Digha [Udaypur Sea Beach] in West Bengal tourism | Secret revealed

Hello, traveller! Do you love to eat fish at the seaside? Then you are reading the right article. I visited Udaypur sea beach in West Bengal this month. The sea beach is low-crowded and easily accessible from Kolkata.

If you are spending a holiday in Digha, you should visit this place at least once. Many hotels, hostels, and holiday homes are available to stay near Digha. 

Udaypur sea beach
Udaypur sea beach

Udaypur Sea Beach in West Bengal

Udaipur is a beautiful sea beach to the lap of nature and is located 3 kilometres from Digha station.

It is close to the West Bengal and Orissa border, and this magnificent beach is about three kilometres long. Many fishers made temporary stalls on the beach and sold fresh seafish.

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The destination is perfect for a small weekend tour from Kolkata. You feel very romantic on the beach. This hidden beach is lonely, and the only staying option is the Oceana tourist complex. It’s government property.

You can stay nearby hotels/ guest houses (Digha), which also offer reasonable accommodation at a cheap rate. But all are on the roadside. This place is for fish lovers. Variety of fish you can get here.

Digha Sea Beach West Bengal [old and New]

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Udaypur food

Many temporary food stalls provide all kinds of seafood preparations: crab, egg, chicken, jumbo prawns, Bhetki, Hilsa, Pomfret, etc. You can also get breakfast for a full Bengali meal. All kinds of drinks and wafers are available on the sea beach.

So enjoy those fried fish with beer; that is the Secret to this beach. Here, you get coconut water at a cheap rate.

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How to reach Udaipur

By car

From Kolkata, Udaipur’s distance is 170 Km. Drive through Grand Trunk Road/ Kona Expressway to reach Nandkumar. You can follow these roads AH 45/NH 6, NH 41 and SH-4. Udaipur is 3 KM away from the Digha Bus stand.

Esplanade to Digha bus timetable
Esplanade to Digha bus timetable

By train

Take the train from Howrah and reach Digha station (“Tamralipta Express” is the best choice). One month prior booking is available. From there, you book an auto/toto or private car to reach Udaipur sea beach.

By bus

From Kolkata (Esplanade), you get plenty of buses for Digha, like regular Volvo, deluxe and state transport buses etc. After reaching Digha, hire an auto toto to reach Udaypur.

garia to digha bus service timetable
Garia to Digha bus service timetable

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Where to Stay in Udaipur

West Bengal Government provides Udaypur sea beach tent accommodation, with few hotels. You get an online reservation for rooms and tents. The second option is the Oceana Tourist Complex.

Udaipur beach tent booking

The tent is another option for staying in Udaipur. You should book before going to this place—address – West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. 3/2, BBD Bag East Road—033-2243-6440. One-day tent fair is 600 rupees with complimentary breakfast. Please note fares may increase. The tent was made of solid clothes, as well as the door.

 As the tent does not have a food facility or kitchen, book your meal with the caretaker. They serve good quality food with fresh fish and crab on demand. The toilet is attached to the tent but is not as clean as expected. Enjoy your evening with a lantern in front of your tent. Phone: 094340 18849

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Things to carry

Mosquito coil, room freshener, hit insect killer, torch, etc. 

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Udaypur sea beach

Udaypur Sea Beach Attractions

You can hire a bike and go to Digha or Talsari. They will charge 70 rupees for 3 to 4 km, and enjoy water sports like JetSki – 500 rupees, Banana Ride- 100 rs. Speed Boat – 200 rupees.

udaipur west bengal tourism
Udaipur West Bengal tourism

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7 Places to visit near Udaipur sea beach Orissa near me

  1. Amarabati park
  2. Digha science museum
  3. Digha aquarium
  4. Kajal Dighi Park Chandanesawar Temple
  5.  Digha Iskon Mandir
  6. Radha Gobinda Mandir Near Talsari
  7. Digha Gate

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1. Amaravati Park

It is a family park between the new Digha and Udaipur sea beach. You can stay here for a long time, and the entry fee is 5 rupees. The main attraction is the ropeway and a boat ride.

2. Digha Science Centre

It is a well-maintained place in Digha. Enrich your knowledge in this place. I highly recommend this place for Digha / Udaypur tour. You can try the 3D show.

