31 Best Tourist Places in Daringbadi Odisha with Travel Guide

Daringbadi in Odisha, India, is an expansive region at an ascent of 3000 feet above sea level. You can visit the hill station and the tourist places in Daringbadi, Odisha, all year round, but October to March is the best time to visit.

The site lies amidst coffee gardens, plantations, alluring valleys, foreign plants, pine forests, etc. Daringbari is similar to Ayodhya hill Purulia in West Bengal. Apart from that, there are many tourist places to visit in Daringbadi. You can do a joint Gopalpur and Daringbadi tour from Kolkata.

Tourist Places in Daringbadi Odisha
Tourist Places in Daringbadi Odisha

The hill station is named after “Daring Sahib,” a British officer in charge., also known as “Kashmir of Odisha.” It’s a rumour that you can enjoy snowfall here. A few years ago, the temperature was down to zero degrees, but nowadays, the temperature goes down to 4 /5 degrees in winter. So it is hard to find snow here.

Daringbadi Odisha Tour From Kolkata -1

1. Nature Park or Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park, a nature park, helps in conserving and displaying medicinal plants & butterflies. It’s at Daringbadi in the Kandhamal district, and visitors enjoy the sight of beautiful butterflies in their natural habitat. 

The management provides shelter and food for butterflies. Plants with nectar, like barleria, pentas, Ixora, Nerium, lantana, etc., are grown. Tecoma stans, ficus, curry leaf, hibiscus, palm, guava, mango, and bamboo plants are planted on the upper part To provide the butterflies shelter.

Over 50 rare plant species are planted in the medicinal garden. An auditorium runs 3D environment, wildlife conservation and nature shows. Life-size statues of animals and exhibits from Kutia Kondh tribals’ (living in Kandhamal) tradition & life are displayed. 

Nature's park or Butterfly Park
Nature Park or Butterfly Park
  • Address: W498+36X, Siripanga, Odisha 762104
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (approx)
  • Timings: 07:00 am till 05:00 pm
  • How to reach: The distance between Daringbadi hilltop to Butterfly Park is 3.2 km by car, about 7 minutes.  

2. Hill View Park Daringbadi

The Hill View Park, a major Daringbadi attraction, is surrounded by thick forest. It’s at the heart of India’s Eastern Ghats in the Kandhamal district. 

There is a selfie point, a watchtower and a children’s park inside. The atmosphere and greenery attract visitors to enjoy views of endless hills, pine forests and valleys. 

Winter is the most favourable time to visit Hill View Park. This looks alluring during sunset and sunrise. The artificial park has animal statues made for kids to play with. Many tourist sights like a Nature camp, Herbal plant Garden and Butterfly Park are nearby. 

Hill View Park
Hill View Park
  • Address: W499+W8M, Daringbadi – Phulbani Road, Odisha 762104
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (approx), car parking INR 30
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 06:30 pm
  • How to reach: Daringbadi to Hill View Park is 2.9 km by car (6 minutes). Hill View Park is within walking distance of Butterfly Park (400 m). 

3. Silent Valley Sunset Point

Sunset Point (Silent Valley) is an alluring viewpoint in Daringbadi. Silent Valley is perfect for glimpsing the panorama of the Eastern Ghats. Standing on the viewpoint, visitors see the entire valley below.

Tourists from here enjoy a mesmerising view of the setting sun. It’s the ultimate destination to view the sunset and click beautiful pictures. 

Silent Valley Sunset Point
Silent Valley Sunset Point
  • Address: Dasiketa, Greenbadi, Odisha 762104
  • Entry Fee: INR 20 for car parking (approx)
  • How to reach: The distance between Sunset Point, Silent Valley, and Daringbadi is 3.7 km (8 minutes approx).  

4. Coffee Plantation Garden Daringbadi

The coffee garden of Daringbadi is an ancient destination for growing coffee, and favourable weather allows all-year-round cultivation. 

The park is amidst a thick pine forest, tall mountains, huge coffee gardens, and beautiful valleys. Visitors find black pepper and coffee plants growing on the tree in the garden. 

Odisha’s Soil Conservation and Forest Department take care of this place. Tourists buy pepper, coffee, and other spices like turmeric from here, and it’s a popular destination to take a stroll.

