When is the Best Time to Visit South Africa in 2023

So! You are searching for when is the best time to visit South Africa. Right? Well, there is no specific time to visit this beautiful country. South Africa is a year-round travel destination for all visitors. Any time of the year, they welcome tourists with different offerings. The latest statistics show over 16.5 million people visited South Africa last year.

Best Time To Visit South Africa
Best time to visit South Africa

Best Time to Visit South Africa

Best time of year to visit South Africa

Africa is a rainbow nation with a unique diversity and culture. People from different religions live here.

It’s a dry and sunny country in the Southern Hemisphere region. There are four seasons throughout the year.

  1. Summer–December to March
  2. Autumn–April to May
  3. Winter–June to August
  4. Spring–September to November

The Western part of this country becomes lovely during the summer. It’s an excellent time to visit South Africa. It is advisable to choose the east coast while travelling in winter. This country has a diverse climate that differs regionally. Anyway, it must be a memorable one anytime you visit South Africa, for sure!

Welcome to South Africa
Welcome to South Africa

1. Summer in South Africa (December to March)

Climate: Weather remains wet or dry in summer. The average temperature stays around 25C. Summer brings the rainy season in South Africa. The western part of this country sees frequent afternoon showers. There are short thunderstorms around Johannesburg, Kruger, and KwaZulu-Natal.

Things to do: 

Summer is the best time for Cape Town holidays on beautiful beaches.

  • Natural scenery turns green and looks fresh after the summer rain.
  • The wet season of South Africa is the best time for birding. You will see different bird species. 
  • Warm and dry weather is the best time to explore the Garden Route.
  • January is the prime time to see penguins in Boulder Beaches.
South Africa Cape Town Penguins
South Africa Cape Town Penguins

Summer festivals/events: 

South Africa festival Cape Town
South Africa festival Cape Town
  • Summer trips during January may fall under ‘Battlefields of Natal’. This is the anniversary of two significant battles. ‘Up the Creek’ and ‘We Love Summer’ are the best summer events in South Africa.
  • You must enjoy the ‘Dance Umbrella festival’ in Johannesburg in March. Mid-March is best for ‘Cape Town Carnival’.
  • March ends with the International ‘Jazz Festival’ in Cape Town.


  1. December holidays are the peak season in South Africa. You must book your trip well in advance. 
  2. Lightweight and comfortable clothes are good during the scorching summer heat. 
  3. You must carry rain protection in the wildlife region. 
  4. Pack swimwear to spend holidays on the beach.

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2. Autumn in South Africa (April to May)

Climate: Summer temperature drops in April. The weather becomes foggy. There you see certain showers and heavy clouds in May. Cape Town temperature stays around 18C. The temperature in Johannesburg stays above 21C. There are moderate rainfalls. The crowd is less than peak season.

Things to do:

  1. Wildlife spotting becomes spectacular in National Park. 
  2. The Kalahari Desert becomes the greenest. It gives a fine view of Savannah.
  3. The natural vivid colour of trees gives you an outstanding trip. 
  4. You can visit Winelands Biosphere Reserve to do Cape Wineland’s walk.
White rhino at the Pilanesberg National Park
White rhino at the Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa.

Autumn festivals/events:

  • Kwazulu-Natal offers beautiful ‘Fen Music festival Underberg’ in mid-April.
  • You will enjoy the beautiful ‘Arts Festival Knysna’ at Garden Route in late April.
  • There is a three-day book festival at Western Cape during mid-May.


  1. Book your travel in advance to attend any festivals or events.
  2. Check for any deals before you plan your travel.
  3. You must carry a jacket for chilly weather at night. Carry insect dispensers as well.

3. Winter in South Africa (June to August)

Climate: Winter climate is dry and cool. There you see snowfalls in mountainous regions. The average morning temperature stays around 6C, afternoon feels pleasant with the 23C-25C temperature outside. So you will enjoy the sunny and bright climate.

Things to do:

  • More animals are easier to spot towards watering holes in winter.
  • You will experience the big game spotting at Kruger and Phinda.
  • Winter is a great time for whale watching.
  • The wildflowers of Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden become attractive during winter.
  • Drakensberg Mountain and Elephant Coast are good during winter visits.
South Africa Wild Animals Giraffes
South Africa Wild Animals Giraffes

Winter festivals/events:

  1. National Arts Festival ‘Grahamstown’ is best at Eastern Cape in early July. This is a ten days festival. You will see all performances of Jazz, classical music, dance.
  2. Western Cape is famous for ‘Oyster Festival Knysna’ in Winter. You will enjoy the Oyster eating at the Garden Route.
  3. There is a month-long comedy festival at the Baxter Theatre, Cape Town in Early August. This is a great attraction for local and international tourists.


