Shimla Kullu Manali tour guide from Kolkata | The Ultimate travel trip

shimla kullu manali tour plan guide from kolkata

Shimla Kullu Manali tour plan from Kolkata

We two couples decide to go Shimla for the honeymoon. It’s the most beautiful and best Honeymoon Destination in India. Holiday in Shimla is our first choice for our honeymoon. We take Kalka mail from Howrah in April, it’s an 11 days Shimla Kullu Manali tour plan from Kolkata. And it’s 2 days 2-night journey in train. When we reach Kalka it’s 4 am and Shivalik express toy train waiting for us.

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Kolkata to Simla distance is 1834 km by train and Simla to Manali distance 248 km by Car. The normal temperature is 12 degree in April. In return, we are not back again in Kalka via Simla (In the same way) so we have added Chandigarh.

18 April–KALKA MAIL–time–7:40 pm–a departure from Howrah. 20th April toy train Shivalik express (5:00 am) it a departure from Kalka station (some toy train start earlier please check-in IRCTC). Toy train ticket also can buy earlier from Indian railway.

Last day we are in Chandigarh. Because return again via Simla and Kalka is just time-killing matter for me instead of going back to Smla and Kalka,  I choose to move to a new destination. We stay in Simla for 2 days, Manali for 4 days and Chandigarh for 2 days.

Shimla Kullu Manali | Chandigarh | top Shimla Kullu Manali tour guide in 2019

Shimla Holidays India

Day -1 and Day -2

Train journey Howrah–9 no platform at 7:40 pm and Train journey continued the 2nd day.

Day -3

Arrival at Kalka at 4:30 am and went to Simla by toy train at 5:00 am, arrival at Simla 10:00 am & check-in to hotel and rest. Enjoy in the mall, Kali Mandir, State Museum, buy cookies and drink in evening 3:30 pm–also book a small car for next day local side seen and booking for Manali.

Day -4

Local side saw at Simla- Chadwick Falls, Jakhoo Temple, Sankat Mochan, Tara Devi, Fagu, Kufri, Zoo.

Day -5

Check out Simla 6 am and go for Manali -distance-260km. Check-in at Manali at night including Manikaran (It’s on the way) and Sundar Nagar lake. Our hotel near Club House and in front of the Beas river. Note – Best Bengali food available in Gumpha hotel.

Day- 6

Local side seen 7 am -Hidimba Devi temple, Jagatsukh, Kothi, Manu temple, Mountaineering Institute, Nehru Kund, Basistha muni ashram Rahala waterfalls, Naggar fort, Kulu temple, village side temple and Beas river by footsteps.

Day -7

Morning at 5 am Rohtang pass, adventurer game at Solang valley and return to Manali market.


Next day eating a lot of local food, again hire a small car for Kulu and by the time we also book a Volvo bus for Chandigarh at night.

Day -9 ( The added place of Shimla Kullu Manali tour plan)

Good Morning @Chandigarh.

Day -10

All-day activity in Chandigarh by Chandigarh tourism bus. Visit the rose garden, rock garden, Sukna Lake, and museum, etc. Therefore, we took the train from Chandigarh.

Day 11 and 12

Full day train and return at Howrah at 11:30 am -29 April.

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Shimla Manali tour cost

Tour budget 4 four-personIndian Rupees
train fair5440
toy train fair1120
Food for 11 days12000
Cab cost Simla to Manali14500
Bus fare for Chandigarh2600
Amusement cost5000
 For 4 person 76260
For 1 person19065 rupees

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fagu himachal pradesh shimla
fagu himachal pradesh shimla

Shimla India travel – Our holiday story

If you think where to travel to India then holidays in Shimla travel come on the mind first.  It was a dream destination for me. We took “Kalka mail” from Howrah. It’s a 2 days 2-night wonderful journey. Shimla Manali best time to visit is in April month in our choice. But you can visit anytime throughout the year.

