33 Best Michelin 2 Star Restaurants in the United States 2023

The USA comes in at number five as the country with the highest number of Michelin 2 Star restaurants in the United States. These stars are awarded to restaurants with exceptional food quality and service that stand out from the rest.

The Michelin Guide is responsible for giving out these stars. A restaurant can receive three stars at most. According to the Michelin Guide, the meaning of each star is as follows:

  • One Star: An excellent restaurant in its category
  • Two Stars: Excellent cooking, worth a detour 
  • Three Stars: Exceptional cuisine, worth an extraordinary journey

USA Places like Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando Florida, Sacramento, Washington, San Jose, Napa in CA, Illinois, San Diego, Florida, New York, etc., have many luxurious Micheline star restaurants.

Michelin 2 Star restaurants in the USA
Michelin 2 Star restaurants in the USA

List of 33 Best Michelin 2-Star Restaurants in the United States

1. Harbor House Inn – Elk, California

Harbor House Inn is a luxury hotel off the Mendocino Coast. Its in-house restaurant is known for its outstanding dishes in the Californian wilderness. The sea-facing restaurant can serve twenty-five diners at once, and the menu changes seasonally. 

They prepare their food using local produce and foraged ingredients. Their fire cooking methods bring out the deep flavors of these ingredients. The love of nature and vision of head Chef Matthew Kammerer has earned the restaurant its well-deserved Michelin Stars.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 180$
  • Cuisine Types: Californian, Creative

Address: 5600 CA-1, Elk, 95432, USA

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2. Acquerello – San Francisco, CA

Acquerello has served San Francisco contemporary Italian dishes for over thirty years with refined luxury as its theme. Their courses symbolize the expertise and finesse of Head Chef Suzette Gresham. 

The all-time Italian classics are curated in a newer version with Chef’s imagination. The delicately hand-picked wine list has the perfect wine to match each dish. Their delicious desserts are made from scratch and can turn out to be the highlight of your meal.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 150 – 250$
  • Cuisine Types: Italian, Contemporary

Address: 1722 Sacramento Street San Francisco, CA 94109

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3. Birdsong Restaurant – San Francisco, CA

Birdsong Restaurant in San Francisco focuses on healing and giving back to nature. They focus mainly on their dishes’ Pacific North Western flavors and ingredients. 

Birdsong appreciates ancient cooking methods by implementing them in their modern kitchen. The use of live fire and smoke brings out the flavors of the fresh ingredients.

The in-depth knowledge of Chef Chris about flavors is visible from entrees to desserts, thus satisfying their diners.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 255 USD
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, American

Address: 1085 Mission St San Francisco, CA 94103

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4. Californios SF Restaurant – San Francisco, California

To experience a fantastic evening of fine Mexican dining, head to Californios in San Francisco. Chef Val M uses the freshest Bay Area produce to turn familiar dishes into unique and contemporary ones. Their impeccable wine list has a suitable choice for every dish.

The interior is modern and refined. Colorful paintings decorate the walls, and the terrace has become an outdoor dining area. The patio-style garden is decorated with heat lamps that create a serene vibe. Counter dining is available.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 267$
  • Cuisine Types: Mexican, Contemporary

Address: 355 11th St., San Francisco, 94103, USA

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5. Saison Restaurant – San Francisco, CA

Saison is a San Francisco restaurant serving modern American cuisine. Their tasting menu changes based on seasonal ingredients. They obtain ingredients directly from producers like farmers and fishermen. 

The meal is cooked on a wood fire to give it a rustic yet refined taste. A vast wine list provides a perfect pairing for each dish. Burgundy is the house’s specialty.

The California beach shelters the Saison restaurant in a historic brick building. The dining area is headed to an open kitchen where the food gets prepared over the direct fire on a wood fire oven. Logs for the oven are stacked near the entrance in a foyer-like structure. This rustic modern decor is a fresh look in the fine dining scene.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 248 – 306$
  • Cuisine Types: Californian, Contemporary

Address: 178 Townsend St., San Francisco, 94107, USA

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6. Lazy Bear Restaurant – San Francisco, CA

Lazy Bear by Chef David Barzelay initially opened up as a pop-up store whose popularity transitioned it into a permanent restaurant. 

The restaurant is themed in a retro style. It stands at the forefront of New American cuisine. The communal table allows diners to mingle among themselves. Thus this place makes your dinner more memorable with these interactions. 

