Places to Visit in Barasat railway station | Hastings house | Hatipukur park

The Hati Pukur Park, or Siraj Uddyan in Barasat, was closed for many years. This year, the famous Hati Pukur Park in Barasat is reopened with gorgeous new decorations and attractions.

In Barasat, another attraction is Hastings House opposite the Kachari maidan. Let’s explore them one by one.

Places to visit in Barasat
Places to visit in Barasat
Hatipukur park

Hati pukur Park – Siraj Uddyan in Barasat

The history is that Bengal’s last Mughal, Nabab Sirajudullah, handled the responsibility of statehood in Bengal. Nawab had lived in Murshidabad; sometimes, Nawab had to come to Kolkata for political reasons. Nawab went to Kolkata through Barasat. 

When Nawab Comes to Kolkata, soldiers, elephants, and houses accompany him. On the way to Kolkata, they take a rest in Barasat. The elephants and horses are tired on this journey. Soldiers dug a pond to solve the drinking water problem. It is said elephants drink water from this pond. After that, the pond is called Hatipukur. In Bengali, Hati means elephant.

 Recently, the West Bengal government took the initiative to build a park in Barasat. Now, the entire park is named Siraj Uddyan.

Places to visit in barasat
Places to visit in Barasat

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The attraction of the Barasat Hati Pukur Park

The park entrance, a palace-style arch, and well-decorated models of elephants, horses, and sworders are showing. After entering the park, there were Statues of Siraj ud Daulah.

For the children, many amusement arrangements in Barasat Sirajuddin park-like swings, slides, playground, etc. In the park, you can enjoy boating, the toy train ride, etc. There is an artificial island in the middle of the park. A bridge is made to go there.

The bridge is a copy of the London Tower Bridge. On the island, a pagoda is made with seating arrangements. You can see an old- tree that lightning burned a few years ago.

The park authority didn’t cut the tree, but they made a sculpture on the tree. Light and sound shows are available every evening from 6 pm to 7 pm. A cafe is being prepared for visitors. The government will build an auditorium and art gallery as per the plan.

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Hati pukur park or Siraj uddan in barasat ticket price

  • The entry fee is 15 rupees per person.
  • The toy train fee is 10 rupees per person.
  • The boating fee is 20 rupees per person.
  • The camera fee is 50 rupees per person.
  • Children below five years of entry fee are free.

Hatipukur in Barasat Park Opening Time

Siraj Uddyan or Hati pukur park Barasat opening time is 12 noon to 8 pm. The ticket is provided till 7.30 pm.

Note – Barasat Hati Pukur Park Light and sound show timing is 6 pm to 7 pm. The Light and sound show charge is free.

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How to reach Siraj Uddyan Hatipukur Park in Barasat

From Sealdah Station, regular local trains are available for Barasat at ½ hour intervals. Go to the Barasat station and visit the 1-number platform ticket counter. From there, it’s 5 minutes walking distance. You can take a toto van from there to the park.

By bus, it is easy to reach the Hati Pukur park Barasat. It is located beside the Titumir bus terminus. Take a bus for Barasat, get down to the Titumir bus terminus, and reach Siraj Uddyan Hati Pukur Park Barasat within 10 seconds. Barasat is well connected with Howrah, Ultadanga, Baruipur etc.

Titumir bus terminus address

Jessore Road, Champadali more,
Barasat North 24 Parganas, Kolkata – 700124
(North 24 Parganas Zilla Parishad)

Hastings House in Barasat

When the East India companies came to India and Kolkata, it was unhealthy for the British. So Warren Hastings created “Hastings House “in Barasat, near Kolkata. At that time, the East India Company’s official members enjoyed and had fun with their community.

The north-western part of the Hastings villa had an empty field. The British chose this field as a part of Horse riding and racing. It was the first place before building the racecourse in Kolkata; they organized the first horse race in Barasat. Today, a tiny part of this racecourse becomes Barasat Kachari maidan. The house is still standing with historical value.

Barasat Hati Pukur Park and Hastings Villa – My Visit

We boarded from Sealdah (north) station and reached Barasat by local train. The journey time is approx. Forty-five minutes from Barasat to Sealdah. From Barasat railway station to Hati Pukur Park and Hastings house, I can reach these West Bengal tourist places within 10 minutes by walking. The park is beside Titumir bus terminus, and Hastings house is opposite the Barasat Kachari maidan.

Sealdah to Barasat bus route

DN17 2. D28: DN 3. D11/1: DN 4. 79B 5. D11: DN buses are available from Sealdah to Barasat. The journey time is approx 1 hour 30 minutes.


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