We reach Kalka at 4 am and want to take Sibalike express toy train for Simla. While we entered the Kalka station we saw, a lot of people were boarding the same toy train. Now it became similar to a local train.

Also, we don’t have reserved ticket for the same, because IRCTC not confirms that, hence the ticket checker gave us an extraordinary idea, as per his idea same time we bought a general ticket for rupees 20 and converted it as a reserved ticket which was charged around 350 rupees.

Shivalik express which is a very good toy train and I have to say the journey was speechless. At the station “Barog” they provide breakfast which was included with the ticket. It one of the best luxury tour by train.

From Kalka to Simla it was a 4 hours journey. After reaching Simla we took a cab (100 rupees and it’s a 5 minutes journey) for the lift station and from there we went up to Shimla mall road by lift, It’s less time to reach mall road and cost-effective.

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Recommended Hotels

Apple House

Snow Valley Resorts Shimla

Trimurti Pine Valley Resort

India Shimla Tours – reached Shimla

We reached our hotel and took some rest and finished our lunch at the hotel.  In the evening we went to the mall its also called the ridge Shimla and bought some socks, shawl etc.

We also booked a car for the next day local sightseeing and bought food for dinner. In Shima restaurant, Gupta hotel is very cheap and good, but they serve only veg food.

Next day morning we went to Green Valley, Jahku temple, Fagu, Kufri, Zoo, Chinese park, ‘Sankat Mochan’ temple and return to the hotel. Kufri was very bright, and the sky colour was deep blue. 110 ft Hanuman ji is the special attraction in Jakhu temple, which is viewable anywhere in Simla.

jakhu temple hanuman statue shimla
jakhu temple hanuman statue

Simla Manali Best time to visit

After a good sleep we wake up in the morning we are immediately out to Manali. Shimla to Kullu-Manali is one of the most popular road trip routes in India. We finish our breakfast at a Dhaba and started our journey. The ups and down of the hill area can feel by anybody. We also finished our lunch at a roadside hotel also buy juice from the govt juice centre. Its a 250 KM journey by car.

In the same way, we went for Manikaran (the hot bath is available here ). We reached Manali at 10 pm and check in to our hotel. It is beside the Beas river, and we saw an excellent water flooding view from our window

You can visit simla manali throughout the year, but the best time is June (worm whether) to February (snowfall).

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Manali Tourist Information

Next day we first visit Hirimba Mata temple, Basista Muni ashram (the hot bath is available), Nehru Kund, Manu temple and return back to Manali mall road. Gumpha monastery was there.

Next morning we visit mall road and found Gumpha hotel there. Bingo…It’s a Bengali hotel, most of the stuffs are Bengali. We finished our dinner with Bengali food and return to our hotel. On the next day, we were going for what we are waiting for. Means Rohtang pass and Sangla valley. For tourist information visit here.

manikaran gurudwara manali tour
pictures of manikaran gurudwara

Rohtang pass trip

All-day activity in ice done here and we spent the whole morning there. A lot of adventure rides like paragliding in Rohtang pass, skiing at Rohtang pass are very exciting. Anyone can directly come from Shimla to Rohtang pass its 300 km.

Shimla Manali tour plan share

We get up early and went for Rohtang pass. As its a single and narrow road, you should hurry for the Car parking. Also, there are lots of locals ready to rent on the spot.

In the evening we again went to the mall buying saffron etc.. from a reputed shop and finished dinner at Ghumpha hotel.

Last day in Manali we go for Nagar fort, Tibetian monastery, Buddhist monastery, Gayatri Mandir, swale factory, Mata Vaishno Devi temple at Kullu etc and buying some good quality woollen garments from Kullu.