  • Book your trip early for great deals on accommodation.
  • Carry warm layer clothes during your winter travel.

4. Spring in South Africa (September to November)

Climate: Temperature rises throughout the country from September. The early morning and evening climate remains chilly. The average temperature stays around 14C-16C.

Things to do:

  1. You will see more newborn animals in Spring.
  2. September is a good time to spot beautiful wildflower blooming. There you see Hopefield Fynbos’s show every August and September.
  3. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden becomes beautiful with many indigenous flora and Fynbos flowers.
  4. The beautiful Durban Botanical Garden can be your choice during the September visit.
  5. Whale migration from Antarctica takes place as soon as spring starts. Whales leave their young to the warm waters of South Africa.
  6. November and December are the best months to see Turtles at Kwazulu Natal.
Africa Kudu Buck Wild Animals
Africa Kudu Buck Wild Animals

Spring festivals/events:

  • Arts Alive is Johannesburg’s largest arts event that starts in September. This features a month of dance, theatre, poetry and music.
  •  Western Cape offers you the Whale festival in late September. This is a weekend festival in the town of Hermanus.
  • Johannesburg’s flagship Jazz festival is a three days music event in late September.


  1. There are more tourists visiting South Africa during the spring. Plan your travel well in advance to get the best accommodation deals.
  2. Carry some warm layers of clothes as the temperature can be cold.

Best time to visit South Africa for safari and wildlife 

The winter months between May to October are the best for wildlife tourism and viewing. These are the best months for a safari in South Africa. That time the temperature stays between 10C to 14C. You can take a safari tour to explore the beauty. The outside climate remains dry with a pleasant temperature. You will not feel much cold.

More wild animals become easier to spot. Lions, Cheetahs, Elephants, Rhinos are common to watch during safari tours. In addition, you can visit Kruger National Park, Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve, Madikwe Game Reserve, Pilanesberg Game Reserve for safari and wildlife.

Best time to visit South Africa for Wildlife Lion Safari
South Africa Wildlife Lion Safari


  1. Use light cotton clothing in the hot summer.
  2.  Sunglasses, sunscreen, and wide-brimmed hats are a must for sunny weather.
  3. Malaria tablets and anti-mosquito spray are must on a safari tour.
  4. Carry a rain jacket to avoid certain rain.

Best Time to visit Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a fantastic year-round destination. It is almost twice the size of Niagara Falls of North America. You will feel the roar of water from a few miles away.

Both Zambia and Zimbabwe offer a spectacular view of the falls. People visit Victoria Falls during different weather seasons. All these seasons have unique offerings for visitors.

Let us have a look at the details of all these seasons.

High Water Season (March to May)

  • March to May is the best time to explore Victoria Falls.
  • The local temperature remains between 25C-30C.
  • Summer rain is the ‘High Water’ time of the great Zambezi River. There is an approx. 5-meter increase in water level.
  • You can see huge misty spray clouds from the falls. Misty clouds create a rainbow throughout the area.
  • The Magical walk through the iconic rain forest is outstanding.
  • A helicopter tour over the falls gives a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.
  • Water rafting is not available because of the high volume of water.
  • Livingston Island and Devil’s pool on the edge of the falls remain closed.
south africa
South Africa

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Low-Water Season (September to December)

  1. September to December is the ‘Low Water’ season, and it is also a fantastic time to visit Victoria Falls.
  2. Zambezi’s water level stays low between October and November. The weather remains sunny with a clear sky. The daytime temperature stays around 35C in October.
  3. This is the best time to plan for a trip to Devil’s Pool Victoria Park. You must enjoy a memorable swimming experience at Devil’s pool.
  4. September to December is the best time for water rafting. A wide variety of animals are easier to spot on the safari game drives.
  5. Rain starts in late October or the starting of November. It transforms the dusty landscape into a green oasis.

