15 Best Candy Shops In Michigan 2024

Candy shops in Michigan offer yummy, delectable treats for every sweet tooth. Popular candies like gummy balls, lollipops, candy corn, chocolate bars, and others are available in these stores. 

There are many small boutique candy stores, which are like dreamlands for candy lovers. Many of these sell hand-crafted items like edible tea sets. Some shops have retro candies and soda pops. Some shops have old-fashioned cartoon displays for children to enjoy their visit. 

These are surely sweet places to explore here, whether it’s something special for a holiday gift or just needing a bite of sugar on a regular day. 

Candy Shops In Michigan

1. Donkers – Marquette, MI 

Donkers is one of the oldest confectioneries and restaurants in the Upper Peninsula, Michigan. This family-owned business has served locals delicious candies and chocolates for over a century.

The shop follows the philosophy of the three Ps (People, Planet, Profit). Donkers believes in manufacturing quality products using local harvests for its loyal customers. All the ingredients are natural. The packaging used here is reusable and environmentally friendly. 

The chocolates, candies, and caramels of Donkers are handmade in small batches to keep the supply fresh. The quality and standards here are checked regularly. The shop celebrates occasions with chocolates and candies, like handmade Chocolate Flowers for Mother’s Day.

Donker offers special handmade candies for weddings and different parties. Make sure to visit here for special trail baskets full of mouthwatering candies anytime. 

Donkers Marquette MI
Donkers Marquette, MI
  • Popular Candies: Chocolate Flowers, Strawberry-White Chocolate Caramels, Pecan Oreos, Candied Sunflower Seeds, and Gummy Bears.  
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 07:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m., Sunday: 08:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m.
  • Contact: (906) 226-6110
  • Nearby Attractions: Marquette Harbour Lighthouse, Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. 

Address: 137 W Washington St., Marquette, MI 49855

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2. Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice Cream – Eastpointe, Michigan 

Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice Cream is a popular destination for kids, families, and candy lovers. The place has many candies, gummies, hard candies, and taffies.

The store has more than 500 different types of candies and 52 premium-flavor ice creams. The frozen fruit smoothies and Ice Cream are fresh and tasty. The friendly employees will help you get the exact taffy you want.

Imad Berro, the owner of this shop, always keeps the stock filled. As a candy lover, he wants to give special treats to his young customers, with extra ice creams and free candies on special occasions. The store is named after his son.

The candies are separated based on colors and types. It helps customers with party decorations for birthdays and weddings. The profit of Roger’s Bulk Candy supports the military and police service of America.

Roger's Bulk Candy & Ice Cream  Eastpointe Michigan
Roger’s Bulk Candy & Ice Cream Eastpointe, Michigan
  • Popular Candies: Rock Candy, Easter Basket, Lollipops, Pop Rocks, Slime Lickers, Turkish Taffy, Candy Cigarettes. 
  • Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 07:00 p.m., Sunday: 11:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m., Monday: closed. 
  • Contact: (586) 772-1076
  • Nearby Attractions: Huron Park, Ford House.

Address: 15020 E 9 Mile Rd, Eastpointe, MI 48021

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3. The Bulk Store – Taylor, Michigan 

The Bulk Store is a family-owned large candy store in Taylor. The shop initially opened in Livonia in 1986. It moved to its current location almost 25 years ago for huge space to stock the inventories. Regular customers love the collection of candies, taffy bars, gummy bears, lollipops, and many other popular sweets. 

There are different sweetmeats best suited for different occasions and seasons. Check out the collection of Lemonberry, Sour strips, Double Berry, Freeze Dried Candies by Solar Sweets, Snicker Cookies, Haribo Berry Clouds, and many others for Mother’s Day and summer celebrations.

You can check its collection of baking items, sprinkles, pinatas, other party collections, dry nuts, cereals, glazed fruits, packed spices, and many other items.  

  • Popular Candies: Sugar-Free Candy, Gumballs, Gummy Bears, Chocolate Wrapes, Jelly Beans, Jawbreaker, Licorice, Lollipops, Mint, Yogurt Candy, Sweettart. 
  • Hours: Monday- Thursday: 09:30 a.m.- 08:00 p.m., Friday- Saturday: 09:30 a.m.- 09:00 p.m., Sunday: 12:00 p.m.- 05:00 p.m.
  • Contact: (734) 287-2855
  • Nearby Attractions: Heritage Park, Champaign Park. 

