Top 25 Safest Countries in Africa to Visit in 2024

Africa is the 2nd largest continent globally, surrounded by famous mountains, oceans, and the world’s best wildlife adventure. People around the globe, especially UK and American tourists, visit Africa at least once in a lifetime. Nowadays, Africa is one of the cheapest and Safest Countries to Visit and travel to.

Many countries in Africa are famous for world tourism. A total of 54 countries in Africa with diverse geography, weather, lifestyle, and so on.

Safest countries in Africa
Safest countries in Africa

What is the Global Peace Index (GPI)?

The Institute of Economics and Peace makes the Global Peace Index report that measures the relative peacefulness position of nations and regions. GPI ranks 172 independent territories and states as per their level of peace.

The updated index is announced yearly in Washington DC, London, and the United Nations Secretariat in NY.

The GPI assesses how much a country associates with international and domestic conflicts. Ten indicators are used to evaluate a nation’s level of discord or harmony.

These indicators were selected in 2007 by a panel of experts, and this panel reviews and changes the indicators (if required) annually. In 2017, they used 23 indicators to provide scores for each country. The lower the GPI score, the safer the country is to travel.

Last year, Iceland was ranked 1st on the Global Peace Index with a score of 1.100. According to the 16th edition of GPI, the United Kingdom ranked 1.667, position 34, and the United States of America ranked 2.440, position 129.

1. MAURITIUS – 1.546 GPI

Mauritius is the perfect and safest holiday destination in Africa in the Indian Ocean. The country stretches for about 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mics) off the southeastern coast of the African continent and lies east of the country of Madagascar. Mauritius is a multicultural country. Nowadays, they have many beach resorts for tourists.

Public beach at Grand baie on Mauritius island
The public beach at Grand Baie on Mauritius island

Things to do in Mauritius 

  • Mauritius is famous for its beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs.
  • Travelers can see the Black River Gorges National Park, rainforests, famous waterfalls, and wildlife inside Mauritius.
  • Fare-share villas are available for tourists.
  • Deep-sea fishing is a favorite thing to do in Mauritius. Tourists must try the local seafood.

Best time to visit Mauritius 

May to December is the ideal time to visit this country. The average temperature ranges from 27° C to 22° C.

Safety Tips for Mauritius                         

  • Take general safety precautions like not roaming alone after the evening,
  • Carefully lock your hotel room when going outside, and be cautious about theft if you stay in a beachside bungalow.
  • Visitors must avoid displaying expensive jewelry and valuables while sightseeing.

2. GHANA – 1.799 GPI

Ghana is a famous destination in West Africa, located on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. Although the country is much smaller in size and population, Ghana is a major African country.

According to the statistics, approximately 1 million tourists visit Ghana annually due to the low crime rate. Tourism is an essential pillar of their economic growth. 

Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra Ghana
Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra Ghana

Things to do in Ghana

  • Cape Coast in Ghana is a nice spot for visitors.
  • Local old castles are a famous sight here for tourists.
  • Kakum National Park reserves forest has Elephants, Bongo, Antelopes, etc.
  • Accra is a beautiful city in Ghana, 30 meters above the ground. The seven Swimming bridges are good to see.

Best time to visit Ghana

October to March is a good time to visit Ghana. The weather is marginally cooler and less humid during these months, and the average temperature ranges from 25° C to 32° C.

Safety Tips for Ghana                         

  • Avoid carrying a large amount of money, and be careful when withdrawing cash from ATMs.
  • Always go to the beach in groups. 
  • An anti-theft backpack is recommended for visitors to carry a phone and camera. 

3. The GAMBIA – 1.888 GPI

The Gambia is the smallest country in West Africa and one of the safest countries in Africa, surrounded by Senegal. Coastal areas surround many parts of the country. Gambians are very welcoming to tourists.

village huts in GAMBIA
Village huts in GAMBIA

Things to do in the Gambia 

  • Wide sandy beaches are a must-explore place. 
  • Kachikally Crocodile Pool is a great attraction for tourists. 
  • People must visit Kotu Beach to enjoy the evening beauty. 
  • Bijilo Forest Park is famous for its red monkeys. Tourists can take Local guides at a negotiable rate.