Coffee Plantation Garden Daringbadi
Coffee Plantation Garden Daringbadi
  • Address: V4V8+X82, Bramhanigaon Road, Daringbadi, Odisha 762104
  • Entry fee: INR 30 per person (approx)
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 06:00 pm
  • How to reach: The distance between Daringbadi to Coffee Garden is 2.6 km by car, about 6 minutes.  

5. Pine Forest and Duluri River

The beautiful pine forest in the South of Daringbadi is near the coffee garden. A belt of high pine trees is on either side of the route to Baunigam. In the early 70s, the Forest

Department of Odisha established this plantation. Early morning is the best time to visit when the place gets immersed in fog.

Flowing along this beautiful pine forest is the Duluri River. It Flows on a stony bed and enhances the beauty of this place.

Duluri riverside is a perfect place to enjoy a picnic while listening to the flowing water, the blowing of wind and the sound of forest creatures.

Pine Forest and Duluri River
Pine Forest and Duluri River
  • Address: V4F6+MVV, Daringbadi, Odisha 762104
  • How to reach: The forest is 2 km from Daringbadi by car.  

6. Rushikulya River

Rushikulya is a major river in Odisha, and it originates at 1000 m from the hills of Daringbadi in the Eastern Ghats. This waterway has a length of 165 km with a 770 square kilometre catchment area.

The river fills the whole of Ganjam and Kandhamal, and Rushikulya joins the Bay of Bengal at Puruna Bandha. This rivulet has several tributaries like Dhanei, Baghua, Badanadi, etc.

Rushikulya River
Rushikulya River
  • Address: Ganjam district and Kandhamal district in Odisha, India. 
  • How to reach: Rushikulya River is 88 km from Daringbadi by car, which takes about 2 hours (approx).  

7. Surada Dam – One of the Tourist Places in Daringbadi, Odisha

Surada Ghai Dam in the Ganjam district was built across the Padma River in the late nineteenth century. The Dam is amidst lush green forest and beautiful mountains, which look mesmerising during sunrise.

The government of Odisha has set up Biju Patnaik Picnic Spot for tourists near Surada Dam. The spot has a new jetty, a beautiful Park and Biju Minar. There are Sidheswar and Maa Khunteswari Temples nearby.

Surada Dam
Surada Dam
  • Address: Dam Rd, Surada, Odisha 761108
  • Timings: 06:00 am till 10:00 pm
  • How to reach: Surada Dam is 47 km from Daringbadi by car (1 hour 6 minutes).  

8. Khunteswari Temple

Maa Khunteswari temple is on a hill near Surada dam in Daringbadi. In this temple, goddesses Kali, Lakshmi and Durga are worshipped through a single idol. From here, tourists glimpse tall hills and the beautiful Surada dam.

The place attracts many visitors during winter due to its mild and pleasant climate. Visitors reach Khunteswari temple via a steep and small ghat road.

Khunteswari Temple
Khunteswari Temple
  • Address: QC3M+Q5Q, Khunteswari Hill Rd, Surada, Odisha-761108
  • Timings: 06:00 am till 06:00 pm
  • How to reach: The distance between Daringbadi and Khunteswari temple is 46.6 km by car (1 hour 6 minutes).  
Daringbadi Odisha Tour From Kolkata – 2

9. Mandasaru Waterfall

Mandasaru Valley is at an elevation of 3280 feet from sea level, and there is a beautiful waterfall and Nature Camp. Mandasaru Waterfall, also called Pisogrundu, is a lesser-known tourist spot in Odisha, about 2 km from Nature’s Camp. 

Trek to this waterfall goes through a thick forest and rocky terrain. You can hear the gurgling of water from a distance.

Mandasaru waterfall
Mandasaru waterfall
  • Address: X6PR+G25, Barepanga, Odisha 762101
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (approx)
  • How to reach: Mandasaru waterfall is 31.7 km from Daringbadi by car (57 minutes).  

10. Mandasaru Nature Camp

Mandasaru Nature Camp on Mandasaru hill is a famous tourist spot that lies amidst thick & moist tropical deciduous forest. A scenic view of the Mandasaru Gorge is enjoyed from here.

