Durdle Door Beach Dorset in England 2024

Durdle Door Beach is a well–known destination in Dorset, England. This majestic place is included in the Jurassic World Heritage Site. The natural limestone arch, Lulworth Cove, has made this place famous among tourists.

Durdle Door Beach connects West Lulworth by West Road and Bournemouth by Wessex Way. This place is approachable from London too via M3 by car.

Durdle Door Beach Guide
Durdle Door Beach Guide

Where is Durdle Door Beach

Durdle Door Beach is an in-demand spot on Jurassic Coastline. Durdle Door is situated at Lulworth West of Dorset, England. Durdle Door in an arch made of limestone towering over the sea. This place has its name written on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Lulworth Estate currently owns Durdle Door.

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How to get to Durdle Door Beach

You can visit Durdle Door beach from many gateways like:-

From West Lulworth

Durdle Door Beach is just 1.3 miles away from West Lulworth. It takes a 5-minute drive via West Road to get to the beach. Cycling to the beach takes only 24 minutes via Sowth West Coast Path.

From Bournemouth

Durdle Door Beach is at a distance of 24 miles from Bournemouth. It takes a 42-minute drive via Wessex Way, A35, Herbert Avenue, and B3070 to get to the beach. Another way to reach Durdle Door Beach is to take bus no. 20 run by More from Boots up to Poole. From there, take X54 Jurassic Coaster up to the Durdle Door Park entrance.

From Dorchester

Durdle Door Beach is nearly 13 miles away from Dorchester. It takes a 24-minute drive via Wareham Road and A352 to get to the beach. Another way to reach Durdle Door is to take bus no. 10, run by First Wessex from Brewery Square to Kings Statue (Stop K3).

From Kings Statue (Stop K5), take the X54 Jurassic Coaster run by First Wessex to the Durdle Door Park Entrance. Cycling is an alternative, but it will take nearly one and a half hours via National Cycle Route 2.

From Yeovil

Durdle Door Beach is nearly 35 miles away from Yeovil. It will take almost an hour’s drive via A37 to get to the beach. Other means of transport include train services run by GWR from Yeovil Pen Mill to Weymouth.

Weymouth walks to Price Regent Hotel and takes the X54 Jurassic Coaster bus to Durdle Door Park Entrance. Availing this route will take almost 3 hours to reach Durdle Door.

From London

Durdle Door Beach is nearly 129 miles away from London. It will take almost a 3-hour drive via M3 to get to the beach. As for Bus service, take Megabus M3 from Victoria Coach Station (Stop W) up to Poole Dorset. Then, take the X54 Jurassic Coaster from Poole to Durdle Door Park Entrance. Train services are also available, but you must break the journey.

From Bristol

Durdle Door Beach is nearly 75 miles away from Bristol. Getting to the beach will take almost 2 and a half-hour drive via A37. Bus and train services are available too.

Durdle Door Beach Guide UK
Durdle Door Beach Guide UK

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Durdle Door Parking

Durdle Door has its parking area just above the beach. Tickets are available on a pay-arrival basis. After parking, walk down to the beach; it will take more or less 15 minutes (nearly 900 miles). Please pay attention to wearing good walking or running shoes and not flip-flops because it’s a steep path from parking to the beach.

Parking TypeAmount
All-day parking (until dusk)£ 10.00
Up to 4 hours£ 5.00
Oversized Vehicles (above 5.5 m and 16 seats)£ 15.00
Motorcycles£ 1.00
Durdle Door Parking

Parking area rules

  • Overnight sleeping is prohibited.
  • Drones are not allowed.
  • Fires and barbecues are not allowed.
  • There is a limited number of spots available for visitors without prior booking.
  • Tickets bought at Durdle Door Car Park are accepted in Lulworth Cove & Castle and Newlands Meadow.

What is the best time to visit Durdle Door Beach?

The best time to visit Durdle Door Beach is from Spring to summer. Early Autumn can be good, too. That being from March up to October. Car parking is only available during this time of the year. Spring and Summer is the only time with relatively warm weather.