Address: 22635 Northline Rd, Taylor, MI 48180

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4. Doc Sweets’ Candy Company- Clawson, Michigan 

Doc Sweets’ Candy Company is the largest candy shop in Michigan. It has won many awards for its unique collection of different candies and sweetmeats. There is everything to celebrate on any occasion, like graduation days, retirements, birthdays, weddings, parties, and every seasonal occasion. 

Stop by the store in the season of November and get free sweets by mentioning James’s Favourite Candy. This shop is particularly popular for unique items like Nassau Cherry Gummies and assorted flavors of handmade rock candies. The place is considered heaven for candy lovers in Michigan. They will always surprise you with something every time. 

Doc Sweets Candy Company Clawson Michigan
Doc Sweets Candy Company Clawson
  • Popular Candies: Ocean Gummies, Whirly Pops, Unicorn Pops, Efrutti Pizza, Candy Box, Slime Licker, Crystal Rock Candy, Nassau Cherry Gummy. 
  • Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 07:00 p.m., Sunday: 11:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m., Monday: closed.
  • Contact: (248) 597-1051
  • Nearby Attractions: Detroit Zoo, Clawson City Park. 

Address: 135 N. Rochester Road, Clawson, MI 48107

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5. Sanders Candy – Clinton Township, Michigan

Sanders Candy is one of the oldest chocolate candy makers in Michigan. For over 140 years, the Sanders family has been serving quality chocolates here. Regular customers love the hot fudge toppings, sea salt caramels, Peanut butter caramels, and Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters here.

The shop uses the best quality locally harvested ingredients to prepare them. There is a full section of Kosher sweets for Jewish people. 

Besides Clinton Township, Sanders Candy is available in Rochester and Mackinac Island. People can purchase different Sanders chocolate from supermarkets. Taking a year-round subscription of it has a lot for candy lovers.

Sanders Candy in Clinton Township
Sanders Candy in Clinton Township
  • Popular Candies: Almond Pecan Crunch, Coconut Clusters, Seasalt Caramel, Peanut Butter Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn,
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00 a.m.- 09:00 p.m., Sunday: 11:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m.
  • Contact: (586) 464-5372
  • Nearby Attractions: Michigan Transit Museum, George George Memorial Park. 

Address: 23770 Hall Road, Clinton Twp, MI 48036

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6. Lakeside Emporium – Muskegon, Michigan 

Lakeside Emporium is one of the biggest candy and chocolate stores in Michigan. This store has been serving handmade candies to the locals for over two decades. Besides many new types of sweets, many items resemble the easter year candies. It helps the shop to connect with every customer of different age groups. 

Lakeside Emporium has many customers throughout America who visit the store regularly. All the candies, gummies, chocolates, and ice creams are prepared in small batches to keep them fresh. You can check the gift boxes of candies and chocolates for occasions like weddings, birthdays, and others. 

  • Popular Candies: Candy Corn, Chewy Cinnamon Bars, Jordan Almond, Sour Cherry Jelly Hearts, Rock Candy Strings, Gummy Pumpkin, Sour Belts. 
  • Hours: Friday & Saturday: 12:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m., Sunday- Thursday: closed. 
  • Contact: (231) 755-9933
  • Nearby Attractions: Muskegon Museum of Art, Pere Marquette Park, 

Address: 1930 Lakeshore Dr., Muskegon, MI 49441

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7. Holland Peanut Store – Holland, Michigan 

The Fabiano family has served the people of Holland, tasty sweetmeats for over a century. Their store, Holland Peanut Store, is one of the largest candy stores in Michigan. It has a massive collection of modern and easter year candies. The assorted nut mixes and trails of this shop are popular, too. 

Holland Peanut Store has candies for every season and occasion. The gift boxes are customized and freshly designed daily. You can choose a prepacked box or customize one for the program. The store offers specialized candies for birthday pirates, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and other events. Special discounts are also available on different candies for celebrations. 

Holland Peanut Store in Holland
Holland Peanut Store
  • Popular Candies: Watermelon Rings, Sour Poppers, Peachy Rings, SourGummy Cola, Gummy Jet Fighters, Gummy Sherbet Pops, Sour Gummy Bear. 
  • Hours: Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m. Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 08:00 p.m., Sunday: closed. 
  • Contact: (616) 392-4522
  • Nearby Attractions: Holland Museum, WindmillIsland Gardens. 

