21 Best Durga Puja in Australia 2024

Durga Pujas in Australia is a beautiful gesture of cultural integrity. This is a significant celebration for the migrated Bengalis. Staying thousands of miles from their hometown, they try to keep their cultural vibe alive.

For several years, many Bengali citizens have been organizing Durga Puja and celebrating in their own way. It helps to stay connected with their cultural beliefs and encourage their next generation.

Among all the festivals that Bengalis celebrate during the year, Durga Puja is one of the biggest and most important. Five days are dedicated to celebrating the triumph of good over evil. People of all age groups celebrate these days by worshipping the deity, eating delicious food, and engaging in several cultural events.

These associations are giving all their efforts to practice their traditional heritage and community spirits. Many of these committees step forward and engage in charity work to help the needy and glorify the cause. 

Durga Puja in Australia
Durga Puja in Australia

Durga Puja is a Hindu Bengali festival that happens all over the globe, especially in West Bengal, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Orissa, Delhi, Pune, etc. Even abroad, like New YorkJapanLondon, Australia, New JerseySwitzerlandDurga Puja In the UK, and Bangladesh have grand Durga Puja celebrations. 

1. Melbourne Bengali Association Durga Puja

Melbourne Bengali Association, or MELBA, represents Bengali culture and traditions. Several like-minded citizens created this association to provide a platform to celebrate Bengali festivals.  It is a non-profit cultural establishment and takes part in various charitable events. 

The committee is organizing Durga Puja for the 10th year. This year, the event is free to enter.  Maha Saptami, Pushpanjali, Bhog distribution, Sandhya Aarti, cultural programs, and dinners are arranged. The next day, they will do Ashtami and Navami puja. Lunch and sindoor khela will be held after that. People need to pre-book Food coupons for meals. 

Melbourne Bengali Association
Melbourne Bengali Association
  • Venue: Riverbend Primary School, 1 Communal Rd, Wyndham Vale VIC 3024, Australia
  • Official Address: 1 Purnulu Way, Tarneit VIC 3029, Australia

2. The Bengali Society of Queensland Durga Puja

The Bengali Society of Queensland is the only authentic institution to depict the Bengali culture in that area. For 25 years, they have been keeping their ethnic root alive. They are open to a broader space for everyone wishing to participate in the events and activities. It is a non-profit organization participating in charitable, social, and auspicious events. 

They celebrate ‘Baro Mashe Tero Parbon,’ which means numerous festivals are held annually. Durga Puja is the main celebration; every member is included in the whole process. Everyone should book their meals before 19.10.2023. 

The Bengali Society of Queensland
The Bengali Society of Queensland
  • Venue: Coorparoo, Stanley St E & Cavendish Road, 4 Cavendish Rd, Coorparoo QLD 4151, Australia
  • Official Address: Brisbane City, Brisbane City, Queensland 4000, Australia

3. Bengali Association Of Western Australia Durga Puja

Bengali Association Of Western Australia or BAWA, is a famous non-profit cultural body based in Perth and wider Australia. In the 1980s, several migrant couples gathered, and in 1989, Dr Ashok Gupta established this committee. It celebrates the ethnic heritage of the Bengalis living in West Australia and builds a multi-cultural system.

This is the oldest and largest Durga Puja celebrations for 30 years. These three-day celebrations celebrate their cultural integrations with the wider community. More than 3000 members will attend their puja and pray to the deity for well-being. Non-community members are welcome here with their friends and families.

  • Venue: 12 Whyalla St, Willetton, WA 6155, Australia
  • Official Address: 24 Pebble Bush Drive, Canning Vale, WA 6155, Australia

4. Bengali Association Of New South Wales Durga Puja 

BANSW is an idea of 12 families who wanted to keep their roots alive. In 1974, they established this committee and celebrated their cultural beliefs. The never-ending Bengali spirit and their love for their origin are the main focus of this association. It is a non-profit organization registered under the NSW Charitable Collections Act 1934.

The five-day celebration consists of all the necessary rituals and several memorable events. In MahaSashthi, Bodhon of Devi Durga begins the puja, followed by Sandhyarati and Anandamela. Saptami Puja, Pushpanjali, Bhog distribution, and Sandhyarati will take place along with a cultural program.