The Nature’s Camp has a park for children, two watchtowers, four cottages, plantations, a dining hall, a watchtower room, and a resort area. During winter, tourists visit the camp and enjoy picnics with their family & friends. 

Mandasaru Nature Camp
Mandasaru Nature Camp
  • Address: X6JR+86W, Barepanga, Odisha 762101
  • Entry fee: Double Bed Wood Cottage (Non AC), INR 3714, Double Bed Watch Tower Room (Non AC), INR 2476
  • How to reach: Mandasaru Nature Camp is 31.9 km from Daringbadi by car, which takes 57 minutes.

11. Lover’s Point Dadubada

Lover’s point is a picturesque vista reached after crossing rocky hurdles. The name “lover’s point” depicts the love between nature and humans. This place is amidst tall hills and thick forests with cave formations nearby. 

The water of this fall is cool and clean. It attracts tourists who want to enjoy a bath in natural beauty. Enough parking space close to Lover’s Point is available for visitors. 

Lover’s Point Dadubada
Lover’s Point Dadubada
  • Address: 2352+VQV, Ludubandha, Odisha 762103
  • How to reach: Lover’s Point is 19.3 km from Daringbadi by car (28 minutes).  

12. Emu Bird Sanctuary

The Emu Farm Sanctuary in Dadubada is a private farm famous for breeding male and female Emu. It’s the world’s giant flightless bird from Australia. Emu can stand tall to a stature of six feet. Visitors are coming to Daringbadi and visiting the Emu farm. To see rare birds and have fun.

Emu Bird Sanctuary
Emu Bird Sanctuary
  • Address: Emu zoo kirikuti, Daringbadi – Phulbani Rd, Odisha-762103
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (approx)
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 04:00 pm
  • How to reach: Emu Bird Sanctuary is 18.8 km from Daringbadi by car (26 minutes).  

13. Midubanda Waterfall

Midubanda Waterfall is 16 km from Daringbadi. Visitors climb down 181 steps to explore the base of this waterfall. Cool and clean water gushes from a high mountain.

At the bottom, there is a pond where people bathe. Midubanda lies amidst a dense green forest. It’s a popular destination for group picnics. The best time to visit is during winter.

Midubanda Waterfall
Midubanda Waterfall
  • Address: R33C+M78, Odisha 762104
  • Entry fee: INR 50 per vehicle (approx)
  • How to reach: The distance between Midubanda waterfall and Daringbadi is 16 km by car, about 27 minutes.  

14. Pangali Valley View Point

Pangali Ghat’s viewpoint lies en route to Midubanda Waterfall. Dense green forests and tall trees surround it. The ghat provides a panoramic view of the entire Pangali Valley.

A slight curve below the mountains shows part of a rambling route. This spot is popular among photographers and nature enthusiasts. 

Pangali Valley View Point
Pangali Valley View Point
  • Entry fee: Nil
  • Address: R3RG+VMJ, Daringbadi, Bramhanigam Road, Sipubadi, Odisha 762104
  • How to reach: The distance from Pangali Valley to Daringbadi is 11.2 km by car, about 19 minutes.  

15. Harabhangi Dam

Harabhangi Dam to the North-Western Adava is a famous tourist spot in the Gajapati district. This reservoir is used to reserve water for irrigation. It’s amidst lush green forests and tall mountains.

The Dam is a popular picnic destination among tourists in winter. Harabhangi reservoir looks mesmerising during sunset and sunrise. A small road links this Dam to villages in the vicinity. 

Harabhangi Dam
Harabhangi Dam
  • Entry fee: Nil
  • Address: G47M+J53, Bebiri, Odisha 761217
  • How to reach: The distance from Harabhangi Dam to Daringbadi is 84.1 km by car (2 hours, 15 minutes).  
Daringbadi Odisha to Gopalpur Tour From Kolkata – 3

16. Khasada Waterfall

Khasada Waterfall is a famous Weekend holiday and excursion spot in the Gajapati district. The waterfall lies amidst tall mountains and lush green forests, attracting many tourists. Crystal-clear water flows continuously from among forests and is perfect for bathing.

Chanderi Buddhist Monastery lies near this waterfall. Thousands of devotees visit the monastery and waterfall. Winter is the ideal time to visit the Khasada waterfall.

