25 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Digha 2024

Have you ever travelled to Digha? If yes, I will tell you which tourist spots you miss near Old Digha and New Digha sea beach. Digha beaches are the most famous tourist places in West Bengal. Follow this travel guide and enhance your Digha tour.

While you are in Digha, you might search for some side seen. The famous places are Amaravati Park, Marine Aquarium, Science Museum, etc. We also visited exciting places like the nearby Orissa border, Vishnu temple, Snake Temple, Kaju Garden, Talsari, Mohona, etc.

Tourist Places to visit in Digha
Tourist Places to visit in Digha
Digha VS Mandarmani Sea Beach

1. Amaravati Park Digha

Amaravati Park is 10 minutes from the Digha railway station, and the ticket price is 5 rupees per person. The park is well maintained, with trees, flowers, and many seating arrangements. The prime attraction is paddle boating and ropeway riding.

The boating fee is for two people 50 rupees, four 60 rupees, and six 80 rupees; a single ride time is 25 minutes. The ropeway carries tourists over the lake from one side to another. The ticket price is 47 rupees for adults and 30 rupees for a child. Kids can enjoy the slide, swing, etc. You can spend one to two hours easily in the park.

The park is beside the road, so the transport facilities are good. Auto, Toto, and buses are readily available from here.

  • Timing: The opening time is 7:30 am and closes at 7:30 pm. 
  • Entry fee: 5 rupees
 Amaravati Park roapway
Amaravati Park roap way

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2. Wonderland Kajal Dighi

Wonderland Kajal Dighi is an amusement park beside Amaravati Park near Udaypur sea beach. Toy train and boat riding are the specialities here. Kids enjoy this place very much. 

  • Timings: The entry fee is 25 rupees.
  • Entry fee: Open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

3. Marine aquarium Digha

The largest Marine Aquarium in Asia was inaugurated on Feb 4, 2003, midway between the old and new Digha opposite the hospital. Maritime animals and plants in 23 large enclosures are displayed here. It’s one of my favourite tourist spots in Digha.

Timings: It is open from 11:00 am to 3.00 pm.

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4. Digha Science Centre

Another Digha tourist place and attraction is the Science City, developed by the National Council of Science Museum. It’s a unique place to visit in Digha. Various models are demonstrated to make science education enjoyable.

You can enjoy cycle racing, watching the planetarium, sitting in an Igloo-type room and much other fun here. They have also developed a Jurassic Park on the same premises.

Timings: Except for Kali puja and holidays, it’s open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Digha Science Centre
Digha Science Centre

5. Kaju Garden

Kaju Garden is a nice side-seeing place in Digha, with lots of information about Kaju trees and nuts. It’s interesting for kids to know those facts. Cashew nuts grow in summer; April or May is the best time to visit. Remember that there is nothing else to see apart from the garden.

It’s like another botanical garden, but it is a rare opportunity to see a cashew garden in West Bengal. It is a well-maintained garden on the Roadside near the Digha Science Center. It’s a government-operated Cashew Farm. They don’t sell cashews there; here, cashew nuts have just been kept to see.

6. Digha Mohana and Fish Market

Do you love to fish? Walk towards the Mohana and then buy fish from the local fisherman. Many food stalls are prepared with fish items in front of you. If you give them your raw fish, they will cook it at a nominal price.

There are two Mohona in Digha, like Bakkhali BeachOne is beside old Digha (the primary market here), and another is beside Udaypur Beach. You can hire a bike to visit these places.

Digha Mohana
Digha Mohana
Old digha Neheru Market

7. Chandaneswar Temple

Tourists of Digha can easily visit the Orissa Chandaneswar Shiva Temple. The God here is formless and is believed to be very potent, and people come here from far distances. A gorgeous fair is organized here in the month of “Chaitra”. To visit Chandaneswar temple- rickshaws, vans, buses, and toto cars are available from Digha.

The Howrah – Chandaneswar, Howrah — Balasore and Digha, and Baripada buses go via Digha to Chandaneswar. From Chandaneswar you can avail of buses, going to different directions of Orissa.