Bengali Association Of New South Wales
Bengali Association Of New South Wales

During Maha Ashtami, the Sandhi Puja is a special part. In Maha Nabami, there is another cultural program. Dashami is celebrated by Boron and Sindur Khela, followed by Visarjan and Dhunuchi Nach. 

  • Venue: Wyatt Park Sports Complex, Church St, Lidcombe NSW 2141, Australia
  • Official Address: 35 Kimberley St, Rooty Hill NSW 2766, Australia

5. Bengali Association of Victoria Durga Puja

The Bengali Association of Victoria amalgamates migrated Bengalis living in the neighbourhood. It represents the essence of Bengal in a Foreign land. They depict Bengali art and culture through numerous festivities and try to develop their intellect by organizing various events.

In 1989, they first started celebrating Durga Puja. Besides Durga and other pujas, they have organized Suchitra Mitra, Lopamudra Mitra, Srikanto Acharya, Mamata Shankar and her Dance Troup, Sanghamitra Gupta, etc., honourable artists’ performances. 

Bengali Association of Victoria (BAV)
Bengali Association of Victoria (BAV)

The celebration will start on the first day, with Bodhon, Sashthi, and Saptami Puja. Afterwards, Pushpanjali, Bhog Bitaran, Lunch, Sandhya Arati, Cultural program, and Dinner will occur.

In Maha Ashtami, the main puja, Ashtami Arti, Pushpanjali, Sandhi Puja, and lunch are part of the event. Nabami Puja, Dashami Puja, and Bisarjan are celebrated on the same day. With Sindoor Khela and Dhunuchi Nach, the whole Durgotsav will end. 

  • Venue: Keysborough Secondary College Banksia Campus 8/20 Janine Rd, Springvale South VIC 3172, Australia
  • Official Address: Glen Waverley, P.O. Box 1332. VIC 3150 Australia

6. Uttaran Western Sydney Durga Puja

Uttaran Western Sydney Durga Puja first started in the year of 1997. Though it started on a small scale, it gained popularity over time. Many local communities donate generously to this organization.

People of all ages can take part in it regardless of their age. They also take part in charities throughout the day of puja celebrations. One of their recent donations was to a family in Kolkata who needed heart surgery for their child.

The puja commences with proper devotion. All meals are free for the attendees. A delicious meal is served for lunch and dinner. After lunch, the Arati, Sindoor Khela, and Dhunuchi Dance will happen.

Uttaran Western Sydney
Uttaran Western Sydney

Afterwards, live entertainment will take place. Dinner will be served after that. On Vijaya Dashami, several cultural programs are held. Everybody from children to adults performs on this day, whether they are fans of Bollywood songs or Bengali songs.

  • Venue:  Puja-Jasper Road Public School, 1-5 Jasper Road, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153, Australia. Vijaya Dashami- Quakers Hill Community Centre, 7 Lalor Rd, Quakers Hill NSW 2763, Australia
  • Official Address: 10 Lesley Crescent, Mortdale, NSW 2223, Australia

7. Bangladesh Puja and Cultural Society of South Australia Durga Puja

Bangladesh Puja and Cultural Society is a committee of Bangladeshi descendants who live in South Australia. Their goal is to inspire the next generation to be well-connected with their Hindu roots and beliefs. They successfully built a social harmonical bondage with the Australian multicultural framework. 

During the celebration, people from children to age come together and engage in the whole process. The First Puja of Ma Durga will happen, and Bhog will be distributed afterwards. Despite age, several people take part in cultural events.

Bangladesh Puja and Cultural Society of South Australia
Bangladesh Puja and Cultural Society of South Australia
  • Venue: Redgum Centre, 14 Lane St, Wentworthville NSW 2145, Australia
  • Official Address: Community Centre, 16 York Avenue, Clovelly Park, SA 5042, Australia

8. Utshab Melbourne Association Durga Puja (UMA)

Utshab Melbourne Association, or UMA, was created to spread Indian heritage with the people of Australia. People from Melbourne’s North Western or Western suburbs are part of this non-profit organization.