Khasada Waterfall
Khasada Waterfall
  • Address: 764M+974, Kamalapur, Odisha 761017
  • Parking fee: INR 20 per/hour (approx) 
  • How to Reach: Khasada waterfall is 122.1 km from Daringbadi by car (3 hours and 13 minutes). 

17. Jiranga Buddhist Monastery

Padma Sambhava Monastery, also known as Jirang or Jiranga Buddhist Monastery, is a popular tourist destination. It’s the biggest monastery in East India. In 2010, Dalai Lama inaugurated Padma Sambhava. The place is a college & residence for Buddhist monks. 

Jirang lies amidst an alluring valley and various Eastern Ghat hills. There is a beautiful waterfall nearby. 

Jiranga Buddhist Monastery
Jiranga Buddhist Monastery
  • Address: 77F7+49C, Jeerango, Odisha-761212
  • Timings: 07:00 am till 05:00 pm
  • How to reach: Jirang Buddhist Monastery is 116 km from Daringbadi by car (3 hours and 3 minutes).  

18. Putudi Waterfall

Putudi Waterfall of Phulbani town presents an enchanting atmosphere for visitors. River Salunki falls here from an elevation of 60 feet, and the waterfall lies amidst tall hills and lush forests. The water of Putudi merges with the Bada Saluki River. 

It’s a perfect tourist spot for weekend parties during winter. The fall creates dense roaring music and Clearwater flowing from the hilltop.

Putudi Waterfall
Putudi Waterfall
  • Address: G5WR+52V, Sesakera, Odisha 762002
  • How to reach: From Gopalpur, Putudi waterfall is 191.3 km by car (5 hours approx).  

19. Tampara Lake

Tampara is the biggest freshwater lake in Odisha. It lies near Chilika Lagoon and showcases Odisha’s ecological diversity. The breaking of waves onshore gently enhances the place’s beauty. Visitors enjoy water sports around Lake Tampara.

Tourists take a stroll along cashew plantations on the shore. There is a virgin beach in the Bay of Bengal after trekking for 2 km through these plantations. 

Tampara Lake
Tampara Lake
  • Address: Tampara Lake, Odisha
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 05:00 pm
  • How to reach: Tampara Lake is 33.7 km from Gopalpur by car (47 minutes).  

20. Chilika Lake

Chilka is the giant and most brackish lagoon in Odisha, covering over 1000 square kilometres in the districts of Ganjam and Khurda. This lake is at a confluence of the Bay of Bengal and River Daya.

Over 160 different migratory birds visit during winter. The scarce Irrawaddy River Dolphins are found here. Tourists enjoy boat rides to other islands in Lake Chilika.

Barkul and Rambha are two access points. Ramsar Convention recognised Chilika as India’s first wetland, with international significance.

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake
  • Address: Chilika, Satapada, Khordha District, Puri 752001
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (Chilika Visitor Center)
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 12:00 pm (preferred timing)
  • How to reach: Chilika is 49 km from Gopalpur by car (1 hour and 9 minutes). 

21. Narayani Temple Ganjam

The Narayani Temple of Eastern Ghats is famous for its scenic splendour. It’s built to honour goddess Narayani with ten hands at Narayani village (Khalikote in Odisha).

There is a sacred shrine of maa Durga (goddess Narayani) with six hands. This temple is surrounded by mango groves and perennial spring, which attracts many devotees all year round.

Narayani Temple Ganjam
Narayani Temple Ganjam
  • Address: 7R96+W7G Ganjam, Odisha-761029
  • Timings: 06:00 am till 09:00 pm
  • How to reach: The distance between Gopalpur and Narayani Temple is 16 km by car, about 30 minutes.  

22. Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur Sea Beach has clean blue water and cracks forming a backwater bed. Canopies of dense green vegetation cover the sleepy lagoon. The beach is lined up with casuarina trees. It’s India’s cleanest and most undisturbed beach.

The sea at Gopalpur is too rough to swim. This east-facing beach offers spectacular views of sunset and sunrise. Visitors enjoy quiet strolls along the banks to rejuvenate themselves. People who love seafood must visit the fish market early in the morning.

Gopalpur Tour from Kolkata
  • Address: 7W45+VPW, Gopalpur, Odisha 761002
  • How to reach: Gopalpur Sea beach is 15.7 km from Brahmapur by car (30 minutes).

