Bakkhali Tour Plan from Kolkata | 12 Tourist spots guide

Bakkhali is the second sea destination after the Digha sea beach of West Bengal. Bakkhali tour is now a comfortable and good weekend destination near Kolkata. 

Bakkhali Beach is 130 km from Kolkata and 25 km from Namkhana station under the Sundarban biosphere of West Bengal. You can visit Bakkhali any time of the year.

Bakkhali tour
Bakkhali tour

Bakkhali Tour Guide – The Ultimate travel plan from Kolkata

Kolkata to Bakkhali train is available from Sealdah Station; the transportation and connectivity are excellent. Also, the Kolkata to Bakkhali bus service is available frequently (govt+private). So, if you are searching Bakkhali tour package, it is not needed. Just read the article and plan accordingly.

A very few sea beach hotels in Bakkhali; all the hotels are near the bus stand. The best is the West Bengal tourism fisheries guest house at Bakkhali. It is a bit distance from the beach and the bus stop.

Bakkhali beach guide from kolkata
Bakkhali beach

3-Day Bakkhali Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1: Sealdah to Bakkhali from Namkhana railway station 125 km by train. Total of 3.5 hours journey. Enjoy the sea bath after reaching the hotel and having a small breakfast. In the evening, visit the Crocodile project, Bisalakkhi Temple, and see the sea beach again.
  • Day 2: Visit Henry Island Sea Beach, Benfish, Kargil Beach, Frazerganj Beach, and Benfish Harbour. Revisit the beach in the evening and go shopping.
  • Day 3: Check out from the hotel and return the same way.

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Bakkhali Tour

Bakkhali tour cost

You can return by local bus from Bakkhali to Namkhana. The ticket is 22 rupees. (After the bridge opened, 22 Govt buses were available between Namkhana station and Bakkhali Bus Stand at 1 hour or 45 minutes intervals).

Hotel 550 rupees each day. 1650 rupees for three days. 
Food600 rupees for 2 people. 1800 rupees for three days
Shopping 500 rupees (all are Chinese products found)
Travelling cost Train fair 50 rupees (all expenses for two people) Toto car -30 rupees, shared car 200. hotel to beach 5 times -100. Return 250 rupees by Toto – 30 rupees, train 100 rupees=1034 rupees.
Side Seeing 250 rupees (Toto car)
Bakkhali tour cost

Total – 4984 rupees (2492 rupees for 1 person for three days).

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How We Visited All the Bakkhali Tourist Places – Our Holiday Story

We found that there were three holidays together this year. So we quickly made a holiday plan. Bakkhali Beach is best for us because it’s near Kolkata and easily connects by bus/train/private car.

Bakkhali Tourist Lodge booking

Sealdah to Namkhana train for Bakkhali – First option

We took the train from Sealdah to Namkhana station early in the morning. There are two popular Sealdah to Namkhana local trains. One is at 5:12 am and 7:14 am, connecting from Laxmikantapur (search Sealdah to Laxmikantapur rail timetable). Afterwards, the same train runs between Laxmikantapur to Namkhana. The journey time is 2.5 hours.

After that, we took a local van for Ferighat, and the fair was 7 rupees per person. Riksha and Toto’s are also available. We crossed the river “Hatania-Doania” by paying rupees 1+toll tax and 1 rupee per person.

After crossing the river, we took a van to the bus stand and paid seven rupees. There are several options for going to Bakkhali, like Maruti, toto, bus, etc. Bus fare is nominal, just 22 rupees, as it is a local journey.

It takes 1 hour by bus. But we chose Maruti as a private vehicle; it reaches the destination in 20 minutes for 350 rupees. The share option is also available. The total journey time is 3.5 hours from Sealdah to Bakkhali.

Sealdah to Namkhana train time table
Sealdah to Namkhana train timetable

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Kolkata to Bakkhali ac Volvo bus from Esplanade – Second option

Kolkata (Esplanade) to Bakkhali direct AC bus (ACT15) running on Saturday and Sunday (via Behala- Thankurpukur-Kakdwip-Namkhana) fair is 255 rupees. Departure time is 7:30 am.

Non-AC buses are available from Howrah to Bakkhali for 106 rupees and Esplanade to Bakkhali for 102 rupees. Service started from 6:00 am onward.

Good news, travellers! The government completed the work on the Bakkhali bridge, which is open now (This is my second trip). That means no need to cross the “Hatania-Doania” river.

Currently, Toto and personal vehicles are crossing this bridge, saving risk factors and time. Small cars and Toto directly go to Bakkhali from Namkhana station for 350 rupees to 400 rupees. Buses are now coming from Kolkata also. And water sports are just started.

Habra to Bakkhali Bus

Route E61, the West Bengal government (WBTS), starts a bus service for Bakkhali. Online and offline booking is available.

Route number E61

Route:- Habra to Bakkhali via Ashoknagar Kochua more, Barasat, Airport, Ultadanga, Ruby, Gariahat, Rashbihari, New Alipore, Taratala, Behala,Thakur Pukur, Joka, Amtala, Sirakol, Sarisha, Diamond, Hatugaunj, Hulpi, Kakdwip, Namkhana, Fresergaunj.


