How much to Tipping in India | What is good & When say NO

Tipping is expected in tourist places in India. Moreover, it’s a vital source of income. But my personal opinion is, tips should only be given when deserving a good service.

In India, people in your service expect tips. Tips expected by the driver, porters, bellman, guide, waiters, etc. In India, tips are called “Baksheesh.”

Usually, the average tips are about 10 %, but it may vary by situation. It depends on the quality of the service. 

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Tipping in India
Tipping in India

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Tipping culture in India

What is tipping culture in India? So here’s a simple list to help you figure out who, when, and how much to tip while staying at your next Indian hotel.

In this blog, I will share with you, what a good tip in India is? When you tip someone? Where to tip? And when avoid it.

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Symbol of Indian Currency
Symbol of Indian Currency

Average good tipping rate in India

If you ask me, what is a good tip? Or what is the average tipping rate in India?

The answer is, 5 to 10 per cent of your total cost is a good tip. Like

  • In India, tip is give by in Indian currency. 
  • Rupee is India’s currency. 
  • Like one Dollar means approx 75 Rupees (1$ = 75 INR or Rupee). 
  • For the bellhop 20 to 30 rupees per bag. 
  • Food in a restaurant 5 to 10 %
  • For local drivers, give them an extra 20 to 50 rupees on the total bill. If it is a day tour driver, it will be 50 to 100 rupees.
  • Guide 200 to 300 rupees for a day.

How much to tip in a Hotel India

Tipping in Indian hotels is a bit confusing. Most of the tipping here will be for Bell boys, room service, hotel maid or housekeeping, etc. The tip here will depend on what kind of service you are getting. As per the service, you will tip the person.

Suppose you are staying at a hotel in Delhi. Let’s say the hotel tariff is 5000 per day. In this case, you can tip Rs. 20 to 30 for a small task. For bringing coffee to your room, you can tip them 10 to 20 rupees, which is a good tip. But if you are staying in a luxury hotel, Rs 10,000 per day. Here you can tip Rs. 30 to 50 for a small task.

Indian rupees
Indian rupees

Some hotels may have a central tipping box. So traveller can contribute a tip for the whole staff. I think the standard tip to the tip box is Rs 100 to 200 rupees. Many hotels do not always expect you to tip their staff too. So tip those people around you when you leave.

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How much to tip in a 5-star hotel in India

As I said before, it all depends on your budget. If you are staying in a five-star hotel, you could tip that time for bellhops and the room service 100 to 200 rupees. For the housekeeping 200 to 300 rupees per day. For the watchman Rs. 150 to 200. In the restaurant, 5% to 10% of the total bill is a good tip.

How much to tip a hotel Bellhop and Bellman

In India, Hotels do not mention any fixed tipping system. Many hotels in India, only give tips to those who provide service. Like you tip hotel bellhop or bellman. Many hotels have a no-tipping policy too. So ask their tipping policy at the front desk when you check in.

A hotel bellhop brings your luggage to your room and will be hopeful for the tip. I would suggest as much as 10 to 20 rupees per suitcase. Otherwise, you can tip the bellhop in a total amount.

For example, if the bellman brings about three bags to your room, you may give them tips for about 50 to 60 rupees. If two hotel porters are doing the job, tip them individually depending on how much luggage they carry.

Hotel bellhop and bellman
Hotel bellhop and bellman

How much to tip room service

Room service is an in-room dining service. Hotels provide it. It allows the guests to choose food and beverage items for delivery in their hotel room. You can tip them 5% to 10 % on the total bill. 50 to 60 rupees is a good tip for that. Many hotels include the room service charge in the bill. So, there is no need to pay extra.

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How much to tip hotel maid

A hotel housekeeping department is an important department. The hotel maid department handles cleaning the guest rooms; after checking out, they are responsible for cleaning the room properly and preparing for the next guest.

Like the other stuff, hotel maids are also hopeful for the tip. Most of all they neat and tidy your room every day. If you need extra towels or blankets in your room, they arrange them as soon as you tell them. At a luxury hotel, 200-300 rupees, and at a budget hotel, 100 to 150 rupees is a good tip. 

Tipping a hotel maid India
Tipping a hotel maid India

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How much do you tip housekeeping in hotels in India?

Tipping the housekeeping staff is optional. However, if the work impresses you, 20 – 25 rupees tip is good. Some hotels install a tipping box where you can leave a tip for the entire staff. Rs 100 is a standard tip for them. The amount of tip also depends on the hotel you are staying at.

How much to tip in a restaurant in India

 It’s Generally, the tip is 6-7% of the bill amount. But the international standards is 15-20% of the bill. Many restaurants have a service charge that is approx 5-10% of the bill amount. And if there is a service charge, it is fine without leaving any tip.

I give you an example to understand, in a luxury hotel or a Deluxe hotel, order some food and alcohol at Rs 1500; your bill could be closer to Rs 2000. Because there is an 18% GST(Goods and Services Tax), 10% service charge and a luxury charge and alcohol VAT on the total bill.

Moreover, many decent restaurants have no service charge. There you can leave a 10% tip with the total bill.  

For the roadside food stall or small restaurants, they do not have any service charge. But if you like the food and the service, you could say “keep the change.”

