Seaham Food Festival in Durham 2023

Seaham is a beautiful harbor town in Durham County, northeast England. Its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate attract tourists year-round. This summer, you can witness peak crowds flown over this week at the famous Seaham drink and food festival.

This year, the Seaham Drink and Food Festival date is Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August 2022. It’s a free event organized by the Durham County Council on Terrace Green by Durham Heritage Coast. It’s trying to achieve the “UK City of Culture 2025” award by showcasing the artistic side of the county.

Food lovers from all over England enjoy a flavorful weekend during the carnival. Stalls put up by local eateries showcase the region’s delicacies. Chefs from other areas also participate in the festival.

Last year, the festival had celebrity chefs like Rosemary Shrager, John Whaite, Chris Baber, and more. There is live music, a theatre, a kid’s play area, and food stalls for entertainment. The festival boosts tourism and helps local traders/businesses too.

Seaham Food Festival
Seaham Food Festival

The History of Seaham Food Festival

Seaham Food Festival started in 2019 as the first large-scale event hosted by Durham County. It was an excellent addition to Seaham town’s already busy and vibrant summer. The event improved the tourism sector and made Durham famous as a food hub. 

Cultural & Traditions of Seaham Food Festival

The Seaham Food Festival mainly puts local traders and eateries at the forefront. Over a hundred traders participate in this festival to showcase their recipes passed down through generations.

Thus, it’s a celebration of the local culture and traditions altogether. It’s a unique opportunity to help the original Durham residents take pride in their legacy and traditions.

Cookery theatre
Cookery Theatre

The Uniqueness of the Seaham Food Festival

It’s the biggest event in Durham, attracting many people. The beach surroundings, live music, and shows add to the attraction. Differences in food types and the chef show a unique part of the festival. Celebrity chefs attend this festival and put up their highly appraised specialties.

While doing so, they indulge in a live cooking show in front of an enthusiastic audience. Hence, it creates a good time for foodies and a learning opportunity for aspiring chefs.

Activities at Seaham Food Festival 2022

  1. Taster sessions
  2. Live music
  3. Theatrical performances
  4. Children’s Creative Workshop
  5. Street theatre
  6. Live cookery demonstrations at free cookery theatre
  7. Art and craft stall
  8. Cocktail making classes
Live Taster session is running at Seaham Food Festival
The live taster session is running

Things to do at Seaham Food Festival

  • Taste different cuisines from the food stalls.
  • Witness performances by live bands and singers.
  • Watch a beautiful street play by the sea.
  • Do a wine tasting.
  • Witness celebrity chefs at their craft with your own eyes at the cookery theatre.
  • Get involved in the creative zone and liven up your hidden artistry with activities such as origami.

Seaham Food Festival Celebrity Chefs 2022

Celebrity pastry chef Cherish Finden will join on Saturday’s cookery stage. He won many awards in her 20 years of international expertise. She is well known for her strong personality and judgments on Channel 4’s Bake Off.

Matt Tebbutt will be joining Sunday’s cookery stage. The celebrity TV chef is a presenter at Saturday’s Kitchen on BBC One, beside Best Bites on BBC Two and Food Unwrapped on Channel 4. The last one is running now in its 8th series.

Types of foods in Seaham Food Festival

Like the Norfolk Reepham Food Festival, this festival celebrates street food and local delicacies. At Seaham, you can find a plethora of those and even more. There is street food, seafood, local produce, baked goodies, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Among the food trucks and stalls, there are various cuisines worldwide. These include Armenian (Armenian Kitchen), Indian (Really Indian), Lebanese (Lebanese Food Truck), Thai (R&G Thai), French (Alpine21), etc. Apart from these, the typical fast food centers serve a delicious plate of burgers, sausages, fries or fish and chips.

The dessert side stalls are equally exciting. There are the best brownies, ice creams, or waffles to satiate your sweet buds. You can also find chocolate shops and pie stalls in the dessert crowd, and a few stores even offer entirely new types of visually yummy desserts. This fantastic dessert section is heaven on earth for a sweet tooth.

The beverage stores also include an exciting platter. Stalls serve different kinds of tea (The Tea Enthusiasts), and some serve the taste of their unique coffee beans through several types of coffee (North Shore Coffee).

To get alcoholic drinks, go to famous wineries and breweries (Vaux Brewery) stalls offering their specialities. Cocktail stalls (The Cocktail Pickers Club) are also there. 

food in Seaham Food Festival
Truffle fries

What to eat at Seaham Food Festival

Among the hundred-plus stores, here’s a list of a few of the most popular items from the festival menu.