Other shows like the magic show and astronomy shows are also good. There are many instruments and machines with science stuff. All ages enjoy this place, and the entry fee is 20 rupees.

3. Digha Aquarium

The Marine Aquarium is a must-visit place in Digha. It’s the largest aquarium and marine research centre in India. 

The main attraction is the skeleton of a Bryde’s whale; enjoy watching the sea fishes and animals in the aquarium. Tuesday is closed, and the entry fee is free.

4. Kajal Dighi Park

Besides Amarabati Park, it’s called Wonderland Kajal Dighi. The park has beautiful flowers all around. You can find a rabbit, birds, and pigs here. The main attraction is a toy train.

Kids can enjoy a lot here; the entry fee is 5 rupees. Opening time is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The toy train fare is 25 rupees.

5. Iskcon Mandir Digha

Iskon Mandir is located on the bypass road. It is still developing. You get Prasad from here.

  • Mangal Aarati- 4:30 am
  • Jop class – 5:15 am to 7:00 am
  • Darshan aarati – 7:00 am
  • Dhagbat class – 8:00 am
  • Bhoj aarati – 12:00 pm
  • Dhup aarati – 4:00pm
  • Sandha aarati – 6:00 pm
  • Sayan aarati – 8:30 pm

6. Radha Gobinda Mandir Near Talsari

Visit this temple when you are planning to Talsari. It’s a holy place.

7. Digha gate

It is on the way when you visit Digha or Udaypur by car. It’s just a gate.

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Digha Udaypur sea beach map
Digha Udaypur sea beach map

8 Sea Beach near Udaypur

  1. Digha sea beach
  2. Digha Mohana
  3. Sankarpur sea beach
  4. Mandarmani sea beach
  5. Tajpur sea beach
  6. Junput
  7. Baguran Jalpai(New)
  8. Chandpur Beach

1. Digha sea beach

Visit old Digha and new Digha Beach on your tour. Lots of hotels can find here. It’s the main tourist for food and lodging.

New Digha Sea Beach

2. Digha Mohona

It is 1 km from Old Digha. Fresh fish is available here. The market area is dirty, but you will love the place when you reach the Mohana. Note – Carry sunglasses. Sand in the air can harm your eyes.

3. Shankarpur sea beach

Shankarpur Sea Beach is 14 km from Digha towards the East, and it’s a virgin beach that serves as a daily harbour for fishing. This coastal strip is near Mandarmani and is also called Digha’s twin.

The reflection of sun rays on seawater & fishing boats on shore presents a panoramic view of Shankarpur. In the morning, visitors glimpse fishers spreading their nets to catch fish.

4. Mandarmani sea beach

The most expensive beach is this tour. The hotel rates are costly. But it’s less crowded and the best option for couples.

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5. Tajpur sea beach

I love this place very much. Tajpur is the perfect destination for families. It’s a lonely place, and the entire sea is yours. I recommend coming to Tajpur with at least two families.

6. Junput

It’s connected with Contai very well. But the staying option is significantly less.

7. Baguran Jalpai

It’s very near to Contai. Hotel option is very few.

8. Chandpur Beach

Another beach I found near Digha is called Chandpur. It’s a clean and lonely beach. The nearest stoppage is Balisai, near Sankarpur. 

Toto service is available. The beach is 20 minutes by a toto car. You can also visit Balisai Rajbari from here. Very few hotel options are available here.

Best time to visit Udaipur

You can visit anytime during the year. But I think it is good not to go during the rainy season. Because these times the sea waves are very unpredictable.

Digha sea beaches map
Digha sea beaches map

Which is better, Mandarmani or Digha?

Handicrafts (Mat, cane basket), shell accessories, Cashew nuts, and Conch are famous in Digha.

Is Digha safe for unmarried couples?

Yes, Digha is safe for unmarried couples. Many couples-friendly hotels are available here. But always take safety measures. For example, always carry valid ID cards.

What can I buy in Digha?

Handicraft (Mat, cane basket), shell accessories, cloths, fish items, Cashew nut, and Conch are famous in Digha.


  1. Sorry, to interrupt you. Udaypur Sea beach is in state of Odisha in Baleshwar district and it doesn’t belongs to Digha area. The facilities that West bengal is giving is to give the false claims of Udaypur belongs to their part. So my request is don’t spread false claims of West bengal government.

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