Tipping In Morocco All-inclusive 2024 | Culture and Etiquette

Are you planning to travel to Morocco? Want to know how much to tip hotel staff or tour guides? Enjoy amidst the rolling Saharan dunes and the immersive Arabian culture. For all the exemplary services one gets, tipping in Morocco is significantly expected from tourists, and it’s a little high.

Reward luxe treatment with chivalry by knowing about the tipping etiquette in Morocco, which is all-inclusive. Here is an in-depth guide about the expected Tipping Customary in Morocco.

Tipping in Morocco
Tipping in Morocco

Tipping meaning

Tipping means offering additional money in exchange for work being done for you. It’s considered as an extra token of appreciation towards our service givers. Like in other countries, the tipping culture in Morocco has become famous, especially among its tourists. Offering tips depends entirely on your will. But tipping has become an expected customary in Morocco.

Is tipping customary expected in Morocco?

There isn’t any hard and fast rule of offering tips. Everyone expects an extra appreciation for their hard work. Times have changed, and so has the tipping culture in Morocco. Workers earn a handsome amount from tips alone. So they always welcome tips happily.

Tipping etiquette customs and culture in Morocco

Etiquette is civilized behavior in a public place. So, tipping is considered to be a sophisticated practice. Tips should be gracious and respectful. 

 Although tipping customs in Morocco are pretty flexible, there are standardized rates for tipping. At restaurants, it usually ranges between an extra 10 to 15 percent on the bill. 

 When a custom is practiced over time, it becomes a culture. The tipping culture in Morocco was introduced first by the incoming foreign travelers. This culture in hotels and restaurants initially made tipping an expected customary everywhere. 

Moroccan Dirham Image
Moroccan Dirham Image

Tipping policy and guidelines in Morocco

There are no official guidelines or tipping policies in Morocco. Tips are mostly treated as an optional service charge paid by people. Since tipping is a choice, a generous tip is always expected. 

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Tipping in Morocco All Inclusive

While deciding on your Moroccan Budget, keep aside some extra money for offering tips. On a trip, you will find numerous people to offer tips in Morocco. But everyone’s share of tips is different. Hence, we have listed a complete guide to tipping in Morocco to put aside your headache. 

Note – $1(US dollar or USD) equals roughly 10 dirhams approx.

morocco currency value (approx)
Morocco Currency Value (approx)

Tipping in Hotels in Morocco

Moroccan hotel staff always do their best to make a delightful impression on the tourists. The amount of tipping in Morocco hotels depends on the type of hotel. 

Low-budget hotels: The tipping policy at these hotels ranges from 20 to 30 Dirhams per service. 

Five-star hotels/resorts: Since one is catered to with a classy stay, tipping between 80 to 150 Dirhams is good enough. 

Guesthouses: Tipping in Morocco, guest houses should ideally be within 25 dirhams.

Tipping in hotels in Morocco
Tipping in hotels in Morocco

Tipping Hotel Staff in Morocco 

Tipping waiters and hotel staff in Morocco for their splendid service is a good practice. The extra Dirhams are an additional income and their reward for good work. 

  • Bellman/Porters – A tip of 10 to 20 Dirhams per day works well for light to moderately heavy luggage bags. 
  • Maid – Offering a tip of 5 to 15 Dirhams per day is good enough. 
  • Waiters – 10 to 20 Dirhams are tipped to waiters and hotel staff in Morocco for excellent food service. 
  • Tipping the hotel concierge 20 to 30 dirhams is a smart way of receiving exceptionally high-end services. 
  • Tipping doorman 5 to 10 dirhams to book private rentals, tour guides, or other services frees you from these troubles. 
  • Tipping the guardman between 5 and 10 Dirhams is fine while checking out. 
Tipping local Street Food Vendors in Morocco
Tipping local Street Food Vendors in Morocco

Tipping in Morocco Riad All-Inclusive

Best for honeymoon couples and families, riads are esteemed hotels or resorts with a beautiful long garden. Most riads do charge an all-inclusive flat rate as an extra tourist tax. So, do you tip in Morocco riad? Tipping in Morocco riad by dirhams on tour is highly expected.

Offer a wholesome and collective amount a night before the end of your vacation. Hand over the amount to the concierge, mentioning every staff’s equal share. Tipping 150 to 200 Dirhams for a 3 to 4-day stay is decent. Tips shoot up over an extended stay period.

