27 Best Fishing Spots in San Antonio, Texas 2023

Fishing in San Antonio has a dynamic and vibrant flavor to it. The proof can be seen in the motto of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – “Reel Fun Close to Home.” You can find many of the best fishers here. Also, the lakes and fishing spots in San Antonio can quickly reach any point from this city.

The residents have taken up fishing as a family tradition for years and passed it down to future generations. Many have private fishing ponds, too. The peaceful yet thrilling feeling of fishing has become a source of utmost relaxation for people of all ages.

Best Fishing Spots near San Antonio Texas
Best Fishing Spots near San Antonio, Texas

1. Calaveras Lake Park

Calaveras Lake is San Antonio’s best kayak fishing spot. You can access the lake through a boat ramp or the bank. The adjacent ground has picnic and camping areas and restrooms; people can rent boats from the boat rental stores nearby.

Fishes like Red Drum, Catfish, Striped, and Largemouth Bass are abundant here.

  • Entry fee: The 16 years and above entry fee is $6 per person. Those below 16 and above 65 need to pay $4 as an entry fee.
  • Address: 12991 Bernhardt Road, San Antonio, TX 78263, United States.
Calaveras lake park in San Antonio TX
Calaveras Lake Park in San Antonio, TX

2. SouthSide Lions Park

Southside Lions Park in the USA is an urban fishing spot equipped with picnic areas, three pavilions, restrooms, and a jogging track. A well-known hiking trail, Salado Creek Greenway Trail, passes through here. Pets are also allowed inside.

It’s a favorite spot for the anglers in town. Swimming or boating is not allowed on the lake. Thus, only bank fishing is allowed here. Catfish and Rainbowfish are frequently caught here. 

  • Entry fee: The cost of a fishing permit starts from $11.
  • Address: 3100 Hiawatha St, San Antonio, TX 78210, United States.
SouthSide Lions Park
SouthSide Lions Park

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3. Miller’s Pond

Miller’s Pond is located inside a 42-acre vast park. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department maintains the water body and stocks fish. They are responsible for stocking a variety of fish here at regular intervals.

There are picnic tables, playgrounds, and restrooms available in the park. The bank is the only accessible part of the Pond. Trout and Channel Catfish are the types of fish found here. It’s one of the most common San Antonio Fishing Spots.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 6175 Old Pearsall Rd, San Antonio, TX 78242, United States.
Miller’s Pond
Miller’s Pond

4. Woodlawn Lake Park

Woodlawn Lake Park is a great place to relax and unwind. The park has long trees forming shaded areas. The fishing pond is stocked with many fish once every year.

This kids-friendly fishing spot also has a swimming pool, hiking and bicycle trails, restrooms, a community center, etc. Largemouth bass, Common carp, and Rio Grande Cichlid are the popular fishes of this waterbody.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 1103 Cincinnati Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201, United States.
Woodlawn Lake Park
Woodlawn Lake Park

5. Brackenridge Park

Brackenridge Park in Downtown San Antonio is a well-known fishing area. It was included in the Neighbor Fishin’ program and thus remains stocked with channel catfish. This is where you should be if you want to fish in the San Antonio River. The park encompasses 2.2 miles of the river. Trout is the primary fish stocked here.

The park is a Texas State Antiquities Landmark and is included on the National Register of Historic Places. It offers picnic areas, restrooms, and pavilions for rent.

  • Entry fee: The entry fee for adults is $14, and for children, it’s $10.
  • Address: 531 Brackenridge Way, San Antonio, TX 78212.
Brackenridge Park
Brackenridge Park

6. Tom Slick Park

The Texas government looks after the messy pond of Tom Slick Park. It’s fun yet different from the other fishing spots. Pet owners mainly frequent this park for their pet’s daily walks. Soccer and baseball can be played here as well. Newbie anglers can try practicing here to develop better techniques. it’s one of the free fishing spots in San Antonio.

