Best Guide For Nandan Pahar Deoghar Jharkhand

Nandan Pahar is an entertainment park built on the top of the hill in the Deoghar district of Jharkhand, India. This small mountain is located a little away from Deoghar city.

There is a reservoir on the hilltop. Here, the water of the Darawa River is preserved. Deoghar’s drinking water is supplied from here. There are 95 stairs to climb to the mountaintop. Nandan Hill’s height is not too high.

Nandan Pahar Deoghar
Nandan Pahar Deoghar

Nandan Pahar Deoghar Jharkhand

On the hill, I saw many goddess temples like Shiva, Parvati, Kartik, Ganesh, Mother Kali, Sarasvati, Hanuman, etc. The park is also famous as a picnic spot with activities. A toy train is moving every day around the hill with the tourists.

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Nandan Hill – Mythological story

The mythology is that Ravana has tried to enter Kailash forcefully. But Nandi stopped Ravana from entering Kailash. So that time, Ravan throws him in the air, and Nandi falls onto this mountain. After that, the hill was named Nandan Pahar.

The Nandi temple on the Nandan Pahar is a famous temple for local people. Here, you can offer your prayers at Nandi Temple. Jharkhand State Tourism Development Corporation manages the hill and the garden. From this hill, the sunrise and sunset look marvellous.

Whenever you visit Deoghar, Nandan Pahar is the must-visitable destination for you. Several food shops with a car parking facility are available under the mountain.

An accommodation facility is available. For the “Hill Top Bungalow”, interested tourists can contact there.

Nandan Pahar

Nandan Pahar Entry Ticket and timings

The fee is 10 rupees per person. And the car parking fee is 20 rupees. The opening time is 6 am and 7 pm.

Things to do at Nandan Park Deoghar

  • Boating: A lake on the hill; you can do paddle boating here. It is an extraordinary experience on the hilltop.
  • Theme House and Fantasy House: The theme house at Nandan Pahar is a unique tourist attraction. Here you can enjoy mirror house, fish house, boot house and many others. On the hill, you see a giant skull-shaped house. After entering the place, you feel the thrill of a haunted house. The entry fee is only 2 rupees. In the mirror house, you can see your different shaped images.
  • Toy Train: The toy train is the best way to explore the hill. The toy train moves around the mountain. If you feel tired, you must board the train.

Best Time to Visit Nandan Pahar

September to February is the best time to visit here. The weather and the temperature are superb for enjoying.

Deoghar to Nandan Pahar map
Deoghar to Nandan Pahar map

Tips for Visiting Nandan Pahar

  1. Must carry water and food. Try to don’t buy food or snacks under the hill because it almost charges double. Please keep the place clean through waste in the dustbin.
  2. Take special care of the kids; many uneven areas are on the hill, and your kids can fall.
  3. As a tourist, wear comfortable footwear. It will help you climb up the hill by the stairs.
  4. Daytime is best to visit this area.

How to Reach Nandan Pahar Park Deoghar Jharkhand

From Deoghar railway station to Nandan Pahar, the distance is approx. 3 kilometres away. You can easily book an auto or a car from the station. Otherwise, get a car, an auto, from Tower Chowk, 4 km away.

Deoghar tourism

Nandan Pahar is one of the major places to visit in Deoghar Jharkhand. Other places are

How to reach Nandan Pahar Deoghar?

Nandan Pahar is 6 km away from Jasidih station. You can reach by auto/ car from the station.

What is the ticket price of Nandan Pahar?

The ticket prices are 10 rupees per person, and the parking charge is 20 rupees. The timing is from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Which visiting places are near Nandan Pahar Deoghar?

The nearest places from Nandan Pahar are 1. Naulakha temple 2. Trikut Hill 3. Satsang ashram Deoghar 4. Tapovan 5. Navdurga mandir 6. Baidyanath Dham 7. Basukinath Dham.

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