Cheltenham Balloon Festival | Tickets, Timings, Parking

Cheltenham’s town prepares for its ultimate fiesta – the Cheltenham Balloon Festival every summer. This festival marks the beginning of the beautiful summer months. This year, hot air balloons fly across the sky for this special occasion.

The festival runs for two days (17th June and 18 June 2022), and food, drinks, and a live entertainment arena accompany the whole fiesta. Fireworks are also prepared for nighttime. It’s an excellent opportunity for pilots to showcase their flying abilities. 

Cheltenham Balloon Festival
Cheltenham Balloon Festival

The Cheltenham Balloon Festival in the UK helps local traders and sellers increase their business. The numerous stalls set up for recreational purposes help boost their sales significantly. The festival crowd also helps increase the popularity of a shop or its products.

There are exciting rides set up for both children and adults. Tickets for these rides are sold separately in front of them. Live music throughout the festival will engross you more in the festive spirit.

Many are keen to perform impressive stunts and other thrilling acts, too. The glow balloons are a separate attraction that can only be witnessed in the evenings. These are hot air balloons lined with glowing lights, flown at night to offer a beautiful night view.

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Cheltenham Balloon Festival Date and Timings

The festival will be held from Friday 17th June to Saturday 18th June. The timing may be slightly changed.

  • Timings for Friday are 4 pm to 11 pm.
  • Timings for Saturday are 11 am to 11 pm.

Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta Tickets and booking

Ticket prices vary according to age, date, and time of day. Children whose heights are below 1 meter do not require a ticket.

OnlineChild £4Adult £6
Entry gate (offline) Child £6Adult £8
Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta Ticket price

You can purchase all tickets before the event via the Skiddle website, the official ticketing partner of the event. All payments must be made through contactless cards or online transactions.

Cheltenham Balloon Festival rides

The Great Funfair at the Fiesta is about carnival rides like a Ferris wheel, makeshift carousel, small roller coasters, etc. The rides are modified each year, and new ones are added. However, the Ferris wheel remains constant.

Apart from the exciting fair rides, live entertainment is also organized. The following activities can be witnessed at the event.

  • Jousting
  • Vander Wheel
  • Motorbike Stunts
  • Live music
  • Fireworks
Cheltenham Balloon Festival
Cheltenham Balloon Festival

Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta Events

The entirety of the two days are packed with exciting events. Some are just for visual pleasure, while others are fun-filled activities for people of all ages. Some of the notable events seen at the Cheltenham balloon festival are as follows:

  • Knights of Nottingham
  • Jamie Squibb’s
  • Vander Wheel
  • Stannage International Stunt Team
  • Morning and Evening Balloon Flight
  • Glow Balloon Flight
  • Normal Balloon Flight
  • Hot Air Balloon Competitions

Big Balloon Fiesta Day events: Friday, 2022

Buster the Ultimate ska and Tribute Act
18:00-19:00 Balloon Launches (Weather permitting)
19:30-20:30 Total Jam -Tribute Band
20:30-21:30 DJ Set
21:30- 22:30 Totally Blondie – Tribute
22:00-22:30 Balloon Night Glow (Weather permitting)
22:30Firework Display
Friday Big Balloon Fiesta Day Events

Big Balloon Fiesta Day events: Saturday, 2022

12:00-13:00Dan Bolddog Lings FM
13:00-14:00Dogs & Ducks Show
14:00-15:00Clown Bluey’s Crazy Fire Engine
15:00-16:00Slingshot Monster Truck Ride
16:00-17:00Dan Bolddog Lings FM
17:00-18:00Dogs & Ducks Show
18:00-19:00Clown Bluey’s Crazy Fire Engine
18:00-19:00Hot Air Balloons Balloon Launches (Weather permitting)
19:00-20:00Slingshot Monster
20:00-21:00Go Pan Duran–Tribue Go West, Spandau Ballet Duran Duran
21:00-21:30DJ Set
21:30-22:30Platinum Queen – Queen Tribute
22:00-22:30Balloon Night Glow (Weather permitting)
Saturday Big Balloon Fiesta Day Events

Note:- If the weather is unsatisfactory, the balloons might not fly.

Cheltenham Balloon Festival Location and Venue

This event is held every year at the Cheltenham Racecourse in Prestbury Park. It’s in the Gloucestershire county of South West England.

How to reach the Cheltenham Balloon Festival

Cheltenham connects with cities like London and Birmingham through express coach services and trains. The nearest train station is the Cheltenham Spa train station. It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach this station from London and 45 minutes from Birmingham. Take a shuttle bus to cover the distance between the station and the racecourse.

A drive from London will save you time as it takes around two hours to complete the journey.

Cheltenham Balloon Festival Parking

A designated parking area is allotted at 100 meters from the venue. Due to high turnover, a separate accessible parking area is also available.

What to wear to the Balloon Fiesta?

As the summer event is held in the open racecourse area, light and comfortable clothes, preferably cotton, will be the best outfit option. Be aware of sudden rain outbursts, and carry an umbrella as a precautionary measure. Wear comfortable walking shoes as the venue is big, and much walking is involved.

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Can a dog go to the Cheltenham Balloon Festival?

Dogs and other pets are allowed inside the festival grounds but should be well-trained. All pet animals should be on a leash throughout their stay duration.

Why is the balloon festival celebrated?

The Cheltenham Balloon Festival is mainly celebrated to provide a fun-filled weekend for the people of Cheltenham. It also allows pilots to exhibit their skills and talents in flying.

Can I wear a hat in the hot air balloon?

As a hot air balloon travels high, the wind here is more. Therefore, a loose-fit hat might fly away during the ride. Go for something more tight-fitting, like a baseball cap.


The Cheltenham Balloon Festival is the biggest yearly event in the city. It brings joy and laughter to the audience by showing hot air balloons in a different light. The tricks and exhibits of the various hot air balloons attract people from other parts of the country. However, it’s important to remember that hot air balloons are subjected to weather conditions. Bad weather can lead to the cancellation of both hot air balloon and glow balloon events.

The fiesta also helps local traders and business owners greatly. Overall, the festival is an excellent opportunity for both enjoyment and prosperity for the people of Cheltenham.

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