It’s mainly stocked with Channel Catfish. Largemouth and Bass are also found.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 7400 Texas 151 Access Rd, San Antonio, TX 78227, United States.
Tom Slick Park
Tom Slick Park

7. Earl Scott Pond

The Earl Scott Pond Park is located on the outskirts of San Antonio. The Buddy Calk Trailhead is nearby at just a five-minute walking distance. The Pond is not equipped with amenities like a washroom or nearby parking lot; travelers can only access it through a hike. You can find many Abandoned Places in San Antonio, too.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks this Pond with fishes like Bass, Trout, Channel Catfish, and Bluegill. It’s also a part of the Neighbor Fishin’ program.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 13101 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249, United States.
Earl Scott Pond
Earl Scott Pond

8. Espada Park – Best Fishing Spots in San Antonio

Espada Park encloses a part of the San Antonio River and creates a great fishing spot. The park is wide and spacious, has good bank access, and boats are restricted on the water. 

We can find picnic areas and restrooms in the park vicinity. It’s a beautiful day park called San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. Popular fishes found here include Bass and Bluegill.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 1750 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214, United States.
Espada Park
Espada Park

9. Medina River

The Medina River is stocked with a variety of fishes. The riverside is a spacious area with excellent bank access, and swimming is also allowed here.

Several campsites along the river’s length and boat ramps are also constructed. It’s the best fishing spot near San Antonio.

The famous fish species are largemouth bass, Channel catfish, and Spotted Bass.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: South Central Texas.
Medina River
Medina River

10. Victor Braunig Lake

The Victor Braunig Lake is a reservoir on the Calaveras stream, located on the city’s outskirts in rural San Antonio. The surroundings are calm with beautiful scenery, and the Sunsets here offer the best views.

Underwater vegetation might cause some hindrance near banks. It’s better to fish near the middle, where the water is deep enough. Red drums are the staple catch here.

Braunig Lake Park in San Antonio Tx
Braunig Lake Park in San Antonio, TX
  • Entry fee: The entry fee for adults is $5, while for children below 15, it’s $3. An extra $4 needs to be paid to get your boat in.
  • Address: 17500 Donop Rd, San Antonio, TX 78112, United States.
Braunig Lake Park cautions
Braunig Lake Park cautions

11. Elmendorf Lake Park

Elmendorf Lake Park is built around a freshwater lake used for recreational purposes. The park allows only bank fishing on the lake, and a specialized pier is also built around the lake for fishing purposes. Apart from this is a play area, walking trails, bridges, and restrooms. Catfish are the major fish species found here.

The 30-acre wide area of St. Mary’s Elmendorf Lake Park is beautifully renovated by the San Antonio authority and decorated with flowering trees, picnic areas, swimming pools, and walking and biking trails.

Alcohol is prohibited inside the park premises, and Kayaking is permitted on the lake. Catfish are found here in abundance.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 3700 W Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78207, United States.
Elmendorf Lake Park
Elmendorf Lake Park

12. Canyon Lake Marinas

The Canyon Lake Marinas is a saltwater fishing spot in San Antonio. The difference in aquatic habitat allows various kinds of fish to thrive here. Its 80-mile-long shoreline harbors multiple parks with boat ramps. There are camping spots and hiking trails all around this marina. Accommodations for overnight stays are also available.

Bass is the most popular fish in Canyon Lake. Stripers, crappies, and Catfish are some other fishes found here.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 280 Marina, Canyon Lake, TX 78133, United States.
Canyon Lake Marinas
Canyon Lake Marinas

13. Converse North Park City Lake

The Converse North Park City Lake is a perfect picnic spot. The lake is suitable for recreational fishing, and playgrounds surround it. A baseball, football, and basketball area, a walking trail, and restrooms exist. The park also has two pavilions available for rent.