Address: 46 E 8th St., Holland, MI 49423

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8. Dearborn Bulk Foods & Smoothies – Dearborn, Michigan 

Dearborn Bulk Foods & Smoothies is one of the biggest candy shops in Michigan. It has another outlet in Westland. Besides candies, customers love its fresh smoothies, bubble teas, retro soda floats, ice creams, spices, teas, nuts, and other grocery items. The store has a huge stock of confectionery items.

Bulk Foods & Smoothies is a perfect place for party lovers. There are candy gift packs for birthdays, weddings, graduation days, and other occasions. People looking for retro candies and cane cola should check out this store for those. The shop offers deals and discounts on different items from time to time. 

  • Popular Candies: Slime Licker, Drop Candy, Bar Chocolate, Energy bar, Assorted Frootie, Blow Pop, Lollipops. 
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 09:00 a.m.- 08:00 p.m., Sunday: 10:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m.
  • Contact: (313) 561-5011
  • Nearby Attractions: Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, Dearborn Historical Museum. 

Address: 23151 Michigan Ave., Dearborn, MI 48124

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9. Rocky’s Eastern Market – Detroit, Michigan 

Rocky’s Eastern Market is one of the oldest candy stores in Michigan. This family-owned business is housed in the historic Russell Street area. Besides candies, the store sells fresh nuts, dried fruits, spices, coffee, cooking oils, and other grocery items. There is a massive stock of “ Made In Michigan” items. 

The store has extensive collections of different flavors in gumballs, gummy bears, sour strips, lollipops, and other candies. Assorted candy boxes suitable for weddings, birthday parties, corporate gifts, retirement parties, and other occasions are available here. Seasonal deals and discounts on candies and other items in Rocky’s Easter Market excite everyone. 

Rocky's Eastern Market Candies
Rocky’s Eastern Market Candies
  • Popular Candies: Gumballs, Gummy Bears, Corn Candy, Sour Strips, Wrapped Candy, Raisin Granola.
  • Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 08:00 a.m.- 03:00 p.m., Sunday & Monday: closed. 
  • Contact: (313) 567-6871
  • Nearby Attractions: Campus Martius Park, Beacon Park. 

Address: 2489 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207, United States

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10. Sweetland Chocolates and Coffee – Rockford, Michigan

Sweetland Chocolates and Coffee is a century-old chocolate and candy shop in Michigan. Besides Rockland, there is another outlet in Plainfield. It’s famous for fresh coffee and unique chocolate candies. The modern interior of the cafe is filled with the sweet smell of delicious coffee, chocolates, and candies. 

All the sweetmeats are handmade. These are made in small batches with locally harvested ingredients. It helps to keep all the candies fresh every day. Customers need to pre-order special orders for wedding candies and birthday chocolates. 

  • Popular Candies: Pectin Jelly Bans, Dark Chocolate Seafoam, Wintertide Blend, Candy Cane, Easter Bunny. 
  • Hours: Monday- Friday: 07:00 a.m.-07:00 p.m., Saturday: 08:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m., Sunday: closed. 
  • Contact: (616) 884-0021
  • Nearby Attractions: Rockford Dam Overlook, The Blue Bridge.

Address:  9 N Main St, Rockford, MI 49341, United States

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11. Fabiano’s Candies – Lansing, Michigan 

Fabiano’s Candies is considered a landmark in Lansing. This family-owned candy store is one of the oldest and best ones in Michigan. All the sweetmeats and chocolates are handmade in small batches to keep them fresh. The store is famous for its 3-foot-tall chocolate Bunny structure for Easter. Kids and customers adore the bunny. 

For generations, the candy makers of Fabiano have believed in simplicity and good taste. It reflects on the quality of different unique candies. Besides popular homemade candies like candy canes, gummy bears, and candy canes, there are strawberry-filled hard candies and famous caramel candies. Fabiano’s Candies offers deals and discounts on mixed candy boxes for different occasions and seasons. 

  • Popular Candies: Caramel Apple, Jelly Beans, Candy Cane, Gummi Fruity Eggs, Strawberry Filled Hard Candy, Jawbreaker. 
  • Hours: Monday- Friday: 09:30 a.m. – 05:30 p.m., Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 04:00 p.m., Sunday: closed. 
  • Contact: (517) 482-7871
  • Nearby Attractions: Remembrance Memorial, Adado Riverfront Park. 

Address: 1427 E. Michigan Ave Lansing, MI 48912

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12. Jackson Candy And Fudge Factory – Jackson, Michigan 

Jackson Candy and Fudge Factory (JCAFF) is a perfect gift shop for any occasion. This shop has been selling handmade fudges and candies for over a century. It’s famous for blending different ingredients to bring out candies and fudges’ exotic flavors and tastes. 

