7 Best Bungee Jumping Spots Near Seattle, WA 2024

Bungee jumping near Seattle has grown significantly popular. States like New JerseyChicagoLos Angeles, etc., have the same charm. Enthusiasts have discovered some of the adventurous spots in and near the city. Bungee jumping is considered one of the most extreme sports in the world. Sports lovers started to spot different locations throughout America for Bungee Events in 1990. 

Bungee Masters and Bungee Expeditions are the two most prominent companies encouraging people to participate in this extreme sport. Soon, Seattle became popular for places like High Steel Bridge. 80 lbs or 36 kg (minimum) and 265 lbs 120 kg (maximum) is the most common bungee jumping weight limit.

Companies nowadays coordinate events from most bridges and high cliffs near the city. Enthusiasts also travel to Canada from Seattle to participate in Bungee Events. 

Bungee Jumping spots near Seattle
Bungee Jumping spots near Seattle

1. High Steel Bridge, Shelton

High Steel Bridge in Shelton, Mason County, is a popular tourist destination near Seattle. Visitors must drive North on Highway 101 and bend towards W Skokomish Rd. The bridge is 12 miles away from Shelton. It is a famous destination for hiking and bungee jumping. 

It’s the highest arch rail bridge in the U.S.A. It is 365 ft above the Skokomish River’s south fork and separates the gorge’s two sides. Visitors must be careful as the northside railing of the bridge is only 3ft high. Shelton is nearly 2 hours drive from Seattle, USA

Bungee Expeditions organizes bungee jumps from this bridge every month. The canyon is nearly 400 ft deep, and the actual jump height is 365 ft. To perform this jump, participants need prior experience. Experienced jumpers should visit this place at least once to feel the thrill. 

High Steel Bridge
High Steel Bridge

To jump from this bridge, participants need to book a spot with a non-refundable deposit to the company. Besides this, they need to send their contact details, medical records, weight, and height via email.

Bungee Expeditions only takes reservations for a group of a minimum of 8 people for this bridge. Bungee jumping from High Steel Bridge is pretty safe, and the company has a clean history of organizing this group activity. 

Address: NF-2340, Shelton, WA 98584

High Steel Bridge bungee jump Cost

Depending on height and weight, $300- $350 is the price for Bungee jumping here. People must pay a non-refundable deposit to book a spot and date for a jump.

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2. Amboy Bungee Masters (Pacific Northwest Bridge)

Bungee Masters has the sole right to operate bungee jumps from this Pacific Northwestern Bridge near Amboy. The place is covered with lushly green Pine forests and is in the southwestern part of Washington state. It’s 2 hours and a 47-minute ride away from Seattle.

Tourists looking for Bungee jumping spots in Seattle will surely visit this 200-ft high bridge. The company organizes bungee jumps throughout the year. Jumpers must book their spots from the official websites with their contact details, height, and weight. With a single payment, enthusiasts can jump any time of the year. Reservations are first-come, first-served. 

Pacific Northwest Bridge
Pacific Northwest Bridge

Bungee Masters is a renowned company performing throughout America. They always take proper safety measures and follow all the protocols. Tourists and locals from Seattle plan a day trip to Amboy to visit the bridge. Tourists must take precautions for cold and damp weather during winter. 

Address: NE Healy Rd & N.E. Belvins Rd, Amboy, WA 98601

Bungee Masters Pacific Northwest Bridge bungee jump Cost

  1. $107 for a single jump
  2. $140 for single-person double jumps. It includes a t-shirt with the “Dangerous Sports Club” logo.
  3. $10 for on-lookers and non-jumpers to visit the bridge.

3. Whistler Bungee Bridge, Canada

Whistler Bridge Bunjee Trail and Whistler Village are trendy tourist destinations near Seattle. The village is 5 hour’s drive from Seattle. Whistler Bungee Bridge is situated between Vancouver and Whistler. If you have a valid U.S. Passport, you can cross through the US-Canada Douglas border and drive directly to Vancouver and the village. 

Whistler Bungee Bridge is 160 ft over the Cheakamus River. The place is surrounded by old forest lands and Basalt mountains overlooking the famous Black Tusk peak. It’s one of the most beautiful Bungee Jumping spots near Seattle. Whistler Bungee operates all jumps from this bridge. 

Whistler Bungee Bridge Canada
Whistler Bungee Bridge, Canada

Whistler Bungee is one of the oldest bungee jump organizers in Canada. They follow all the safety protocols and have a clean history of safe jumps. They organize jumps all year long. It means you can jump even when the rivers and the forest are frozen. The only time the bridge is closed is during stormy weather with lightning. The Whistler Bridge is made of metal. 

Prior booking is compulsory for Whistler Bungee Bridge. Participants need to enroll and mention their weights via email. The company does not provide transportation. Tourists can arrange their transport or rent one from the Whistler village. The Whistler Bungee Bridge trail is famous for hiking, ice treks, biking, and other adventure sports. 

Address: Calcheak Forest Service Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B1, Canada

Whistler Bridge bungee jump Cost

  1. $130 for a single jump for first-timers
  2. For the duel, jump at $130 per person. The total weight limit is 300 lbs. 
  3. $80 for frequent participants. 