  • Duck fries from Hatch 76
  • Sausage rolls
  • Brownies from Brown & Blond
  • Chicken Khorovats from Armenian Family Street Kitchen
  • Wraps
  • French Raclette from Alpine21
  • Cheesecakes
  • Samosas from The Little Indian
  • Burgers from Twisted Chick
  • Beer from Black Storm Brewery
  • Homemade alcoholic beverages from O’Donnell Moonshine
  • Cheesecakes from Love Cheesecakes
  • Churros from Barcelona Churros
Foods in Seaham Food Festival
What to eat at Seaham Food Festival

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Different eateries at Seaham Food Festival

Twisted ChickBrown & BlondMcColl’s Brewery
Fire & DoughHedgehog BakeryNorth Shore Coffee
Fat HippoChurros BarcelonaDurham Coffee
Calder’s KitchenPie DemandGin & Tonia
Lebanese Street Food TruckOriginal Chocolate Dream CompanyThe Cocktail Pickers Club
Hatch 76 Love CheesecakesBlack Storm Brewery
Armenian KitchenThe Brownie BarThe Fizzy Tap
Spud Gun Loaded FriesThe Canny Candy GadgiesKitty’s Homemade Ginger Wine
R&G Thai CurryRussian PiesVaux Brewery
House of RuhrBurtree PuddingsO’Donnell Moonshine
Really IndianThe Gingerbread ManWL Distillery
Different eateries at Seaham Food Festival

Location and Timing of Seaham Drink and Food Festival

On August 6th and 7th August 2022, this free food festival starts on the Seaham seafront, offering live cooking events, music, street theatre/ play, and a children’s amusement corner.

  • Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Sunday: 10 AM to 4 PM


Cost of entry at Seaham Food Festival

There is no entry ticket at the Seaham Food Festival, and the cost of entry is free for all.

What to wear at Seaham Food Festival

The event usually occurs in the summer months, so summer clothes with casual shoes should be your go-to option. Light-colored clothes will be more comfortable since it’s held during the daytime.

Make sure your outfit can survive a long day in a crowded setting. Carry a light jacket to shield yourself from the cool ocean breeze when the sun sets. Try Outfit styles such as bohemian, eclectic, classic, and femme. Etc and Sandals are appropriate for these kinds of festivals.

You can also wear

  • Jumpsuit
  • T-shirt
  • Jacket
  • Shorts
  • Shirt
  • Shorts
  • Skirt

Must carry

  • Bag
  • Umbrella
  • Hat, Bucket Hat
  • sunglass
  • water bottle
What to wear at Seaham Food Festival
What to wear at Seaham Food Festival

What to Pack for Seaham Food Festival

Sudden summer rains are not unknown to the residents of the UK. Packing an umbrella will help during any such accident. There are plenty of choices. Keep wet tissues with you to clean your hands after eating.

How to get to Seaham Food Festival

Take a train or bus to Seaham Station in Durham. There is a park-and-ride service by the Durham County Council during the festival weekend, which takes you to the festival site. This service operates between the Spectrum Business Park in Seaham and the town center. The last of these buses returns half an hour after the festival ends.

Tickets for the service are £2 for adults and 50 pence for those aged 5 to 15. Children below age 5 can ride free of cost. Regular public buses also ply this route.

A yummy day out at Seaham Food Festival
A yummy day out at Seaham Food Festival

Car parking near Seaham Food Festival

Car parking is available in the town center, but Seaham Beach parking might get busy and crowded during the festival. People traveling in personal cars should remember this and plan their trip accordingly. North Terrace remains closed during this time, so parking there is not allowed.

Where to stay near Seaham Food Festival

Accommodations are readily available near the Seaham seashore. Luxury hotels include Seaham Hall Hotel, Leaf Cottage, The Seaton Lane Inn, etc. No. 16, April Guest House, Mowbray Guest House, etc., are budget hotels nearby.

Where to stay near Seaham food and drink festival
Where to stay near Seaham Food and Drink Festival

How to apply for the Seaham Food Festival

A few months before the festival, the official website of Seaham Food Festival starts accepting applications from traders (check Facebook, too). You need to specify your type of food dish in the application, and selected applicators are notified in advance to provide them with sufficient preparation time.


About Seaham

Seaham is an English coastal town in the northeastern part of County Durham near Sunderland, situated on the Durham Heritage Coast by the North Sea. Seaham is a sister town to Gerlingen in Germany.

The total population is over twenty thousand, with a landmass of 4.87 sq km. The climate here is mostly warm and temperate, with frequent precipitation, and July is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 15 C. 

This harbour town is also known for its plethora of special sunglasses. Thus, this place is very famous among sea glass collectors.

Seaham beach

Seaham Beach is a beautiful sandy beach mixed with some rocky parts along the way. It’s around 800 m long and famous among locals for being a perfect swim spot. It’s the only sand beach in the area. Free parking spaces are found in abundance with no time restrictions.

The beach is divided into two parts, namely Seaham Hall Beach and Seaham Harbour Beach. Harbour Beach is small and shallow and thus perfect for small kids, and Hall Beach is pet friendly. Small cafes and restaurants are scattered around the beach area, and public toilets are available.

Seaham castle

Barnard Castle in Seaham is an excellent historical spot on a high rock above the River Tees. It was built in the 12th century by Bernard de Balliol. The most notable point here is the boar emblem of Richard III, which is carved above the inner ward. The scenic beauty of the Tees Gorge is also a significant point of attraction. It’s a great picnic spot to visit with friends and family.

Seaham population

According to the latest census of 2020, Seaham’s total population is 22,610. Most people are 18 – 64 years old, and the male and female population is almost equal.

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