Turahalli Forest cycling trails, trekking, hiking, bike ride 2023

The most favourite activity of Karnataka’s Turahalli forest is cycling. The wildlife sanctuary has the best and easy cycling trail in that region, and it has a picturesque backdrop.

The trail goes through a narrow path that leads to a temple on the summit. There is an open space on the summit for parking, relaxing, and stretching. While cycling, you can have fresh air blowing from the trees, smell the soil, hear the chirping of birds, and enjoy the view from the top. 

Turahalli Forest cycling trails
Turahalli Forest cycling trails

Turahalli Forest Cycling Rent

Entry to Turahalli forest is free. There are no cycles available in the Turahalli forest currently. People bring their bicycles to ride in the park. If you don’t own a bike, you can take it for rent. ICycle offers a cycle for hire at INR 400 (approx). Pedals & Wheels charge INR 250 for non-geared and INR 800 for speed bikes (approx).

Copernicus T3 is the best electric bike if you want to cycle to the summit of Turahalli forest. T3 travels quickly through marshy roads, rocky terrain, flat surfaces, and even big rocks. 

In Turahalli Forest
In Turahalli Forest

Turahalli Forest Bike Trail

The MTB trail length of the Turahalli forest is 3.7 km. It’s easy and offers many activities, from cycling to hiking. You see many wildflowers while biking along the trail. Turahalli trail begins after crossing a fence and diverges into left and right paths.

The left path leads towards the summit. It passes through a small temple, a banyan tree, and viewpoints. Bikers find the last 100 m of the trail to be challenging as they have to ride uphill, and they prefer to walk the last 100 m on the path. 

Turahalli Forest Trekking and Hiking

Turahalli forest is an ideal destination for a short hike. The solitude of the Turahalli forest offers the most beautiful terrain for hiking. While hiking, you get to glimpse the beautiful flora, fauna, and birds of the forest. Hikers reach the hillocks and enjoy a 360-degree view of the town below. 

The Turahalli forest trek is pretty affordable and convenient. Among others, trekking is the most popular activity in the Turahalli forest. Trekkers trek through tall trees, stiff cliffs, big rocks, and wild grass to reach the summit. A 360-degree view of the town is enjoyed from the top. 

Jogging trail at Turahalli Forest
Jogging trail at Turahalli Forest

Turahalli Forest Nature Walking and Bird Watching

The wilderness of Turahalli helps people to escape the busy city life. Turahalli forest is the best place to take a walk amidst nature. While walking, you get to glimpse various birds, flora, and fauna. There are many enormous boulders of rock to sit and relax after a long walk. 

A variety of avian fauna is found in the Turahalli forest. It’s the most loved spot for birdwatchers, and people carry their binoculars to view pretty birds from various viewpoints. Avian fauna like common iora, black drongo, magpie robin, pond heron, and white-breasted kingfisher is found in the Turahalli forest. 

Turahalli forest tree park and forest watchtower
Turahalli forest tree park and forest watchtower

Turahalli Forest Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Turahalli Forest is an off-beat destination for adventure and nature enthusiasts. There are many enormous boulders of rock in the Turahalli forest, making it a loved destination among rock climbers.

Climbers visit Turahalli to hone their climbing skills. Many international and national level climbers see Turahalli forest to indulge in rock climbing. This activity is also undertaken for recreational purposes.

Rappelling is becoming famous too. The number of people who come for rappelling is increasing. INR 600 (approx) per person is the cost of Rappelling in the Turahalli forest. 

Turahalli Forest Picnic

You might carry a food basket and enjoy a picnic with your family. The summit of Turahalli forest is an open space, and Trekkers go through the narrow path and wild bushes to reach the top. Enjoy the cool breeze and get mesmerized by the view of Turahalli forest tree park.

Turahalli Forest Tree park Bangalore facilities
Turahalli Forest Tree park Bangalore facilities

Recommendation for Turahalli Forest Trek

  • Turahalli forest has wild grass and thorns. It would help if you carried bandages and pain relief spray while trekking. 
  • The elevation of the Turahalli forest is high. You should avoid packing unnecessary items. 
  • Visitors must dress cosily. Jogging pants, loose T-shirts, and sports shoes are recommended. 
  • The journey to the top takes a lot of time and strength. Always keep light snacks and water with you. 
  • Don’t litter the beauty of the place with bottles, cans, and wrappers. Carry a trash bag to bring back the trash.
  • To avoid lousy hands because of sweating, carry items like tissue paper, wet wipes, and hand towels.
Childrens park at Turahalli Forest
Children’s Park at Turahalli Forest

Things to carry for Turahalli Trek

  1. Backpack
  2. Personal medication
  3. Water bottles
  4. Sports shoes
  5. Light snacks
  6. Cap, sunglasses, and cotton clothes
  7. Sunscreen
  8. Tissue paper
  9. Raincoat (during monsoon)
  10. Camera

My visit to Turahalli Forest Park

I visited the Turahalli forest with my friends. It’s the last surviving forest of Bengaluru. The forest was officially closed a few years back by the government to allow flora and fauna to regenerate. We decided to visit the Turahalli tree park (100 feet roadside). Turahalli tree park has a walkway, a gazebo, an insect hotel (bughouse), and a watchtower.

Turahalli Forest Bangalore new rules and regulations
Turahalli Forest Bangalore’s new rules and regulations

We drove through Kanakapura Road and then turned right after the Vairahalli metro station. Then we again took a right turn from pillar number 250. After that, we moved straight until the forest was to be seen.

From along the forest walls, we took a left turn and went straight for 150 m. We saw many vehicles that were parked there. It’s the entrance to the Turahalli tree park. Entry to the tree park (30 acres) is free.

There were three routes in the tree park; we decided to take the middle route. We were headed towards the watchtower, an open space to enjoy the landscape. I saw many boards with details about the trees, birds, and forest animals. The park is well-maintained and has caretakers and washrooms.

The best thing that I like about the park is that it’s not overcrowded. It’s an excellent place for a picnic, bringing children, and taking a walk. I saw a couple of snake holes on the way. So you must watch your step while walking.

view from Watch tower at Turahalli Forest
View from Watchtower at Turahalli Forest

As I was heading towards the viewpoint, I saw an insect hotel (bughouse). From the watchtower, we saw the mesmerizing view of the outer ranges of Bangalore. We sat there and enjoyed the feeling of the gentle breeze on our faces. Then we hiked down towards the gazebo.

It’s surrounded by a play area and lies near the road. I sat there and enjoyed the greenery of the place and the road that passes by. The pavilion is a play area for children, which is only open in the evening.

Overall my experience of visiting the Turahalli tree park was pleasant, and it makes me think how pleasant it would have been in the forest were open.

Is the Turahalli forest open to the public nowadays?

The forest is closed by the main forest department temporarily to protect the animals, birds and insects. But you can enjoy the newly created Turahalli Forest Park.

Where is the entry gate to Turahalli Forest Park?

You can visit Turahalli forest tree park from the south Bengaluru entry gate.

How much time will it take you to explore Turahalli forest fully?

Two to three hours is enough to explore the park.

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