You can go to Chandaneswar and then move on to Chandipur. The Nearest railway station is at Jaleswar, a distance of 40km.

Chandaneswar Temple
Chandaneswar Temple

8. Baba Bhusandeshwar Mandir

If you pay more, hire a bike from the sea beach and go to the Baba Bhusandeshwar Mandir on the Orissa border. The Mandir has the largest Shiva Linga in Asia; you should add this to your Digha tour.

9. Iskcon Mandir Digha

Iskcon Mandir is on Bypass Road, Digha. It’s a famous temple for Hindus and covers an enormous area. Many devotees visit this mandir daily. The speciality of Iskcon is its architecture and spirituality. Authorities undertake much development work to make the temple attractive to tourists. The Rathyatra celebrate every year.

It’s still under construction, but surely, it will be another prime Digha tourist place in the future. The area is on the bypass road. Phone: 087688 65769

Iskcon Mandir Digha
Iskcon Mandir Digha

10. Bichitrapur island and Mangrove forest

Bichitapur is 25 km from Udaipur Beach. It faces the Subarnarekha River and is well-known for its mangrove forest. The steamer journey is a memorable thing. Please keep some time extra to visit this place. This Digha tourist spot is now becoming very popular.

11. Radha Govinda Temple Near Talasari

You can add Radha Govinda Mandir’s trip when you visit Talsari Beach. It’s near the Orissa border.

Radha Govinda temple Talasari
Radha Govinda temple Talasari

12. Snake Park – The closed Digha tourism place

A snake park has been constructed at ‘Kajaldighi’ of Amaravati by a snake-Expert Shri Dipak Mitra. The collection of snakes is inadequate, and it is an added attraction. But this snake park is closed now.

digha tourist spots another map
Digha tourist spots map

13. Udaypur sea beach

The speciality of Udaypur Sea Beach is you can get fresh fish and beer at a reasonable price/budget. You can get a scooter or bike for rent. Transport facilities are not smooth in Udaypur. You should have a car to go to this place or hire an hourly rent Toto/Auto. Bargain with them, and they decrease the rent. Oceana tourist complex is near Udaypur sea beach, and it’s good to stay.

Udaypur sea beach
Udaypur sea beach

14. Talsari sea beach

Talsari is 4 km from Chandaneswar temple. You can go by rickshaw and enjoy the quiet sea town of Talsari. For those who find loneliness, this place is ideal. The Sunset and sunrise are both renowned in Talsari, like Gangasagar. While returning from Talsari towards the border, another sea beach on the road called Udaypur.

15. Mandarmani sea beach

One of the most costly sea beaches in the area. Those who can avail of luxury travel love this place. You will get many modern facilities in hotels. Coming with a car is the most convenient option. You can enjoy driving beside the sea beach because it’s a long motorable beach.

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16. Tajpur Sea Beach, West Bengal

Tajpur is one of my favourite sea beaches near Digha. It is a low crowded place. The place is clean, and it’s like a private beach. Nobody will disturb you like Digha. Only one or two small beachside shops I found on Tajpur beach. And they charge high. Enjoy the sunrise; you will see red crabs on the beach in the morning.

Tajpur sea beach West Bengal
Tajpur Sea Beach, West Bengal

17. Bankiput Sea beach

You can spend a vacation relaxing in this. Nobody disturbs you. Please note, do not get the expectation to bathe on the sea beach. You can get the seawater only at high tide. We walk 2 km into the sea in the evening but only get mud.

Bankiput sea beach
Bankiput sea beach

18. Shankarpur Sea Beach

Shankarpur, or Digha’s twin, is a virgin beach and a famous fishing harbour for fishers. Hauling fishing nets and reflecting the morning sun presents an early morning panoramic view of the beach.

The coastal strip of Shankarpur is close to Mandarmani Beach (24 km approx), and the Digha fishing market is very close to here.