Tipping in Moroccan bars
Tipping in Moroccan bars
  • Tipping in Morocco Restaurants – Morocco is flooded with eateries, from high-end restaurants and lounges to lip-smacking local food vendors. Whether a tourist or local, tipping in restaurants in Morocco after a delicious meal is expected. 
  • Lounge – When with family or friends, collect a lump sum for tipping in Morocco restaurants. An extra 15-20% on the total bill is appropriate.
  • Bars – If you fall sick or need help, the bar staff (waiter or guard) comes up to help. Show gratitude by tipping between 20 to 30 dirhams. 
  • Cafes – Cafes in Morocco are uniquely decorative, and their staff are always smiling. Offering within 20 Dirhams is excellent.
  • Street Food Vendors – An optional 1 to 2 dirhams is fine.
Tipping Street Food Vendors in Morocco
Tipping Street Food Vendors in Morocco

Tipping in Marrakech Restaurants

Marrakech is the most popular city in Morocco. There is a lot more than the dynamic culture amidst the beautiful landscape. “Marrakesh,” as it is pronounced, is loaded with authentic Moroccan restaurants.

Devouring into their freshly prepared, flavourful meals is a must. Tipping culture in Morocco has raised the tipping custom in Morocco’s Marrakech. People ideally tip 15% to 20% extra on the bill. 

Tipping in Marrakech Restaurants
Tipping in Marrakech Restaurants

Tipping in Transport

  • Tipping at airports in Morocco – For help with luggage or other things, a tip of 5 Dirhams is satisfying. 
  • Tipping taxi drivers in Morocco – Morocco’s taxi service is one of the best in the world. Starting from sightseeing to shopping, taxi drivers in Morocco take us everywhere. Tipping a taxi driver can be done by:
  • One-way airport transfer – 20 to 50 dirham per person.
  • One-way local transfer – 10 to 20 dirhams per person.
tipping in morocco airport
Tipping in Morocco Airport

How much to tip a taxi driver in Morocco?

For a long-distance with three or more companions with luggage, 100 to 200 dirhams is ideal.
Shared car/taxi driver – 20-50 dirhams per day/person.

Tipping private driver in Morocco

Tipping drivers and guides in Morocco becomes more accessible when both are the same person. Here, private drivers know the best routes to the Medinas, coupled with surreal sightseeing. The standard tipping etiquette offers 100-150 Dirhams for a half-day tour and 200 to 300 dirhams for a full-day service. 

Tipping private driver in Morocco
Tipping private driver in Morocco

Tipping Coach Bus drivers

Tourists can tip 10 to 20 dirhams per day after a day-long journey. The amount can also be collected from the travelers and offered on the last day of travel.

Tipping your guide in Morocco

What is sightseeing without knowing the history and culture? For this, tour guides in Morocco offer their valuable service. But before Tipping a guide in Morocco, understand about the two kinds of available services:

  1. Tipping Private guide – Private guides serve only a single family or group; tips are higher than regular city tour guides. Tipping private guides between 200 to 400 Dirhams in Morocco is customary after their day-long service. 
  2. Tipping tour guides in Morocco-  Often tag in 2 or more families or 15 to 20 people in a day-long tour. Tipping a tour guide can be shared by everyone, offering wholesome money. Collect 10 to 20 Dirhams each and make up to 200 Dirhams as a tip after a day’s tour.
  3. City Guide – It’s entirely up to you if your guide gives a great trip and experience. For a good guide, tip 10% of the tour price.
Tipping dry fruits seller in Morocco
Tipping dry fruits seller in Morocco

How much to tip your local tour leader in Morocco?

Most of the time, a tour depends on the local tour guide. So you can give tips as per their service. The amount is entirely your choice but can be paid 2 to 4 dollars per person daily. Of course, it depends on the quality of the service and the length of your trip. You can give more or less a tip that looks appropriate. 

Miscellaneous Tipping in Morocco

 Tipping at the gas station – For tank fill-ups or car and tire checks, tips worth 3 to 5 Dirhams are great. 

 For a car wash, tipping should be a bit higher. It should be around 5 to 10 Dirhams. 

 Tipping in desert camp morocco
 Tipping in a desert camp in Morocco

Tipping on Desert Safaris – Morocco’s tourism is best known for its enchanting desert safaris. Usually, tips between 50 to 100 Dirhams are the expected custom. 