Best time to visit The Gambia 

The long dry season of mid-October to early June is a good time to visit the Gambia. The average temperature ranges between 21° C to 32° C.

Safety Tips for the Gambia                        

  • Avoid walking alone on the beach at night.
  • Be careful when traveling in big cities or on public transport.
  • Visitors must carry anti-malaria tablets and sunscreen.

4. BOTSWANA – 1.762 GPI

Botswana has a unique wildlife nature. Travelers are attracted to experience the amazing, rich wildlife and stunning beauty of nature in Botswana. Explore the world-famous Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Tsodilo Hills, Kasane, etc.

The country has a well-established tourism industry. It’s a well-known, safest country in Southern Africa for tourists.

Botswana Baobab Tree
Botswana Baobab Tree

Things to do in Botswana 

  • Visit Chobe National Park, and it’s the largest Elephant herd in Botswana.
  • Water trails in the Okavango Delta will give a lovely experience.
  • Private safari camps in Botswana are the best to explore near wildlife hotspots.

Best time to visit Botswana

The dry season between May and October is the best time to visit Botswana. The average temperature ranges from 18 C to 25C.

Safety Tips for Botswana                       

  • Botswana has the world’s largest elephant population; it might be a problem while driving, camping, or going on a jungle safari. 
  • Visitors must not drive during the night to avoid hitting elephants alongside. 
  • Carry binoculars, a torch, insect repellent, Cosmetics, and medications.


Sierra Leone is a country on the western coast of Africa. It has higher crime rates as compared to other countries on this list. The country is underdeveloped due to repeated crises. 

They became independent from British rule in 1961. The Civil War (1991 – 2002) created a huge amount of damage to the country. The government has tried hard to rebuild the country with external help. Freetown’s capital city is significant in the country’s slave-trading history.

Black Johnson Beach in Sierra Leone Africa
Black Johnson Beach in Sierra Leone

 Things to do in Sierra Leone

  •  Tour the beautiful sandy beaches around the Freetown peninsula.
  •  A trip to the beautiful Banana Island or Sherbro Island can be quite productive. 
  • Bonthe Town, a former British colony, has beautiful structures to see. 
  • Visit Tiwai Island to experience African wildlife.

Best time to visit Sierra Leone

As Sierra is a tropical country, rainfall is quite common here. The best time to visit is between November to April, and the average temperature ranges from 24° C to 35° C.

Safety Tips for Sierra Leone

  • Petty pickpocketing, bag-snatching, etc., are daily problems.
  • A group of scammers tries to scam foreigners by using the myths of Diamond mines. 
  • Tourists are advised to be cautious about people claiming to be mine owners or workers.

6. ZAMBIA – 1.898 GPI

Zambia is a large, resource-rich, safest country in Africa, and it’s a nice place to explore the beautiful Victoria Falls. 

The country shares borders with eight countries, including Angola, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. Zambia is the youngest country in the world in terms of middle age. 

Victoria Falls Zambia Africa
Victoria Falls, Zambia, Africa

Things to do in Zambia 

  • Victoria Falls here is a famous attraction for visitors. There are helicopters and microlight flights to experience the bird-eye views of the waterfalls. 
  • Tourists can swim at the Devil’s Pool to enjoy the beauty. 
  • Zambia River, below the waterfalls, is the best whitewater rafting destination.

Best time to visit Zambia 

Zambia’s weather is hot. The rainy season starts from December to April, which is the best time to travel. The average temperature ranges from 25° C to 15° C.

Safety Tips for Zambia                          

  • Zambia has limited Medical services, and malaria is found here.
  • Take precautions before traveling to Zambia.
  • Drink enough fluids and stay in shaded areas to avoid dehydration during the dry season.

7. MALAWI – 1.970 GPI

Malawi is a landlocked country in Southeastern Africa, also known as Nyasaland. Many say Malawi is “The warm heart of Africa.” It’s a nice tourist destination in the north of Mozambique and the perfect place to explore the African travel experience.

