How to reach Gangasagar from Kolkata | Mela tour guide 2022

Gangasagar Mela is one of the main winter festivals in West Bengal. People start their journey to Gangasagar From Kolkata. It’s the main gateway to reach.

In India, Gangasagar Fair is taking place after Kumbh Mela, and this is the second-largest gathering of Hindu pilgrims. This festival is celebrated by taking a holy dip in the Ganga River on Makar Sankranti day.

Gangasagar from Kolkata
Gangasagar from Kolkata

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Gangasagar From Kolkata West Bengal 2022

The fair is in a strange place where the Ganga River was merged in the Bay of Bengal like Prayag. The Gangasagar fair is celebrated annually only on the Sagardwip (Sagar Island).

Each year, on Makar Sankranti day, pilgrims come from all over the country and take a holy bath. They pray in Ganga River and Kapil muni mandir. Hence, this temple immersed legendary stories and is much respected among the devotees.

This event is held every year in the middle of January. Sagar Island in the Sundarban biosphere, which is called the Sagardeep Island. It happens once a year.

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2022: Post-COVID-19 Gangasagar Mela Update

Starting with Bengal’s Durga Puja to a safe Park Street Christmas celebration, people safely organized all festivities last year. The new year of 2022 has come with new hopes of bouncing back to the previous lifestyle. The holy month of “Poush” welcomes the grand affair of Bengal’s Gangasagar Mela. Pilgrims flock here to take a dip at the sacred waters of the Ganges. 

This year it is being organized adhering to several covid-19 protocols:

  1. West Bengal’s Honourable Chief Minister will virtually inaugurate Gangasagar Mela on January 8 2022.
  2. The Mela will start on January 8 and end on January 16 2022.
  3. Wearing of masks has been made mandatory at the Mela. The police will distribute shows free of cost to all the pilgrims and tourists.
  4. Provision for Covid testing has been set up at 13 entry points of the Mela. Kolkata’s Babughat will also have Covid testing centres.
  5. The West Bengal government has made facilities including eight safe homes and 11 quarantine centres. Covid-suspects will be quarantined because of public welfare.
  6. Over 600 beds have been reserved to treat Covid-positive patients at the Gangasagar Hospital.
  7. A team of 800 Covid helpers–Sagar Bondhu, has been trained to carry out safety protocols amongst the tourists.
  8. Several temporary watchtowers are also set up for crowd management and to keep a vigil on the tourists.
  9. Allowance for taking a holy bath at Ganga by the pilgrims will continue for two days only. Starting from January 14, 6 am up to January 15, 6 am.
  10. From January 16 onwards, the government will enable online services for ordering Holy Ganga Water and Prasad. The service has been named “E-Snan” or “E-Bathing”. You can get it from this portal.

We hats of for the exemplary efforts of Bengal’s government to conduct the fair. We hope that every pilgrim and tourist delightfully and safely celebrate Poush Parbon at the Gangasagar Mela-2022.

Gangasagar Kapil Muni temple history

Kapal Muni temple is located in the Ganga Sagar Dham. It is believed that in 1432, the husband Ramanand established the deity. The deity is a stone block and worshipped as a Kapil Muni. The pictures of Bhagirath, Rama and Sita, are seen here.

The annual Ganges Sea fair is celebrated on Makar Shankar Day. First, Pilgrims take a holy dip in the Ganga River; after going to the Kapil Muni temple.

The original temple washed out at the time of the flood. So now, a new temple has replaced the earlier temple. Goddess Ganga Devi is on the right side of the Kapil Muni, and on the left, the Sagar Raja is situated.

Naga Sadhu in Gangasagar Mela

In Ganga Sagar Mela, among the million pilgrims, many Naga Sadhus are present in this mela. At the Gangasagar Mela, they live in temporary camps where they do rituals, and they even do different yoga styles.

These rituals are attended by many of their fans. The Naga Sadhus are painting their body with asses. The biggest attraction of the Gangasagar fair is the Naga Sadhus.

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My Holiday story – Gangasagar tour experience

Kolkata to Ganganagar by train is my favourite route. I started my trip at 5 am, boarding Namkhana local from Sealdah station and reached Kakdwip at 7.30 am. The train fare is 25 rupees. So it’s the most cost-saving route.