Tipping Toilet Attendants – Attendants care for the children while others are at the toilets. It is a generous gesture to tip toilet attendants at least 5 Dirhams. 

Tipping in Salons or Spas – After a grooming session, tipping 10% extra on the bill or 10 dirhams is the expected norm.

Tipping in Salons or Spas
Tipping in Salons or Spas

Tipping snake charmers – A 5 to 10 dirham tip is excellent for holding a pose with the snake charmers or seeing their performances.

Tipping a Museum Guide – After visiting the picturesque Moroccan museum, tips of 5 to 10 dirhams can be offered to the museum guides.

Tipping in a Hammam Marrakech
Tipping in a Hammam Marrakech

Tipping in a Hammam Marrakech

Marrakech is the most popular country in Morocco. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the luxurious Turkish bath. Hammam includes a regular spa or massage, steaming, and body wash. 

The more services included the more tipping in a Hammam. For each attendant, tips of 50 to 70 Dirhams are fair enough. Otherwise, a wholesome amount of 200 Dirhams is acceptable. 

Tipping in Agadir Morocco
Tipping in Agadir, Morocco

Tipping in Agadir, Morocco

The Atlantic-facing coastal city is a traveler’s paradise in Morocco. From the hilly terrain to the coastal location and sandy beaches, it’s an essential Moroccan city. The prevalent tipping culture is almost the same as tipping in Morocco. 

 Tipping 10% to 20% at small to luxurious eateries is excellent. Tipping at hotels or riads can be done immediately after the entire stay. Tipping the guides and drivers is common and can be rounded off to the next 100 Dirhams. 

Tipping Camel guide in Morocco
Tipping Camel Guide in Morocco

Tipping Camel Guide in Morocco

They usually come from low-income families in the desert. It’s not a reason for extra tipping. If you are satisfied, 20 to 100 dirhams is a good tip. Often, they drop a blanket at the end of your camel ride to sell some small items; you can take it if you like.

Tipping performers in Morocco
Tipping Performers in Morocco

Tipping Street Performers in Morocco

If you take pictures of street performers or take photos with them, 10 dirhams is appropriate, as they often live their lives this way.

Tipping musician and performer in Morocco

How many tips will you give depending on the musician and how they will perform for you? The tip can be given between 20-100 dirhams. But it depends on the length of the performance and the number of musicians. Usually, there is a leader who gets tips, which will be shared with other actors later.

Tipping musician and performer in Morocco
Tipping musician and performer in Morocco

About Morocco

The first question that generally pops up is: Is Morocco an Arabian country? Morocco belongs to North-western Africa. Known as the Land of the Setting Sun, it is truly a gem for lovers of the golden hour. 

Its unique landscape setting has made it a popular tourist destination worldwide. Morocco has it all with the Great Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountain, and sandy beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean. It is a beautiful country to visit and is infused with Arabian culture in every nook and corner. 

The Moroccans are mostly Muslims, the maximum being of Berber origin. Arabic is the local language here, with medium fluency in English.

Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Morocco
Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Morocco

Best time to visit Morocco

The best time to visit Morocco is Spring (March to April) and Autumn (September to November). These coincide with the high tourist season. Summers are usually sweltering for a trip to Morocco. Winters remain moderately cold, with the lowest temperature hitting 11 degrees Celsius. 

Eight-day trip plan for Morocco Itinerary

Morocco, a land full of physical and cultural diversity, needs a proper itinerary. An eight-day itinerary is ideal for a relaxed yet exciting tour. 

Erg Chigiga tourist destination in Morocco
Erg Chigiga tourist destination in Morocco

Day 1: Land at Morocco’s most famous city – Marrakech, and consider checking in at a Riad. After unpacking:

  1. Visit the Medina and Jemaa el Fna – the renowned square inside the Medina.
  2. Spend the entire day here, walking around.
  3. See the snake playing; the monkey plays with freshly squeezed orange juice. 

Day 2: Head out for an immersive cultural tour at Marrakech itself. Visit the Baha’i Palace and Medersa Ben Youssef Museum. 

Stroll at the beautiful yet busy streets of Le Jardin. Head to Maison de la Photographie museum, a perfect Instagram-worthy place. 

Day 3: After taking a traditional relaxing bath at a Hammam, go to Essaouira – a beach town just 3 hours away from the main city. 

