreational beach huts are open from Easter to September. You can enjoy a relaxing bath in the rock pools. The west location of the area makes it best for sighting the sunset. Quick bites and refreshing beverages are sold at the cafe. It is an ideal place for sand castle building.

Dogs are prohibited from the beach from May 1 to September 30 between 10 AM – 6 PM. The Feasibility Accessible music festival in June and MDC+ Comic-Con in May are popular events to witness. 

  • How to Reach: Train – the nearest railway station to West Bay is Dorchester and Axminster, 20 km away. Bus – The Meadowlands bus station is the closest stop, 606 metres from the beach. 
  • Attractions: Margate Caves and Shell Grotto
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Sunken Gardens, Dreamland Margate 

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2. Margate Main Sands – Margate, UK

Margate Main Sands spreads over an area of 200 metres with a long promenade and boardwalks present. The path is fitted with big dolphin lamps for a pleasant walking experience. A sea flood defence with a walled passage has three wooden exit gates and seatings. Dog’s entry is restricted from May 1 to September 30. 

Margate Main Sands Margate UK
Margate Main Sands Margate

The tidal bathing pool is ideal for refreshing a bath, and the children’s play area with swing boats will open between Easter and September. A traditional Seafood stall and cafe are enough to get your tummy filled. Pubs provide top-notch varieties of drinks with onsite delivery options. Thrilling games are enjoyable at the arcade stores. 

The Margate Soul Festival and 100 Pieces of Art occur in August and July. 

  • How to reach: Train – The Margate railway station is opposite Main Sands Beach. Train HS1 from St.Pancras to Margate station takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Bus – the Cecil Square stop is the nearest and is a 2-minute walk to the beach.    
  • Attractions: Turner Contemporary, Tudor House
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Margate Caves, The Escapement – Margate’s Premier Escape Room  

3. Mildred’s Bay – Westgate on Sea, UK

St. Mildred’s Bay beach is made of a sandy bay with many cliffs and a tidal pool. The concrete sea wall surrounding the bay confers protection with railings. The beach huts are open from Easter to September. A cafe right here serves hot beverages and snacks. The tidal pool offers a safe place to take a cool bath and relax.   

Mildred's Bay Westgate on Sea UK
Mildred’s Bay Westgate on Sea

This bay was previously known as Marsh Bay and was used as a royal naval air service station before the outbreak of the First World War. So, this place has a historically significant credit to remember.      

The Westgate pavilion is on the cliff top and has a private function room and a big theatre. A massive stage with good lighting and an audio system is available, with seating for 220 members. Four backstage rooms are also there. 

Fun activities like golf, tennis, windsurfing, and swimming are facilitated here. Margate Soul Festival and Monsterslam take place in August and July, respectively. 

  • How to reach: Train – It is about 8 minutes from the Westgate – on – Sea station. Bus: Norman Road stop is just a five-minute walk from the beach.   
  • Attractions: Dreamland Margate, Shell Grotto
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Ramsgate Tunnels, Margate Museum 

4. Minnis Bay – Birchington-on-Sea, UK

Minnis Bay Beach is located in an area called the Isle of Thanet. It is on the east of the Thames estuary and has many amenities. This flat beach filled with dunes is ideal for walking, playing ball games and sunbathing. There is a paddling pool for the youngsters to get good vibes. In the spring, you can see the beach covered due to high tides. 

Minnis Bay Birchington on Sea UK
Minnis Bay Birchington on Sea

Water sporting activities, like sailing, kayaking, and windsurfing, are available. Free car parking and a children’s play area are there. Safety ensures lifeguard services are offered for people. Families can peacefully spend time in the picnic area, ice cream kiosk and cafe on the promenade. Children can build their favourite sandcastles over here.   

  • How to reach: Train – Birchington- On–Sea is the nearest railway station from which the beach is 2 km on the walk. Bus – Bus numbers 022, 34, 8, and 8A will all stop near Birchington – On-Sea.    
  • Attractions: Powell – Cotton Museum, Ramsgate Tunnels
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Canterbury Cathedral, Wingham Wildlife Park 

5. Viking Bay – Broadstairs, UK

Viking Bay is a horseshoe-shaped sandy bay beach in Broadstairs. The famous author Charles Dicken’s favourite holiday destination is this beach, and he wrote David Copperfield in the Bleak House near the area. There is a harbour at the northern end where fishing boats are anchored. A cliff-side elevator is at the southern end, where you can climb up the cliff. 

Viking Bay Broadstairs UK
Viking Bay Broadstairs

Seaside resorts, cafes on the promenade, and beach huts are all there for people’s comfort. The tidal pool is the perfect spot for families to take soothing baths. You can enjoy varied flavours of ice cream in the kiosk throughout the week in the summer. 

The wooden boardwalk runs from the promenade of the cliff to the bay, providing a clear pathway. 

  • How to reach: Train – get a train to Broadstairs station, a 10-minute walking distance to the beach. Bus –Baptist Church stop is the nearest, about six minutes on a walk.     
  • Attractions: Dickens House Museum, King George VI Memorial Park
  • Nearby Visiting Places: Botany Bay, Broadstairs, Ramsgate Beach 

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Children’s play areas, watersports and walking promenades are in the Beaches in Margate Kent in the UK for visitors’ enjoyment. Taking sunbathing under the scorching sun and soul-refreshing times in the tidal pools give visitors a unique experience and feel about returning for more. Rental cottages, beach houses, huts and holiday resorts are around for recreation and entertainment. 

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