Largemouth, Bluegills, and Catfish are the common catches from the lake.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 8711 Business Ct. Converse, Tx 78109, United States.
Converse North Park City Lake
Converse North Park City Lake

14. Fischer Park

Fischer Park consists of two small ponds. It’s the most significant public park in New Braunfels, having playgrounds and picnic areas. Many hiking trails also pass through here. Fishing is allowed in both water bodies.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks these two ponds with Channel Catfish yearly. You can also rent a kayak here.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 1935 Hilltop Summit Road, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States.
Fischer Park
Fischer Park

15. Live Oak City Park

Live Oak City Park is a popular fishing spot among the locals. The Pond is connected to a reservoir with picnic areas and sports fields.

Beautiful hiking pathways also originate from here. You can even rent a boat and try boating on the lake.

Bass, Largemouth, and Palmetto are the staple catches of this area.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 18001 Park Dr., Live Oak, TX 78233, United States.
Live Oak City Park
Live Oak City Park

16. Wheeler Park

Wheeler Park is named after a San Antonio patrolman, Officer John Wheeler. It’s a small public park with picnic tables, benches, and a fishing area. Attempt bank fishing or walk in nature along the trails that run here. Catfish are the staple fish here. It’s also a nice place to take Pictures in San Antonio.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 10239 Ingram Rd, San Antonio, TX 78245, United States.
Wheeler Park
Wheeler Park

17. Lake Dunlap

Lake Dunlap is the largest reservoir on the Guadalupe River. It’s a famous fishing spot in the entire state of Texas. Public access here is limited to the boat ramp near Highway 35 flyover. Jet skis and kayaks are allowed on the lake.

The Fort Worth Museum of Natural History and Natural History Museum are within a few minutes from this lake.

The largemouth bass is the most popular catch here. Spotted Bass, Catfish, Bluefish, Redfish, and Whitefish are other fishes.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 559 Ferryboat Lane, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States.
Lake Dunlap
Lake Dunlap

18. Lake Placid

Lake Placid is a favorite spot among anglers in the city. This lake is suitable for anglers of all ages and levels. Largemouth bass and white crappie are the most sought-after species here. Sunfish species, such as Bluegill, Redear, etc., are abundant here.

These are excellent catches for a novice. Fishing is allowed here via a boat ramp; a designated part of the bank is also allowed access during fishing.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: Ih 10 W Access Rd, Seguin, TX 78155, United States.
Lake Placid
Lake Placid

19. Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park has the best fishing lake in East Texas, and its proximity to a dam ensures an excellent catch for anglers throughout the year. The park is covered with pine trees, providing shadowed resting areas, and the lake has a walking trail. Amenities include picnic areas, restrooms, and a nice rental pavilion. 

There is a two-lane boat ramp for fishing purposes, and the bank is also accessible. The lake is mainly stocked with Trout and Catfish.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 5640 Lakefront Drive, San Antonio, TX,78222, United States.
Lakeside Park
Lakeside Park

20. Guadalupe River State Park

The Guadalupe River State Park is an all-in-one place for some outdoor activities. It’s located 30 miles from Downtown San Antonio within the recluse of woods. The park isolates a section of the Guadalupe River and uses it to provide a variety of water activities for visitors.

You can opt for fishing, swimming, or canoeing in the river. There are camping areas and trails for biking and hiking all around. Varieties of trout are the main species in this park.

  • Entry fee: A permit of $10 is required to enter the park. This permit lasts seven days per adult, and it’s better to make prior reservations even for day use.
  • Address: 3350 Park Rd 31, Spring Branch, TX 78070, United States.
Guadalupe River State Park
Guadalupe River State Park

21. Choke Canyon Reservoir/Choke Canyon State Park, TX

Choke Canyon State Park is great for fishing with friends and family. The park is centered around the Choke Canyon Reservoir. Amenities include swimming, hiking, fishing, camping, boating, geocaching, and many more.

There are playgrounds for sports like basketball, tennis, baseball, soccer, etc. White Bass, White Crappie, Largemouth, and Bluegill are the staple game fish of this park.