Colorful cichlid from lake malawi Africa
Colorful cichlid from Lake Malawi

Things to do in Malawi 

  • Visitors can enjoy scuba diving and kayaking at the beautiful Malawi Lake.
  • Malawi’s tallest mountain is Mount Mulanje.
  • A breathtaking view from the top mesmerizes you. 
  • Liwonde National Park is a popular safari destination here. 
  • Majete and Nkhotakota are the smaller wildlife reserves in Malawi.

Best time to visit Malawi 

Drier winter, from early May to late October, is the ideal time to visit Malawi. The average temperature ranges between 20° C to 29° C.

Safety Tips for Malawi                        

  • Taking the malaria vaccine is highly advised before traveling to Malawi. 
  • Visitors must not walk alone at night due to wild animal attacks. 

8. NAMIBIA – 1.859 GPI

Namibia is on the southwest coast of Africa. Angola borders it to the north, Zambia to the northeast, Botswana to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. It’s popular for the famous Kalahari Lions.

Wooden Hut Namibia Africa
Wooden Hu Namibia Africa

Things to do in Namibia

  • Tourists must visit Etosha National Park for the safari experience. 
  • The Namib desert is famous for its breathtaking scenery. People can see red dunes, petrified trees, and dried lakes. 
  • Visitors can explore the shipwrecks and seal colonies of the wild skeleton coast. 
  • The living history museum is a must-watch in Namibia.

Best time to visit Namibia

The best time to visit Namibia is from July to October. Temperature is above 20C during these months, and the chance of rain is low. The average temperature ranges between 12° C to 18° C.

Safety Tips for Namibia                        

  • You have to go to town for any emergency medical services. 
  • The scorching heat, dehydration, and heat stroke are the major threats. 
  • Visitors must take anti-malaria precautions and be aware of bilharzia and tsetse flies.

9. SENEGAL – 1.827 GPI

Senegal is a friendly country for tourists. The country is situated at the continent’s westernmost point, and Senegal is known as the “Gateway to Africa.” After the war in 2019, the country’s overall security index has improved.

The political system in Senegal falls under the Presidential democratic republic. The country is famous for its vibrant markets and rich music culture.

the pink water lake in Senegal Africa
The pink water lake in Senegal Africa

 Things to do in Senegal

  • Visitors must get the walking experience along the Lompoul Desert.
  • The Mosque of the Divinity is a must-watch attraction in Senegal. 
  • Goree Island is a famous tourist attraction. 
  • The dance festival at Abene resembles native African culture.

Best time to visit Senegal

Between November and May is the best season to visit Senegal. During these months, the temperature remains around 22° C to 33° C.

Safety Tips for Senegal                        

  • Be careful of your belongings. 
  • Avoid overcrowded areas or markets,
  • Carry your medicines, Mosquito repellant, etc.

10. RWANDA – 2.051 GPI

Rwanda is a well-known and safest country in Africa. The beautiful Virunga Mountains surround this country, and the natural beauty in Rwanda attracts people to visit.


Things to do in Rwanda

  • It is the best place for Mountain Gorilla sightings.
  • Most visitors go trekking to the Gorilla sanctuary.
  • Trek ranges from 1-3 hours each way, and around 80 trekking permits are allowed daily.
  • The massive Silverback Gorilla is a famous attraction in Rwanda.

Best time to visit Rwanda

Mid-December to early February and June to September is the best time to visit Rwanda. The average temperature ranges from 18 C to 26C.

Safety Tips for Rwanda                       

  • Visitors must follow the travel warning to stay within 10km of the border.
  • Be careful with the Pickpocket.
  • Don’t keep your valuable things in a rental car when sightseeing.
  • Female Travellers try to dress up decently.
  • Everyone should follow the Image copyright warning before taking photographs.

11. MOROCCO – 2.020 GPI

Morocco is an Islamic country in North Africa. Visitors must dress here properly when visiting historical and cultural places.

Blue Chefchaouen in Morocco Africa
Blue Chefchaouen in Morocco, Africa

Things to do in Morocco 

  • The Atlas Mountains and Blue Garden are the attractions here.
  • There are nice art galleries and amazing crafts inside Medina.
  • Walking the desert at Merzouga in Morocco is a must-have thing to do.
  • It will be an experience to explore the Sahara Desert.

Best time to visit Morocco 

Spring or autumn is the best time to travel to Morocco. The weather feels pleasant between mid-March to May and September to October. The average temperature ranges from 27° C to 13° C.