Medium Water Season (January – February; June – August)

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe by Helicopter
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe by Helicopter
  • Between January to February and June to August Zambezi’s water level stays moderate, and it is called the ‘Medium Water’ season.
  • The average Temperature stays moderate between 19C-30C.
  • This is the high season of the year to visit Victoria Falls. You can see the bottom of the falls for a less amount of watery spray.
  • All the water-based activities remain open. People enjoy water rafting, river boarding, and Tiger Fishing.
  • The paid excursion of Paragliding gives an exceptional fall view.


You can visit Victoria Falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia. Here are the few accommodation options that you can avail of.


  1. Shearwater Explorers Village (Adam Stander Dr, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, + 263 13 47362)
  2. Ilala Lodge Hotel (A8, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe, +263 83 2844275)


  1. Ngoma Zanga Lodge (963 Kariba Cres, Livingstone, Zambia,+260 97 6325554)
  2. Protea Hotel by Marriott Livingstone (Mosi-o-Tunya Road, Livingstone 10101, Zambia, +260 213 324 630)


  1. You need to book your accommodation in advance to get the best deals.
  2. Make sure to carry warm clothes to use on chilly evenings and nights.

Best time to visit South Africa Garden Route

The Garden Route is a year-round destination and a great holiday spot in South Africa. You must enjoy the scenic journey through Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

The yearly average temperature varies a little. The temperature rarely falls below 16C. Spring and autumn are the best time to visit the Garden Route.

Here we will have a look at various times to visit the Garden Route.

Garden Route Asphalt Road
Garden Route Asphalt Road

Garden Route Spring season (September to October)

Climate: Spring Temperature stays around 15C-25C. The chance of rain is moderate, and the weather remains dry.


  • Autumn is the perfect time for Fynbos flowers blooming.
  • Mid-October is the best time for a family visit to the Cape.
  • October offers spectacular whale watching off the coast of Herman’s.
  • Spring offers the self-drive exploration of Cape Town. You will get a unique safari experience in a private reserve.

Check out the prices below for Budget Games and Private Safari Tour in spring.

  • 14 days Garden Route Budget Game starts from £848
  • 13 days Private Safari with Garden Route starts from £1580

Garden Route Autumn (March to May)

Climate: Autumn is a perfect time to visit the Garden Route. The average temperature stays between 17C-31C. There is less crowded in autumn. Autumn allows you to explore Garden Route Budget games and Garden Route adventure.

Garden Route Elephant Park
Garden Route Elephant Park


  • Easter holidays fall in autumn.
  • Fynbos flowers are in full bloom.
  • Many antelope species such as impala are easier to spot.

Check out the prices below for Budget Games and Private Safari Tour in autumn.

  • 14 days Garden Route Budget Game starts from £848
  • Cape and Garden Route Adventure include a 2-day guided hike with a safari experience at 15 days package starting from £1850.
  • Family holidays at Garden Route start from £1989/person. This is a two-week family holiday. This includes family-friendly lodges in South Africa with horse riding at ‘Ants Nest’.
  • Garden Route tour offers a malaria-free safari in Madikwe in the holiday package.

Where to Stay

  1. Knysna Hollow Country Estate(5 Welbedacht Ln, Kanonkop, Knysna, 6570, South Africa,+27 44 382 5401)
  2. Sky Villa Boutique Hotel (Baron’s View Estate, 6600, Plettenberg Bay, 6600, South Africa,+27 87 550 2967)

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When is the best time to visit South Africa Game Parks?

South Africa is a wonderland for tourists. Game parks and National Park in South Africa have special attractions in the dry season. Here you find the list for a few of them you can explore.

1. Kruger National Park

Kruger is a famous park destination in South Africa. Wildlife viewing is excellent from May to September. It’s the best time to visit South Africa. There are several big Cats, Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, and white Rhinos in the Big Game events. However, most people come here for birding from October to April.

Where to Stay

  1. Riverview Inn (1046 Riverview street, Malelane, 1320, South Africa,+27 63 913 1785)
  2. Sheppard Boutique Guest House (23 Sheppard Dr, Nelspruit, 1201, South Africa,+27 13 752 7758)

2. Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve

African Bush Elephant
African Bush Elephant

Hluhluwe-iMfolozi is one of the oldest parks in Africa. White Rhinos are the major attractions here. Your journey in the wet season offers a great birding experience. Wild dogs are common to spot. However, you must choose the dry season from May to September to travel. It’s because more animals come out towards water sources during these months.

