25 Cheap hotels in Bakkhali sea beach

Cheap hotels in Bakkhali – Booking and Pricelist

In Bakkhali, you can find many cheap hotels and tourist lodges beside the bus stand, but not on the sea beach. I found only two hotels/resorts which are the best but not cheap hotels in Bakkhali and near the sea beach. One is the West Bengal Govt tourist lodge, and the other one is the Bakkhali tourist lodge.

Bakkhali is a sea beach like Gangasagar under the Sundarban biosphere in West Bengal. Tourist comes here throughout the year. Bakkhali tour is very popular for Kolkata people.

bakkhali hotels booking
Cheap hotels in Bakkhali

In this article, I cover the best places to stay and share 25 Bakkhali hotel detail online and offline, near the bus stand.

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This video is for room booking, phone number and price list.

Bakkhali hotels

Bakkhali tour

Good News, friends! Now you can reach Bakkhali directly from Kolkata by bus, train, or car. The ‘Hatania Doania’ bridge is opened now. Before that, we have to reach Namkhana, cross the river, and take Bus / Toto for Bakkhali. Waiting is a big question there. Also, few trains are running from Namkhana to Sealdah. So we cannot make any time plan from Bakkhali after the bridge opened this problem solved.

The total journey time is 3 hours from Kolkata. If you come by bus, reach the Esplanade, every hour the buses are going to Namkhana. Also, Saturday and Sunday A/C Volvo bus running directly between Esplanade to Bakkhali at 7:30 am. The fare is 255 rupees. After reaching Namkhana Station, several reserve Toto and buses are going to Bakkhali sea beach.

Bakkhali is just like a private beach. The sea is not ferocious here. Few shops surrounded the sea beach. In the evening you can eat fried lobster, crab, fish on the sea beach.

Bakkhali sea beach

You can do small local sightseeing, like Banbibi mandir, Henri island, Frazerganj beach, the Benfish fishing harbour, Kargil beach, etc.

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Bakkhali Hotels list with price

Hotels nameRent A/CRent Non A/CPhone NoNear sea beach

Bakkhali Beach Banglow3000No9734516130YES
Bakkhali Tourist Lodge2200No9732510150YES
Balaka lodge12007009800773449 / 9679322678Bus stand
Hotel Babylon10005009163451994 / 8016372288Bus stand
Hotel Meghalaya12606309732895732 / 9093330381Bus stand
Hotel Samanta12504008944849966 / 9547328446Bus stand
Hotel Amantran10003009679702550 / 7384481600Bus stand
Hotel SagarikaNO4009732828324Bus stand
Hotel Bay View15509509836135942 / 9647039448Bus stand
Hotel Jayguru12003209734370212 / 8016314181Bus stand
Hotel Bhorer Allo10006509007107698 / 9073044867Bus stand
Hotel Apanjan10504009732603247YES
Hotel Samudra Nil12007007076951292 / 7074558839Bus stand
Hotel Amarabati130010009732619340 / 9647367780Bus stand
Hotel Chuti13449998016785186 / 9836080109Bus stand
Hotel Pinky10004509732758903 / 9800318947Bus stand
Hotel Triva12004509732571461 / 8670727660Bus stand
Samabay Sasthya UnnayanNot Sure4009800120874 / 8768436194Bus stand
Hotel Sanjog10005009830871149 / 9830757471Bus stand
Bijaya Tourist LodgeNot SureNot Sure8967018586 / 8609507056Bus stand
Hotel HansarajNot SureNot Sure8001836685Bus stand
Narayali LodgeNot SureNot Sure9732758611 / 7797116499Bus stand
Sahana Tourist lodgeNot SureNot Sure9830655447 / 9830268698Bus stand
Hotel Sea ViewNot Sure550097328 28266Bus stand
Bakkhali Hotels list

So which hotels in Bakkhali sea beach do you like the most. Tell me in the comments.

Bakkhali Tourist Lodge
Henry island hotel booking

Bakkhali tourist place

  1. Henry Island sea beach
  2. Bakkhali sea beach
  3. Bishhalakshmi Temple
  4. Banbibi temple
  5. Jambudweep Island
  6. Benfish fishing Harbour
  7. Crocodile project
  8. Kargil sea beach
  9. Frazerganj sea beach
  10. Gangasagar or The Sagar Island

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How do I get to Bakkhali?

Bakkhali is approx 126 km away from Kolkata. By train 1. Sealdah to Namkhana local daily departure 5:12 am, and 7:14 am. It takes approx 2 hours 30 minutes. Bus services are available from Esplanade to Bakkhali via Diamond Harbour road.

Is Henry island safe?

Yes, Henry island is safe. It is a government project.

Which sea is in Bakkhali?

The Bay of Bengal connects with the Bakkhali sea beach. It is a beautiful tourist spot, easy to reach from Kolkata in 3 to 4 hours.

Can a single man get a hotel room in Bakkhali?

Generally, it is OK to get a room in Bakkhali, but many hotel authorities don’t encourage a single person to stay.

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