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4. Peter Skene Ogden State Scenic Viewpoint

The bridge is called the highest commercial Bungee jumping spot in America. The place is only a 5-hour ride from Seattle. For extreme sports lovers, the area is a haven. The 500 ft deep basalt canyon is the best place to feel the adrenaline rush through your body. The bridge is the operational base for Central Oregon Bungee Adventures (COBA). 

COBA is an adventure sports company of James Scott, and you can jump off from the back of a modified Mitsubishi truck. The base is safe and can withstand up to 7500 lbs of weight. The customized truck is driven to the bridge to perform jumps. It is a one-of-a-kind experience to jump 250 ft from a truck on a 300 ft high bridge. 

Crooked River Gorge
Crooked River Gorge

Tourists searching for Bungee jumping in Seattle must keep this spot on their bucket list. The company follows stringent protocols. Participants must be of or above 14 years old and weigh within 80 to 300 lbs. People younger than 18 years must be accompanied by their guardian or parent. Prebooking is essential as they do not operate every day. Operational hours and dates are given on their official website. 

 Address: P S Ogden Scenic Viewpoint Bend, OR 97760

Crooked River Gorge bungee jump Cost

First-timers have to pay $149 for one jump. Advanced jumpers who frequently visit the place have to pay $49. 

5. Highway 21 Bridge Boise

Highway 21 Bridge in Boise is a low bridge compared to the others described earlier. It’s only 167 ft high. However, this bridge is still one of the most popular destinations for bungee jumps near Seattle. Enthusiasts need to drive nearly eight hours to reach Boise. The bridge is just 10 minutes out of the city. Tourists can plan a weekend trip to Boise to enjoy local attractions and participate in the fun. 

Bungee Expeditions has the sole right to organize bungee events from the bridge. This 3-decade-old company is based in Boise. Like this bridge, they operate from many other bridges in Utah, Idaho, and other cities in the Western U.S.A. They are well known for their customized shock cables for jumping. The safety of participants is a priority for them. They have records for safe Bungee jumping in America.

Highway 21 Bridge Bungee Jumping Boise Idaho
Highway 21 Bridge Bungee Jumping Boise, Idaho

Reservation is essential for participants. Participants must mention their weight and height in their registration form, weighing between 115 – 225 lbs. Deposit money is necessary for registration. The company organizes Bungee events throughout the year. First-timers must visit this spot for bungee jumping near Seattle at least once. 

Address: ID-21, Boise, ID 83716

Highway 21 bridge bungee jump Cost

$250 is required for every participant for two jumps. 

6. Hansen Bridge, Idaho

Hanson Bridge in Idaho is a legend for extreme sports lovers and Bunjee Enthusiasts. It’s a perfect spot to test your courage. Jumping off from a 400-high narrow bridge is the ultimate challenge experienced participants would love. Enthusiasts drive almost 10 hours to reach the spot.

What makes it more attractive is the limited period of opening. Due to vehicle traffic and extreme weather conditions, the bridge is open for bungee events only for one day in the summer for a limited time. Tourists must only participate in the early morning or late night event under a full moon. Besides, reservation is given for a limited number of participants.

Bungee Expeditions has the sole right to perform events there. The Boise-based company is well known for safe Bungee jumping events throughout the western region of America. Strong winds in the Snake River gorge and height make Hanson Bridge one of the most dangerous Bungee jump spots near Seattle. However, the company has a clean history of safe jumps. 

Hansen Bridge
Hansen Bridge

They follow all the safety protocols very strictly before every event. Participants need to prebook their jumps from the company website. They have to contact the company via email with safety deposits and other medical details like height and weight. Due to the scarcity of time, participants can jump once at a time. 

Address: ID-50, Hansen, ID 83334

Hansen Bridge bungee jump Cost

The bungee jumping price varies between $250-$350, depending on the participant’s weight. 

7. Perrine Bridge Idaho

The Perrine Bridge connecting Twin Falls and Jeremy City in Idaho is among the highest spots for bungee jumping and base jumping near Seattle. The place is almost a 10-hour drive from the city. Due to heavy traffic and strong canyon winds, bungee events occur only once yearly. 

Bungee Expeditions has leased the bridge to organize bungee jumps there. The Boise-based company takes all the necessary precautions for a safe jump from the bridge. Public observatories are beside the bridge, and Non-jumpers can stay there to watch over. 

Perrine bridge
Perrine Bridge

Bungee Expeditions is one of the most experienced and safe companies to provide Bungee jumping events near Seattle and western America. Their official website details the yearly bungee jumping day from Perrine Bridge.

Private group booking is prohibited. Participants have to prebook their jumps, and they need to mention their height and weight for booking. The instructor allows only one jump per person. 

Address: Jerome, ID 83338

Perrine Bridge bungee jump Cost

The bungee jumping price varies between $300-$350, depending on the participant’s weight. 

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Find Bungee Jumping Near You


These are some of the many popular Bungee Jumping spots near Seattle. Companies like Bungee Expeditions and Bungee Masters follow all the safety protocols to ensure safe jumps.

The activity is mainly done from a Bridge, Tree, Dam, or Rock. Besides jumping off from bridges and high cliffs, there is another way for people to participate in Bungee jumps. All you need is a crane and call the companies to organize an event within the city. Residents are grown more fond of Bungee jumping in Seattle these days. 

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