Day 4: Fly to the sea-facing city of Casablanca from Marrakech. See the famous Hassan II Mosque. 

Casablanca Hassan ii mosque tourist destination in Morocco
Casablanca Hassan ii mosque tourist destination in Morocco

Day 5: Fly to Errachidia and ply a taxi to the Luxury Desert Camp at the heart of the Sahara. Enjoy the sun-kissed dunes in the daytime and camp stargazing millions of stars at night.

Day 6: Take a 7-hour drive to Fes. Or get a connecting flight from Errachidia to Casablanca to Fes. Visit Fes el Bali Medina, Museo Nejjarin, Chouara Tannery, Mellah Jewish Quarter, and the Jardin Jnan Sbil. 

Day 7: Drive for 3.5 hours to the Blue City of Morocco. Chefchaouen is a delightful place to visit. Check out the blue Chefchaouen Medina and the waterfalls at Cascades d’Akchour. Enjoy a Moroccan sunset from the Spanish Mosque.

Day 8: Travel to Tangier from Chefchaouen within 3 hours. Spend an entire day relaxing at your riad or just strolling across the sea-facing city. Fly back home safely, marking an end to your journey. 

Dades Valle tourist destination in Morocco
Dades Valle tourist destination in Morocco

Can you tip in US dollars /euros/ pounds in Morocco?

Yes, you can pay tips in both currencies. However, it is recommended to pay tips in Moroccan Money (Dirhams) rather than in other currencies. Morocco’s currency is the dirham(DH). One dirham is equivalent to approx 10-12 US cents.

Moroccan Coins
Moroccan Coins

What is the best currency to take to Morocco?

The dirham is a closed currency, which means you can’t buy anything in Morocco without the dirham. Currency Change is available at your arrival airport, prime banks, and many tourist hotels. Keep your conversion receipt because of the time you exchanged your dirhams in dollars when leaving Morocco. One dirham is approx 10-12 US cents.

If you do not decide to make a large conversion at the airport or on your arrival, it is advisable to withdraw a few days’ worth of cash at once. Remember that ATMs can only offer options for use in Arabic and French.

It is easy to get done with tipping culture in major hotels and restaurants as encashing the money as Dirhams isn’t a big deal for them. But most smaller places and local shops do not accept the bill and tip amounts in other currencies. 

Can I Use a Credit Card or Debit Card in Morocco?

Credit cards are widely accepted throughout Morocco. In places like big hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets, this is usually not a problem. However, it is essential to remember that using a credit card in a big city is much easier than in a small town.

Do you have to tip in Morocco?

Understand that tipping is an adopted etiquette and not a compulsion. Regarding genuine satisfaction with the quality of service, tipping is always polite behavior. 

Also, tips are an extra token of appreciation and should be of a certain standard. Otherwise, it may end up being ungrateful or disrespectful towards the service-givers. Hence, knowing where to tip is essential in Morocco. 

Where can I get a dirham? Can I get it in my home country before my trip?

Moroccan Money, or Dirhams, is a closed currency. So, exchanging foreign currencies into Dirhams is impossible outside of Morocco. So one cannot get Dirhams in their home country. But once you land here, several currency exchange stalls/banks exist. Most hotels have currency exchangers within the hotel. 

 If anyone falls short of Dirhams on their way, there are plenty of roadside counters. But beware of fraudsters and check for their licenses before handing over the money.

Should you tip children and beggars in Morocco?

It is better to buy them food or gift them something instead of giving money to children. 

Since giving alms to beggars is a tradition among Muslims, one may find plenty of beggars. Many clad themselves as beggars and run money-making organizations in the name of beggars. So be careful before giving money. Anything between 1 to 5 Dirhams is a gracious giving.

Do you have to pay a tourist tax in Morocco?

Only first-class passengers flying out of Morocco must pay a tourist tax. The Moroccan government has introduced a tax worth 400 dirhams since 2014. It is a measure to boost the tourism industry and generate maximum revenue. 

Generally, one doesn’t have to pay a tourist tax in Morocco. But many hotels and riads charge a tourist tax known as flat rate all-inclusive. They charge between 20 to 60 dirhams per person as the flat rate in Morocco.

So, Tipping in Morocco is an expected gesture as in other parts of the world. Everything mentioned above was all the generous tipping guidelines in Morocco. You can always go above or below the mentioned amounts. Also, tipping in itself is an optional reward at one’s disposal. 

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