5 Great Places for Bungee Jumping Near Los Angeles 2024

The thrill of bungee jumping is always overwhelming for everyone. In the USA, Los Angeles should be on your bucket list of “places to go” if you’re seeking an adrenaline rush. Bungee clubs own or rent different places for bungee jumping in Los Angeles.

There are many companies like Bungee America, which organize events every weekend. The most popular places for bungee jumping in America are in Los Angeles or near the city.

The activity is mainly done from a Bridge, Tree, Dam, or Rock. Companies from California have been organizing bungee jumps for the last 20 years, maintaining all security standards. 80 lbs or 36 kg (minimum) and 265 lbs 120 kg (maximum) is the most common bungee jumping weight limit.

Bungee Jumping in Los Angeles
Bungee Jumping in Los Angeles

Bungee jumping in the United States is an exciting game. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, Orlando, Miami, Maryland, Houston, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Austin, Las Vegas, Ohio, New Jersey, Cancun, Michigan, Georgia, Washington, and Sacramento are Developing Areas for Bungee Jumping. Very soon, those places will be open to the public.

1. Bungee America- Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to Nowhere is the most popular bungee destination within a 1000-mile radius of Las Angles, and it’s a 5-mile hike from the nearest road within the Angles National Forest. The bridge is 120 feet high, one of the most prominent places for bungee jumping in Los Angeles. 

Bungee America is the only government-approved extreme sports company organizing events every weekend on this bridge. Operating for over 18 years, this company has a clean history of safe bungee jumping. 

Thrill-seekers can choose from their long list of options like single jump, multiple jumps, jumping with training, midweek jumping for a large group, or camping on the bridge for nighttime jumping. 

The charges are nonrefundable. The company provides trained bungee inspectors and a medical team to supervise every jump. All you need to do is jump off on the count of five and feel the wind on your face. 

Bungee America Bridge to Nowhere
Bungee America Bridge to Nowhere

Address: Camp Bonita Rd, La Verne, CA 91750, United States

Bungee America- Bridge to Nowhere Cost

  1. $99 for a single jump.
  2. $149 for superman’s front dive and backward plunge($50 more for a minimum of three attempts)
  3. $275 for overnight camping on the bridge and nighttime jumping.
  4. $1000 for midweek jumps for multiple participants and multiple jumps. Extra charges are calculated after the group event is finished. You have to pay it off on the bridge. The remaining amount of $1000 is nonrefundable in case they owe you. 

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2. Six Flags Magic Mountain – Dive Devil ride

The Dive Devil ride of Six Flags Mountain Amusement Park is considered hell’s swing. It’s the park’s newest attraction, besides the Superman roller coaster. Riders are hooked with steel harnesses and swung back and forth like a child’s swing. 

Thrill-seekers have to leap for a 152-foot high steel tower situated at the cyclone bay of the park. The first 50 feet are simple free falls. After that, the cable swings the participants like a pendulum at 60 mph. 48 inches is the minimum height required to perform a solo jump. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain Dive Devil ride
Six Flags Magic Mountain – Dive Devil ride

Address: 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355, United States

Six Flags Magic Mountain Dive Devil ride Cost

  1. The entry fee for adults is $89.99 and $59.99 for kids. 
  2. Participants need to get a separate ticket for the Dive Devil ride. 
  3. $25 for a solo ride, $20 for jointly for two persons, and $15 for a set of three people. 

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3. Bungee Adventures in Sacramento

Sacramento can be considered the haven of extreme sports. “Go jump off a Bridge” is used for bungee clubs here. People can dive from every possible high ground, like bridges, towers, cranes, helicopters, and hot air balloons. It’s a six-and-a-half-hour ride from Los Angeles. Bungee lovers gather here almost every weekend to dive.

Bungee Adventures is one of the most famous extreme sports clubs in Sacramento. They organize events every Sunday. The price varies based on the type and height of the high ground you choose to jump from.

The target places for bungee jumping are the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California, Yosemite National Park, Napa, and Lake Tahoe. These are the best places for bungee jumping near Los Angeles. 

Bungee Adventures in Sacramento Near Me
Bungee Adventures in Sacramento

Address: 5716 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95819, United States

Bungee Adventures in Sacramento Cost

  1. $149 for jumping off a bridge(100ft)
  2. $249 for jumping off a tree or Dam (200ft-300 ft)
  3. $ 349 for jumping off a rock (400ft)

4. SkyJump Las Vegas

Sky Jump, or “controlled free-fall,” is the newest member of an extreme sports club. It’s a collaboration between bungee jumping and zip-lining. The thrill here is doubled for riders. The SkyJump of Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas, is the world’s highest one, with 855ft. Riders dive from the 108th floor of the tower-like hotel. People always ride to Sin City from Los Angeles within five and a half hours. 

A metal rope is attached to the back of the rider. This line zips down the rider at a 40-45 mph speed. It takes 17 secs to land. People can ride from 10 am till 2 pm. Every day, hundreds of thrill-seekers gather here for this new hotel attraction. 

Children below 14 years old are prohibited from this ride. Teenagers under 18 years need parental supervision. To participate, one must be 52 inches tall. People weighing above 265 pounds cannot ride. It’s one of the safest yet best places for bungee jumping near Los Angeles.

Local Residents need to show their ID to get a discount for the ride. Guests staying at Hotel Stratosphere must also show their room keys for the discount.

SkyJump Las vegas
SkyJump Las vegas

Address: 2000 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89104, United States

SkyJump Las Vegas Cost

  1.  $129.99 for the sky jump
  2.  $144.99 for the sky jump and photo package
  3.  $164.99 for the sky jump and waist video package
  4.  $99.99 for residents of Las Vegas and guests of Stratosphere Hotel 

5. California Bungee

California Bungee is a famous extreme sport organizing company near Los Angeles. Different ad agencies and more prominent companies like Samsung tied up to shoot bungee sequences around America and Europe. The company leases different places for bungee jumping near Los Angeles from May to September.

They are also famous for their bungee ropes and harnesses. California Bungee organizers organize events from different bridges in Los Angeles and other parts of California. The height is between 140 feet to 180 feet, depending on the water level of the rivers underneath.

For extreme jumps from taller bridges and towers, people must show their experience certificates before jumping. Teenagers below 18 years need parental supervision for jumping. The company organizers organize solo jumps only. 

California Bungee
California Bungee

Address: Los Gatos, California

California Bungee Cost

$75 is required per person for a single jump and $125 for jumping twice. There is no need for a prior booking.

Is Bungee jumping legal in California?

The Division of Occupational Safety &Health (DOSH) of the State of California provides licenses to Bungee jumping Companies performing within California. A company must meet the requirements of DOSH to get a permit, which is pretty rigorous in terms of safety protocols.

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Find Bungee Jumping Near You


Besides enjoying the city’s beauty, you can visit places for bungee jumping in Los Angeles to feel the thrill. If you have already dived from the Bridge to Nowhere, buckle up your seat belts and drive to Las Vegas. Enjoy the world’s highest “controlled Free Fall” from the top of the Hotel Stratosphere. 

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