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Bhubaneswar is called the city of the temple, and Puri is a famous holy historical places in Odisha India. We just visited this year, and I like to share my experience with you. In this Puri tourism guide, I have done a few little smart tricks, especially on transport. It helped me to save my budget. So follow this guide it will help you.

Puri Tourism Guide

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Puri Tourism Guide

KOLKATA TO PURI 496 KM. The temperature is 34 degrees in March. Four people with one child.

  • The journey starts with – HWH PURI EXP 10:35 pm reach Bhubaneswar 05:05 am.
  • Continuing – DHOULI EXP from Bhubaneswar 12:45 pm, reach Puri at 02:20 pm.
  • Journey end – DURANTO EXP- Puri to Sealdah 07:45 pm, reach Sealdah railway station – 4:00 am.

It’s a five days trip from Kolkata.

A Good News is Sealdah puri Duronto express is started, fare 600 rupees for non-ac and 1100 rupees for AC 3 tire including meal. The time is 8 pm departure from Sealdah, and Puri arrival is 4:00 am.

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Puri expense for four people

Train Fair(total) Kolkata – Bhubaneswar to Puri4740
Auto fair (Bhubaneswar station to hotel)200
Bhubaneswar Hotel ( 2 rooms)1400
Uber at Bhubaneswar (all the temples)1500
Swargadar to Jagannath temple up down160
Puri hotel2400
Jagannath Temple to Markendeswar temple100
Swargadar, Pipli, Raghurajpur, Gouriya math, others by auto1000
Swargadar to Konarak  by car1700
Per person5050 rupees (Shopping Extra)
Puri tour cost

Puri Tourism Guide

  • Day 1   (Bhubaneswar) – Megeshwar temple, Rajarani temple, in the morning and in the afternoon we go for Nandankanan zoo. We reach Dhouli from Nandankan in the evening for a light and sound show.
  • Day 2 Dhabalgiri, Udaygiri, Khandagiri, Lingaraj, and catch the train from Bhubaneswar for Puri at @12:45 pm. Evening at the Puri beach.
  • Day 3 Raghurajpur, Pipli, Shree Gundicha Temple, Shree Jagannath Temple, Markandeshwar Temple, Shree Chaitanya Gaudiya Math, Buddhist Temple, Puri beach, and marketing.
  • Day 4 Chandrabhaga, Konark, Ramachandi Temple. In the evening, we visit for flag opening ceremony at Shree Jagannath Temple.
  • Day 5   Puri beach, marketing at Swargadwar market, and pick return train from Puri station.

Recommended hotels

Puri tour guide – 10 Famous places

There are many places in puri, but the following places are always in the hype.

  1. Dhabalgiri temple
  2. Udaygiri and Khandagiri
  3. Nandan Kanan zoo
  4. Puri sea beach
  5. Swargadwar
  6. Puri Jagannath temple
  7. Pipli and Raghurajpur Artist Village
  8. Konark sun Temple
  9. Chandra Bhaga and Ramchandi Temple
  10. Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary and Lake

Famous Bhubaneswar place – Our holiday story

Bhubaneswar, a smart city, is called the city of the temple, and Puri is the most famous holy place in India; it’s also called the glory of Orisa.

I always try to go with groups. This time we started our journey with a group of 4 people along with my daughter. She is now three years old. We boarded from Howrah station with Howrah Puri express around 10:35 pm. The next morning we reach Bhubaneswar at 5:30 am. The complete Puri tourism guide is as follows.

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Bhubaneswar tourist spots map
Bhubaneswar tourist spots map

After reaching Bhubaneswar, we hired an auto and visited Megeswar templeRajarani temple, and checked in to our hotel. The railway station is just 2 km from there. Our hotel is in a very good place. The hotel surrounds many temples within walking distance. The accommodation was great. They have an attached restaurant serving good quality food at a reasonable price.

After reaching the hotel, we rest and have breakfast and again went for the Bhubaneswar local sightseeing. We visit some temples locally. After that, in the afternoon, we hired an Uber for Nandan Kanan. We already booked an entry ticket from the Nandankanan site earlier. We save time there because the queue is very big, which I saw. It’s one of the best and largest zoos in Asia. Kids can enjoy it a lot there.

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1. Dhabalgiri temple

After spending 3 hours in Nandan Kanan, we booked another Uber for Dhabalgiri/Dhouli. There is a special attraction that I should share with you. Light and sound show happened in the evening based on the entire Dhabalgiri as a frame; they do not use any normal screen. It’s a 45 minutes show, and the ticket is just 45 rupees.

The show is based on king Ashoka and the story of how to make the stupa. It’s a unique one. In the evening, we again book Cab from Dhouli and return to the hotel to have dinner and rest.

The next morning, we booked a cab and went for Dhabalgiri again because we could not see the entire Dhabalgiri properly on the last evening. However, the Dhabaliri and stupa were looking magnificent in the sunlight. Outside there we bought some Prasad.

dhouli bhubaneswar
Dhouli Bhubaneswar

2. Udaygiri and Khandagiri

Then we went for Udaygiri and Khandagiri. Both have historical values. Khandagiri means khanda means broken, and Giri means hill. In the Khandagiri temple, Jain Tirthankara’s sculpture is made with “Kastipathar.”