Safety Tips for Morocco                       

  • In Morocco, dressing is a vital matter, which will help you to interact with the local people and save you from the strong sunlight.
  • It’s advised to avoid walking alone at night.
  • Visitors must follow general travel rules in Morocco.

12. LIBERIA – 1.946 GPI

Liberia has a thriving culture. The country is deeply engrossed in its music. Many famous artists like Takun J, Santos, Mr. Smith, and Nasseman are from here. The tropical country of Liberia is a neighbor of Sierra Leone.

The country shares a deep history with the United States, and the slave community founded it with help from the USA. Liberia is on the Atlantic coast in West Africa. The capital city of Monrovia was named after US President James Monroe.

Mount Nimba Liberia the highest point in West Africa
Mount Nimba, Liberia the highest point in West Africa

Things to do in Liberia

  • In the dry season, concerts are a big thing in the country. It also has a vibrant nightlife where musicians showcase their talents.
  • Tourists are especially attracted to these nightclubs to immerse in the country’s musical culture.

Best time to visit Liberia

During the monsoon, the roads here get affected, and it isn’t easy to move around. So, It’s best to visit Liberia in the dry season, which extends from November to April. The average temperature ranges from 28° C to 26° C.

Safety Tips for Liberia

  • It’s safer to stay indoors during the nighttime. 
  • When driving through busy streets, ensure the car windows are always up as thieves try to steal through them. 
  • Avoid isolated areas as they can be dangerous.

13. MADAGASCAR – 1.846 GPI

Madagascar belongs to the safer group of countries with the lowest crime rate in Africa. It was the world’s second-largest island country in the Indian Ocean and a part of the Indian subcontinent until the prehistoric breakup of Gondwana.

Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot as most of its flora and fauna are unique to this region. Due to a lack of rainfall, the country has long-stretched dry deciduous forests and deserts. 

Tsingy Rouge Park Madagascar Africa
Tsingy Rouge Park Madagascar Africa

 Things to do in Madagascar

  • Go for kiting and Windsurfing at Emerald Sea, where the wind blows at 30 knots.
  • Several water activities, like surfing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, etc., are famous.
  • My favorite tourist activity is a wildlife safari to see Madagascar’s unique plant and animal species.

Best time to visit Madagascar

The ideal time to go to Madagascar is between April and October. During this dry time, the weather is pleasant, with a slight chill in the air, especially in the morning. Due to less rainfall, It’s the best time to explore the country. The average temperature ranges from 22° C to 28° C.

Safety Tips for Madagascar

  • Avoid walking around in Antananarivo at night. 
  • Don’t carry expensive items with you, especially in a crowded place like a market. 
  • Learning the word “Mpangalatra,” meaning thief, might be handy in these situations. 

14. TUNISIA – 2.010 GPI

Tunisia is the most beautiful city in Africa to visit and live in. This travel destination is in the North Africa region. This country is good for its golden beaches, sunny weather, and affordable luxuries.

old Roman ruins in Tunisia Africa
Old Roman ruins in Tunisia Africa

Things to do in Tunisia

  • Camel rides in Sahara dunes are a great attraction.
  • Watching the sunset from the rooftop of a Tunis souk feels nice.
  • Hammamet Beach in Tunisia is a great tourist spot. Yasmin Hammamet is an organized day tour to explore local sightings.

Best time to visit Tunisia

March to June and September to October is the best time to visit Tunisia. The average temperature ranges between 32° C to 16° C.

Safety Tips for Tunisia                        

  • Avoid spending the night outside of the hotel.
  • If you are traveling on public transport, be careful of your belongings.
  • Avoid political rallies and large crowds.
  • Doing medical insurance while you plan to travel to Tunisia is important.
  • Female Travellers must appropriately cover their arms and legs, as Tunisia is Islamic.
  • Carrying enough water, a hat, and sunscreen is the normal precaution.

15. TANZANIA – 2.058 GPI

Tanzania is an East African country. The country is just south of the Equator. Tanzania is a hotspot of the African Safari destination for Travellers. In 2019, nearly 1.8 million tourists visited Tanzania. Most of the lands in Tanzania are protected for conservation.