All the Simla and Manali tour completed this day. Therefore, that day night we go for Chandigarh by Volvo bus.

rohtang pass manali tour guide
Rohtang pass Manali

Recommended Hotels

Vivaan The Sunrise Resort

Kalista Resort

Hotel Mountain Top

Hotel Central Park 17 Chandigarh

Chandigarh sightseeing tour

In the early morning, we reach Chandigarh and we book a hotel instantly there. The full-day we are moving in the city and buying big size t-shirt at sector 22 Good quality normal use garment products are there.

The temperature is very different from Manali it’s almost 35-degree in Chandigarh. We drink lots of juice/sheck there.

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Chandigarh tour by bus

Next day we visit Chandigarh tourism development corporation office and book our last tour with Chandigarh tour bus which is 55 rs per head. We visit the museum, Rose garden, Santi Kung, rock garden, Sukna lake etc. Moreover, the main attraction is rock garden and Sukna lake(boating is available) in Chandigarh. At night we took the train from Chandigarh and return to Howrah.

chandigarh govt tour bus tourism
chandigarh tour bus

Pinjore garden in Chandigarh

While coming from Simla and reach Chandigarh you can visit Pinjore garden or Yadavindra garden. After many years of Mughals king of Patiala, Maharaj Amar Singh reopened the garden. Mughal architecture is awesome.

It’s under Panchkula Zilla in Haryana State. This Mughal garden is approx 22 km away from Chandigarh. You can see a small zoo, garden and playing area from kids here. You can add this place in your Shimla Kullu Manali tour plan.

rock garden chandigarh tourim
rock garden chandigarh

Shimla toy train Idea

Kalka to Simla we convert local ticket to reserve ticket by help with the ticket checker. That will help us to get the Shivalik express toy train.

We added an extra trip in Chandigarh from manali.

Shimla Kullu Manali tour plan – Remember in 2021

  • We Booked a car for the entire tour from Simla. Which is cast 11000 for 3 days. We bear one-night stay cost for the driver which is included with the car package. But in Manali, there are lots of cars available.
  • When we came from Simla to Manali we went for Manikaran on the same journey, we reached too late at the hotel, around 11 pm.
  • Buy Saffron only from reputed shops. Try to find this shop in the mall market.
  • Rohtang pass there are lots of locals ready to rent the dress on the spot.
  • Simla Zoo is a time taken place.


In Simla we buy a few good shocks, there is a market around the mall. The journey from Simla to Manali, we buy some fruit juice from Himachal Govt juice centre. In Kullu, we buy some sweater, shawl, form the shawl factory. In Manali, we buy some saffron, dry apricot, apple pickle from a reputed shop in Manali mall market and from Chandigarh sector 22 we buy some t-shirt (big size & good quality).

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In all the location “Paratha” is common. Various type of “Parathas are available”. In Chandigarh juice/shake lassies is available on every corner with a big size glass/mug.

At top of the Rohtang pass, we eat hot Maggi. In all over the Simla and Manali this kind of food available.

Packing list

Excluding all the dresses we carry gloves, socks, caps, a knife, a small amount of rope, moisturizer cream, multipurpose plug, and a small torch etc.


In addition to please contact the hotel two days before the date of the journey & always carry an identity card.

Shimla Kullu Manali tour guide from Kolkata | The Ultimate travel trip
Shimla Kullu Manali chandigarh route map

How can I plan a trip to Shimla Kullu Manali? 

1. Plan which month you want to go 2. Make your budget 3. Arrange a minimum of 11 days for this vacation if you planning form Kolkata.

Which month is best for Shimla and Manali?

You can avoid the winter season between November to January(snowfall time). Other months are perfect to visit Shimla and Manali.

Which is better Manali or Shimla?

Shimla scenic view is awesome. Manali is a little clumsy, but you can get ice when you reach Rohtang pass.

Where we can find snow in Manali? 

You can play with snow in Rohtang pass and Solang valley.

Can I spot booking hotel in Manali at the season of April?

Yes, you can do. In this time normal room rent around 1000 to 1500 rupees(for pre-booking). March to May is the high season in Manali.

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