  • Entry fee: $5 per person over the age of 13
  • Address: 700 TX-72, Three Rivers, TX 78071, United States.
Choke Canyon Reservoir
Choke Canyon Reservoir

22. Boerne City Lake Park, TX

The Boerne City Lake Park comprises a 100-acre vast lake. It also has a golf course, picnic areas equipped with grills, a boat ramp, and a fishing pier. You can swim, fish, or even ride on motorized boats on the lake.

The fishing population includes fishes like Largemouth, White Bass, Channel Catfish, Bluegill, etc. It’s also a suitable spot for beginners due to the presence of Sunfish.

  • Entry fee: Free for residents.
  • Address: 21 Upper Cibolo Creek Rd, Boerne, TX 78006, United States.
Boerne City Lake Park TX
Boerne City Lake Park TX

23. Landa Park TX

Landa Park is a vast public recreational area in Texas. Fishing here is only allowed when using a regular rod. The park premises have a boathouse, golf course, hiking trails, and a children’s pool.

The serene and sunny environment here is perfect for a day of relaxation and fishing. Common fishes are Bass, Largemouth, Cichlid, Bluegill, and Sunfish.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 164 Landa Park Dr, New Braunfels, TX 78130, United States.
Landa Park TX
Landa Park TX

24. Denman Estate Park

A quiet, tranquil estate within the secrets of Texas greenery, the Denman Estate Park is the perfect place for weekend unwinding. The park is beautifully decorated with pavements and pavilions amongst tall shading trees.

A Korean monument lies in the center to pay homage to San Antonio’s sister city, Gwangju, South Korea. Visitors can go for a nature walk, fish, enjoy bird watching, or click beautiful pictures. Small fishes are mainly found in the Pond here.

  • Entry fee: Free.
  • Address: 7735 Mockingbird Ln, San Antonio, TX 78229, United States.
Denman Estate Park
Denman Estate Park

25. San Antonio River

Some of the best fishing spots in San Antonio are situated on the San Antonio River, and Anglers have even caught large fish in the center of the popular river walk. Places like Davis Lake on Espada Dam are popular fishing spots on the river. 

San Antonio River Authority (SARA) advises anglers to sign up with local authorities for information regarding fishing regulations and the best time for a catch. The downtown park area has picnic spots and specially designed docks for bank fishing. 

Some popular catches from San Antonio Fishing Spots are Largemouth Bass, Blue Catfish, and Channel Catfish. 

  • Entry Fee: $30 is required to get a freshwater fishing license. 
  • Address: ( Davis Lake, Espada Dam) 201 W. Sheridan, San Antonio, Texas 78204
San Antonio River
San Antonio River

26. South Side Lions Park East

South Side Lions Park is one of the family entertainment parks in San Antonio. The park authority, with Texas Park and Wildlife Department, organizes two-week programs for kid-friendly fishing San Antonio festivals in the park twice yearly. 

The ponds are stuffed with rainbow trout during wintertime and channel catfish only for fishing during warm seasons. 

Besides fishing, the park facilities a park, a gym, a community center with meeting rooms, a playground, and picnic spots. Alcoholic beverages are allowed only by the playground side, and a free Wi-Fi connection is available in the community center.

  • Entry Fee: $50 is required as an hour entry fee to the park. For fishing, $30 is required besides a Freshwater Fishing License. 
  • Address: 4600 Pecan Valley Dr, San Antonio, TX 78223, United States
South Side Lions Park East
South Side Lions Park East

27. Heritage Duck Pond Park

Heritage Duck Pond Park is a beautiful park with soccer and baseball courts. People can also go for a walk around the 16-acre stocked pond. It’s one of the best secret fishing spots San Antonio can offer. Fishing is free, and people can catch and release it yearly. 

The park has a gazebo, a chapel, a picnic spot, and a covered bridge. This place is also famous for ducks and turtles. However, authorities advise staying away from them. 

The place is excellent for throwing lines into the water and relaxing. The best catches from the duck pond are bass and catfish.