 Things to do in Tanzania

  • Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is the home to wild Lions, Leopards, Zebras, and Impala.
  • Most of the flamingos are found at Manyara National Park.
  • The world’s largest inactive volcanic crater, Ngorongoro National Park, is in Tanzania.
  • It measures 2000 feet deep and 100 square miles wide.

Best time to visit Tanzania

July to October is the ideal time to visit Tanzania. The average temperature ranges between 22C to 28C.

Safety Tips for Tanzania                         

Travelers must take Malaria and Dengue vaccinations as necessary precautions.


Eswatini is the smallest country in Africa. The name of South Africa’s tiny nation is Swaziland, now known as Eswatini; the name changed in April 2018.


Things to do in Eswatini

  • Manzini is a famous local market, and Mbabane is the biggest city in Eswatini.
  • Mantenga Cultural Center is near this city with a nature reserve inside. It explains the heritage of the Swazi people.
  • Kruger National Park in Eswatini has wildlife safaris. This safari cost is less compared to South Africa.
  •  Visit Sibebe Rock
  •  Visit Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Best time to visit Eswatini

The average temperature in Eswatini is 24C throughout the year. Visitors can travel anytime.

Safety Tips for Eswatini                        

  • The main challenge is the medical service; it’s not commonly available, mostly in rural villages.
  • People must carry malaria tablets as a necessary precaution.

17. LESOTHO – 2.191 GPI

Lesotho is in southern Africa, and this country has the scenic beauty of tall mountains and narrow valleys.

Lesotho waterfall
Lesotho waterfall

Things to do in Lesotho 

  • Basotho Pony is a world-class trekking spot in Lesotho. This country is called a hiker’s paradise.
  • Travelers can find their favorite water sports activities here. Skiing also feels great at Lesotho.
  • Abseil Maletsunyane falls at Lesotho and holds the Guinness World record.
  • Travelers can enjoy the natural adventure at Lesotho.

Best time to visit Lesotho

March to April and September to November are pleasant times to travel to Lesotho. The average temperature remains between 19C to 24C during these months.

Safety Tips for Lesotho                         

  • Hikers must wear waterproof clothes while hiking and pony trekking.
  • Don’t spend much time outside after the evening.
  • Lock your car before going anywhere. At the same time, drive closes the windows to protect yourself from the snatcher.

18. ALGERIA – 2.094 GPI

Algeria is a North African country bordered by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Sahara Desert. It was a part of many famous empires, including the Roman and Ottoman Empires. At present, It’s an Islamic country. Algeria has had one of Africa’s highest economies and the largest country since Sudan broke up.

Sahara Desert Algeria Africa
Sahara Desert Algeria Africa

Things to do in Algeria

  • Explore the Sahara desert on the back of camels.
  • Enjoy the Mediterranean Sea on beautiful sandy beaches.
  • You can also visit Kasbah, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • The ruins of several ancient empires are the country’s main attraction point.

Best time to visit Algeria

The country has relatively high temperatures throughout the year, and the best time to visit will be between October and November, when the weather is pleasantly cooler. Mid-winters are a good option to tour, but the desert nights become harsh. The average temperature ranges between 23° C to 14° C.

Safety Tips for Algeria

  • The security situation in Algeria is on the positive side. Be cautious while traveling around the borders.
  • Avoid isolated roads and try being in tourist areas.
  • LGBT is illegal here, and people caught can be penalized for three years. People of the LGBT community are better advised to stay out of the country.

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19. SOUTH AFRICA – 2.405 GPI

This country, located at the southern tip of Africa, has three capitals. These are Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein. It’s a big country with completely diverse landscapes. You can visit beaches, Winelands, and rugged mountainous cliffs in this country.

This country, located at the southern tip of Africa, has three capitals: Cape Town, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein. It’s a big country with completely diverse landscapes, and you can visit beaches, Winelands, and rugged mountainous cliffs here.

South African Girl
South African Girl

Things to do in South Africa

  • As the ocean surrounds the country, water activities are popular here. You can try deep-sea diving, rafting, etc.
  • The wildlife safaris national parks are both an exciting and educational experience.
  • Many people also visit South Africa to do volunteer work.

