1 Night 2 Days Digha Tour from Kolkata | Sea Beach Guide

Digha Tour from Kolkata is one of the best destinations for West Bengal and Kolkata people to spend weekends with family and friends. This 1-night 2 Days Digha Tour Plan from Kolkata and the Sea Beach Guide helps you cheaply visit all the sightseeing places.

The well-maintained sitting area on the sea beach to enjoy the breeze and the view of coconut water and fried fish. Enjoy a sea bath with friends and families with no worries. A wide variety of food is available here at a reasonable price, and the hotel accommodations are pocket-friendly. As a woman, travelling with your girl’s group is safe.

They improve the sanitization system, which is good news for women. In the present day, the ‘Sulav Souchaloy’ developed beside the beach, so we do not have to run to the washroom in an emergency. But now, the ‘Souchalay’ condition is deplorable, with no bathroom door.

Digha Tour from Kolkata
Digha Tour from Kolkata

1 Night 2 Days Digha Tour Plan from Kolkata

  • Day 1: On a Saturday morning, take Tamralipta to the express from Howrah Railway station at 6:40 am and reach Digha station. Take a rest and have lunch in the hotel. In the evening visit the Sea Beach. 
  • Day 2: Experience the Sunrise of the Sea Beach early in the morning and reach Mohona fish market. After the Mohona Udaypur Sea Beach, science museum, Shankarpur, Talsari, etc., go back to Digha on Sunday evening and take the evening at 6:25 pm and reach Kolkata.

History of Digha

Digha is the closest sea beach destination near Kolkata city. Digha Whoever resides in West Bengal visits this place at least once in a lifetime. It’s the oldest low-budget tourist spot and a famous economic destination. The sea is not as rough, and the waves are not as strong as you get on southern beaches like Puri Beach, Chennai, Vizag, etc.

The place is called Brighton of the East. The sea has gentle waves and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The town of Digha is gradually spreading to cope with the tourist demands on the borders of Orissa. It is an ideal spot to spend a weekend.

The beauty was discovered in the late 18th century by Warren Hastings before known as ‘Beercool.’ It was reborn at the hands of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. But, today, the old Digha sea beach is now crowded.

Digha Sea Beach
Digha Sea Beach

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My 1 Night 2 Days Digha Tour Plan from Kolkata

It’s my second trip after the Shimla-Manali tour from Kolkata. We have done a suddenly planned weekend tour with my husband. The first view of the beach is mesmerizing.

I saw some were busy having sea baths, some were shopping, and the rest were enjoying the seashore breeze. We enjoyed the Cheerful weather, the hilarious sea breeze, and the pine forests on the beach. Local Peoples are excellent & friendly.

Digha Beaches are the places where you sit and admire the natural sceneries. You can sit there for hours looking at the endless sea. It was probably my 10th trip when I wrote the article about Digha tourist spots and Sea Beaches in West Bengal.

Old Digha Market

1st Day – How to reach Digha from Kolkata – Our Holiday story

We started the trip from Howrah station by Tamralipta Express on the first day. We boarded the train this morning at 6:40 am; it takes 4.30 hours to reach Digha from Howrah station (around 10:10 am). Many autos and Toto are standing outside the station. We take a rickshaw to get to our hotel. A regular bus from Esplanade is also going to Digha daily.

esplanade to digha bus timetable
Esplanade to digha bus

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In the Evening, Enjoy at Digha Sea Beach

After coming to the hotel and resting, we went to the beach. It’s low-crowded and clean (not on Saturday/Sunday). There are many coconut sellers on sea beaches, and we bought some coconut from one of them and kept shoes and mobile there.

We spent an hour on the sea beach. While we were enjoying the sea bath, the local Photographer took pictures of us. After that, we returned to the hotel and finished lunch. That time, the Photographer delivered the images to my hotel address.

We revisited the sea beach in the evening and enjoyed the high tide view. It is beautiful to see from the beachside. But be careful, do not bathe at this time, which can be dangerous.

digha toto transport fare
Digha Toto transport fare


Second Day – Digha Sightseeing

On the second day, we woke up in the early morning and reached the sea beach to see the sunrise. At that time, many red crabs were roaming the entire coast.

You can find many tourist places in Digha, like Digha Mohana and Fish Market, Digha Science Centre, Digha Science Centre, Satsang, Mandarmani Sea Beach, Tajpur, Sankarpur, etc.

Digha Science Center
Digha Science Center

We visit those places with a toto and return to our hotel in the evening. Last, we took the train from Digha around 6:30 pm and reached Howrah around 10 pm.

Mandarmani Tour Guide

Saturday – Sunday Digha tour cost two people

Howrah to Digha Train up and down400 Rupees
Hotel700 Rupees
Food1000 Rupees
Side seeing1000 Rupees
Total for 2 person3100 Rupees
1 Person1550 Rupees
Saturday – Sunday Digha tour cost two people

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Where to Stay in Digha – Best Hotels and Resorts

Today, Digha has many hotels, holiday homes, resorts, etc. You can easily reach your desired destination and get a room within your budget. Rooms are available, starting from 200 rupees to 5000 rupees.