Things to do at Durdle Door

  • This Beach is perfect for a sunbath. As it is a pebble beach, choose mats accordingly.
  • Durdle Door Holiday Park is a beautiful place for partying, eating, staying, and relaxing.
  • The water is comfortable for swimming in Spring and Summertime. Pay attention to swim within 8 miles of the shore.
  • Kayak Ride in Duredle Door is an activity full of adventure, which is a tourist favourite. You can book a Kayak tour for 3 hours from Lulworth Cove to Durdle Beach. A single Kayak costs £ 80, and a double Kayak is £ 115.

Durdle Door facts

  • The Durdle Door is an arch made of limestone, creating a tunnel or door underneath.
  • The Arch was a series of caves first. Comparatively softer rocks eroded, leaving only the harder limestone.
  • The meaning of the name “Durdle” is Drill.
  • Durdle Door started taking shape over 140 million years ago.
  • The ring-shaped marks you will find on the rocks are the remains of an ancient forest.
  • Lulworth Estate owns this place.
  • Durdle Door made its appearance in the film Nanny McPhee in 2005.

Durdle Door Beach postcode

The postcode of Durdle Door Beach is BH20 5PU. The nearest town to Durdle Door is Weymouth. 

Durdle Door beach timings

 Durdle Door Beach is open throughout the day until 9 pm or dusk all year. But the car parking of Durdle door opens at around 9 am and remains open till dusk. Watching Sunrise requires getting up early.

Monday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Tuesday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Wednesday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Thursday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Friday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Saturday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday12:00 am to 12:00 pm
Durdle Door beach timings

Durdle Door parking opening time

The car parking opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm during Summer, 7 pm in Spring or Autumn, and 4 pm in winter.

Durdle Door Beach Food

Durdle Door Beach itself doesn’t have any food stalls on it. On the way to Durdle Door Beach from The Holiday Park, you can see some strollers selling refreshers and ice creams.

The Holiday Park has many things to offer in case of food. It has a bar-restaurant and a café to offer drinks and eatables.

Durdle Door Beach Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping in Durdle Door Beach is known as Tombstoning. This activity, jumping from the arch about 200 ft high, is dangerous. Due to many submerged, hidden rocks, it can be fatal for anyone. There have been many accidents because of this.

Durdle Door Beach Swimming

Swimming is not recommended as there are no lifeguards posted on the beach. At Spring and Summer, the water is very inviting, but tourists should avoid swimming near or through the door. There are pretty strong currents flowing beneath the arch of the door, which can be deadly. Children are needed to be taken extra care of while in the water.

Swimming to Man O’War Beach from Durdle Door Beach is a well-known tourist activity. It is advisable to swim within 8 miles of the shoreline.

Durdle Door Beach Dorset

Durdle Door Beach facilities

Durdle Door Beach has few facilities, but the Holiday Park does make up for that.

Durdle Door Beach is not advisable for people in wheelchairs. A steep path to get to the beach requires a little trek, which is inaccessible to wheelchairs or disabled tourists.

Though there are no toilets on the beach, the park has toilets accessible to visitors.

Durdle Door Beach Caravan Rent

Durdle Door has static Caravans for visitors to rent.

Dorset Caravans – Hire any of the 2 Dorset Caravans in Durdle Door to experience a unique luxurious living style. These caravans are pet friendly with accommodation of 6 people. All the basic amenities like a shower, toilet, central heating, and free Wi-Fi are available. These come with car parking and patios with a great view. Hiring Dorset Caravans costs £ 385 – £ 700 per week.

There are also many private caravans to choose from in Durdle Door.

Doorset Durdle Door Beach Guide UK
Dorset Durdle Door Beach Guide UK

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8 Must Vist Places near Durdle Door

  • Lulworth Cove
  • Lulworth Castle
  • Monkey World
  • Man O’War Beach
  • Stair Hole
  • Lulworth Heritage Centre
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • The Tank Museum

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove is 1.8 miles away from Durdle Door Beach. Drive for 8 minutes or walk through South West Coast Path for 25 minutes to get to the Cove. Lulworth Cove is the most famous place near Durdle Door. It has everything: a magnificent view, shops, eateries, car parking, etc.

Lulworth Cove was formed due to the sea waves’ erosion of hard Portland stone along the shoreline. This place is best for geologists because many rock formations can be seen. 