23. Gopalpur Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a skeletal tower set up in 1925, and the Odisha Tourism Department looks after it.  

Gopalpur lighthouse withstood two major cyclones- “super cyclonic storm” (1999) and “Cyclone Phailin” (2013). The monument currently faces significant erosion from the Bay of Bengal. Now, it’s restricted to entering the public as per safety protocols. 

Gopalpur Lighthouse
Gopalpur Lighthouse
  • Address: 7W44+QR8, Odisha-761002
  • How to reach: Gopalpur lighthouse is by car and is 9.8 km (20 minutes) from Gopalpur.

24. Taratarini temple

Taratarini temple on a hilltop is a popular religious spot in South Odisha. Rushikulya River griddles around the temple. It’s dedicated to twin sisters- Goddess Tara and Goddesses Tarini. 

Tourists can walk 999 steps from the foothills or take the bus or cable car to reach the temple at the top amidst green plantations. Thousands of visitors, picnickers, and devotees visit the Taratarini temple. 

Taratarini temple
Taratarini temple
  • Address: Temple Rd Dt, near River Rushikulya, Raipur, Purusottampur, Odisha-761018
  • Timings: 06:30 am to 12:30 pm, 02:00 pm to 05:30 pm and 06:30 pm to 08:30 pm
  • How to reach: Taratarini temple is 36 km (55 minutes) from Gopalpur by car. 

25. Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary in Kandhamal district covers 16 174 46 acres. It’s at an elevation of 2255 feet above sea level. Belghar Sanctuary houses a variety of fauna and flora.

The famous species of wild elephants and deer are also found here. An immense collection of commercial and medicinal plants lives in the sanctuary. Besides animals, many species of birds are also sighted here.

Kuntia Kondha (tribal people) lives in the hills of Belghar. They follow an ancient tradition, collect essentials from forests, and are friendly & hospitable.

Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary
Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

Timings: 09:00 am till 06:00 pm

26. Kalinga Ghati

Kalinga Ghati of Kandhamal district is famous for its natural beauty, birds and animal species. The zigzag roads of this ‘ghati’ spiral around tall hills resembling a serpent. Driving along these roads gives visitors an adventurous vibe.

There is a vast silviculture garden on the Ghati, which houses many medicinal plants and is populated by rubber & dense bamboo plants. Kalinga Ghati was the abode of many freedom fighters during British rule in India.

Kalinga Ghati
Kalinga Ghati
  • Address: NH157, Odisha 762022
  • How to reach: The distance from Daringbadi to Kalinga Ghati is 62.2 km by car (1 hour and 29 minutes).  

27. Taptapani Hot Water Spring

Taptapani (boiling water) of Eastern Ghat on the Berhampur-Chandragiri highway is a temple complex & hot spring. It’s renowned for housing a medicinal sulfuric water hot spring (perennial).

Taptapani lies amidst the dense forest and tall hills. The place remains crowded with tourists and devotees. Visitors enjoy serene nature, views of sunset and sunrise, moonlight at night, a glimpse of wild animals, tribal music & dance, and birds chirping. Near this hot spring lies a deer park.

Taptapani Hot Water Spring
Taptapani Hot Water Spring
  • Address: Taptapani, Odisha-761017
  • How to reach: Taptapani is 101.2 km from Gopalpur by car, about 2 hours and 33 minutes.  

28. Taptapani Deer Park

Taptapani Deer Park is a popular tourist spot in Ganjam. Over 40,000 visitors explore the place every year. Around 150 deer of four species, namely barking deer, spotted deer, sambar and blackbuck. A perennial stream running across the park provides food and water. 

  • Address: NH326, Taptapani Deer Park, Odisha
  • Timings: 09:00 am till 04:00 pm (remains closed on Wednesday)
  • How to Reach: Taptapani Deer Park is 66.6 km from Gopalpur by car (1 hour and 47 minutes) and 90.9 km from Daringbadi by car (2 hours and 21 minutes).
Taptapani Hot Spring Deer Park Odisha
Taptapani Hot Spring Deer Park Odisha

29. Deer Park Sambalpur

Deer Park in Sambalpur spreads over an immense area of 35 acres. It’s a mini-zoo because over 20 bird species and 288 animal species are found here. Various deer, like barking and spotted deer, live in the park. Besides, deer, ratel, antelope, monkey, leopard, sloth bear, python, civet, parakeet, birds, parrot, peacock, etc., are also found.