They endeavour to share their traditions and cultural inheritance through many festivities and cultural events. The association is also engaged in charitable activities to help others. During Durga Puja, they even donate food for three consecutive ways to homeless people. 

UMA arranged a three-day grand celebration those are filled with several activities. The festival commences with Maha Sashthi Puja and then cultural programs. On the next day, Maha Saptami and Ashtami Puja will take place. Anjali and a complimentary lunch will be given after that.

Utshab Melbourne Association
Utshab Melbourne Association

During the last day, Nabami puja will commence with Pushpanjali and Chandipath. After that, the celebration will be concluded with Boron and Sindoor Khela featuring Jana Garjana Dhol Pathak. This extravagant celebration includes several food trucks, stalls, selfie booths, fun competitions, and Adda.

  • Venue: 100 Forest Street, Ardeer, Vic 3022, Australia
  • Official Address: 58 Mount Way, Caroline Springs, VIC 3023, Australia

9. Puja & Cultural Association of Northern Territory (PACANT) Durga Puja

PACANT is an organization of migrated Bengalis living in the Northern Territory of Australia. They organize many festivals to maintain their traditions. Creating cultural integrity is the main motto of this committee. Charity is also another part of PACANT.

The day will commence by worshipping Ma Durga. Afterwards, Bhog will be distributed. The organization arranges lunch, and then people will mingle with each other. In the evening, Sandhya Arati is arranged. On Vijaya Sommeloni, the cultural night is the main highlight. Dhunuchi dance and dinners are other attractions.

  • Venue: Puja- Gray Community Hall, Gray NT 0830, Australia. Vijaya Dashami- Harmony Hall, 44 Patterson St, Malak NT 0812, Australia
  • Official Address: Nightcliff, Northern Territory 0810, Australia

10. Indclub Wyndham Durga Utsav 

Wyndham Durga Utsav is the biggest puja in Melbourne. It is the brainchild of the Indclub, an incorporated organization. It attracts more than 2,000 people every year. This entices several multicultural groups, and they often partner with them. Since 2014, the organization has been hosting Durga Puja and other Hindu contemporary cultural activities.

These two days are filled with unlimited entertainment, fun, and culture. It will start Sashthi, Saptami, and Ashtami Puja. Pushpanjali will take place, followed by Bhog and Lunch. Sandhya Arati and cultural events are also part of this event. The next day, Sandhi Pujo and Nabami Pujo take place.

Wyndham Durga Utsav
Wyndham Durga Utsav

Afterwards, Dashami Puja will begin, and then lunch will be served. After engaging in Antakshari, Debi Boron will be done next. With a delicious dinner and a spectacular musical band performance, the celebration will end.

  • Venue: Williamstown Town Hall, 104 Ferguson St, Williamstown VIC 3016, Australia
  • Official Address: 19 Bruckner Dr, Point Cook VIC 3030, Australia

11. Trinayani Durga Puja

Trinayani Durga Puja is hosting this year’s Durga Puja on a grand level. It is a celebration of triumph and showcasing the residents’ roots. All the members are trying their best to make this puja a grand celebration. They are also a charitable association and accepts donations from Worldwide.

On these two days, several activities are present to make it memorable. Worshipping of the deity, Pushpanjali, Prasad distribution, Arati, etc, is part of this event. Lunch and dinner are both served here. A cultural program will make the day more exciting.

  • Venue: Roselea Community Centre, 645-671 Pennant Hills Rd, Beecroft NSW 2119, Australia
  • Official Address: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

12. Bengali Association of Canberra Durga Puja

In and around Canberra, BAC represents the Bengali Community. This democratic association created a platform to cater to cultural needs and for the betterment of the entire community. They have organised Durga Puja and other significant festivals for over a decade. They also participate in several multi-cultural festivals organized by the ACT Government. 

The two-day grand celebrations start with the main puja and Pushpanjali. Prasad distribution will be done afterwards. Several fun games are arranged to increase the entertainment quotient. Lunch and cultural programs are an integrated part of the celebration. On the second day, they will celebrate Shubho Bijaya to end the occasion on a sweet note. 

