Baba Basukinath Dham Mandir Deoghar Jharkhand

Basukinath Dham is a famous Hindu holy Shirin in India. It is one of the most famous temples in Bihar, Jharkhand. Pilgrims come to spend their time peacefully and religiously.

Basukinath mandir is in the Dumka district of Jharkhand and on the Deoghar-Dumka state highway.

Baba Basukinath Dham Mandir Deoghar Jharkhand
Baba Basukinath Dham Mandir Deoghar Jharkhand

Deoghar Baba Basukinath Mandir History

The place is famous for the Basukinath Temple. It is another name for Lord Shiva. Every year, millions of pilgrims come here to worship Lord Basukinath from different parts of the country.

The crowds of the pilgrimage massively increased in the month of Shravan. This month, local devotees and national and international tourists also join this festival in the Jharkhand district.

In Basukinath mandir, the temples of Lord Shiva and Parvati are placed in front of each other as Baidyanath Dham. The gates of both temples are open in the evening.

It is believed that Shiva and Mata Parvati met each other this time. So, the devotees are asked to step out of the temple’s front door. Other temples are also dedicated to various shrines and deities on the premises.

The temple priest and devotees believe that Baba Basukinath’s “Jalabhishek” is a holy ritual from ancient times. Therefore, if this ceremony is not done in Baba Basukinath mandir, the worship of the Baidyanath Temple in Deoghar remains incomplete.

Shravani Mela in Basukinath Dham 

Shravan is the birth month of Lord Shiva. As per the English calendar, the Shravan month falls between July and August.

This month, a grand fair happens every year called Shravani Mela. This month, devotees come from all over the country to pure water on Shivalinga, give their puja, and celebrate Shravani Mela.

During this festival, devotees collected the holy Ganges water from Sultanganj. This holy water is an offer to Lord Shiva and is poured on Shivalinga. Sultanganj is in the Bhagalpur district of Bihar. It is 135 km away from Basukinath Dham.

During this season, the entire route from Bhagalpur to Basukinath, people dressed in saffron-coloured clothes and offered holy water to the deity.

basukinath dham mandir gate
Basukinath dham mandir gate

Ram Janaki Vivah Utsav at Basukinath mandir

Ram Janaki Vivah Festival is celebrated yearly at Basukinath Temple on Vivah Panchami. Biva Panchami is a Hindu festival celebrating the marriage of Rama and Sita.

As per the English calendar, it’s celebrated on the fifth day of the Shukla Paksha from November to December. The day is celebrated as a festival of Sita and Rama’s Vivah in the temples.

The late Pandit Nainal Jha, the chief pilgrim Purohit in Baba Basukinath Dham, started the “Ram Janaki Vivah festival” in Basukinath. He started and celebrated the festival with a lot of enthusiasm.

He used to call it a “Palki Utsav”, with elephants and horses in the procession. Now, it is carried forward by his son Pandit Tara Kant Jha.

Basukinath Temple Timings

The Basukinath mandir opening timings of darshan for the devotees start from:-

  • In the morning – 3:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • At night – Sunset to 8:00 pm

Basukinath Temple is open for darshan on:-

  • Mondays 
  • Full moon nights or Poornima
  • The entire month of Shravan 

Here, you can watch the Elephant Procession during Shivaratri.

How to reach Basukinath Dham

Deoghar to Basukinath Dham distance is about 44 kilometres by roadway. It takes approx. 1 hour by car.

Deoghar to Basukinath railway station is about 45 kilometres away and takes 1 hour to reach. The Basukinath Railway Station is placed on the Jasidih-Dumka Railway line.

basukinath temple puja
Basukinath temple puja

Basukinath Dham – How we visit

We planned a trip from Madhupur to Deoghar. It is our 5-day trip. First, we reached Madhupur and stayed there for two nights. We visited Pathrol Kali Mandir, Khandoli Dams and Khandoli Tourism Park, Usri Falls Giridih Jharkhand in Madhupur.

We checked out from the hotel the following day and reached Deoghar by local train in half an hour. After, we planned not to go to the hotel first. Because our hotel has 24-hour check-in / check-out facilities, we want to take advantage of staying one more full day in the hotel. So we checked in in the evening.  

aachar shop near basukinath temple
Aachar shop near Basukinath temple

First, we visited Baba Basukinath mandir and checked in to the hotel. We kept our luggage in the railway clock room as planned and went to the Basukinath mandir.

It is 45 kilometres and a one-hour journey by train from Johidih / Deoghar. Every day, local trains depart from Deoghar station for Basukinath Dham. You can also book a car for this journey.

We return by train from the Basukinath Dham in the evening and reach Deoghar. We collect our luggage from the cloakroom and check in to the hotel. In our Deoghar tour the next day, we visited:-

How to go to Basukinath Temple?

Basukinath Temple is approx 44 km away from Deoghar and 51 km from Jasidih station. You can visit here by car from Deoghar. A few direct trains are available from Jasidih station.

Which visiting places are near Basukinath Temple Deoghar?

The nearest visiting places are 1. Naulakha Temple 2. Nandan Pahar 3. Baba Baidyanath Dham 4. Satsang Deoghar, etc.

What is the timing of the Basukinath Temple?

Basukinath Temple’s timing is 3:00 am to 4:00 pm in the day and after 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Can Basukinath be visited before Baba Dham, or should it be visited after darshan at Baba Dham?

The local belief is first to visit Baba Dham and then Basukinath. But as a tourist, plan at your convenience.

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