Trikut Parvat Deoghar Jharkhand | An Epic Ropeway Journey

Trikut Parvat is one of the fascinating tourist attractions in Deoghar Jharkhand. The hill is 22 km away from Deoghar city. Here, you can enjoy trekking, ropeway, wildlife adventure, and see nature closely.

It is a trendy picnic spot and a pilgrimage site. The famous Trikatachala Mahadev Temple and ashram of the Sage Dayanand are situated in dense forests at the top of the hill.

Trikut Parvat Deoghar
Trikut Parvat Deoghar

Trikut Parvat Deoghar Jharkhand

Trikut Hill contains three picks, and the highest mountain is 2470 feet from sea level and about 1500 feet wide ground. There are three hills called Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar.

For these three hills, the entire area is called Trikur Parvat. Two small hills are also seen next to it – called Ganesh and Kartik Hills. Mayurakshi River’s source ground is Trikut Pahar.

This quality of the ground makes it an ideal location for trekking. In Trikut Pahar, two picks are safe for trekking, and the third one is inaccessible because its slopes are very slippery and dangerous.

Trikut Parvat Temple

Trikuta Parvat is a Hindu sacred place in Deoghar. The holy hill is 27 km away from Jasidih railway station. On the top of the hill, we found the following temples:-

  • Hanuman Chati
  • Sita Pradip
  • Raban’s Puspak chariot
  • Narayan Shila
  • Raban Guha

Doeghar Trikut Pahar Ropeway

Ropeway in the Trikuta hill of Deoghar is very famous, and its adventurers ride like Rajgir roap way. It is the only ropeway service in Jharkhand. Here, the local people called it “Gagan Khatola.”

The cable car takes passengers from the base of Trikut Hill to the top of the highest peak. Trikut Parvat’s height is 2470 feet.

The cable car takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the hilltop. A single cabin on a ropeway can carry four people, and about 25 vehicles operate. The ropeway service started for tourists in 2003.

The ropeway takes tourists to the top of the main peak. A stunning 360-degree view of Deoghar is available from the top of Trikut Hill. The green surroundings are impeccable.

Local people enjoy Trikut Parvat as a picnic spot. In winter, many people come here for a picnic and spend a whole day.

So visitors can easily reach the top of the hill. When you see the ground floor of the mountain, the surrounding mountain peaks and the moat, the rocky slopes, and thin jungles from the cable car, it will breathe momentarily.

The view of the valley from the top of Trikut Hill is remarkable. However, the hill climbers can trek Trikut Hill within one hour to 1 and 1/2 an hour from below.

trikut hill deoghar

Trikut Hill Ropeway Timing and Entry Fee

Trikut Hill Ropeway’s opening time is 8 am, and the closing time is 4 pm. After 4 pm, if any tourists are on the hill, they will be taken down.

The Entry Fee is – 130 rupees per person. For a child, it’s 65 rupees. It’s a two-way journey cost.

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Visiting the place on the top of the Trikuta Hills

  1. Hanuman Chati (Trikuta Mountain can be seen from here)
  2. Sita Pradip (Jatayu lamp was lit here, myth)
  3. Raban’s Puspak chariot was got down here (myth)
  4. Narayan Shila
  5. Raban Guha (70 feet down the dark cave, Raban sat in meditation here, myth)
  6. Suicide Point, while climbing Vishnu Hills
  7. Maheshwar Hill / Babar Bagan
  8. Many wood apple trees are here. At the time of Shravan, Shiva devotees take leaves from those trees. Hence, this place is called “Babar Bagan.”
  9. Brahma hill. But no one rises here for the very thick jungle
  10. Ganesh Hill
  11. Many small falls are there; we can see this in the rainy season.

A guide must be taken to visit all those places on the hill, or you may lose the pathway there.


Beware of monkeys, and be careful of your bags, mobile, camera, etc. You can take small sticks in your hand to intimidate them.

How to Reach Trikut Pahar Jharkhand

The Trikut Parvat is well connected from Deoghar. Trikut Pahar to Deoghar distance is almost 22 kilometers.

From Deoghar, you can book an auto cab to reach Trikut Hill. Otherwise, you may quickly go by local bus. At the return time, you can get an auto or bus from there.

Our Holiday Story about Trikut Hill

On our Madhupur Deoghar Trip, we embarked on a journey from Kolkata on the fourth day. It is our second day on the Deoghar tour. We booked an auto from Jashidi station. That day, we visited. 

  1.  Naulakha Temple
  2.  Trikut hill
  3. Satsang anukul Thakur Asram Deoghar
  4.  Nandan Pahar
  5.  Tapovan in Deoghar
  6.  RKM Deoghar
  7.  Nav Durga mandir Deoghar
  8.  Baba Baidyanath Dham 
  9. Baba Basukinath Dham

Last, he drops us at the hotel. He takes 600 hundred rupees.

How to reach Trikut Parvat?

Trikut Parvat is approx 16.1 km away from Deoghar, reach by car/auto. It takes approx 30 minutes.

What is the ticket price of Trikut Parvat Ropeway?

Trikut Parvat ropeway ticket price is (for one side) 65 rupees/person approx. And (for a round trip) 130 rupees/ person approx. Adult and child ticket prices are the same. Daily open at 9:00 am and close at 4:30 pm. 6 persons are allowed in one ropeway.

Which visiting places are near Trikut Parvat?

Tapavan Hill 2. Naulakha Temple 2. Nandan Pahar etc. are nearest from Trikut parvat.

In km How far is Trikut Mountain from Giridih?

It is approx 90 km away from Giridih. The car takes 2 hours to reach.


  1. Very nice and well-written about your epic journey.

    Trikut Parvat Deoghar is often confused with Trikuta Parvat in Katra, Jammu due to its similar name.
    This is a fantastic and must-visit place when you are planning to visit Deoghar and nearby.


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