From Habra: – 5.35 am and 2.10 pm, From Barasat Champadali:- 3.20 pm From Bakkhali:- 5.45 am.

Habra to Bakkhali Bus
Habra to Bakkhali Bus

Reached Bakkhali and enjoy the High tide and bath

On the first day, we visited the beach only. We talk to the local people who know the “High Tide” time for a bath in the evening. Because most of the time is lean hours, and the water is far from the beach.

Lots of local food options are offered there by the local shops on Bakkhali Sea Beach. We ate seafish, and we had dinner at the hotel.

Bakkhali sea beach
Bakkhali hotel list

Visit Henry Island sea beach – Next full day of Sightseeing

The following day, we went to the most awaited Henry Island sea beach, under Frazerganj town, fishing harbour with a Toto, which charges 250 rupees. Henri Island is also a good beach with ‘fishing Veri’s; 162 Veri’s are there. It also has a watchtower. The government fish counter also buys local fish; the entry fee is 20 rupees per head. This Bakkhali picnic spot is ideal for families.

Next, we visit Benfish Fishing Harbour. It’s a fishy-smelling area because Lots of fishing boats are there. The entry fee is 10 rupees. You can go to” Jambudweep Island” by hiring a boat from there. It takes 1.5 hours, and the cost is 3000 approx. But remember, boats only take a merry-go-round on the islands and return. Next, we saw the Frazerganj wind turbine and Mr Frazer’s house on Frazerganjsea beach. We can see some areas of Mousuni Island from here.

We returned to the hotel and went to the beach to enjoy the bath and then returned to the hotel. We went to the beach again in the evening, shopped, and had some seafood. We returned to the hotel around 9:00 pm.

On the third morning, our trip started with the Bakkhali crocodile project near the bus stand. There are a few deer and crocodiles, and “Bishhalakshmi Temple” is also there.

We are trying to go to the” Banbibi temple” near the beach, which is reachable on a walk. In the evening, I revisited the beach.

We returned to Namkhana with a Toto for 250 rupees the following day. Around 10:30 am, we took the train to Sealdah station.

Tourists may go to Gangasagar Island and Mousuni Island from here, and it’s also on the same route.

bakkhali to kolkata bus service timetable
Bakkhali to Kolkata bus service timetable


Bakkhali tourism hack

I was sharing a cab with another family to go from Namkhana to Bakkhali. The car cost will be reduced.

Packing list – Excluding all the daily wear, we Carry an umbrella, extra haft pants, a T-shirt, a hitting cup and Thermos for our baby and medicine.

Bakkhali Beach shopping

The Handmade seashell product starts from 20 rupees. But we buy some toys for our child.

Things to remember

  • Try to stay near the beach. It will save Toto cost (20 rupees each time).
  • Near bus stands, many hotels offer low prices for lunch and dinner.
  1. Henry Island sea beach
  2. Bakkhali sea beach
  3. Bishhalakshmi Temple
  4. Banbibi temple
  5. Jambudweep Island
  6. Benfish Fishing Harbour
  7. Crocodile project Bakkhali
  8. Kargil sea beach
  9. Frazerganj sea beach
  10. Gangasagar or The Sagar Island
  11. G-Plot
  12. Mousuni Island

1. Henry Island Sea Beach

Henry Island Sea Beach in Bakkhali is a virgin beach famous for its tranquillity and crabs. It’s named after “Henry” (an explorer from Britain) who visited this island in the nineteenth century.

Mangrove trees and crystal seawater attract visitors from all around the world. There are cottages and guesthouses for tourists offering local food. A trip to Sundari Tourist Complex’s watchtower is recommended. From here, a scenic view of Henry Island Sea Beach is sighted. 

2. Bakkhali Sea Beach

Bakkhali Sea Beach on the deltaic island of South Bengal is a crescent, and the beach stretches for 8 km up to Frasergunj. It’s Bengal’s most serene beach, with a long coastline.

This tiny seaside resort is linked to the mainland via bridges. A Bishhalakshmi temple is at the end. Tourists picnic with family and stroll by watching the beautiful sunrise at Bakkhali Sea Beach. 

Bakkhali Sea Beach
Bakkhali Sea Beach

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3. Bishhalakshmi Temple

Bishhalakshmi is a small and quaint temple at the end of Bakkhali sea beach, built of red stones with a golden bell. Visitors are attracted to this place because of its spiritual aura, and they spend a peaceful evening walking on the beach and offering prayers in the temple.

4. Banbibi Temple Bakkhali

Bonbibi temple is the abode of Goddess Bonbibi. People living in Bengal’s Sunderban forest worship her. The name “Bonbibi” means “forest lady”. As per legends, Allah chose Bibi (Sufi Fakir’s daughter) to kill Dokkhin Rai (lord of the South).

He killed forest dwellers and took the form of a tiger. Instead of killing him, Bibi made him swear not to harm people who worship her. After that, dwellers in Sunderban started worshipping her to protect them from the dangers of the forest.  