Old Digha’s room rent is lower than new Digha’s, and old Digha is also crowded compared to new Digha. In my experience, a sea-facing room is unnecessary in Digha because the sea is a small distance from any hotel. Trying to stay near the sea beach helps to save time and money and quickly reach the beach whenever you want.

Please note that many people come to Digha from Kolkata every weekend. I do not recommend spot booking because the hotel owner or staff demands more than average rates. Book your room in advance, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

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Old and New Digha Sea Beach West Bengal, India

There is two sea beach, old Digha and New Digha. New Digha Sea Beach is still low, crowded and clean. The distance between both coasts is one kilometre.

The Govt. of West Bengal made the beach beautiful and decorated it with parks and lights. The beaches are highly crowded in the evening to watch waves with a cool sea breeze. You can hire a bike for Orisha Mohona. Watch my entire Digha playlist on YouTube to know the current situation.

Digha Seafood

There are a vast number of options for food. If you want fresh seafood and local sweet water fish, visit Nehru market; otherwise, go to Mohana or Udaypur Beach. Nehru market is the best option to get fish/crab at a low price.

Now the question comes of how to eat them? No worries, many hotels are frying those fish and making tasty curries at a nominal price. Also, various fish stalls will cook and serve you on demand.

Also, there’s Wow Momo, Domino’s Pizza, and Barista Cafe near the beach. And there are other readymade fish fry and snack stalls on the beach.

You can enjoy street food, and fried fish is trendy among tourists. Multiple other restaurants and roadside food stalls offer excellent food at a reasonable price, and even roadside stalls are of very excellent & tidy quality. But the hygiene of the place made me a little sad.

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Shopping at Digha

A beachside market is a must-visit place for small trinkets or showpieces made of seashells. You could get beautiful conch-shell jewellery, sankha, and kids -toys from the beachside vendors.

All the shops display jewellery, toys, home decor and many more. Some sea stone articles look gorgeous. Shopping at the beachside market is memorable for me. I bought some locally designed mats, bags, slippers, and food items like Peanuts, sweet coconut, etc.

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Water Sports in Digha

If you know how to swim, ride a boat; the waves are calm and steady here. Deep in the water by boat is perfectly safe here. In the monsoon season, the activity stops due to high tides.

Best time to visit the Digha beach

Visit the place from late Oct to Early February or Visit in March to May before the Monsoon, as one could enjoy the roaring waves on the beach and have seaside fun.

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Digha Tour Precautions

Some ricksha walla will take you to the hotel if you haven’t made the booking prior. This way, your hotel stay will be costly as the rickshaw walla will ask to broker charge from the hotel. I would recommend directly going to the hotel and discussing the rates.

digha sea beaches map
Digha sea beaches map

Digha Vs Mandarmani

The main difference between Digha Vs Mandarmani is the location. Digha is overcrowded throughout the year, and the peace-loving people love Mandarmani Beach.
Digha is the most preferred holiday destination. It’s known as “West Bengal’s Goa.”

The beach remains, and visitors enjoy city-like amenity options for shelter, food, and shopping. Tourists who prefer calmness over amenities should choose Mandarmani above Digha.

Mandarmani Beach offers serenity and is not overcrowded. Fewer amenities are available to visitors, and options for eating, lodging, and shopping are limited. The beach is almost a virgin beach, and it’s a luxurious place.

Digha VS Mandarmani

Why is Digha famous for?

Digha is mainly famous for its sea beach. From Kolkata, people enjoy the sea weaves and take a bath every weekend. Also, there are many tourist spots. Follow the article.

Is Digha safe for unmarried couples?

Yes, it’s safe for an unmarried couple. Please carry valid ID proof for hotel booking.

What is the best time to visit Digha?

Every time is the best time to visit Digha. But you can skip the winter season between November to January.

Which is better for family trips Digha or Darjeeling?

Both places are suitable for a family trip. Darjeeling is the best place to visit in summer, and Digha is ideal for staying with the family anytime throughout the year, as it’s only a 4/5 hour journey from Kolkata.

From which places in Kolkata do you get a bus for Digha?

The buses from Esplanade, Baruipur, Ultadanga, Karunamoyee WBTC (CTC) to Digha daily depart at 5 am.


It is a beautiful place to make a weekend exciting within budget. It’s a very economical weekend destination with various places & activities of enjoyment. Besides enjoying the sea beach, you could easily plan a 2-night stay within 3 thousand rupees with family.

It is an ideal place for spending one or two nights. The young crowd could be noisy with their beer bottles, but there is nothing much to worry about. There are a few more places to visit nearby. You can find a lot of fun, tasty non-veg food, and a long Beach walk, filling you with immense pleasure and joy. Go, Digha, for an economical yet delightful trip.

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