Lulworth Cove Visitor Centre opening hours – all week, from 10 am to 5 pm. In winter, closing time shifts to 4 pm. Visitor Centre remains closed on the day of Christmas.

Lulworth Castle

Lulworth Castle is 4 miles away from Durdle Door Beach. Drive for 12 minutes through B3070 from Durdle Door, or an 11-minute drive from Lulworth Cove will be enough to reach Lulworth Castle. This place holds great historical importance and is managed by the state. This 17th-century castle has a breathtaking view, and you can still feel royalty’s presence.

Lulworth Castle remains closed in winter.

Opening Hours – Sunday to Thursday, from 10:30 to 5 pm. Closing time shifts to 4 pm in November and December.

Tickets – Lulworth Castle tickets are available in two slots – Morning ( from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm ) and Afternoon ( 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm ), for just £ 6.00. The car parking charge here is £ 3.00.

Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre

Monkey World is located nearly 7.5 miles away from Durdle Door Beach. Visitors can drive via B3071 for 16 minutes or board the X54 Jurassic Coaster Bus from Durdle Door Park Entrance to Wool Bridge. From Wool Bridge, walk for 25 minutes to reach the place. 

Monkey World is a well-maintained sanctuary for monkeys and apes in Dorset. This place has its own parking facility.

Opening Hours – All week, from 10 am to 5 pm, closed on Christmas. Entrance tickets are available in different categories.

Types of ticketsCost
Family ( 2 adults and 2 children )£ 45.00
Single Parent ( 1 adult and 2 children )£ 32.00
Adult ( 16+ )£ 16.00
Student ( with NSU student card )£ 13.00
Children ( under 3 years )Free
Children ( 3 to 15 years )£ 11.00
Senior Citizen ( 65+ )£ 11.00
Disabled Visitor£ 11.00
Monkey World tickets

Stair Hole 

Lulworth Castle is 1.7 miles away from Durdle Door Beach. Stair Hole is located near Lulworth Cove. Drive for 7 minutes through B3070 or walk for 7 minutes from Lulworth Cove to reach Stair Hole.

Sea erosion creates a stair Hole on a comparatively soft layer of rock along the coastline. If you visit the Cove, visiting Stair Hole is highly recommended.

Lulworth Heritage Centre

Lulworth Heritage Centre is a must-visit in Lulworth Cove. This place has an audiovisual show explaining the formation of Cove and Durdle Door. Lots of souvenirs are available for buying. No entry fee is required in this place.

Opening Hours – all week, from 10 am to 4 pm ( in winter) and from 10 am to 6 pm ( in summer ). While visiting this place, you will meet Lulworth Rangers, who provide all the services to the visitors and maintain the place.

Man O’War Beach

Man O’War Beach is within a 2-minute walking distance from Durdle Door Beach. Swimming from Durdle Door to Man O’War Beach is a favourite activity among swimmers, though not advisable. It is a shingle beach like Durdle Door with a beautiful view and tranquil water.

Car parking is available at Durdle Door Holiday Park @ £ 10.00 only per car. This beach is open all day, but the car parking opens at 9 am and remains open till dusk.

Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity Church is just 1.1 miles away from Durdle Door Beach. Drive for 5 minutes via Church Road or walk for 22 minutes to get to the church. Holy Trinity is an Anglican Church that gives the whole area a religious touch. 

Opening Hours – all week, from 9 am to 6 pm.

The Tank Museum

Tank Museum is nearly 8 miles from Durdle Door Beach. Drive for 17 minutes via B3071 or take the X54 Jurassic Coaster Bus from Durdle Door Park Entrance to Wool Bridge. Cycling to the museum takes around 40 minutes via Wareham Road. 

The Tank Museum reminds us of the freedom, independence, and honour of Great Britain. The war tank of World War I is kept for visitors to see and feel the greatness of the war. There are war exhibitions from World War II as well.

Tickets are available in different kinds, and all of them include an annual pass.

