Joynagarer Moa recipe and buy | [Baharu] Majilpur station tourist places

In the winter, the foodie people of West Bengal love to eat a sweet called “Moya” prepared from “Nolen Gur” and “Kanakchur Khoi.” Jaynagar Majilpur is famous for this Bengal’s sweet item called “Joynagarer moa.”

Joynagarer Moa
Joynagarer Moa

Joynagarer Moa and South 24 Parganas tour

This sweet item was first invented in Baharu, not in Jaynagar. Still today, they produce Moa in bulk. Baharu is a small village in Jaynagar Majilpur.

Along with this sweet food, I found many West Bengal historical places surrounding Jaynagar and Majilpur. Please read this article and explore it one by one.

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Famous Joynagarer moa

In winter, everyone wants to taste the “Joynagarer moya “. But Jaynagar is not the original place where moya is invented. The Moa is developed in Baharu, which is the previous station of Jaynagar Majilpur.

In the Baharu village, a man named ‘Jaminiburo’ invented these Bengali sweets. Currently, the Moa maker makes Moa and sells it in the Jaynagar market. From there, the local people name this sweet as a Joynagar er moya.

Baharu Moya

Today Baharu Moa is popular in West Bengal. Everyone wants to know about the history of Moa. The Baharu Moa is now exported to other countries. Here, the Moa makers try to maintain their quality. Here, don’t use any harmful essence, colour, etc. Baharu Moa’s price depends on the quality. The price is 120 rupees per kg to 500 rupees per kg.

Joynagarer moa recipe and buy

Baharu Moya Shop

In Baharu, you find plenty of shops in Moa. But the Binapani Mistanna Bhandar is famous in this village; not only that, the shop owner is Mr Mahadeb Das, who has got a government certificate as a “Moya Shilpi”. The shop is also GI-approved. This shop is one of the oldest in this area, about 100 years old.

Another famous shop is Shaym Sundar Mistanna Bhandar. They also produce a quality product. This shop is also GI-approved and government-certified.

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Joynagarer moa recipe 

The primary ingredient is “Kanakchur Khoi”, Nolen Gur, Ghee, Khowa kheer, Cardamom powder, Pistachio, Cashew, and Raisin to make the Moa.

First, take a big-sized pan, put the Nolen Gur in it, heat it well, mix the Kanakchur Khoi in medium heat, and then slowly mix the entire ingredient. When the mixture becomes cold, take it and make it a laddu. The cooking time is 10 minutes, but it’s prepared from the last night.

My Joynagar  Majilpur Visit

I started this trip from Baharu station, and from there, I first visited Binapani Mistanna Bhandar, the owner of Mr. Mahadeb Das. The shop is GI-approved and about 100 years old. Next, we visited Shaym Sundar Mistanno Bhandar.

Both shops are equally famous for genuine Nolen Gur’s sweets items. After visiting both shops, I moved to explore Joynagar. There are many zamindars, and rich people still exist with their attractive houses and Havelis.

First, we visited Baba Panchanan temple in front of Banerjee’s Zamindar Bari. Next, we moved to Baba Dharma Raj temple, about 300 years old.

Since we visited 200 years ago, the Durga idol has never been immersed, and the worship happened every year.

Next, we saw the Radha Ballav Ji temple, which is also 300 years old. The place is charming and enriches with devotion.

Then, we visited Dutta Jamindar House, Dwadash Shiva Temples, and Joychandi Temple. From this temple’s name, the area is called Jaynagar.

We finished our tour here. There are a few more temples you can find. Lastly, we came to Jaynagar to reach Sealdah.

Note: It’s a seasonal item. SoMoa is available only from November to March.

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List of temples in Jaynagar Majilpur

  1. Panchanan temple Baharu
  2. Dharmaraj temple near Baharu station in Jaynagar Majilpur municipality
  3. 200 years old Durga idol
  4. Radha Ballav Jue Mandir Jaynagar Majilpur
  5. Bancharamer Bagan shooting location – Dwadash Shiva temples (12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva) Jaynagar
  6. Joychandi temple Jaynagar Majilpur
  7. Old houses of Jamindar’s and royal families

How to go from Kolkata to Jaynagar West Bengal

Take the train from Sealdah station and reach Jaynagar or Baharu railway station. It’s a 1 hour 15 minutes journey. In Baharu station, take a van to Baharu bazaar, where the Moa shops are located.

Note – Jaynagar Majilpur to Sealdah train frequency is 1 hour.

Total tour cost 
Sealdah to Jaynagar Majilpur train fare return30 rupees
Baharu station to Baharu bazar10 rupees
Baharu and Jaynagar Majilpur side seen100 rupees
Total (PP)140 rupees

Where to buy Joynagarer moa in Kolkata

Many shops claim that they are genuine moa sellers in Kolkata. But the best way to buy is to reach Jaynagar/ Baharu and buy. It’s a 1.5-hour train journey from Sealdah.

How to reach Kolkata to Jaynagar Majilpur?

The best way is by train to reach Joynagar Majilpur. Sealdah to Lakshmikantapur daily departure at 1. 7:14 am 2. 8:15 am. It takes 1 hour and 15 minutes.

What is the recipe of Joynagarer Moa?

Kanakchur Dhaner Khoi, Nolen Gur, Ghee, Khowa kheer, Cardamom powder, Pistachio, Cashew, and Raisin are required for moa recipes. A big pan is needed for preparing this.

What is the price of 1 kg moa?

Moa prices are from 120 rupees per kg to 500 rupees per kg. Moya Shop is famous in Joynagar/ Baharu.

sealdah to jaynagar majilpur map
Sealdah to Jaynagar Majilpur map


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