Bengali Association of Canberra
Bengali Association of Canberra
  • Venue: 220 Badimara St, Waramanga ACT 2611, Australia
  • Official Address: PO Box 9516 Deakin ACT 2600, Australia

13. Bangladesh Puja Association (BPA) Durga Puja

BPA is an incorporated association, functioning since the mid-1990s. They started this organization to be socially integrated. The aloofness, combined with their nostalgia, led them to assemble toward building their community.

Their main motto is to strengthen the community by celebrating festivals like Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja. They even contribute generously to help distressed families in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Puja Association (BPA)
Bangladesh Puja Association (BPA)

Throughout its history, the BPA has consistently served its members to the best of its ability. On these two days, all the members equally participate throughout the day and make the most of it. They are trying to preserve the essence of Bengal and Bangladesh. Several entertainments are arranged to make the event double the fun.

  • Venue: Orion Function Centre, 155 Beamish St, Campsie NSW 2194, Australia
  • Official Address: 43 Amos St, Westmead Parramatta, NSW 2145, Australia 

14. Probashee Bengali of Perth Durga Puja

PBW in Western Australia is a lively Bengali community. It is a culmination of art, heritage, and language. The key goal of this community is to bring every Bengali migrant to one place and provide them with everlasting memories. For 7 Years, they have been organizing Durga Puja to practice their cultural beliefs.

For three consecutive days, they are inviting people to the greatest event. Puja rituals, cultural events, and other ceremonies keep people entertained. Delicious Indian food is served here after the pujas. 

  • Venue: Canning Town Hall, 1309-1325 Albany Hwy, Cannington, WA 6107, Australia
  • Official Address: 32a Kalangedy Dr, Riverton, Western Australia, 6148, Australia

15. Vakta Mandir Sydney Trust Durga puja (VMS)

VMS, previously known as Vakta Mandir Sydney Inc., is known for building a Hindu temple in Sydney. Since 2010, they have been improving Hinduism and Hindu culture in Australia. The organization has celebrated Durga Puja and practised their traditional heritage for ten years.

The celebration will commence with Puja. This event’s key features are Pushpanjali, Arati, Kirtan, Dhunuchi Dance, etc.. Kids activities, Sindoor Khela, Dhunuchi Dance, and cultural programs keep all the members entertained. Lunch and dinner will be served. 

VMS Durga puja
VMS Durga puja
  • Venue: Arya Samaj Centre, 69 Shane Park Rd, Shanes Park NSW 2747, Australia
  • Official Address: 244 Targo Rd, Toongabbie NSW 2146, Australia

16. Arohan Sydney Durga Puja

Arohan is a lively Hindu Community in Sydney. It was established in 2021 to foster a connection with the roots and honour the grandeur of Durga Puja. They are passionate about preserving their rich culture for future generations. To nurture and flourish Bengali traditions, this space has been created.

During the puja, all members came together to make this event as grand as possible. Delicious Indian lunch and dinner will be served after the puja. Boron and numerous kids’ activity adds an exciting note to the celebration. There will also be a cultural program to make the night memorable. 

  • Venue: Glenwood Community Centre, 72 Glenwood Park Drive, Glenwood NSW Glenwood, NSW 2768, Australia 
  • Official Address: Sydney, NSW, Australia

17. Dorpan Cultural and Religious Association Sydney Durga Puja

Dorpan Cultural and Religious Association is a social organization of migrated Bengalis. This is a non-profit structure that was registered as an incorporated establishment. It was formed to provide a platform for all the Bengalis living in Sydney and the wider area. This is a space to showcase Hindu and Bengali cultural heritage. Their motto is to preserve, share, and promote religious beliefs. 

Sandhya Arati, Pushpanjali, Prasadam distribution, Boron, and Sindoor Khela are the key attractions in the celebration. An art competition is arranged to provide an extra dose of entertainment. A cultural program and an extravagant dinner are added benefits. 