Pass TypeCost
Adult Pass ( 17+ )£ 14.50
Children Pass ( 5 – 16 years )£ 8.50
Family Pass ( 1 adult and 2 children )£ 27.50
Family Pass ( 2 adults and 2 children )£ 39.25
Family Pass ( 2 adults and 1 child )£ 33.90
Children ( under 5 years )Free
The Tank Museum ticket price

Top 4 Places to Eat in Durdle Door Beach

  • Lulworth Cove Inn
  • The Boat Shed Café
  • Man O’War Bar & Restaurant
  • Finleys Café

Lulworth Cove Inn

Lulworth Cove Inn is a famous pub in Wareham, UK, which offers good food with a lovely view of the Cove. Along with juicy steaks, fish, and chips, this place is famous for its Chargrilled Double Cheese Burger. They have a children’s menu too. 

Opening hours – Monday to Saturday, from 12 noon to 9 pm and from 12 noon to 8 pm on Sunday.

The Boat Shed Café

The Boat Shed Café is located just 1.8 miles away from Durdle Door. This place offers breakfasts, lunches, homemade cakes, tea, and coffee. 

Boatshed café is famous for its seafood and special seasonal dishes. 

Opening Hours in Autumn and Winter season – all week, from 9:30 am to 4 pm. 

Opening Hours in Spring and Summer season – all week, 9:30 am to 5 pm. Breakfast is available every day till 11 am, and lunch is between 12 noon and 2:30 pm.

Man O’War Bar & Restaurant

Man O’War Bar & Restaurant is located in Durdle Door Holiday Park and is famous for its dishes using local produce. Many mouth-watering dishes are available here, like fish and chips, artisan pizzas, and freshly brewed coffee. This place allows pets, too. 

Opening Hours – All day, from 12 noon to 9 pm.

Finleys Café

Finleys Café is a well-known eatery in Lulworth Cove. This place has many delicious dishes and cakes for dessert, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Finley’s café also has menus for special diets like vegetarian and gluten-free. Opening Hours – all week, from 10 am to 4 pm.

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Top 4 Hotels in Durdle Door

  • Lulworth Cove Inn
  • Limestone Hotel
  • The Castle Inn Hotel
  • Durdle Door Holiday Park

Lulworth Cove Inn

It’s a pub with room facilities in Wareham. The rooms are clean, and payments are accepted in online mode. Free parking, Wi-Fi, and complimentary breakfasts are provided. They will welcome your four-legged friends as well.

Limestone Hotel

Limestone Hotel is a famous hotel at the Hideaway in West Lulworth, Dorset. The rooms are clean, hygienic, and have a great view. Perfect stay for couples and families as well. The staff are warm and welcoming, and pets are also allowed.

The Castle Inn Hotel

The Castle Inn Hotel is a lovely and quiet place in West Sussex with few castle ruins. They offer delicious food with complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi, and even a taxi service. Pets are allowed, too. Rooms are clean and cosy with amenities like TV, coffee/tea maker, hot showers, hair dryer, etc.

Durdle Door Holiday Park

Durdle Door Holiday Park has a place for visitors to stay, and rooms are comfortable and pet-friendly. This Holiday Home has a beautiful, well-managed garden and children’s park. This digital nomad destination also has free parking, internet, a convenience store, and a picnic spot. Durdle Door Holiday Park is pet-friendly too. This park has the only toilet facility in Durdle Door, as the beach has none.

Is Durdle Door a sandy beach?

 Durdle Door Beach is mainly filled with pebbles with some patches of sand here and there. This type of beach is called shingle beach. The sand patches constantly shift, so be careful when walking on them.

What is special about Durdle Door?

The door is the most memorable and unique thing about Durdle Door Beach. It’s an arch made of limestone coming out from the sea vertically. Swimming through the arch hole has become an adventurous sport among visitors, even when unsafe.

Is Durdle Door worth visiting?

Durdle Door has an unparalleled significance in Geographical and Geological parameters. The unique stone arch, pebble beach, and the beauty of sea erosion in Lulworth Cove make this place one of a kind and worth your time.

Are dogs allowed on Durdle Door Beach?

Durdle Door is a dog-friendly beach. They are allowed on the sand and in the water all year round. The sand pebbles of the beach are safe for their paws—a perfect spot to enjoy with your four-legged friends. 


Durdle Door of Dorset, England, is Jurassic Coast’s most beautiful and unique beach. This place remains full of people in peak seasons. Activities like swimming, kayak rides, and visiting Lulworth Cove hold the top positions in tourists’ bucket lists. It is a perfect destination for a relaxing weekend.

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