Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary | Deer Park Bolpur West Bengal

If you are looking for a gateway in the forest, I can suggest the Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Beautiful forestation, large water bodies, and home to many deers and migratory birds, like Sultanpur National Park, will be your partners for this trip. So let’s know more about this Indian forest.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary
Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary Shantiniketan Bolpur

The Ballavpur Abhayaranya is another attraction of Shantiniketan. The deer park was inaugurated on the 11th of July 1977.

On over 700 acres of land with many trees like sal, pial, sishu, cashew, haritaki, amlaki, bahera, sirish, berry, mahuya, sonajhuri, akashmani, etc., 210 Chital deers, four barking deers and other animals like Krishna Sar, peacock, rabbit, Mongoose, fox, snake, and varieties of birds this Reserved Forest was set up.

It is located 3 kilometres from Bolpur Santiniketan and 172 km from Kolkata. The park is near Sriniketan.

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Bolpur Dear Park 

Balavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is known as Deer Park. It is under the ‘Khoai’ area with a large forest and a natural bird sanctuary with many deer.

The place is known for its green grounds and red soil to the Bolpur sub-division of the Birbhum district. The natural green forest and its evergreen beauty attract people like Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve.

ballavpur wildlife sanctuary shantiniketan
At Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary, Shantiniketan

The Wildlife Sanctuary, the Asansol-Durgapur region, comprises the indigenous area. This region is between two mighty rivers, Damodar and Ajay. They flow in parallel to each other (about 30 km in diameter) in this region.
It is a pleasure to see the groups of deer come to eat at 8:00 am / 3.00 pm. In Shantiniketan, the attraction of this spot is increasing.

Arrangements to stay over can all be made at the FRH, AB: DFO, Birbhum Division, Suri Birbhum. Adjoining the jungle of Sal-sonajhuri, with low and high hillocks, was a shelter for the former revolutionaries.

Today’s Amar Kutir, once built by a revolutionary, is the centre for handcraft, leatherwork, block-print. Tourists can buy these products.

In the large adjoining pond next to the Deer Park, during winter (November to March), various birds (named in Bengali vernacular)- balihans, moral, pandubi, metehans, jalpipi, titir, and machhranga along with other birds like hornbill, pockard, gadwall, shoveller, pintail, egret and thousands of other migratory birds flock here.

The scene is impressive at sunset when they return to their nests. Further, there are innumerable turtles in the pond.

History of Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is named after Ballavpur. In 1957, the area was declared a Reserve Forest. In 1977 an area of 2.021 sq. Km was declared as Wild Life Sanctuary. It represents the Bio-geographic Zone 7B-Chhotonagpur Pleated and has natural Sal Forests.

Acacia, Sissoo, Cashew Nuts other trees were planted in 1954-55 to green the Barren land. Black Duck, Spotted Deer, was introduced in 1967-68, and only Spotted deer survived.

The Spotted Deer have been translocated to Buxa and other Forests. Commonly found animals are Wolf, Jackal, Fox, Common Langur, Jungle cat, Civet, Indian Porcupine, etc. Sanctuary has three water bodies (locally called Jhils), attracting a large no. of winter migratory birds.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary Shantiniketan Entry Fee and Timings

ballavpur wildlife sanctuary bolpur west bengal

After reaching the main gate, you will find a ticket counter with only a Rs. 10 entry fee. It will allow you for 1 hour. It stays open from 10 am- 3:30 pm except for Wednesday. Wednesday is closed. For children below 12 years, the ticket price is Rs. 5. If you are visiting with a camera, it will cost you an additional Rs—20 extra.

Bolpur Deer Park attraction

This place is the no one conserved of deer in West Bengal. The Sanctuary was established in 1967. Cheethal dear and Blackbucks are the most founded deer here. Apart from that, foxes, jackals, and monkeys are also there. The place is large, with three water bodies, so migrating and resident birds are always available.

The place is covered with a roadway along with fencing on both sides. Walk around, and you will see a glimpse of wildlife and birds. And to observe the whole place, there is a watchtower as well.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many animals and birds. But the major attraction here is the deer. Locals also call it Deer Park Bolpur. The elevation and climate are good for animals living there.

Shantiniketan is the place of Tagore. People visit here attracted by Rabindra Nath Tagore and his work. But this Deer Park is too significant to see for its location.

Everyone visits Khoai, Kopai River as a part of the culture, but this park is also an attraction to enjoy Shantiniketan properly.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary Resort accommodation

Many luxurious private resorts are situated just 5 minutes away from the Wildlife Sanctuary of Ballavpur. The multi-cuisine garden restaurant, 24-hour electricity, Western bathrooms, car parking facilities, and beautifully furnished rooms with air-conditioned rooms.

The accommodation offers the shelter to be comfortable near nature and is perfect for the bustling tourist destination of West Bengal Santiniketan region and remote areas.

The rooms are equipped with ethnic furniture, television, hot water geysers, and intercom facilities; they also arrange the car for sightseeing. You will get a Double Bed Deluxe Room, Dormitory, Family Room, Honeymoon Duplex Suite, and Standard Suite at this resort.

The food is well served in the indoor dining hall and the garden restaurant. You can choose from a range of Indian, Chinese and continental dishes.

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Ballavpur Abhayaranya How to reach

The nearest railway station is Bolpur-Shantiniketan. If you visit Kolkata, you can find a few trains from Howrah and Sealdah railway stations all day.

After reaching Bolpur-Shantiniketan station, you will find local transport like rickshaws, Toto, etc. But, beware of those local drivers who always haggle before using their service.

Or else they will take advantage and charge a lot more. After crossing Biswa Bharati University, Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary is two kilometres away.

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary | Deer Park Bolpur West Bengal
Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary map

Places to visit in Shantiniketan B0lpur

  1. Gitanjali Rail Museum
  2. Kankalitala Temple travel guide
  3. Biswa Bangla hat
  4. Prakriti Bhavan Nature Art museum
  5. Amar Kutir
  6. Amar Kutir ECO-Tourism Park
  7. Srijani Shilpagram Shantiniketan Bolpur
  8. Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary Bolpur Shantiniketan
  9. Kopai river
  10. Visva Bharati Santiniketan
  11. Visva Bharati Kala Bhavan
  12. Rabindra Bhaban Museum
  13. Sonibarer hat / Khoai boner haat
  14. Kalikapur Rajbari
  15. Ghurisha Terracota temple
  16. Wood Fossil Park Birbhum
  17. Raipur Rajbari Birbhum
  18. Surul Raj Bari
  19. Sriniketan Bolpur
  20. Santiniketan Poush Mela

How to go to Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary?

You can reach Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary by booking a car/ toto from Santiniketan/ Bolpur station. It is approx 4 km away from Biswa Bharati Santiniketan and approx 5.5 km from Bolpur Station.

Which visiting places are near Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary?

Amar Kutir 2. Sonajhuri Hat 3. Visva Bharati University 4. Prakriti Bhavan 5. Kankalitala, etc.

What is the ticket price of Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary?

Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary ticket price is 10 rupees per person for 1 hour, 5 rupees per child (below 12 years), and 20 rupees for the camera.

How much is Toto’s care from Bolpur station to Prakriti Bhavan?

If you reserve Toto, it will be around 150 to 200 rupees for Prakriti Bhavan or Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary. Fare is variable, so bargain smartly.


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