You can also reach Gangasagar from Kolkata by car from Diamond harbour road. Reach Kakdwip and cross the river Muriganga from lot no 8 to Kachuberia Ferry Ghat. Your route will be the same as the Kolkata Diamond Harbour road bus route.

The big vehicle is transported from one side to another by big vessels. After, we took a Toto car to reach Kachuberia lot number 8 ferry ghat. The Toto fair is 20 rupees this year. I visited here just one day before the Gangasagara Mela. This time the crowd is a little less.

Gangasagar ferry timings are very frequent. But check the high tide and low tide time because that time service is closed temporarily. There is an app for crossing the river; please check in the google play store.

Gangasagar vessel timetable
Gangasagar vessel timetable
ferry timing from namkhana to gangasagar
Ganganagar ferry service
Ganganagar Benuban ferry service
Ganganagar Benuban ferry service

After, we cross the river called Muriganga. It will take 45 minutes approx. And the fair is 10 rupees per person. The island called Swagardeep, where the Gangasagar Mela happened, under Sundarban Biosphere; the only connectivity is a waterway.

The big electric pillar builds the middle of the river to connect Electricity from the mainland of West Bengal and Swagardeep. On the other side of the Ghat, we take a magic van it charged 50 rupees per person.

We visited Kapil Muni ashram, and the holy Gangasagar beach and the Mela ground. They are ready for inviting the pilgrims. The Kapil muni ashram is the main attraction in Gangasagar.

Kapil Muni is worshipped as the god Bishnu. Kapil Muni is situated in the middle of the temple, and on the right side of the Kapil muni Maa Ganga is located, and on the other side, the Sagar raja is situated.

One special tip is, do not miss the sandhya Arati at Kapil muni ashram. You will see many naga sannyasi in this time of Gangasagar Mela. Here you can buy puja essentials from the Dala market in front of the main temple.

If you feel hungry, you can eat in the government food court. We finished our lunch in a government cafeteria. The veg meal is 50 rupees, and the chicken meal is 100 rupees. We stay here for 2 hours and return via Benuban ferry ghat (Chemaguri) to Namkhana. After we took the train from Namkhana station and reach Kolkata in 4 hours. Our Ganganagar tour is finished here.

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How to reach Gangasagar from Kolkata by air, road, rail and vessel

Gangasagar from Kolkata By Road

Gangasagar is the holiest place in India. Devotees are coming from all over India. There are several ways to reach Gangasagar from Kolkata. Bus route, Gangasagar train route, and vessel route are available for this trip.

Kolkata to Ganga Sagar by buses are easily available from the Esplanade area in Kolkata.

Come by car and cross the river Muriganga from Kachuberia Ferry Ghat. The big vehicle is transported from one side to another by big vessels. Your route will be the same as a bus route that is Kolkata Diamond Harbour road.

Gangasagar from Kolkata By Rail

Kolkata to Ganganagar is about 100 km from Kolkata. Ganga Sagar nearest railway station is Kakdwip Station. After reaching the station, cross the Muriganga river from lot no 8 ferry ghat. After take Toto or Maruti and reach Ganga Sagar.

You can reach Gangasagar from Nankhana station also. From Namkhana reach Namkhana ferry ghat and take the local boat to reach Benuban Chemaguri ferry ghat. After, take an toto to reach the Gangasagar.

Gangasagar from Kolkata By Vessel or ferry

If you come from Howrah, you can book your entire trip by vessel. But book this service at least one month earlier.

You can also book ship online to visit Ganganagar. Contact +91-7797254883, +91-9775363984, contact{@}

kolkata to gangasagar train table
Sealdah to Namkhana Train Time Table

Gangasagar from Kolkata By Air

Helicopter service is available from Behala flying club Kolkata to Gangasagar every Sunday. Fare 2334 rupees(One side). And the nearest airport is Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata Airport).