The Chef prepares a 15-course tasting menu for each night. Dishes are selected by the seasonal produce available. Apart from the fantastic and bold flavors, the presentation will catch your attention. They also have a great wine list to pair with your meal.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 265 – 295$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Modern Cuisine

Address: 3416 19th St., San Francisco, 94110, USA

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7. Commis Restaurant – Oakland CA

Commis offers an unparalleled Contemporary fine-dining experience for its diners. The restaurant serves its diners an eight-course meal with wine pairings. Dishes are mainly modern, prepared from local ingredients.

Chef James Syhabout’s Asian heritage sometimes plays out in creating some fantastic renditions of Chinese and Thai courses. Their extensive wine list includes wines from almost every major wine region worldwide. Entry is by reservation only.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 189$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 3859 Piedmont Ave., Oakland, 94611, USA

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8. Blue Hill at Stone Barns – Tarrytown, NY

Blue Hill at Pocantico Hills is located in a literal barn on the hillside. The stone barn was formerly used as a cow shed which is now transformed into this high-end fine dining restaurant.

It’s headed by Chef Dan Barber, whose zero waste policy is well known all over. The same is reflected in every element of his restaurant, from decor to dishes. 

Most of the product is obtained from the surrounding farm. Entry is allowed on prior reservations, and the dress code is formal. The restaurant also hosts community table dinners every Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 195 – 278$
  • Cuisine Types: American, Contemporary

Address: 630 Bedford Rd., Tarrytown, 10591, USA

9. Daniel Restaurant – E. 65th St, NYC

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur Daniel Boulud’s name-brand restaurant Daniel is at the forefront of New York’s French cuisine. Its fantastic food and wine have gained high praise and accolades for a long time.

A seasonal prix fixe menu is served daily, prepared using the freshest ingredients. The eye-catching presentation and attention to detail bring their food to a higher pedestal.

The restaurant is decorated with lush carpets, grand ceilings, and chandeliers. Vibrant paintings hang on the walls to make the mood brighter. The interior exudes luxury from all sides.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 188 – 275$
  • Cuisine Types: French

Address: 60 E. 65th St., New York, 10065, USA

10. Jean-Georges Restaurants – Central Park West, NYC

The flagship restaurant of Jean-Georges is a highly acclaimed eatery in the United States. Their menu showcases a perfect harmony of European, American, and Asian cooking and flavors.

Ingredients are sourced from local farmer’s markets. Dishes are prepared in a refined way with flavors to soothe your palate. These plates of food are also visually spectacular. There is a three-course prix-fixe menu and two tasting menus of six courses each. Among the tasting menus, one is the Chef’s special, while the other is based on the popular ingredients of the season.

The large windows overlooking Central Park provide ample sunlight and make the atmosphere bright. A formal dress code is a must here. Children below the age of ten are not allowed.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 148 – 248$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, French Contemporary

Address: 1 Central Park West, New York, 10023, USA

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11. Aquavit Restaurant – E. 55th St, NYC

In the heart of Manhattan lies Aquavit, whose Modern Nordic menu has guests coming for more. An elegant bar adorns one side and an open kitchen is in front. The interior is decorated with beautiful chandeliers. With relevance to the name, the aqua color is prominent throughout the building.

Traditional Scandinavian cooking and flavors are prominent in their dishes. A prix fixe menu of two to three courses is served for lunch. Dinner is a five-course chef’s tasting menu.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 78 – 155$
  • Cuisine Types: Scandinavian, Contemporary

Address: 65 E. 55th St., New York, 10022, USA

12. The Modern Restaurant – 53rd St, NY

The Modern is a New American restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art, located in front of the Sculpture Garden by Abby Aldrich Rockefeller. The restaurant’s French-American cuisine is prepared with perfection. Each plate is an elegant work of art full of flavors. They also have suitable wine pairings for each dish.

Its state-of-the-art decor matches well with the surroundings and attracts art enthusiasts visiting the museum. The restaurant offers a prix fixe menu in the main area. The Bar Room serves an à la carte menu, while a table in the middle of the kitchen will give you a chef’s special tasting menu. Reservations open a month in advance.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 138 – 188$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 9 W. 53rd St., New York, 10019, USA

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13. Gabriel Kreuther Restaurant – 42nd St, NY

Gabriel Kreuther in Bryant Park is a Relais and Chateau-style restaurant serving a mix of Alsatian and Contemporary cuisine. Creativity is the key to the dishes served here. Their wine list covers all famous regions of the world. 