Restaurant tip by Indian Note
Restaurant tip by Indian Note

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Tipping at a buffet

At a buffet restaurant, tipping people who bring your food or provide drinks is recommended. You can tip them 10% to 20% on the billing amount. However, if the buffet has a self-service system, tipping is unnecessary.

Tipping at a buffet in India
Tipping at a buffet in India

Tipping the waiters

The waiters are tipped according to the service. If the service is exceptional, you can tip 15% on the bill or else 10%. On a bill of 1000 rupees, leaving a 100 rupee tip is good. Generally, people leave a tip at the end of their meal. 

Tipping the waiters in India
Tipping the waiters in India

Tipping for home delivery

To tip the delivery person for delivering groceries, food, medicines, etc., is a good practice. We can tip them rupees 10-15 per delivery. If they add a delivery charge to your billing amount, there is no obligation to tip. You can tip the staff who help you carry bags to your home. They can be tipped rupees 5-10.

Tipping home delivery in India
Tipping home delivery in India

Tipping the Valets

Many hotels and restaurants provide valet parking services. Tipping the Valets is the same as tipping the hotel staff. When returning your car, tip the valet 20-50 rupees. The amount of tip depends on the hotel you are staying in. However, at malls and parking lots, avoid tipping.

Tipping Valets in India
Tipping Valets in India

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Tipping car, cab, and taxi drivers in India

It is normal to tip the drivers of cars, cabs, or taxis in India. We can give them a tip by rounding off the fare to the nearest 10. For example, if the vehicle is booked for an entire day, give them rupees 50-100. When you pay them at the end of your trip, increase the amount by 10%. It is good etiquette. 

Tipping car cab and taxi drivers in India
Tipping car cab and taxi drivers in India

How much do you tip in Bars?

At bars, the tipping depends on the complexity of your order. You can leave a tip of 15% for the bartenders or else leave a tip of 10% on the bill. Before giving tip at a bar, check the bill for service charge. If the bar has already added 5%, you can consider and leave your tip.

Tip in Bars in India
Tip in Bars in India

How much do you tip a guide per day?

Tour guides and drivers are tipped after the trip, especially if they provide exemplary service. You may tip them 100-200 rupees after considering the quality of their service. For a walking tour guide, you may tip 10-20% of the tour cost. If the cost of the tour is high, tipping 5% is acceptable.

Tipping a travel guide in India
Tipping a travel guide in India

How much do you tip an adventure guide?

The average tipping amount for an adventure guide is 10-20% of the tour cost per person. The tip depends upon your satisfaction level. Consider the size of the group before giving a tip. If the size of the group is small, tipping rupees 100 – 150 is standard. If the group size is large, tipping rupees 300 – 400 is good.

Tipping an adventure guide in India
Tipping an adventure guide in India

How much should you tip a private tour guide?

Give them a group tip of rupees 200-400 for a half-day tour in India. You can also leave a group tip of 500-700 rupees for a whole day trip. 

The driver who accompanies you can be given a tip of 200-300 rupees a day. A local driver’s tip varies between 50-100 rupees.

Tipping in India in a salon and spa

Tipping at the salon and spa is difficult. So many people serve you in different ways. It’s not customary to leave a tip at a salon or spa. But if the service impresses you may leave a tip of 10-15 rupees.

Should you tip your hairdresser?

We can give a tip of 10% on the bill to the hairdressers. However, they may expect a little more on occasions like Diwali.

Tipping a hairdresser in India
Tipping a hairdresser in India

Do you tip tailors?

It’s uncommon to tip tailors, as they get paid for their work. However, if the tailor has worked exceptionally by delivering 2-3 items on time, then consider tipping is 10-15%. You can give your regular tailor a box of sweets or similar at festivals.

Tipping a tailor in India
Tipping a tailor in India

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Should the receptionist be tipped ?

Receptionists or front-desk workers do several jobs. They answer your question and provide information. Tipping is not required here; just smile and say, “Thank You.” However, if they did something exceptional to make your stay happy,ip them 5%-10%. 

Should the receptionist be tipped in India
Should the receptionist be tipped in India?

When should you not tip in India?

  • Tipping for street foods is not required. 
  • Many restaurants levy “service charge,” tipping is unnecessary there. 
  • Don’t tip the car, cab, taxi, and auto drivers if they are not charging fairly according to the meter or unnecessary delay.
  • If you wish, buy some food for beggers, but cash (rupees or coins) is not recommended.

Is rupees 500 a good tip?

Suppose you are going on a group tour. Then tipping rupees 500 for a group of 8 to 10 people is good.

How much should you tip a private driver in India?

You can tip the private car driver 10% to 20% on the bill amount for the service provided by them. 

How much should you tip at a 5-star hotel?

At a 5 star hotel, you can tip rupees 150- 200, or 20% on the bill amount.

How much should you tip your waiter?

You can tip waiters 10% on the bill amount. If the service provided is exceptional, you can tip them 15% on the bill amount. 

What is the average tip in India?

Generally, leaving a tip of 10% to 15% on the bill amount is a good practice in India.

Can you tip in the US dollar in India?

In India, Best practice is paid by the local currency.

Is tipping mandatory in India?

Tipping is not mandatory; however, it is considered good etiquette. For example, in 5-star hotels and restaurants, it is etiquette to leave a tip.

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