Some popular flavors are Mango Peach, Summer Sunrise, Strawberry pineapple, and many others. The place has a massive collection of retro candies and cola drinks. There are exciting offers and discounts on every buy in the shop. Every month, JCAFF organizes a lucky draw for one Golden Ticket. Winners of it will get a free supply of fudge for a year. 

Jackson Candy And Fudge Factory
Jackson Candy And Fudge Factory
  • Popular Candies: Mango Peach Fudge, Caramel Corn, Candied Nuts, Candy Corn, Taffy, Gummy Bears. 
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 10:00 a.m.- 06:00 p.m., Sunday: closed. 
  • Contact:  (517) 998-7070
  • Nearby Attractions: The Fairy Forest, Vandercook Lake Forest. 

Address: 1522 East Michigan Avenue, Jackson, MI 49202

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13. JANCO Distributors Inc. – Detroit, Michigan 

Janco Distributors Inc. is one of the largest candy distributors in Detroit. There are massive collections of different candies in different flavors. It is the most trusted candy supplier for parties, weddings, birthdays, gift stores, schools, and special occasions.

People get mesmerized once they get inside the store. This 89-year-old store has a large stock of retro and classic candies besides modern ones. 

JANCO Distributors Inc
JANCO Distributors Inc
  • Popular Candies: Starburst Original, Twizzlers, Albert’s Chews, Gumballs, Sour Fruit Chews, Skittles, Sour Patch, Turkish Tuffy, Chuckles, Soda Pops, Kool-Aid. 
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 11:00 a.m.-05:30 p.m., Sunday: closed.
  • Contact: (313) 272-2218
  • Nearby Attractions: Detroit Zoo, Hamtramck Disneyland. 

Address: 15928 Grand River Ave., Detroit, MI 48227

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14. Tummy Ache Candy Store – Bay City, Michigan

Tummy Ache Candy Store is a unique sweetmeat store in Michigan. It’s like a dreamland for candy lovers. The craftsman here has mastered the art of creating the most beautiful candies of Bay City. Customers love the beautiful Rose candies, edible tea sets, and many others. Visit the store to enjoy handmade candies, ice creams, hand-shaven snow cones, and other treats. 

People can watch the old-fashioned cartoon programs here with a box of popcorn or grab special candy boxes for just a dollar. You can even mix your snow cone using any of the 21 flavors. Sugar-free ice creams are available here. Mexican candies are available, too. Tummy Ache Candy Store also has a beautiful candy truck you can book for any occasion.

Tummy Ache Candy Store in Bay City
Tummy Ache Candy Store in Bay City
  • Popular Candies: Mexican Candies, Caramel Apple, Dum Dum Flower Suckers, Edible Tea Sets, Candy Champaign Bottles, Love Monster Marshmellow, Rose Candy. 
  • Hours: Wednesday: Saturday: 12:00 p.m.- 06:00 p.m., Sunday- Tuesday: closed. 
  • Contact: (989) 891-7669
  • Nearby Attractions: Downtown Bay City, Delta College Planetarium.

Address: 1116 North Johnson Street, Bay City, MI 48708

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15. Rocket Fizz – Lansing, Michigan 

Rocket Fizz is a popular candy and soda pop shop chain in America. There are six outlets in Michigan itself. Besides Lansing, the other shops are in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Shelby Carter Township, and Traverse City. Rocket Fizz offers a franchise of its products. 

This store has been famous for its unique soda pops, taffies, and slime-laden flavors for decades. All the candies and sodas are made using natural sugar and spring water. These are free from preservatives. Local harvests are used to make them. Check out the store for some unique taffies here. The store is quite popular among local celebrities. 

Rocket Fizz Candies at Lansing
Rocket Fizz Candies at Lansing
  • Popular Candies: Slime Licker, Soda Pops, Wrapped Candies, Taffy, Root Beer, Gumball. 
  • Hours: Monday- Saturday: 12:00 p.m.- 08:00 p.m., Sunday: 12:00 p.m.- 06:00 p.m.
  • Contact: (517) 318-6975
  • Nearby Attractions: Potter Park Zoo, Impression 5 Science Center. 

Address: 2981 Preyde Blvd, Lansing, MI 48912

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Michigan is the land of sweet treats with unique candy shops and chocolatiers. Every occasion is celebrated here with the touch of candies and chocolates. Thanks to these fantastic candy shops in Michigan, sweet cravings can be easily satisfied.

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