  • Entry Fee: Park Entry and fishing are free. To rent the pavilion in the park, people need to pay $15 per hour with a 4-hour contract on weekdays, and weekends it is $30. 
  • Address: 900 S Ellison Dr, San Antonio, TX 78245
Heritage Duck Pond Park San Antonio
Heritage Duck Pond Park San Antonio

San Antonio fishing license

Residents of San Antonio love fishing, and it’s a favorite activity for many families. But wherever you go fishing in this city, there are a few simple rules to remember. Every angler requires a valid fishing license with them. With this, you can fish at any San Antonio fishing spot.

A suitable freshwater endorsement is also required, depending on whether you are a resident or visitor. These recreational fishing licenses are available at local department stores or sporting goods stores, costing $30 for a year’s validity.

Top Catches in San Antonio

Fishing is quite popular in Texas. The urban ponds and the powerplant intake lakes are the best fishing spots near San Antonio. Texas Parks and Wildlife Departments regularly stock them for anglers. From freshwater Redfish to rainbow trout, the list is vast.

The most popular catches in San Antonio are Redfish or Red Drum, Bass of all shapes and kinds ( Bucketmouth, white, hybrid, striper), Catfish (Chanel, Blue), Rainbow trouts, Carps, Tilapia, and Alligator Gar. 

Types of Fishing in San Antonio

Anglers enjoy all types of fishing in San Antonio. Beginners come here to learn about the sports, and seasoned ones enjoy the action in the best fishing spots near San Antonio. Here is a list of popular fishing methods anglers prefer in San Antonio fishing Spots. 

Bank Fishing or Shore Fishing

This method of fishing is the safest and best for beginners, as many small waterbodies are staffed with stock around the city. Anglers can aim for any catch from the land. Parents mostly prefer this method to teach young anglers. 

Finding a suitable spot for bank fishing for larger ponds, the San Antonio River, and power plant lakes is quite a task. Experienced anglers have caught even large alligator gars from the shore. It’s also the preferred method for fishing from private fishing ponds in San Antonio. 

Kayak Fishing

This method of fishing is popular among adventure lovers. Popular fishing spots like Calaveras Lake and Guadalupe River have kayak-launching spots for enthusiasts. 

The most common catches are catfish, Redfishes, Carp, and trout. Seasoned anglers with kayaking experience are allowed to try this method as it is a one-person method. Once you can handle both these sports, it’s all about fun.

Fishing from a boat

Fishing from a boat or a charter is best when anglers aim for a big catch. Red drums, catfish, alligator gars, and large bass are a famous catch for anglers from a fishing boat and are also suitable for beginners.

A fishing charter comes with an experienced guide. This way, anglers don’t need to worry about locations and navigation through a large pond like the power plant intake ponds. It is highly recommended for places like Braunig Lake. The reservoirs are huge and deep, and only experienced guides can tell you about the fish locations there.

Texas Outdoor Annual App

It’s a mobile application developed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to help anglers and locals with waterbodies in and around the city. The app provides information about all the parks and fishing spots, including large powerplant ponds, the San Antonio River, and other small water bodies within the city. 

Anglers need to download the app from the webpage of TPWD and sign up there for a fishing license. This way, they can get advanced information on perfect fishing times and seasons to catch. Also, they can get fishing tickets at different parks. 

The app provides different protocols for anglers based on the regulations of TPWD. 

  • Anglers aged 17 or above need a proper fishing license to catch fish, clams, crayfish, or any water species.
  • Anglers should use barbless and circle hooks for safe fishing.
  • Catch and release the fish fast.
  • The number of catches per person is limited and checked by the park authorities.
  • It would help if you handled fish with wet hands.
  • Disposal of litter and recycled fishing lines is essential.
  • Live baits are either given away to fellow anglers or disposed of in the garbage. 

For more information, anglers need to pay for a license. The money is used to organize training for young and fresh anglers. The app provides information about fish stocking, waterbody restoration, and other activities of TPWD. 

So, which Fishing Spots in San Antonio and Texas are near you? Tell us in the comments.

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