Kruger Park South Africa
Kruger Park, South Africa

Where to Stay

  1. Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge (HluhluweiMfolozi Park, Mpembheni, 3937, South Africa, +27 35 474 1473)
  2. Mosetlha Bush Camp (Madikwe Game Reserve, 2865, South Africa, +27 11 444 9345)

3. Madikwe Game Reserve

Madikwe is a private malaria-free game park. Most tourists visit this game reserve during the dry season. You can take a two-day safari tour for wildlife viewing. Lions and leopards are common to spot. There you may get a chance to see the rare Brown Hyena.

Madikw South Africa
Madikwe, South Africa

Where to Stay

1.     Etali Safari Lodge (Madikwe Game Reserve, North-West Province, 2876, South Africa, +27 12 346 0124)

2.     Aha Madikwe River Lodge (R24 Madikwe Game Reserve Derdepooort, Madikwe, 2876, South Africa, +27 14 778 9000)

4. Pilansberg Game Reserve

Pilansberg Game Reserve must give a lovely wildlife experience to you. This game park has fenced animals that attract a significant number of tourists. Drier winter months from May to September are ideal for visiting this park. However, fantastic sunny weather is brilliant for wildlife viewing.


Where to Stay

1.     Nkala Safari Lodge (Pilanesberg National Park, Black Rhino Game Reserve R565, 7130, South Africa, +27 84 688 8333)

2.     Morokolo Safari Lodge (Pilanesberg National Park, Black Rhino Reserve, Sun City, 0316, South Africa, +27 71 279 1110)

Best time to visit South Africa Wine Country

South Africa Wine country is in the Western Cape region. You must enjoy the beauty of large wineries. These wineries are older than 350 years. There is no single best time to visit Cape Winelands. Each season has special offerings for visitors.

Bright sunshine in summer lets you sip chilled wine along with the alfresco lunch. You must enjoy a glass of red wine sitting next to a roaring fire in winter. The smoky dark fruit flavour of the oldest wine Pinotage is amazing.

Tasting wines in South Africa
Tasting wines in South Africa

There are some well-known wine-producing regions that you must visit.

  1. Stellenbosch is the most widely known wine producer in South Africa. The University of Stellenbosch teaches how to make wine.
  2. Constantia developed as South Africa’s first wine region. This region is famous for dessert wine called Vin de Constance.
  3. Franschhoek is well known for South Africa’s top 100 restaurants. This is the culinary capital of the entire country. Franschoek is famous for its full-bodied red wines made up of Sauvignon grapes.
  4. Paarl is the second oldest wine area in South Africa. You will get spicy red and crisp white wines in the Paarl region. Paarl is the first producer of White Pinotage.

You must choose February and March to visit Winelands. This is the time for Harvest Festivals. More grapes make the vineyards full. As a result, Winelands become full of crowds for a variety of wines.

The end of March welcomes autumn. Vineyards become scenic with orange and yellow during this season. Your winter trip at Winelands will offer you picturesque mountains with snow on top. You must plan your travel during June and July to enjoy snow in vineyards.

Tasting wines in Holden Manz Country House Franschhoek,
Tasting wines in Holden Manz Country House, Franschhoek, South Africa

Where to Stay

  1. Vuyani Duikersdrift (Duikersdrift Farm, Duikersdrift, South Africa, +971 56 116 1690)
  2. The Vineyard Country House (42 Long St, Montagu, 6720, South Africa,+27 23 614 3803)


  • Book your trip along with a Wine tour well in advance because of the high crowd for popularity.
  • Carry a warm jacket because of varying temperatures.
  • It is useful to carry sunscreen due to the hot temperature in the daytime.

Best time to visit Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country in the Southern Africa region. People travel to Mozambique in both the dry and wet seasons. Here we see below some offerings of Mozambique during your visit.

Travel during Wet Season (December to April)

Climate: Summer stays in Mozambique from December to April. Temperature can vary between 22C to 32C and certain rains in the afternoon. Coastlines are heavy rainfall zones. Certain cyclone occurs between February to March. It affects the Central Mozambican coastline and Bazaruto.