Banbibi Temple Bakkhali
Banbibi Temple Bakkhali

5. Jambudweep Island

Jambudweep is an isolated mangrove island in the Bay of Bengal. The island is abode by various reptiles, fish and bird species. It remains inhabited only during the fishing season (October to February). Jambudweep remains submerged in water for part of a year. This island is a popular spot for fishing. Clean drinking water found here is a major tourist attraction.

Jambudweep Island
Jambudweep Island

6. Benfish Fishing Harbour Bakkhali

Benfish is the pinnacle for every fishermen’s cooperative society in West Bengal. It was set up in 1978 and came under the government of WB & Department of Fisheries. Fishers of Bakkhali catch fish from Benfish to distribute in various markets. There is a fishing market nearby selling essential parts for boats. Visitors sight and purchase varieties of fish from here.

Benfish Fishing Harbour Bakkhali
Benfish Fishing Harbour Bakkhali

7. Crocodile Project Bakkhali

The Crocodile Park at Bakkhali is West Bengal’s only reservation park for crocodiles. It’s beside the bus stand at Bakkhali and is surrounded by mangrove trees. This breeding centre houses various crocodiles ranging from babies to adults.

Entry to the park costs INR 20 (approx). You can visit here from 07:00 am till 05:00 pm. A deer park is nearby, a play area for children, a few ponds, and a nursery for mangrove plants.

Crocodile Project Bakkhali

8. Kargil Sea Beach

Kargil Sea Beach is a new virgin beach open for tourists in Bakkhali. It’s on the right of Frazergunj Beach, and this pollution-free beach is a popular retreat destination among tourists. 

kargil beach
Kargil beach

9. Frazerganj Sea Beach

Frazerganj is a picturesque beach at Narayanatala in Sunderban, West Bengal. It’s named after Andrew Frazer, pre-independent Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. On the beach, he built a beautiful bungalow (194 km from Tajpur).

This beautiful white sand beach is an important pisciculture centre for India. Varieties of colourful & exotic migratory birds like Black-capped Gulls, terns, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Collared Kingfishers, and Sea Eagles are spotted here. 

Frazerganj Sea Beach
Frazerganj Sea Beach

10. Gangasagar or The Sagar Island

Sagar Island is 100 km (approx) south of Kolkata. It’s a place where the River Ganga plunges into the Bay of Bengal. Gangasagar, an unexploited silver sand beach with crystal blue skies, is famous for its tranquillity. The island encompasses an extensive area (224.3 km) and is a famous tourist pilgrimage and adventure spot. 

There is a Kapil Muni Temple nearby. Each year during Makar Sankranti (middle of January), many devotees gather here to take a sacred dip in the waters. The lighthouse at Gangasagar offers a panoramic view of the beach during sunrise & sunset. 

Gangasagar sea beach

11. G-Plot

G-Plot is a tiny virgin island in South 24 Paraganas, WB, at the junction of sea and river, and a perfect destination to enjoy village culture away from the city’s hustle-bustle. This island attracts visitors to explore the divinity & beauty of Mother Nature.

Varieties of colourful birds can be sighted here. Many beaches in the Bay of Bengal are located nearby. Cities like Sonarpur, Haldia, Rajpur, Contai, and Tamluk lie near G-Plot. 


12. Mousuni Island

Mousuni, a virgin island, is a hidden gem in Namkhana. It lies near the Sundarban Delta and opens on three sides. The landmass is towards the rear of West Bengal, where land is seen crawling into the deep sea. There is a tent facility on the island with seven solar-powered tents.

It’s perfect for birdwatching, fishing, and strolling through mangrove forests. Visitors enjoy water activities like windsurfing, para-gliding and diving here. December to April is ideal for exploring Mousuni Island. 

Mousuni Island
Mousuni Island

How can I go to Bakkhali?

You can go to Bakkhali by train or bus. But the train is the best option. It’s time-saving and cheap. Take the train from Kolkata Sealdah’s south section.

How can I go to Bakkhali by bus?

The Esplanade to Bakkhali bus service is available. WBTC/c bus running on Saturday and Sunday. Fare 255 Rupees Other non-ac ordinary buses are frequently running to Namkhana. Fare 106 rupees.
Also, the Barrackpore to Bakkhali A/c bus is available at 6 am. Phone 7699993935 / 7699993952. Fare 290 rupees.

How do I get to Bakkhali by car?

Take the Kolkata diamond harbour road, reach Namkhana, cross the New Namkhana bridge and reach Bakkhali.

How do I get to Mousuni Island?

Reach Namkhana station from Kolkata Sealdah. Take a toto car for Baghdanga ghat. Cross the river, and you will reach Mousuni Island backpackers camp.

Can I go and come back on the same day from Behala to Bakkhali by car?

Yes, you can come and back the same day and the total journey time takes approx 8 hours (up and down).

Our Bakkhali Tour finished here.

Bakkhali Tour Plan from Kolkata | 12 Tourist spots guide
Bakkhali tour map


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