Best time to visit South Africa

Late winters in South Africa have the most favorable weather conditions and the best time to visit. Plan a trip between May to September to enjoy maximum. The average temperature ranges between 24° C to 12° C.

Safety Tips for South Africa

  • Crime rates in South Africa are among the top levels.
  • According to statistics, South Africa records the maximum number of murders daily.
  • It’s dangerous for white-skinned tourists, so staying alert might be a good option.
  • It would be best if you never traveled alone in deserted areas.
  • It’s better to try blending in as a local when traveling here.

20. KENYA – 2.254 GPI

Kenya is an East African country and a perfect destination for a wildlife adventure. People will experience the ancient culture and rare natural sights of this country. The capital of Kenya is Nairobi.

Cheetah Kenya Africa
Cheetah Kenya Africa

Things to do in Kenya

  • Beautiful national parks and nature reserves are the main attractions in Kenya.
  • Massai Mara National Reserve is a famous destination to visit. This area is the home to Millions of Buffalo, Gazelles, Wildebeest, and Zebras.
  • Amboseli National Park in Kenya has vast elephant herds.

Best time to visit Kenya

July to September is the best time to visit Kenya. Days remain sunny with a clear sky. The average temperature ranges from 20 C to 25C.

Safety Tips for Kenya

  • Travelers are advised not to walk alone outside areas during night hours.
  • Don’t drink roadside tap water.
  • Carry water purification tablets.
  • Avoid street-side raw food like salad, peeled fruit, vegetables, etc.

21. UGANDA – 2.300 GPI

Uganda is a country in East Africa nicknamed the Pearl of Africa. It has the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, and on the other side, Lake Victoria is situated. It’s home to the highly endangered mountain gorilla and common chimpanzee.

It was a British colony in the late 19th century and gained independence in 1962. Kampala is the largest and also the capital city.

Buffalo in Uganda Africa
Buffalo in Uganda Africa

Things to do in Uganda 

  • You can go trekking the Rwenzori Mountains and also go for gorilla watching.
  • The Nile River passes through this country, making Uganda a favorable river rafting and kayaking destination.
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park has reserved endangered animals like the Ugandan Kob and crested crane. Book a safari here to see these rare animals.
  • Murchison Falls is Uganda’s finest national park, offering land and water safaris. Raft in Jinja is well-known for its adventure inside Uganda.

Best time to visit Uganda 

The best time to visit Uganda is between December to February and June to August. It is the ideal time to trek and see the Mountain Gorillas. The average temperature ranges from 27° C to 20° C.

Safety Tips for Uganda 

  • Though crime rates are on the lower side, it’s advisable to stay in tourist areas.
  • Female tourists must be extra careful as assaults against women have happened frequently.
  • It’s a few countries where homosexuality is still criminalized. Local attitudes towards LGBT people are extremely hostile. At times, it even turns violent. Law enforcement is not of much help.

22. MOZAMBIQUE – 2.259 GPI

Mozambique is a country in southern Africa on the coast of the Indian Ocean. In the 1500s, this country was a Portuguese colony; therefore, we can still see several historical forts there. The official language is Portuguese. The Zambezi River has provided the country with fertile land fit for irrigation.

Maputo Bay, in the capital city of Maputo, is another important geographical diversity. The Mozambique Channel, on the east, separates the country from Madagascar. All this unique environment led to a diverse ecology. 

Nampula catholic church in Mozambique
Nampula catholic church in Mozambique

 Things to do in Mozambique 

  • Mozambique is famous for safaris, so it is a must-have to do here.
  • Tourists often go for a Gorongosa National Park or Niassa Reserve tour to see the famous African wildlife. Animals like lions, buffalo, zebras, crocodiles, etc., can be seen in these parks.
  • Niassa Reserve is home to many endangered species, like the African wild dog.
  • You can visit the town of Pemba for souvenirs. Local handmade crafts from here are popular among tourists.

Best time to visit Mozambique 

Plan your trip to Mozambique between June to October. It is the dry season, so touring will be easier. The average temperature ranges between 23° C to 12° C.

Safety Tips for Mozambique 

  • Women should be very careful while walking around. It’s better not to travel alone anywhere.
  • Gang violence is prominent in the north of Vilanculos. It’s better to stay south of this area.