Things to do:

  • There is magnificent whale shark migration in the wet season. Praia do Tofo and Bazaruto Archipelago are the best for whale shark sighting.
  • During November and early March, it is best to spend time on wonderful beaches. Mapuland’s beaches can be your holiday destination during Summer.
  • Wildflower blooming is a great attraction in the rainy season
  • November to February welcomes many bird species in Mozambique. There you see the rare species of Cuckoo and different migratory species.
  • There is Big game fishing available for Marlin, Sailfish, and Wahoo. You must enjoy Marlin fishing in January.
Mozambique Africa Fisherman Log Boat
Mozambique Africa Fisherman Log Boat

Travel during Dry Season (May to November)

Climate: Dry season stays from May to November. It’s the best time to visit Mozambique. The weather remains calm and pleasant. The average winter temperature hovers between 18C to 24C.

Things to do:

  1. Scuba diving is a fantastic activity in the dry season. Pemba, Nacala Bay, Pomene and Morrungulon are popular diving spots
  2. May to October is the perfect time to visit glorious beaches. You can take advantage of soaring swells at Ponto do Ouro, Guinjala Bay, Tofinho.
  3. August and September are the best time for wildlife viewing in Mozambique. Gorongosa National Park offers the best game drives and eco-tourism.

Annual Festival in Mozambique

  • ‘Azgo Festival’ in May is a 3-day outdoor festival in Maputo. This features music documentation, workshops and live bands.
  • ‘STRAB’ is a great festival in May. This is an annual event of the music festival.
  • June has the ‘Independence Day event’ in Mozambique. You can enjoy dancing and live performances at the national stadium.
  • ‘Mozamboogy’ is a great musical event at Ponto do Ouro in July. You must feel the magical experience of sound and enjoy the colourful display of light.
  • ‘CHOPI’ music festival in Inhambane Province must be your choice in August. There you see Chopi people use various instruments of panpipes, drums, and animal horns. You must get an amazing aural experience.
Inhambane Handcraft Mozambique Woodwork Sculpture
Inhambane Handcraft Mozambique Woodwork Sculpture

Best time to visit Madagascar

East Africa has the world’s one of the largest islands, Madagascar. This country is one of the best holiday destinations in Africa. Visit Madagascar any time you want in the year. Weather and climate vary with Geographical location. Therefore, you must be aware of many weather conditions.

Let us have a look at the details of Madagascar attractions throughout the year.

  • June to September has mild temperatures with a dry climate. This is the best season for Hiking and Horse-riding in Isalo.
  • July to September gives you the best Humpback whale watching experience. Taking a boat tour must be a memorable trip. Madagascar park tour is nice during your winter travel.
  • October and November are excellent times to spot more baby lemurs. You can spot Madagascar’s largest mammalian carnivore in October.
  • April is ideal for the lush landscape. You can enjoy your time in parks and beautiful beaches.
  • September to December months remain dry. This is the perfect time for beach holidays.
  • November to March remains hot and rainy. This is the perfect time to see more reptiles.
Madagascar Country
Madagascar Country

Madagascar Events

October and November are the best months to visit Madagascar. There are lively celebrations and festivals in Madagascar throughout the year.

  1. Jazz Festival in Antananarivo is popular during October.
  2. You must enjoy the annual lobster festival at Taolagnaro in June.

Best Time to visit Tanzania

Tanzania is a famous East African country. It has a vast wilderness area. Different parts of Tanzania offer unique attractions throughout the year. You may visit Tanzania either in the dry or wet season.

Find below details of both these seasons for your travel plan.

Travel in Dry Season (June to October)

Climate: June to October is the best time for the Tanzania Safari tour. The average temperature stays around 20C. Most of the days remain clear and sunny.

Tanzania Acacia Tree
Tanzania Acacia Tree

Things to do:

  • More wild animals are easier to spot towards water sources.
  • Serengeti National Park is best to visit for game viewing during the winter months.
  • Western and Southern circuit parks are good to visit during the dry season.
  • July to October is the best time to visit Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • There are wildebeest river crossings in northern Serengeti from August to September.
  • Zanzibar island is a must-place to visit in the cool season between June to October. You will see the best water clarity of 25 or more meters. This is the best condition for snorkelling and whale watching.
  • The Southern circuit parks Selous and Ruaha are best to visit in the dry season.
Tanzania Mikumi National Park
Tanzania Mikumi National Park

Travel in the wet season (November to May)

Climate: The summer season in Tanzania stays between November to May. The average afternoon temperature hovers around 30C. November and December are periods of short rains. March, April, and May are the wettest months for prolonged rain.

Things to do:

  • January to March lets you see the calving in the Southern Serengeti.
  • The wet season offers you green scenery. This is the best time for photography.
  • Wet season welcomes different species of birds.