Several flower species planted inside are major tourist attractions. Deer Park attracts visitors from November to March. 

Deer Park Sambalpur
Deer Park Sambalpur
  • Address: Sakhipara, Moti Jharna, Odisha-768001
  • Entry fee: INR 10 per person (approx)
  • Timings: 08:00 am till 01:00 pm and 03:00 pm till 05:00 pm
  • How to reach: Deer Park is 238.4 km from Daringbadi by car (5 hours 46 minutes) and 341 km from Gopalpur by car (8 hours and 11 minutes).  

30. Kalijai Island

Maa Kalijai temple on the island of Lake Chilika is home to Goddess Kalijai. The place was named “Kalijai” after a newly-married girl called “Jaai”. She was going to her in-laws’ place on this island with her father.

Their boat was trapped in a severe cyclone, and everybody except Jaai was safe (She died). After this, local people worshipped her as a goddess. They consider her to be an excerpt of Maa Kali.

The island is a famous pilgrimage and tourist attraction. During Makar Sankranti (in January), a grand fair is organised on Kalijai Island. 

Kalijai temple
Kalijai temple
  • Address: Kalijai Island, Odisha-752030
  • Timings: 06:00 am till 09:00 pm (temple timings)
  • How to reach: The Kalijai island is 74.1 km from Gopalpur by car (1 hour and 49 minutes). 

31. Biranchi Narayan Temple

Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple is Odisha’s 2nd Surya mandir in Buguda, Ganjam. In 1790, King Srikara Bhanjadeo refurbished this temple. Biranchi Narayan (Surya) is the temple’s presiding deity. His image was discovered among the ruins of Malatigad. 

Forty-six pillars were used to construct the roof and entangled wooden designs. The walls are made of mortar, and the lime & ceiling is carved from timber. Biranchi Narayan temple faces west, and sun rays fall on the deity’s feet during sunset. Epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana are depicted on the walls of this temple.

Sri Biranchinarayan Temple
Sri Biranchinarayan Temple
  • Address: RQ5V+GM7, Buguda, Odisha 761118
  • Timings: 06:30 am to 11:30 am and 05:00 pm to 08:30 pm
  • How to reach: Biranchi Narayan Temple is 73.7 km from Gopalpur by car (2 hours and 2 minutes).  

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Gopalpur and Daringbadi tour and travel plan from Kolkata

Daringbadi is a unique place having hills, forests, and rivers. I visited Daringbadi with my family via Brahmapur. We took an overnight train from Kolkata Santragachi station and reached Brahmapur in the morning.

En route, we visited the Ghanteshwar mandir and Sorada Reservoir and Dam on the first day. After resting in our hotel, we went sightseeing. On this journey, Mr Ravindra (Phone – 80004-01544) was our driver. He has good control of the car and knows about Daringbari and Gopalpur. Refer my name and ask him for additional discounts.

The first place I visited was Daringbadi Coffee Plantation. We saw coffee fruits & black pepper plants there. I purchased coffee and black pepper.

The next destination was Daringbadi Nature Park (Butterfly Park). It had many statues of animals & humans. Just in front of Butterfly Park was Hill View Park.

Afterwards, we visited Silent Valley (Sunset Point); the sunset was not visible because of cloudy weather. My first day at Daringbadi ended on a beautiful note.

We started our tour from Daringbadi Lover’s Point on the second day. The beauty of this place was mesmerizing. Greenery surrounded it & a stream ran across. Afterwards, I reached Madhuban Emu Park, and from there, we proceeded to see Mandasaru Waterfall.

The journey down passed through a problematic rocky route. But the beauty of this waterfall is worth the trouble. To have our lunch, we reached Mandasaru Valley Nature Camp (bookings are done online, cost INR 5000/ 2 person approx).

From the terrace of this resort, we sighted Magnet Hill. They say that the magnet comes from this hill, and thus aeroplanes don’t fly over it.