Gangasagar sea beach

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Gansagar travel tips

  1. The Ganges is not a suitable place for those who travel for comfort and convenience. There are no luxury hotels here. Most ashrams or monasteries have a place to stay.
  2. Very few hotels in Gangasagar. Govt Cottage, Bharat Seba ashram and youth hostel is the best option to stay. There are also some private general hotels. Adjacent to the Kapil Muni temple, the temple has its ashram. Phone – (03210) 240320.
  3. Get a Toto or van to get around. You have to Bargain before getting up. They always charge a little higher.
  4. The official food court is quite good for eating. First, know the price, then order. There are two places AC and Non AC. I think there is a price difference.  
  5. When you visit Gangasagar, you must have your bedsheets and pillowcases (which we found very useful!) And a suitable mosquito repellent.
  6. Gangasagar is the ideal place for a day or two. You have the mentality for a slight adjustment in travel.
  7. Airtel 4G and Vodafone 4G are running here. 
  8. The time of the vessel depends on the tide. You can find an app for this in the play store.
  9. Keep your own medicine.
  10. Don’t miss the sandhya aarti in Kapil Muni Ashram.

11 Gangasagar sightseeing and tourist places

You can visit bellow places for the side seen.

  • Old Manasa temple
  • Nag Baba temple
  • Lighthouse
  • Ayla devastated area
  • The sea beach
  • Kapil Muni Ashram
  • Gosto Mandir
  • Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama Manasadwip
  • Bharat Sevashram Gangasagar
  • Gangasagar Omkarnath Ashram
  • Bisalakshmi Temple

Toto will rent around 300 rupees to do this side scene. You can easily see all the places in 1 day,

11 Best Ashrams and Hotels in Gangasagar

Gangasagar naga sadhu baba in Kolkata

Like every year, pilgrims and naga sadhus are gathered in Babu Ghat, or better called out tram ghat area in Kolkata for going to Gangasagar and celebrate the Gangasagar Mela in Sagardwip.

You can find them just beside Eden Garden. They are coming from different states of India. In this festive time, government buses directly go to Ganga Sagar Mela with a very nominal fare.

In Gangasagar the main attraction is the Kapil muni ashram and takes a holy dip in the Ganga river. The fair started in Makar Sankranti day. Every year West Bengal government and many trustees arrange accommodation for the pilgrims to celebrate this fair happily. Kolkata is the main junction point where they take a rest for some time.

You can see the entire area is big, and a mini Gangasagar Mela happened here at this time. Normal people are also taking blessings from the naga sadhus. Many religious events are organized.
Here Not for the devotees and sadhus; the committees arrange food and Prasad for everybody. Khichri, tea, jalebi, milk are distributed to everybody free.

Our government and the committees provide security and medical treatment free of cost. The Kolkata Police are doing an excellent job at events like Durga Puja in Kolkata, protection in this fair, etc. A big salute to them.

What is Ganganagar famous for?

Gangasagar is famous for Kapil muni ashram and the Ganganagar Mela. The fair starts on Makar Sankranti day (Usually on January 15).

How far is Ganganagar from Kolkata?

Kolkata to Gangasagar distance is 105 km. The nearest Railway Station is Kakdwip.

What is the best time to visit Ganganagar?

Throughout the year, you can visit Ganga Sagar. But December to January is mostly the crowd gathered in Ganganagar because of Ganganagar Mela.

How can I go to Ganganagar from Kolkata by train?

Take the train for Nankhana from Sealdah railway station and get down to Kakdwip station. Then reach lot number 8 ferry ghat, cross the Muriganga river. After taking an auto/toto for Ganga Sagar Kapil muni ashram.

What is Ganganagar famous for?

Gangasagar is famous for the holy dip in Makar Sankranti, Kapil muni ashram, Gangasagar mela, etc.

How to go Ganga Sagar from Nagpur?

Reach Kolkata first. Then take the train from Sealdah station or take a bus/ private car from the esplanade and reach lot no eight launch ghat. Finally, cross the river and take an auto/car to reach Ganganagar.

How to purchase a ship ticket from Kolkata to Ganganagar?

You purchase a ship ticket for Ganganagar from Kolkata Millenium Park jetty. You can also book an online ticket from the office.

Gangasagar from Kolkata map
Gangasagar from Kolkata map
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