  1. The seasonal rate is low in the wet summer months. This is the best time to avoid more crowds and budget travel.
  2. Carry mosquito repellent during your summer visit.

Best Time to Visit Kenya

Kenya is one of the most visited tourist spots in Africa. It is a beautiful country in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather in Kenya’s either dry or rainy. The average daytime temperature is between 20C to 28C. The weather feels much warmer on the coast.

Let us get a little information about Kenya’s attractions in both seasons.

Kenya Dry Season (June to October)

Climate: The drier months between July to September are the best time for the Kenya trip. The average daytime temperature stays between 23C-28C. These are the ideal months to view the beautiful African wildlife.

Kargi Kenya
Kargi, Kenya

Things to do:

  • See the great wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara during the dry winter.
  • July and August is the prime time for beach holidays.
  • The dry season is the hiker’s paradise in Kenya because of the sunny weather.
  • September brings the fall season. There are fewer chances of rain. Tourists can have a fantastic game viewing experience.
  • Camel racing event through the desert during August is famous in Kenya.

Kenya Wet Season (November to May)

Climate: November starts in Kenya with a hot summer. The temperature begins to increase with high chances of rain. The average daytime temperature lies between 24C-27C at a higher altitude. Lower altitudes are warmer, with an average temperature of 30C. You can plan your trip in December because of the low rain.

Things to do:

  • Migration of bird species in the wet rainy season of summer attracts more visitors.
  • October to March is the ideal time for Beachgoers. You can enjoy diving and snorkelling on the coast.
  • The best months to climb Mount Kenya are January, February and September.
  • Spring starts in March. This is the time to explore the Art Festival of East Africa.
Kenya Kilimanjaro Mountain
Kenya Kilimanjaro Mountain

Annual events in Kenya

  1. Enjoy the whale shark diving event in Kenya during your journey in February.
  2. March offers the beautiful ‘Kijani’ Festival. This is a pleasant event of jazz music and bullet fusion.
  3.   ‘KCB Safari Rally’ is a famous event in Nairobi in April. You can see world-class motorsport.
  4.   ‘Dugong Festival’ in May at Lamu Island creates awareness of the native Dugong dolphin.
  5.   Kenya Fashion week starts in June.
  6. ‘Malaral Camel Derby’ is a famous camel racing event in August.
  7.   The famous ‘Kenya International film’ festival occurs in October.
  8.   November has the beautiful event of the ‘Shaggy Dog Show’. You need to visit Nairobi to see the event.
  9.   December starts in Nairobi with the event of ‘Kenya Music week’. This is an entertaining music program by the country’s famous musicians.
Kenya Maasai Mara National Reserve Narok County
Kenya Maasai Mara National Reserve Narok County


  • You must pack light-coloured clothing and sunscreen to go on the safari tour.
  • Sunglasses and wide hats are a must-carry thing while going on safari.
  • Carry waterproof options and comfortable shoes during your journey in the wet season.

Best time to visit Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the horn of Africa in the East region. It’s one of the most incredible places to visit in Africa. We know this country as the ‘Cradle of Mankind’ for a rich and diverse culture. You may see a mild climate throughout the country. The average temperature stays around 20C, depending on altitude.

Ethiopia Mursi People Lip Plate Indigenous Culture Women
Ethiopia Mursi People Lip Plate Indigenous Culture Women

Let us have a look at High and Low seasonal details to plan Ethiopia travel.

Ethiopia Dry Season (October to March)

Climate: The drier months between October and May are the best time to visit Ethiopia. The average temperature stays between 10C-24C. October to December is the shoulder season in Ethiopia. The pleasant climate from January to March is the high season for travellers. The average temperature in Addis Ababa(Ethiopia’s Capital) remains 10C-20C.

Things to do:

  1. The sunny weather in winter is perfect for wildlife viewing.
  2. More ibex, wolves, and giraffes are easier to spot.
  3. You may see lush and green highlands.
  4. Shoulder season is a great time for trekking.
  5. Trekking in the Simien mountains during the cool season is best.
  6. You must visit the adventurous spots Danakil Depression and Great Rift Valley.
Ethiopia Tribe Ethnicity Children
Ethiopia Tribe Ethnicity Children

Ethiopia Wet Season (April to September)

April to September is the peak rainy season in Ethiopia. The average temperature stays between 12C-25C. You can plan for a budget trip in this low season. There are not so many attractions in wet monsoon months.