Dorpan Cultural and Religious Association Sydney
Dorpan Cultural and Religious Association Sydney
  • Venue: The Ponds Community Hub, 45 Riverbank Dr, The Ponds NSW 2769, Australia
  • Official Address: Sydney Australia

18. Agamoni Australia INC. Durga Puja

Agamoni Australia is a religious community that belongs to a bunch of traditional enthusiasts. It is a joyous alliance of like-minded people who want to nurture a full-fledged Hindu institution.

This is a platform to create perfect harmony religiously, culturally, and socially. They are forwarding Bengali and Bangladeshi ethnic beliefs into the multi-cultural society of Australia. 

21 Best Durga Puja in Australia 2024
Agamoni Australia INC Sydney NSW

In 2016, Agamoni first took the step and organized its first Durga Puja. From Maha Sashthi to Vijaya Dashami, all rituals are properly maintained. Besides Durga Puja, they celebrate Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja, and Laxmi Puja. 

  • Venue: Glenfield Community Hall, 10 Newtown Rd, Glenfield NSW 2167, Australia
  • Official Address: Community Hall, Newtown Rd, Glenfield NSW 2167, Australia

19. Anandadhara Inc. Durga Puja

Anandadhara Inc. was formed under the Associations Incorporation Act in 2009 to serve charitable and religious purposes. Its main goal is to provide a space for the social-cultural integration of the Australian Bengali and Indian Subcontinent diaspora.

They ensure the global mingling of art, traditions, music, and knowledge. The committee fosters religious values and cherishes its ethical tradition. 

They are hosting a five-day event to celebrate good triumph over evil. The puja will commence in Maha Sashthi, by Bodhon, Amontron, and Adhivasa. For the next three days, a certain puja with Pushpanjali, Arati, Prosadam, and Bhog distribution will be done following a cultural program. On the last day, Sindoor Khela and immersion of the idol will conclude the celebration.

  • Venue: Ron Moore Community Centre, 120 Guernsey Ave, Minto NSW 2566, Australia
  • Official Address: South Western Sydney, NSW-2565, Australia

20. Bengali Society of Melbourne (BSM) Durga Puja

Bengali Society of Melbourne is a platform for Bengalis coming from Bengal and subcontinent. Since 2012, they have been trying to inspire the next generations about their cultural heritage and traditions. It is an integrated part of Victoria’s multicultural community. 

On the first day, puja for Maha Saptami and Ashtami will occur. Fruits as prasad will be distributed afterwards. Visitors can give Anjali for both the pujas. Sandhya Arati and cultural program, followed by dinner, will end that day’s celebration.

The next day, Nabami and Dashami puja will start. By Sankha blowing and Sindoor Khela, they will say goodbye to the deity. Immersion will be done after that to conclude this celebration.

  • Venue: Werribee Racing Club, 2-10 Bulban Rd, Werribee VIC 3030, Australia
  • Official Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

21. Probashi Bangali of Western Australia

Probashi Bangali of Western Australia is a diverse cultural institution created to celebrate the auspicious festivities of Bengalis. The organization thrives on preserving and sharing cultural values with the bigger community. They invite all like-minded people to celebrate the festivals with friends and families and create a beautiful memory.

Maha Sashthi, Maha Saptami, and Maha Ashtami puja will embark on the journey. It is a free event, giving opportunities for unlimited mingling of people. In the evening, Sandhya Arati is the main attraction of this puja. Food will be distributed. The next day, Navami and Dashami Puja will draw an end to the occasion. Dhol Tasha by Maharashtra Mandal is a special activity.

  • Venue: Amherst Village Community Centre, 2 Holmes St, Southern River, WA 6110, Australia
  • Official Address: Western Australia, 6148, Australia

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The celebration of Durga Pujas in Australia creates a platform to promote the traditional beliefs of the Bengalis. Migrated several years ago, the Bengali residents try to keep their roots alive by celebrating their most fantastic festival in a foreign land. These Durga pujas are a step to create harmony between the multicultural societies of wider Australia. They try their best to showcase their cultural heritage and maintain their traditions. Visiting these pujas will recreate a feeling of joy and help to reminisce the essence of Durga Puja while being a thousand miles away.

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