Shankarpur Sea Beach
Shankarpur Sea Beach

19. Junput Sea Beach

Another sea beach near Digha. It is 40 km from Digha and connected with Contai Road. It is famous for fish processing, like dried fish. Better to stay in Tajpur or Mandarmani.

Casuarina trees surround Junput, West Bengal’s beach resort. The beach is isolated and calm. The Tranquility and peaceful environment of Junput is famous to many travellers. A marine biology centre and duck breeding farm near the beach. The best months for visiting are between October and March.

Junput sea beach
Junput sea beach

20. Chandpur Beach Near Digha

It’s a new, clean beach near Digha. The stoppage is Balisai near Sankarpur. Toto is available for Chandpur, and the sea beach is 20 minutes away. You can also visit Balisai Rajbari from here.

During a full moon, it looks mesmerising. The sea looks silver, and the beach turns golden. Its bank is a little eroded while the shoreline faces saltwater recession. Chandpur is a perfect location to enjoy weekends while watching sunsets and strolling onshore.

Chandpur Beach
Chandpur Beach

21. Baguran Jalpai Beach

Baguran Jalpai on the Bay of Bengal is a peaceful beach surrounded by Dense casuarina trees. The soft waves, cool breeze, and mesmerizing sunset present a breathtaking panorama. Visitors can visit the nearby village and fishing harbour. To interact with local anglers and know their life at sea.

It’s a newly discovered beach with less crowd. Very few hotel options there, and this beach can easily connect to Contai.

22. Dariapur Lighthouse

Dariapur Lighthouse (98 feet) has a visibility range of 19 sea miles. It’s located near Kapalkundala mandir. In 1943, they used a wick lamp on a 20 m steel mast, and the local port office supervised it. A sun valve (DA gas equipment) gradually replaced the wick lamp. This structure was dismantled in 1964.

Dariapur Lighthouse
Dariapur Lighthouse

In 1999, an RCC lighthouse (current) was erected 1 km East of the previous site. The lighthouse used PV equipment like halide lamps and fewer maintenance batteries, which were later replaced with better and more effective equipment. It’s an excellent place to visit near Digha.

23. Dariapur Kapalkundala Mandir

In Dariapur, Contai in Midnapore (East), two temples are situated- a Chandi mandir (Dalan style) and a Shiva mandir (Atchala style). These temples were built by Atmaram Pal (a villager). West Bengal Heritage Commission recognised Kapalkundala Mandir as a heritage site.

Kapalkundala Mandir’s scenic beauty inspired Bankim Chandra (Deputy Magistrate) to write a novel with the same name. According to the novel, a Kapalik (Tantrik) founded this temple and completed his sadhana (meditation).

While staying at Dariapur, Bankim met a Tantrik who inspired the character of “Tantrik” in his novel. The character of “Kapalkundala” is inspired by kidnapped village girls sold as enslaved people by Portuguese pirates. 

Dariapur Kapalkundala Mandir
Dariapur Kapalkundala Mandir

24. Dheu Sagar Park – Digha

Dheu Sagar Park is a new attraction centre in New Digha. It’s an amusement park that overlooks the beach of New Digha. The distance between Dheu Sagar and the beach is 10 minutes. 

There are many statues of humans and animals with sitting areas for visitors. The major attraction of Dheu Sagar is a replica of the “Sonar Tori” (golden boat). A beautiful Radha-Krishna idol is built inside.

  • Timings: 10:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Entry charges: INR 10
  • Parking charges: INR 10
Digha Dheu Sagar Park
Digha Dheu Sagar Park

25. Digha Jahaz Bari

Jahaz Bari is a beautifully built showhouse cum park in New Digha. It’s shaped like a ship, with dolphin and fish statues inside. Visitors enjoy 7D shows at just INR 100 (approx) per person for 10 minutes.

This location also offers VR bike rides, VR car rides, VR cricket (two overs), and VR rides for six-seaters. The famous Koshe Kosha restaurant is present here and provides tasty food for visitors.

Show Timings: 11:00 am to 09:00 pm

Digha Jahaz Bari
Digha Jahaz Bari


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