Festivals in Ethiopia

  •   Visit Ethiopia during the ‘Christian Orthodox’ festivals for an unforgettable experience.
  • ‘Maskel’ (September 27) and ‘Timkat’ (January 19) are famous festivals in Ethiopia. You can enjoy the common holidays of Christmas and Easter holidays as well.

Best time to visit Namibia

Namibia is a tourist-attracting country in Southwest Africa. There are year-round activities throughout the country. Both dry and wet seasons In Namibia welcome tourists. Most of the year remains sunny and bright. The average daytime temperature stays around 25C. You see a much cooler climate at night.

Namibia Africa National Park Nature Dry Water Hole
Namibia Africa National Park Nature Dry Water Hole

Here we see below the seasons to visit Namibia depending on your choice.

  • April to May is known as a  ‘shoulder season’ in Namibia. Because These Months are the best time to visit Namibia Desert areas. The average temperature is between 10C-24C.
  • June to August is one of the perfect times to visit Namibia. The weather stays cool, dry and it doesn’t rain. Temperature can drop below zero in desert and mountain areas. Drier winter months are the best time to visit Namibia for safari and wildlife spotting.
  • Game viewing experience remains excellent between September and October. Etosha National park offers a remarkable game viewing experience. More wild animals become easier to spot towards water holes
  • October to March is the best time to visit Namibia Skeleton coast. This is a desert area. The climate feels warm. Namibia flying safari must be a fantastic tour for you. You can visit the Skeleton cost throughout the year as per your choice.
  • You will see newborn seal pups on the skeleton coast starting from December.  Hot air balloons over the Namib Desert are a fantastic attraction here throughout the year. This gives a stunning bird’s eye view of the beautiful landscape.

Annual events in Namibia

  1. ‘Windhoek Carnival’ is a famous event in Namibia in April. This is a cultural event of music and dancing.
  2. August has a nice event, ‘KUSKA Caste Carnival’. It takes place in Swakopmund. This features street parties, food stalls, and children’s activities.
  3. ‘Maharero Day’ of Namibia may fall in your August travel. This is the country’s most colourful event. Here you see women with traditional costumes chanting throughout the procession.
Namibia Africa Deadvlei Desert Drought Tree
Namibia Africa Deadvlei Desert Drought Tree

Best time to visit Namibia Desert

Namibia Desert is best to visit during ‘shoulder season’ between April and May. It’s because the average temperature stays between 10C-24C. Baboon, Leopard, Brown and Spotted Hyena, wild Desert Horses can see this time.

Hot air balloons over the Namibia Desert are a fantastic attraction throughout the year. It gives a stunning bird’s-eye view of the beautiful landscape.

Best time to visit Namibia for safari and wildlife

Choose the winter months between June and August for the Namibia safari tour. Local weather remains dry and cool, and it doesn’t rain. The average temperature stays between 7C-24C. Beautiful Wildlife nature becomes frequent to watch.

Big Game viewing remains excellent between September and October. In addition, Etosha National park offers a remarkable game viewing experience.

Best time to visit Namibia Skeleton coast

The Skeleton coast is also called “The Land God Made in Anger,” “The Gates of Hell,” and ‘End of the Earth.’ It is 40 km wide and a 500 km long coastal stretch in Namibia.

The Skeleton coast is one of the favourite National Parks for tourists to visit. The warm climate between October to March is the best time for a Skeleton Coast tour. There is an average daytime temperature between 24C-28C. We also know the Skeleton coast as the world’s largest ship cemetery.

You can visit here at any time of the year. And don’t miss the Namibia flying safari, it is a must enjoyable tour here. Also, see newborn seal pups on the skeleton coast starting from December.

Best Time to Visit Botswana

Botswana is a beautiful country in Southern Africa. It’s one of the great safari destinations for travellers. Different places in Botswana offer unique attractions throughout the year. The weather in Botswana changes regionally.

Here we see below some favourite seasons to visit Botswana depending on interests.

botswana Bushman Indigenous People Hunter Gatherer Family
Botswana Bushman Indigenous People Hunter-Gatherer Family

Botswana Dry Season (April to October)

Climate: Drier months between July and October are the peak season for tourists. Day temperature stays between 10C-28C with sunny weather, and night becomes a little cold. October is the busiest and expensive time of the year.

