Khandoli Park and Dam Tour | Madhupur Giridih Jharkhand

Khandoli Lake and Dam is located in the Khandoli village. The village is situated beside Khandoli Hill. Khandoli Dam is 10 km far from Giridih railway station, Jharkhand, India. Over 100,000 residents of Giridih get water from the Khandoli Dam reservoir. Khandoli Park and Dam is a prime attraction for locals and tourists.

khandoli park and dam giridih
Khandoli park and dam tour

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The attraction of the Khandoli Lake Dam and Park

Khandoli Dam becomes a tourist attraction in Jharkhand with the help of the Jharkhand District Tourism Department. Many tourists come in winter to watch the migratory birds and do a picnic here.

Khandoli Dam and Park prime attraction is

  • Khandoli Dam
  • Migratory birds in winter
  • Khandoli amusement park
  • Khandoli Hill
  • Watchtower
  • Large picnic spot 
  • Adventure sports 
Khandoli Dam and park

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Khandoli Lake Migratory birds

The Khandoli Dam’s prime attraction is the Migratory bird. Every year in the winter, many migratory birds travelling thousands of kilometers and come here. They are coming from the Himalayan Mountains, Africa, North Asia, and Australia.

The birds are coming here for a warmer climate and breeding. The migratory birds are come in November and return in March. About forty different birds come to Khandoli. Like- Siberian crane, Great Cormorant, brahmin shell dock, Siberian duck, bar-headed goose, mallard, etc.

But their numbers have declined because of pollution and illegal hunting. There are some other animals in the Khandoli amusement park. You can see some small cages of animals like peacocks, rabbits, swans, guinea pigs, owls, etc., are kept.

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Khandoli amusement park

Two amusement park is constructed beside the Khandoli dam. One of them has an entry fee to enter the park, and the other does not charge an entry fee.

At the entrance of the park, a peacock’s cage is to attract visitors. Their many other animals are kept in the cage-like swan, guinea pigs, rabbits, different birds, etc. different shapes of the slide are there.

Khandoli Amusement Park Entry Fee 

The Khandoli Park entry fee is per person 12 rupees.

Khandoli Park and Dam Tour | Madhupur Giridih Jharkhand

Khandoli Hill

In winter, at the foot of the Khandoli hill, all tourists can enjoy amusement rides, like – toy trains, whirligig, Mayurponkhi boat, and many others. Visitors can also enjoy camel safari, elephant safari.

There is a watchtower to see the whole area of Khandoli. Visitors also get a magnificent view from the 600 feet high Khandoli hilltop.

Khandoli Dam Adventure sports

Khandoli Dam is very popular for adventure sports. The dam water reservoir size is approx 900m X 6000m, and the depth is 21m. Here tourists can enjoy rock climbing, different water sports, aerial activity, etc.

Rock climbers can do river crossings, trekking rock, rappelling, etc. There you can enjoy water sports like Speed Boats, scuba diving, boating, rafting, Pando Boats, Ringo rides, and Water Scooters, waterskiing, etc. In Aerial sports, you can do parasailing, para-gliding, hot air ballooning, etc.

The Dam is also a training and developing point for the national-level players. These adventure sports are beautiful and one of the main attractions here. Many tourists came here from Kolkata, Orissa, Mumbai, Burdwan, and Bihar for water sports.

Food in Khadoli

Don’t worry about the food here. There is a canteen. Here you get many kinds of food. Apart from that wide variety of local food, snacks item, cake, soft drink, fruits are available.

How I reach Khandoli Dam and Park – My holiday story

Giridih station to Khandoli dam distance is 10 Kilometer away it takes 20 to 30 minutes by car. On our Madhupu Deoghar tour, we went to the Khandoli dam and Usri falls on the second day. In the morning, we took the Giridih passenger train from Madhupur railway station at 8 am. We reach Giridih within 9 am.

Madhupur tour

After that, we book a Toto for the Khandoli dam and park. The toto fair is 300 rupees. It was a 45-minute journey to reach Khandoli dam. We returned in the same way; the way is beautiful with full of natural views. In Khandoli we spend 1 hour.

We saw the Khandoli Dam, park, Khandoli hill, and watchtower, and Khandoli village.

The park is well decorated, and many animals are there. Khandoli is an excellent spot for a picnic. I saw many people having a picnic at that time. After spending a quality and memorable time, we came back to the Giridih railway station by the same Toto car. From here, we book another auto for Usri falls.

khandoli giridih jharkhand
Khandoli Park Giridih Jharkhand

Is Jharkhand a good state?

Yes, the state is very good with natural resources.

Is Jharkhand safe travel?

Yes, Jharkhand is safe for travel. But the late-night return is not recommended.

What is famous in Jharkhand?

Jharkhand has famous places like Khandoli dam, Usri falls, Deoghar, Madhapur, Paresh Nath hill, etc.

Are Madhupur and Giridih safe for tourists?

Yes, both places are safe for tourists. Tourists enjoy visiting Usri falls, Khandoli Dam, Madhupur, Giridih, etc.

Deoghar tour
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