Wholesale flower market Kolkata and Howrah [Mullick Ghat]

Do you love flowers? I think everyone love flowers. In this article, I want to share with you my experiences in Asia’s biggest flower market. In India, the flower is an essential element, whether it is a wedding ceremony, festivals, temple ceremonies, pujas, or gift a rose with a smile and hi to your loved one.

mallick ghat flower market
Mullick Ghat flower market Kolkata

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Wholesale flower market Kolkata and Howrah

Throughout the year flower is on-demand in the market. Mallick Ghat flower market in Kolkata city is a very famous and old market. This flower market attracts more than 2000 flower sellers/vendors every day.

Various types of flowers are readily available in this market. Here you get all kinds of marigold, rose sunflower, tuberose, lotus, even different orchids, and lots more. Not only flowers, but you also get a vast number and a variety of garland and flower petals for Puja and reception purposes. Here Apart from wholesalers, you can buy flower garland from the flower vendors at a cheap rate.

The flower vendors bring their flowers from Bagnan, Vangor, Khirai, Kolaghat etc. Today these flowers are also export to foreign countries. In Amsterdam, Dubai, and Auckland flower auctions, 75% to 80% of flowers are purchased from this market.

One sad news was In 2008, the market almost burned. But today to the market is grown-up again.

Mallick Ghat flower market Kolkata
Mallick Ghat flower market Kolkata

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History of the market

This biggest flower market in Kolkata has an old history. The Ghat was built by Ram Mohan Mallick, the son of Nayan Chand Mallick, in 1855. After some years, they introduced the flower market, and the flower market is 133 years old. Every year many foreign tourists come to this destination.

Mullick Ghat flower market Kolkata

Where is Mallick Ghat flower market?

Howrah flower market or Mallick ghat is located beside the Hooghly River near the Howrah Bridge, Opp of Brabourne Road. The address is Strand Bank Rd, Fairley Place, BBD Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001. From here, Howrah Station is 10 minutes walking distance.

This flower market is situated beside the Mullick Ghat and Ramchandra Goenka Zenana ghat. People till now use these ghats for Bathing.

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Flower market timings

Flower market Kolkata timings are, this market starts around 4 am but the local vendor said that the market is almost 24 hours open. During the festive and marriage season, the market is whole day-night crowded and live.

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How to reach

Take the bus to Howrah station and get down to the Brabourne Road Kolkata or near the Howrah Bridge Kolkata, there you get Mullick Ghat Flower Market and Jagannath ghat flower market. You can also come from Sealdah Railway Station by auto or bus. It’s a 10 minutes journey, coming from Mahatma Gandhi road. But keep in mind it is a very crowded area.

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Tips before visit Mullick Ghat Flower Market

  • If you want to buy flower doesn’t forget to bargain.
  • Come with your camera, and you will get awesome photos here.
  • As it’s closed to Howrah bridge, it’s a bonus for you. Take a close look at 78 years Howrah bridge, Ganga rider and Howrah station.
  • Ware shoe, as the place is muddy.
  • Try to visit in the early morning, that time you can see more seller and flower in the market. 6:am to 7: am is better.

Which visiting places are near to the Mallick ghat flower market?

Places from the Mallick ghat flower market are:
Howrah Bridge
St. Paul’s Cathedral 2.Indian Museum,
Sri Satya Narayan Temple
Shani Mandir
Baikuntha temple etc.

How to reach the Mallick Ghat flower market?

The flower market is beside Howrah bridge and Brabourne road junction.
By bus S12 (From Sealdah).

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