Joydev Kenduli Baul Mela Birbhum 2022 is not Cancelled

Please note – Earlier, due to covid this year 2022, it was decided that the Joydev Kenduli fair will cancel, and very few devotees can do the bath ritual. The “Baul akharas” also closed this year. But now the decision is changed by the authority. The new instruction is that the fair will happen as before with maintaining the covid rules. But shops and stages will be few.

Two fair is starting at the same time in the “Makar Sankranti day” in West Bengal. One is Gangasagar Mela, and another one is Jaydev Kenduli Mela. Gangasagar Mela is too crowded now, Right? So why don’t you visit and join the Jaydev Baul Mela event, which is just 4 hours from Kolkata??

jaydev kenduli mela
Joydev Kenduli Mela

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Joydev Kenduli Mela Birbhum

This place is 30 kilometers away from Bolpur and 26 kilometers away from Durgapur. Jaydev Kenduli Mela is also crowded and attracts millions of people every year on the Makar Sankranti Day, but not like Ganga Sagar.

The famous Navaratna Radhabinod temple is the main attraction in Joydeb Kenduli. This temple was built in the 17th century. Now the temple is under the “Archaeological Survey of India.”

The Joydeb Baul Mela begins beside the temple and expanding about 2 kilometers in the circle. The Jaydev Kenduli Mela starts from the Makar Sankranti day, and it will continue for three days.

Joydev-Kenduli is the birthplace of the Poet Joydev. The village is on the banks of the Ajay River, and the village is under the Birbhum district of West Bengal.

In the 12th century, the famous Kabi Joydev was written ‘Geet Gobinda’ in Sanskrit. At the time of Raja Lakshman Sen, Kabi Joydev was the Sava Kabi in his kingdom.

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jaydev kenduli mela

Joydev Baul Mela in West Bengal

In the Mela time, they organized Baul Gaan, also called Baul Sangeet, Kirtan, and other religious activities in the ashram premises. Famous Baul singers are performing in different Akhrash and ashram in Mela time. You can find many ashrams and Akhras in Kenduli.

Please note all these activities, mainly “Joydev Mela Baul song,” Kirtan, etc., starts from the evening and popularity increased in the night. Not only this, but they also provide food and staying option in the Akhras for Mela people.

They’re also temporary accommodation likes Gangasagar for the pilgrims. Please note there are no hotels in this area, the only option to staying here is the ashrams. If you search for a hotel to stay for Kenduli Mela first option is Durgapur, and the second is Bolpur.

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Kenduli Mela History

Exactly how many years ago Jaydev Kenduli Mela was started, nobody ideally determines. But this fair is as sacred as the Gangasagara and Kumbh Mela, and here the Makar Sankranti is celebrated by a holy dip in the Ajay River.

Many years ago, the fair was organized on the bank of the Ajay river. The popularity of this fair crowd increased. So, now the Mela starts from the Radhabinod temple, and the Mela spread in a wide range.

Kenduli Radhabinod Temple
Kenduli Radhabinod Temple

Kabi Joydeb History

The birthplace of the famous poet Jaydev is the Kenduli village. He was born in the 12th century. Once, he was a ‘SHAVA KOBI’ of Raja Laxman Sen. The poet worshipped and meditated at the Kusheshwar Shiva Temple at Kenduli. You can see the meditation stone still exists.

He is the author of the famous Nobel, Sri Geet Gobindo. At the end of this century, he spends his first life in Gour, and then he spends his last life in Puri. And he was taking his last breath at Brindaban, and his tombs were buried in Tatrithan Akhara.

It was assumed that the incident happened in 1203 in English year. As per history, the Kabi Jaydev was passed away in the middle of January and the end of the month of Poush. That is incidentally the day of Posh Sankranti. From this day on the bank of the Ajay River, the fair was started and continued. So the fair is going on before Sri Chaitanya time.

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Our Holiday story – How I visit Jaydev Kenduli Mela

I started my journey from Howrah station. We boarded Hool Express from Howrah at 6.45 am.

There is another good train from Howrah to Durgapur in the morning called Ishpat, starting from Howrah at 6 am. So you can reach Kenduli in two ways: one is Bolpur, another is Durgapur. The distance from Bolpur is 30 km, and from Durgapur, it is 26 km.

We reached Durgapur at around 9.30 am. Just outside of the Durgapur station, you will get buses, auto, etc., for Joydeb Mela. In the Mela time, buses are running Durgapur rail station to Jaudeb Kenduli Mela directly. The bus fare is 30 rupees.

Another option is to take Bolpur buses from the Durgapur Station and get down to Muchulipara. The fare is 8 rupees per person. From there, you will get ‘Trekar’ and reserve auto to reach Joydeb Kenduli Mela.

We reserve auto, and it takes 330 rupees. The journey time is 45 minutes for both options. At the returning time, you get a direct bus to Durgapur and return in the same way.

kenduli jaydev mela

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How to reach Kenduli Mela 2022

The Jaydev Kenduli Mela nearest railway station, one is Bolpur, and another is Durgapur.

  1. On the way to Durgapur from Bolpur, you will get a bus stop called Joydev More. From there take an auto, bus, Toto car to reach the fair in 15 minutes.
  2. You can reach Durgapur station and from there take a bus for Bolpur and get down to Muchibazar. From there, take ‘trecker’ or reserve full auto to reach Kenduli.
  3. You can reach directly from Kolkata, SBSTC bus directly going to Tarapith from Jaydev more. Fare 153 rupees now.
  4. By local train, reach Bardhaman station and take another train or bus for Durgapur.

Sideseen near the Baul Mela Kenduli West Bengal

  • Deul Park and Mandir
  • Shyama rupa mandir
  • Garh Jungle
  • Hetampur Rajbari

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Side seen around Hetampur Rajbari

  • Hetampur Rajbari (Nearest rail station Dubrajpur)
  • Gauranga Math
  • Munshi er Durga Temple
  • Shiva Temple (Hath-tala)
  • Shiva Temple (Babu Para)
  • Durga Mandir (Babu Para)
  • Durga Temple (Thakur Para)
  • Hetampur Raj High School (Durga Building of old Jamindar house)

How to go Joydev Kenduli Mela?

Direct buses are available from Bolpur bus stand/ Durgapur station only for mela time. You can also reach here by reserve auto/car.

Which visiting places are near Joydev Kenduli Mela Birbhum?

Hetampur Rajbari, Deul Park and Mandir, Shyama Rupa mandir, Garh Jungle, Gauranga Math, etc. are nearest from Joydev Kenduli Mela.

What is the timing of Joydev Kenduli Mela?

Joydev Kenduli Mela is held every year in Birbhum on Makar Sankranti (Middle of January).

Have any luxury bus from Bolpur to Joydev Kenduli Mela?

No, only local buses are available in the Mela time, the authority provides more minibus to reach the place.

Joydev Kenduli Mela map
Joydev Kenduli Mela Map

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