On the third day, we left our hotel early at 06:00 am to visit Gopalpur Beach. En route, we first sighted Midubanda Waterfall, for which you must climb 130 steps. Then, Bamuni Devi Waterfall, and from there, our next stop was Jiranga Buddhists Monastery. This monastery gave me a feeling of being in Ladakh.

Afterwards, we visited another fall called Khasada Waterfall (this place was littered with garbage due to lack of maintenance). Later in the day, we saw a temple at Taptapani Hot Springs.

After lunch, I finally reached Gopalpur. The beach was right in front of our hotel, and Gopalpur beach was less crowded. We enjoyed many rides, including a jet ski (INR 500/ person approx) & banana boat (INR 200/ per person for 10 minutes). There were many food stalls around the marine drive.

For our 4th day, we first travelled to Barakul to enjoy boating on Lake Chilika (INR 1100 for ten people). Then we reached Kalijai Island (in the middle of the water), which houses a 500-year-old Kalijai Mandir.

Afterwards, I went boating for a second time at Ramba (INR 1000 approx). There, I spotted Breakfast Island. It’s believed kings had breakfast on this island in olden times. Nearby was the Ghantashila Hill, formed of stones, where Lord Shiva (Siddheshwar) is worshipped.

After lunch, I left for Taratarini Temple, which is reached by a ropeway (INR 60 approx). Taratarini temple is at a climb of 999 steps; from there, River Rishikulya is visible. After on the same day, we went to Puri.

How to Reach Daringbadi by road, rail, or air?

You can reach Daringbadi in different ways- by road, air and rail.

By Road

Tourists reach Bhubaneswar, which is 251 km from Daringbadi. Bus and private vehicles are hired to reach the hill station in approximately 6 hours. Personal cars are available from the closest locations like Phulbani, Behrampur & Balliguda.

Alternatively, visitors arrive in Brahmapur and travel to Daringbadi via car or bus. The journey is 130 km, which takes around three hours and fifteen minutes. 

By Rail

Behrampur is the imminent railhead to Daringbadi (125 km). Public buses or private cabs are hired from the railway station to reach Daringbadi in 3 hours (approx). 

By Air

Biju Patnaik is the imminent airport to Daringbadi (290 km). Private vehicles are hired outside the airport to reach the hill station in about 3 hours.  

How to Reach Gopalpur?

There are three different ways to reach Gopalpur: road, air, and rail.

By Road

Motorable roads of Berhampur (16 km), Puri (242 km), Barkul (75 km) and Bhubaneswar (180 km) easily connect to Gopalpur. Public and private buses or cars are available from all these four places.

By Rail

Berhampur is the closest railhead to Gopalpur (15 km). From the outside railway station, autorickshaws are hired to reach Gopalpur.

By Air

Biju Patnaik International Airport is the nearest airport (148 km). From there, private and public vehicles are hired to reach Gopalpur. Alternatively, the airport at Bhubaneswar is 190 km away from Gopalpur. Tourists hire private cabs or public buses to Behrampur, just 15 km from Gopalpur, and Autorickshaws undertake the journey. 

Daringbadi or Gopalpur reach all the 28 tourist spots mentioned. These destinations are easily accessible from Bhubaneswar, Brahmapur, Berhampur, etc., by road, rail and air transport.

How many km is Daringbadi from Sorada?

Surada to Daringbadi distance is 47 km approx.

Is Daringbadi to Berhampur buses available?

Yes, buses are available from Berhampur station to Daringbadi hilltop, but the frequency is high.

Is Daringbadi a good place to visit during July?

Yes, You can go to Daringbadi in July. As it’s the monsoon season, you will see a lot of greenery there. The beauty of nature is different at that time.

What are the nearby tourist places near Daringbadi?

Gopalpur sea beach, Chilika Lake, and Puri are the nearest tourist places to Daringbadi.


Odisha is well known for its sand, sun, and sea. Daringbari -the offbeat spot is like a gem hidden among thick green forests, beautiful valleys, plantations, exotic flora, fauna, etc., near me. Apart from being picturesque, Daringbadi Tourist Places are perfect for strolling around and rejuvenating. The tribal villages, Sunday local markets, nature parks, coffee gardens, waterfalls, etc., make the Daringbadi tour perfect and also worth visiting.

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