Naulakha Mandir History and Timings in Deoghar Jharkhand

In Deoghar sightseeing, Naulakha mandir is one of my best destinations and the most spectacular sights. This Mandir is 1 ½ km from the Baba Baidyanath temple and 12 kilometres from Jasidih station.

Naulakha Mandir
Naulakha Mandir

Naulakha Mandir in Deoghar Jharkhand

Rani Charushila Devi built the Noulakha temple. She was the queen of Pathuriya Ghat’s Jorabagan in Kolkata and was a widow at an early age. After this, she accepts the discipleship of Balananda Brahmachari.

Naulakha Mandir

History of Naulakha Mandir Deoghar

The temple is like the Ramakrishna temple in Belur. Radha-Krishna, Gopal, and Swami Balananda Brahmachari idols are inside the temple. The whole temple was built with marble stone.

At the entrance of the Mandir, Charushila Devi’s sculpture is situated. The statue was made of white marble. Rani Charushila Devi spent 9 lakh rupees to build this temple in 1940. Hence, the name of the temple is Naulakha Mandir. The height of the Naulakha temple is 146 feet.

She belonged to the royal family of Paturia Ghat in Kolkata. Unfortunately, her husband, Akshay Ghosh, and son, Jitendra Chandra Ghosh, died. She became detached from her family. She came to Karnibad in Deoghar and stayed at the ashram of Balananda Brahmachari.

Charushila Devi established the temple in his direction. After a few months, Sri Kali Das Ram, a renowned engineer from West Bengal, was a Swami Balananda Brahmachari disciple. Charushila Devi gave him the responsibility of temple-making.

The area is large, and you can stay inside the temple as you wish. However, it is a visitable destination in Deoghar sightseeing.

Please Note

1) Photography and Videography are not allowed insight into the temple.

2) There is no entry fee.

Naulakha Mandir Deoghar Timing

The opening time is – 7.30 am to 6.30 pm
The closing time is – 12 pm to 2 pm

deoghar to Naulakha mandir map
Deoghar to Naulakha mandir map

My Deoghar holiday story

On our Madhupur Deoghar tour, we visited Naulakha Temple. Our Madhupur Deoghar trip is a full five days tour. We spent two days at Madhupur and three days in Deoghar. 4th day of our tour, we planned for the Deoghar trip to local sightseeing. That day we visit:-

  1. Naulakha Mandir, Deoghar 
  2. Trikut Pahar Deoghar 
  3. Satsang Anukul Thakur Asram Deoghar
  4. Nandan Pahar
  5. Tapovan Caves and Hills
  6. Ramakrishna Mission, Deoghar 
  7. Nav Durga Mandir, Deoghar
  8. Baba Baidyanath Dham 

After visiting Nandan Pahar, we went to Naulakha Mandir. It is a very cool, calm place. We spent a little time here, and our fatigue has gone away. From here, we are going to Anukul Thakur Satsang Ashram in Deoghar Jharkhand. Deoghar Satsang Ashram is the main branch of the Anukul Thakur’s Ashram.

That day, we booked an auto from Jasidih Station. The total auto booking fair is 600 rupees. After visiting all the places, he drops us at the hotel.

How to reach Naulakha Mandir

Naulakha Mandir in Deoghar is easily connected by bus, car, and rail from Jasidih Station and Deoghar Station. To reach the mandir, you will get an auto, toto, bus, car, etc.
Deoghar station to Noulakha Mandir is 6 km.
Nandan Pahar to Naulakha mandir distance is 7.2 km. It takes 22 min.
Deoghar’s nearest airport is Patna.

naulakha mandir deoghar
Naulakha Mandir Deoghar

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Where is Naulakha?

Naulakha is located in Karnibad, Deoghar, Jharkhand, 814112.

Baidyanath Dham to Naulakha mandir distance is almost 2 km via NH114A. It takes 11 minutes.
Jasidih station to Naulakha temple distance is approx. 10 km via NH333. It takes 30 minutes.
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What can I buy from Deoghar?

Don’t forget to buy Peda(sweet). Parwati pera bhandar, babadham peda bhandar, Ganga Saah peda bhandar are famous peda shop in Deoghar. You can also buy ‘Pera/Peda’ from the nearby shop of Baidyanath Dham temple.

Who built the Deoghar Temple?

Rajput king Raja Puran Mal built the Deoghar temple, Including 21 temples. It was built in 1596.

What is famous in Deoghar?

Deoghar is popular for Baidyanath Dham, Satsang, Nandan Pahar, etc. It is also famous for Peda(sweet), the Statues of god (especially Shiva ling).

How far is Deoghar from Jasidih?

From Deoghar to Jasidih, the distance is approx. 8 kilometer via NH333. It takes 19 minutes.

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