Things to do:

  1. The dry season is the best for wildlife viewing towards waterways. You will get the best game viewing experience in winter.
  2. July and August months coincide with the northern hemisphere’s summer school holidays.
  3. There are more sightings of crocodiles and hippos on the grassy land.
  4. Power Boating on the Watery Paradise of the Okavango Delta is a must-do during the winter journey.
  5. You must enjoy the Makoro Safari during the full flood of Okavango Delta in August and September.
Botswana Elephant Road
Botswana Elephant Road

Botswana Wet Season (November to March)

Climate: November to April is the green season in Botswana. You can feel the heat of the atmosphere. The average temperature stays between 25C-27C. Summer brings a pleasant rainy season. Nature becomes scenic during these months.

Things to do:

  • Zebra and wildebeest migration take place during the wet summer season.
  • Summer months allow you to see predator-prey interactions.
  • The wet season is pleasant for birding in different species.
  • You can visit the central Kalahari Desert between December to March. The vast desert gets transformed into a green oasis.
  • Game viewing at Kalahari should be a memorable experience for you during Summer.

Annual Events in Botswana

  • The ‘World Waterland’s Day’ in Botswana is a famous festival in February. This is an event for the environment and conservation.
  • Botswana celebrates ‘Maitisong Festival’ in March of every year in Gaborone. This is a 9-day festival with traditional music, dance and theatre.
  • Maun Festival is a 2-day celebration held in April. This features traditional poetry, music, and dance concerts.
  • ‘Tjilenje cultural festival’ in Botswana occurs in May in Nlapkhwane. There you can enjoy ancient games, dances, local food, and drinks.
  • ‘Presidents’ Day’ in Botswana occurs in July. This is a 4-day national holiday with speeches, dance performances, and more.

Africa Travel Guide

  • The best guidebooks for Africa travel are available on Lonely Planet. It has all the travel guidelines about exploring Southern Africa. This guide helps you to discover the best time and places to visit.
  • You can contact the Kuoni South Africa tourism company to plan your travel. They provide services for airlines, hotels, package holidays, etc. You will have a unique travel experience through Kuoni tourism.
  • Audley Travel is an award-winning tourism company. They arrange the tour as per your requirement. You can select your preferred style of accommodation. 

Best time to visit South Africa for Honeymoon

South Africa is a beautiful honeymoon destination. This country offers adventurous and luxurious honeymoon tours. There are high-quality accommodation and services available for honeymoon couples. You can go on a winter (June to August) safari honeymoon tour.

Beautiful Cape town beaches offer a superb honeymoon experience during summer (December to March). The months between May and October are best for whale watching.

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Best time to visit South Africa from India

Indian citizens need a valid visa to enter South Africa. There are below visa application centers in India.

  • Delhi
  • Gurgaon
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Ahmedabad
  • Pune
  • Goa
  • Bengaluru

June to August is winter in South Africa. Choose these months to visit beautiful Game parks and National Parks. It’s the high season, and travel costs will be more.

Choose between December to March to visit South Africa to get cheap deals. This low season in South Africa is because of hot and rainy weather.

The spring season between September to November is the best time to visit South Africa and explore vivid Nature with wildlife beauty.

Flights from India to South Africa

There is no direct flight to South Africa. However, connecting flights are available from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. You can get a budget-friendly deal in November. Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth are the famous port of entry there in South Africa.

Many tour operators are available who organize tour packages from India for South Africa. Average tour cost with Flights, accommodation in 3 stars, Transfer, Meals and Sightseeing for ten days will be approx. Rs.1,68,990 .

What is the best time of year to go on a safari in South Africa?

May to October must be the best time to visit South Africa. It’s the dry winter season. You will spot more wild animals near water sources. A clear blue sky with sunny weather offers you the best safari tour.

What is the best month to visit Cape Town?

Cape Town is best for the beach holiday destination. The summer season between December to February attracts more tourists. September is the perfect time for wildflower blooming, and Cape Town is an excellent place for hiking.

What is the rainy season in South Africa?

Summer brings the beautiful rainy season in South Africa. The weather remains warm between November through March. Most of the rain occurs between October and April. The rainy season is the best to spot baby animals.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to South Africa?

November to January is the cheapest time to fly to South Africa. However, you will get price drops because of the upcoming holiday season. Therefore, book your flight well in advance to avail of the best pricing.

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