The entry fee was 2 rupees only. Beware of monkeys in Khandagiri. I have a bad experience with them. Lots of monkeys suddenly jumped on me because a local’s people give some fruits to my hand, and I was very scared.

Monkey attack at Udayagiri Bhubaneswar
Monkey attack at Udayagiri Bhubaneswar

From Khandagiri, we hired a radio taxi for the Lingaraj temple. It’s the most famous temple in Bhubaneswar. After that, we reach the station and catch Dhouli express for Puri.

Bhubaneswar tourist spots map 2
Bhubaneswar tourist spots map 2

3. Nandan Kanan zoo

Nandan Kanan zoo is the 2nd largest zoo in India, famous for white tiger safari.

Tourists mainly came to Puri first and took the package for the side seen like Dhouli, Nandan Kanan etc. So it’s a full-day tour plan with less time, only a long journey achieved during this travel.

But if you stay one or two days in Bhubaneswar, it will help you to reach those places very comfortably, and you can spend extra time in those places. After we move for puri.

nandan kanan zoo
Nandan Kanan zoo

4. Puri sea beach

When I reached Puri and passed the beachside road, I am just waited to reach the hotel, put the luggage in the hotel and ran to the Puri sea beach to enjoy the waves.

Puri is one of the major holy Dham’s in India. Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, It has one of the finest beaches in the world. It is just the place to witness and participate in colourfull festival around the year. Puri is famous for its annual festival of chariots, the Rath yatra. The pilgrimage town is also the abode of artisans and craftsmen who produce a wide range of unique handicrafts.

But when I reached the hotel, I feel bad because the hotel is not good. It’s a budget hotel in Puri sea beach. The only advantage is that the hotel is very near to the beach, and it has a cooking facility.

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5. Swargadwar

Puri sea beach is also known as Swargadwar. We finished our lunch, and in the evening we went to the beach again. Moreover, my daughter enjoyed the beach more than us. Lastly, we buy some dinner and back to the hotel. ‘Chanapora’ is a very tasty sweet dish, it’s the main famous local sweet in Orissa. Khaja is also very famous there. In Jagannath temple, “Khaja” is treated as Prasad.

Puri tourist spot map
Puri tourist spot map

6. Puri Jagannath temple

The next morning we went to the Sri Jagannath temple at 6:30 am. Mobile shoes etc., have to be put outside of the temple counter. There are lots of panda’s (priests) who can guide you inside the temple. There are many temples inside the main temple. You can find many interesting stories about all the temples.

Outside the temple, there is an Orissa Govt store called Banani. You can buy different kinds of clothing like Kottke sari, Sambalpuri sari, Kottke bed sheet etc. Next, we went to the Markendeswar temple by “Riskha” for 60 rupees. After visiting the Markendeswar temple, we moved to Raghurajpur and Pipli by hiring an auto, and it cost 1000 rs from there. Both places are very famous in Orissa.

mukteswar temple
Mukteswar temple

7. Pipli and Raghurajpur

After, we went to Pipli and having breakfast from a roadside ‘Dhaba. ‘ We buy some handmade and aplic work product like an umbrella, bag etc., and went for Raghurajpur. Please visit Raghurajpur whenever you do sightseeing for tourist places in Puri. It would help if you appreciated the village because of their talent for crafts and painting. We finished our lunch in a Dhaba, had some coconut water, and visited ‘Gunchicha temple.’ The entry fee is 5 rupees only.

Gundicha temple is also known as ‘Jagannath’s Masir bari“. The temple has lots of a statue of Lord Krishna and another goddess. It can be added when you visit the Puri mandir tour.

Then we visited the Chinese temple. It’s a small temple, but it’s a unique one. All the props which are used for the Buddhist religion are stored there. You can buy many types of Buddhist sculptures from there.

After that, we reach for “Sri Gouria Bihara” math. The environment is very pleasant, but the road is narrow and damaged. After spending some time there, we came back to the hotel and took a rest. In the evening, we went to the beach and hire four seated cars for the next day’s Konark tour ( cost 1700 rupees). The rest day we spend in the Puri sea beach and do some shopping in the Swargadwar market. Our tour end on this day.

Puri tourist spot map 1
Puri tourist spot map 1

8. Konark sun Temple

The next day morning, First we visited the Konark sun temple (entry fee 30 rupees). In the way of the temple, lots of shops are there selling Kaju, Pesta nuts etc. If you wish to buy, you should bargain for the best price. Then, we take a guide ( for 100 rs) to the Konark sun temple. He describes all the engraving designs and details of the (chariot) rath’s wheel etc. In March, those days, Puri’s temperature is very high (38 degrees).

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9. Chandra Bhaga and Ramchandi Temple

Next, we visited Chandrabhaga, and It’s a beach with beauty. Kushbhadra river and bay of Bengal both can see nicely. After spending a few minutes there, we went to the Ramchadi temple. After we return to the hotel, we took lunch and rest. Again we visit Jagannath temple at 4:30 pm for the flag uploading ceremony. It happened every day, and many people stay outside to see it. After that, we did some shopping (Utkalika is the govt. registered shop) and buy some sweets to bring back to Kolkata.

