Tapovan Deoghar Jharkhand | A Holy Hill and Mandir Tour

Tapovan is another prime attraction in Deoghar sightseeing. The hill is 10 kilometres away from Deoghar, Jharkhand. Tapovan Deoghar is a religious site, and different myths are involved. 

We found many temples and caves at different heights on the hill. You can reach the top of the mountain within ½ hour by stairs. As you climb the stairs, you will see several temples and caves in Tapovan Deoghar. On the hilltop, a nice wide area is viewed.

Tapovan Deoghar
Tapovan Deoghar

Tapovan Hill Mandir

On the top of the hill, Taponath Mahadeva’s temple was established. It is one of the holy tourist places in Jharkhand. A reservoir at the hill end. The name is Sita Kund because it’s said that Sita used to bathe while living in the forest. Also, Sri Balananda Bramvacharya’s pursuit was accomplished here. So his temple was built here.

There are many Hanumans on Tapovan Hill Deoghar. When you climb up the stairs, you see various temples and caves, the calamity of the locals like guides, shopkeepers, puja merchants, Hanuman, food vendors, etc.

You have to be careful of the humans. Here, monkeys are desperate; they can take away small items such as sunglasses, cameras, and mobile.

While coming down from the top of Tapovan Hill, you can easily reach the road by stairs. Also, You may do a little trekking with the help of a guide. It is exciting and adventurous.

Deoghar Tapovan Hill History Jharkhand

As per the mythology saint, Valmiki came here for convulsion. People believed that King Ravana visited here for Lord Shiva’s boon. However, he was unsuccessful because Hanuman broke his meditation.

While Raban was doing penance, the gods instructed Hanuman to break Ravan’s meditation. So Hanuman jumped to the hill and burst the rocks of the mountain. There is a Hanuman temple in the middle of that stone crack. People also said that Ram Chandra spent some time during his Bonovas. 

It is said that Shri Shri Mohananand Brahmachari is one of the disciples of Balananda Brahmachari who came here to do penance. In the past, The Naga sadhus came to Tapobhumi for meditation.

Sri Deo Narayan Pal was preserving an inscription here. This place was a military camp of the Palas in ancient times. 

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Deoghar to Tapovan Pahar Distance

Tapovan Pahar from Deoghar distance is almost 10 kilometres. Car an auto are available from Jasidih station and Baidhayanath Dham. From there, it takes half an hour to reach Tapovan Pahar.

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How I Reached Tapovan Hill – My Holiday Story

Despite the guide’s assurance, I had a 4-year-old daughter, so I dared not go up the hill.

From Trikut Pahar, we visited Tapovan Hill, about 35 kilometres away. The journey takes 1 hour by auto, and our next destination is Naulakha Mandir and Satsang Ashram. It is the headquarters of Satsang Ashram.

Tapovan Hill Deoghar
Tapovan Hill Deoghar

On the fourth day of our Madhupur Deoghar trip, we left for Deoghar’s local sightseeing. It is our second day in Deoghar. We booked an auto from Jashidi station. We visit:-

  1. Nav-Durga Temple
  2. Trikut Pahar Deoghar
  3. Topovan Hill at Deoghar
  4. Nandan Pahar
  5. Naulakha Mandir
  6. Satsang anukul Thakur Asram Deoghar
  7. Baba Baidyanath Dham 

After showing up at all places, the auto driver dropped us at the hotel, giving him 600 rupees.

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How to go Tapovan in Deoghar?

It’s approx 8.1 km away from Deoghar and 16 km from Jasidih station. You can visit here by Car/ Auto from Deoghar/ Jasidih station.

Which visiting places are near Tapovan Deoghar?

1. Naulakha Temple 2. Nandan Pahar 3. Baba Baidyanath Dham 4. Trikut Pahar, etc.

What is the timing of Tapovan Deoghar?

You can visit here any time in daylight, ideally from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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