5 Almost Michelin Star Restaurants in Texas 2024

Are there any Michelin-star restaurants in Texas? Currently, no restaurant has achieved Michelin-star honors. However, Texas has many restaurants that provide exceptional gastronomic experiences in a pleasant setting.

Bellow mentioned restaurants are the best in test ambiance and quality; let’s look.

Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Texas?
Are There Any Michelin Star Restaurants in Texas?

1. Sister Restaurant in Dallas

Sister is an outstanding Italian restaurant in Dallas, serving delectable traditional healthy Italian dishes with a modern twist. Italian-Mediterranean dishes, wood-fired meats, and fresh fish always satisfy its diners’ taste. Sister has some must-try items: homemade pasta, beets, avocado appetizer, and grilled lamb collar.

From the candlelit, immaculately designed interior to the seductive, modern bar and inviting terrace, Sister offers a perfect place to spend time with your loved ones. The interior is well-decorated with purple banquettes, beautiful plates on the wall, and scenic wallpapers.

Homemade Pasta Sister Restaurant in Dallas
Homemade Pasta
  • Price Range: Average $30 to $50
  • Type of Restaurant: Italian and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.
  • Must-try Menu and Items: Roasted eggplant dip, plain truffle pasta,  banana bread, ravioli and eggplant parmigiana, Smoked ice cream with chocolate and  Orange cherry reduction. 
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday, 4:30–10 pm, Friday and Saturday, 4:30–11 pm.
  • Address: 2808 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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2. March Restaurant in Houston, TX

March is an elegant eatery in Houston with an outstanding design that puts this restaurant above its competitors. The restaurant offers 28 dining tables in its exceptional dining room with splendid tapestry, wooden tables, trippy tiles, and magnificent artwork on the wall.

The constantly changing menu focuses on numerous and diverse Mediterranean-influenced cuisines. Its menu offers a six-course and nine-course tasting menu with a wide list of wines. This fancy restaurant also offers a private dining room for special occasions like birthday celebrations, anniversaries, etc. You may make reservations in advance by phoning them or going to their official website.

  • Price Range: Average $100
  • Type of Restaurant: Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Must-try Menu and Items: Charred melon, Secreto, Cocktail items, and carpaccio. 
  • Timings: Tuesday to Saturday, 6 pm to 10 pm. Sunday and Monday are closed. The Lounge’s time is Tuesday to Thursday, 8 pm-10 pm. Friday and Saturday, 9 pm to 11 pm.
  • Address: 1624 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

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3. Canje Restaurant in Austin, TX

Canje is an exceptional Caribbean restaurant and almost a Michelin star restaurant by chef Travel Bristol, located in the picturesque city of Austin. Four categories—Wah Gwaan, Tryating, Suppa, and Likkle Muore—comprise Canje’s cuisine menu.

The menu changes in different seasons, offering visitors a unique flavor each time. Some signature dishes diners love the most in Canje are- Avocado Escabeche, Jerk Chicken, Wild bore pepper pot, etc.

The interior is relaxed and cozy, with enough space to accommodate many diners. Various handpicked cocktails and desserts are available here to complement your dishes.

  • Price Range: Average $50 to $80 
  • Type of Restaurant: Caribbean cuisine.
  • Must-try Menu and Items: Acorn squash, lamb, plantain chips, jerk chicken, and rock shrimp. 
  • Timings: Sunday to Thursday, 5 pm to 10 pm. Friday and Saturday, 5 pm to 11 pm.
  • Address: 1914 E 6th St Ste c, Austin, TX 78702, United States

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4. Up Scale Restaurant in San Antonio, TX

Up Scale is one of the best romantic restaurants in San Antonio, USA, owned by the husband-wife duo Emily and Houston Carpenter. The restaurant mainly serves three dishes – seafood, sushi, and steak with a wide section of handpicked cocktails. Deviled eggs and Oroto nigiri have been the most sought-after dishes in Up Scale.

The interior is gorgeous, with a dining room decorated with a pink theme. The bar is also charming. Additionally, they have a lovely outside patio with string lights in the rear that would be ideal for a date night.

  • Price Range: Average $100
  • Type of Restaurant: Japanese cuisine.
  • Must-try Menu and Items: A5 Wagyu beef,  rice paper in the king roll, scallops in a pumpkin puree, cocktails, The Deviled Eggs with Caviar and Gold flakes, cheesecake.  
  • Timings: Tuesday to Saturday: 5 pm to 11 pm.  Sunday and Monday are closed. Happy Hour: 4 pm to 6 pm.
  • Address: 1024 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78210

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5. Meridian – The Village Restaurant in Dallas

Meridian is an excellent restaurant on the picturesque side of Dallas with a view, serving sophisticated, high-end Brazilian dishes to its diners. Executive Chef Junior Borges has shown his culinary expertise in Meridian’s dishes since its establishment. Beef tartare and beach cheese are some must-try dishes of Meridian.

Meridian’s atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming. Its large windows are framed by ferns, giving the area a unique. Meridian is well-known fame in the Texas city, so it’s recommended to book your tables before visiting.

Scallop moqueca Meridian The Village Restaurant in Dallas
Scallop moqueca
  • Price Range: Average $50 to $100
  • Type of Restaurant: Modern Brazilian cuisine.
  • Must-try Menu and Items: Scallop moqueca, shrimp grits, oysters, Picahna steak, lobster ravioli, sesame garlic pancake, Yuca gnocchi, chocolate cake, cocktails, and mocktails.  
  • Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, 5 pm to 10 pm. Monday is Closed. Happy Hour is Sunday to Thursday, 5 pm to 6:30 pm.
  • Address: 5650 Village Glen Drive, Dallas, TX 75206

Does Dallas have Michelin-star restaurants?

No, there are no Michelin-star restaurants available in Dallas. However, many highly rated restaurants in Dallas provide a Michelin restaurant-like experience.

What are some highly rated Michelin Star restaurants in Dallas, Texas?

Some highly rated Michelin-starred restaurants in Dallas, Texas, are Carte Blanche, Sister, Meridian, Petra and the Beast, Uchi, Monarch, etc.

Why are there no Michelin Star restaurants in Texas?

There are no Michelin-star restaurants in Texas because, to date, Michelin is yet to publish its restaurant guide in this state.

Are there any Michelin Star restaurants in Austin, Texas?

Sadly, there are no Michelin-starred restaurants available in Austin, Texas.

Are there any Michelin Star restaurants in Houston, Texas?

Houston, Texas, does not have any Michelin-starred restaurants till now.

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