23. EGYPT – 2.267 GPI

Egypt has the wonder creation known as the Pyramids. It’s the best tourist-friendly Islamic Country country in Africa. 

Sphinx with pyramids Giza Egypt Africa
Sphinx with pyramids Giza Egypt Africa

Things to do in Egypt 

  • The best thing to do in Egypt is to take the Pyramid tour at Giza.
  • Tombs in the Valley of the Kings and the pillars of Karnak temple are two great attractions in Egypt.
  • The Red Sea offers the best scuba diving experience.
  • The beautiful Abu Simbel Temple is a must-watch site for Travellers.

Best time to visit Egypt 

Winter is a suitable time to travel to Egypt from October to April. The temperature remains pleasant to travel inside the desert, and the average temperature ranges from 30° C to 15° C.

Safety Tips for Egypt                         

  • Avoid crowds and walk alone at night.
  • Secure your belongings, card, and cash.
  • At tourist sites, scams are happening regularly, so be careful.
  • Men and women try to wear full-length dresses.
  • Visitors must avoid tap water for drinking in Egypt.
  • Sometimes, a hot, sunny climate becomes a hassle in your travels.

24. ZIMBABWE – 2.300 GPI

Zimbabwe is Africa’s capital of adventure, another safest city in Africa. Bulawayo, the capital of Zimbabwe, is a nice tourist destination. Tourism in Zimbabwe is the most valuable source of GDP in the country. The most beautiful place in the world, “Victoria Falls,” is here.


Things to do in Zimbabwe 

  • Roaring waterfalls are within walking distance.
  • Enjoying a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is worth it.
  • Tourists can find rhinos and black eagles inside Zimbabwe.
  • Matobo National Park in Bulawayo City is a nice place to visit.

Best time to visit Zimbabwe 

May to October is the best time to visit Zimbabwe during winter. The average temperature ranges between 22° C to 14° C.

 Safety Tips for Zimbabwe                          

  • If Local people know you are a tourist, during the shopping time, they charge high.
  • Travelers must avoid tap water for drinking in Zimbabwe.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and trousers for sunlight protection.

25. ETHIOPIA – 2.872 GPI 

Ethiopia is known as the Horn of Africa. It’s a place of ancient culture. In recent times, this tribal country has been the fastest-growing economic country. Ethiopia has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa. The northeastern part of Ethiopia is the hottest place on earth.

Lalibela Ethiopia Africa
Lalibela Ethiopia Africa

Things to do in Ethiopia

  • Rock-cut Christian churches from the 12th-13th centuries are famous attractions for Travellers in Ethiopia.
  • Travelers can experience this place’s bubbling lava from volcano Erta Ale and unbearable heat.
  • The beautiful multicolored landscape of Dallol is nearby.

Best time to visit Ethiopia

October to April is the best time to visit Ethiopia, and the average temperature remains between 18C to 21C during these months.

Safety Tips for Ethiopia                        

  • Travelers must take extreme caution while visiting the volcanic areas during the Danakil Depression.
  • Local people call this place the gateway to hell. Stay updated about the government’s travel advice.
  • Ethiopia’s internet is not reliable. Avoid crowds of protestors.

Where to start exploring Africa?

Exploring African Safari is the best idea to start with. Africa has the world’s best wildlife nature. Adventure lovers can feel a natural beauty while exploring African countries. Yet, Egypt remains a mystery to the world and is a great historical place to explore.

What is the Nicest country in Africa?

Zambia is a gorgeous country in Africa. The best thing in Zambia is to feel a natural beauty. It has the world’s largest waterfalls – the Victoria Waterfalls. South Africa is good for adventure lovers, too. Morocco is a beautiful Islamic country for visitors.

What Are Travel Warnings?

People must avoid non-essential travel to border regions in Africa. Travelers must check the latest alerts and news before visiting Africa. Taking necessary health precautions is recommended to adapt to the African climate.


Africa, the name talks about thrilling adventure, stunning wildlife nature, diverse African culture, and fulfilling natural essence. History tells us several stories of famous Travellers, too. Mistry lies between rainforests; natural silence is beyond what we could imagine.

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