Puri tourist spot map 2
Puri tourist spot map 2

The last day it’s homecoming day. We spent all day on the sea beach, taking a bath for a long time and enjoying the waves. Around 5 pm, we check out from the hotel and take an auto for Puri railway station. Duranto express is a very comfortable train (departure at 8:30 pm), it provides dinner included in the ticket. At 4 am, we came back to Sealdah railway station.

Konark light and sound show

While you are in Konark, don’t miss the light and sound 3D show. It happened every day. The Program’s name is “Aarunaday.” The show’s timing is 7:30 pm, and it is a 35 minutes program. The ticket price is 50 rupees. At 6:00 pm ticket counter opened every day. The theme is how the Konark mandir was built at that time. Total 250 seats there and support three languages, Hindi /English / Oriya in the headphone.

English -Kabir Bedi, Hindi – Sekhar Suman, Oriya – Vijay mahanti.

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konark sun temple
Konark sun temple

Note:- Don’t try to swim in the Chandrabhaga river. It’s dangerous. You can rent Scooty for 350 rupees per day. Security deposit 350 rupees.Bike rent 800-1000 rupees per day. Contact My Puri Bike Rental, ONNROAD – Bike Rental Company, Puri.

10. Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary and lake

If you want to visit the Chilka river, take your one day more, as it is a 4 hours journey from Swargadwar. You can find one small temple on the hilltop after boating and seeing the very small dolphins in the river.

For boating, book a boat (220 rupees) and an AC car(355 rupees) from OTDC per head. Don’t go for private boats; the boat sounds heavy, and dolphins have fled from the sound. In the way of Chilika, they also visit Alarnath temple and Chilka nature interpretation center.

Attention: – There is a trap for the Visitor in Chilka by local peoples. In a halt, local bikers came and acted as help you. They said that there is a short route for the lake but don’t leave NH316. The boat charges are almost triple, approx 4500 rupees, but if you come from the main road (NH316), the boat ride charge is 1800 rupees.

Travel savings plan

At Bhubaneswar, we visit all the tourist spots by Uber cab. Coming from Puri and sightseeing in Bhubaneswar it’s a huge journey. So better to stay one day in Bhubaneswar. It’s my first money-saving trick for the Puri tour.

Puri Shopping

We buy a handmade umbrella, wallet from Pipli, a handmade toy from Raghurajpur, Kokti saree, bedsheet, baby dress, t-shirt, Salwar, Panjabi, shirt from Puri. Compare to the Kolkata Puri clothing market is a little cheap, and the product quality was good.

Puri food

Bengali food is available. Sweets are very special like – ChenaporaKhaja etc.

Puri Khaja shop

Nrusingha Sweets( near Jagannath temple) and Kakatua sweets, and Ganguram (near Swargadwar) are famous for Khaja.

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Not to do list

If you want to stay in Puri, then cooking is a good idea, but If you wish to visit tourist places in Puri Orissa, then it will be a hectic job for you. You may be short of time.

If you go to Pipli, Raghurajpur, do not take the auto. It will take lots of time.

Packing list 

I always carry extra clothes for the beach, Tharmas, mosquito coil, power bank, Hitting cup, medicine etc.

Puri best time to visit

You can visit Puri throughout the year. Mid- April heralds the summer and is the season for the famous Chandan yatra, and June- July famous for the Rathyatra of Lord Jagannath.

Things to remember: All-time carry ID proof. Carry food if you have a baby.

Emergency contact numbers
Shri Jagannath Temple 06752-222001
Puri Temple Office06752-222002
Temple Chief Administrator06752-223002
Tourist Officer06752-222664
Town Police Station06752-222039
Puri Sea beach Police Station06752-222025
Puri Singhadwar Police Station06752-252470
Baselisahi Police Station06752-230191
Baliapanda Police Station06752-254044
Puri Municipality Executive Officer06752-222122
Electricity Executive Engineer06752-223521
PWD Executive Engineer06752-223433
Water Supply Control Room06752-222081
Emergency & Immediate Assistance1800-200-2524

What is the expiry date of Jagannath Puri temple dry Prasad?

The dry Maha Prasad can be stored for a couple of years. But it would be best if you store it in a cool and dry place. At normal temperature, “Khwaja” prasad stays good for up to 3 months.

What should I wear in Puri?

Puri is a beach and is a religious place, so it is advised to wear Indian cotton clothes.

Is Ola or uber available in Puri?

Ola/Uber or any app cabs are not available in Puri till now. For side seen you have to book a private taxi or Orisa govt tourist bus.

How can I go from Puri to Chilka Lake?

Chilka can be reached by train or car. By car, it takes 2 hours. Popular trains are 1. Puri to Gunupur Passenger-Unreserved (all day) time 3:30 hours approx. Dep: 7:35am, ARV:11:13am 2. Puri to Tirupati Express (exp Tuesday and Saturday) time 2:30 hours approx. Dep:1:15 pm ARV:3:45pm.

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