The REAL Bungee Jumping Weight Limit

How much do you have to weigh to go bungee jumping? 80 lbs or 36 kg (minimum) and 265 lbs 120 kg (maximum) is the most common bungee jumping weight requirement. There are different spots for bungee Jumping in the USA. People can jump from mountains, river bridges, towers, and skyscrapers. Weight limit is quite essential for these spots and operators.

  • California: Participants must weigh between 80 lbs and 265 lbs. 
  • Hotel Stratosphere, Las Vegas: Participants must weigh less than 265 lbs.
  • Washington DC: Maximum weight limit for bungee jumping is 265 lbs.
  • Los Angeles: Participants must weigh between 80 lbs to 265 lbs.
  • Highway Bridge 21, Idaho: Participants must weigh between 115 lbs to 225 lbs 

Sometimes, USA operators give some relaxation with prior bookings. In San Gabriel Canyon, Bungee America Company lets people weighing more than 265 lbs participate in bungee jumping. Participants must get a previous booking with an additional $30.

Bungee Jumping Weight Limit
Bungee Jumping Weight Limit

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Universal Bungee Jumping Weight Limit

The universal weight limit for bungee jumping is 95 lbs ( 43 kgs) to 260 lbs (118 kgs). This scale may vary for different countries and extreme sports companies. Bungee jumping is a popular extreme sport.

People of different age groups can participate in this game but strictly follow weight limits. Instructors will measure the weight of the participants before jumping. Sometimes, it’s estimated twice for reassurance. 

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Why is Weight limit important for safety in Bungee jumping?

Technically, the weight of a participant is vital for bungee cord selection. Braided shock cords, which are particularly sturdy and thick to hold massive pressure due to the weight of the participant, cord tension, gravity, and recoiling pull, are used for bungee jumping.

A sturdy cord must face different pressure levels in bungee jumping stages (free fall, the stretching period, and the recoiling period). 

Based on these technical facts, the operator must calculate the type of shock cord a participant needs. If a lightweight jumper goes first, a jumper will need a different cord than a heavy-weight jumper. 

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What Happens If You Weigh Less Than The Specified Limit?

You aren’t eligible for a solo jump if you weigh less than the specified limit. A specific weight limit is essential for physical fitness, age, and height. A jumper can opt for a combined jump with a partner or parent in such a case.  

Is Height as Important as Weight for Bungee Jumping?

Height is unimportant for bungee jumping. If a participant fulfils all the weight, age, and physical fitness criteria, he/she can participate in bungee jumping. 

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Will A Participant Feel His Stomach Sinking While Performing The Bungee Jump?

Bungee jumping has three different stages. They are freefall stretched, dangling conditions, and recoiling. During free fall, a participant will feel the superfast fall and sinking stomach for a few seconds. Then, the jumper will shift to the second stage and be dangled side to side. In the third stage, he will feel the pull of a recoiling cord. 

The generic weight criteria are essential to understand the importance of the physical fitness of participants in bungee jumping. It is essential to contact the bungee operators in advance for detailed information. The criteria change with different operators. 

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Bungee jumping involves several laws of physics, particularly regarding the end of the fall. A jumper’s weight is crucial in determining the appropriate length of rope for the jump. As heavier jumpers will descend faster than lighter ones, this requires a shorter rope length. For that reason, the Bungee jumping weight limit varies.

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