The interior is luxuriously decorated with wall paintings, artistic ceilings, and crystal stork hangings. Fine ceramic utensils will also catch your attention. The dining room is elegant and formal, while the bar and lounge have a much more casual vibe. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow ample natural light inside and a great view of Manhattan streets.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 90 – 245$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Alsatian

Address: 41 W. 42nd St., New York, 10036, USA

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14. Atomix Restaurant – 30th St, New York City

Representing Korean traditions and flavors in Manhattan is Atomix, a follow-up restaurant of Atoboy. The elegant interior of a 14-seat U-shaped counter suits the restaurant vibe pretty well. Before entering the main dining hall, guests are first led to the lounge for drinks and appetizers. Everything from the color of the wall to plates and chopsticks has a color-coordinated theme.

Contemporary Korean is the main aspect of this place which is visible in its food and decor. The Chef’s tasting menu has multiple courses inspired by Korean cuisine. Wine suitable for each course is available. Entry is allowed only on prior reservations.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 36 – 325$
  • Cuisine Types: Korean, Contemporary

Address: 104 E. 30th St., New York, 10016, USA

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15. Aska Restaurant Brooklyn – 5th St, NY

Aska is a Swedish word that translates to “ashes.” Chef Fredrik Berselius has incorporated his learnings from New York’s culinary schools into traditional Scandinavian dishes. 

This two-storeyed Michelin star restaurant is located in a former warehouse. It has a main dining room (limited to only ten tables and offers a chef’s tasting menu), a garden, and a cellar bar. Prior reservation is required to enter here. 

The latter two serve food on an a-la-carte basis. The ingredients are mainly from the Northeastern U.S. region, and alcohol options range from in-house cocktails to beers and wines.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 295$
  • Cuisine Types: Scandinavian, Contemporary

Address: 47 S. 5th St., New York, 11249, USA

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16. Jungsik Korean Restaurant – Harrison St, New York

Jungsik is a unique restaurant serving food they call “New Korean.” They experiment with traditional Korean in a western influenced cooking style. Native Korean and typical American ingredients create a rhythm that suits everyone’s palate. 

The big, bold Asian flavors attract diners from all over. Dishes here are refined and creative. A five-course and a seven-course menu are suitable for wine pairings.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 265$
  • Cuisine Types: Korean, Contemporary

Address: 2 Harrison St., New York, 10013, USA

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17. Atera Restaurant – Worth St, New York City

The elegant site of Atera has redefined counter dining on its terms. There are thirteen stools on the side of a large gray counter surrounding the open kitchen. The entire room is decorated in shades of gray, which automatically shifts the focus to the intricately made plate of food.

Atera serves an 18-course seasonal tasting menu. The menu is contemporary, with ingredients like truffle and caviar at the center. Their impressive wine list possesses bottles from some of the most famous wineries. Cocktails and teas are also available.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 285$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 77 Worth St., New York, 10013, USA

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18. Oriole Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Oriole is a Contemporary American restaurant by Chef Noah Sandoval. The interior of brick walls and wooden ceilings give it a rustic upscale restaurant. 

An extended-tasting menu blends the cooking styles of the world into a plate of American cuisine. Their wine list has some of the best wines.

If you don’t prefer alcohol, go for the non-alcoholic drink list, created exclusively to pair with the tasting menu. Reservations for Oriole open three months in advance.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 285$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, American Contemporary

Address: 661 W. Walnut St., Chicago, 60661, USA

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19. Ever Restaurant – Fulton Market, Chicago, IL

Stepping into Ever will take you into a luxury and high-end dining zone. The curved walls and noise-canceling ceilings give diners a sense of intimacy. Dining here is almost meditative. 

Chef Curtis Duffy prepares an 8 or 10-course tasting menu based on seasonal ingredients. Focus is given to protein, which includes different kinds of meat and seafood. Ever’s experienced sommeliers hand-picked wines to perfectly pair with the night’s tasting menu. Beers and cocktails are also available.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 285 $
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Modern Cuisine

Address: 1340 W. Fulton Market, Chicago, 60607, USA

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20. Smyth and The Loyalist – Ada St, Chicago, Illinois

Smyth and The Loyalist is a dual-concept restaurant in Chicago by the chef couple John Shields and Karen Urie Shields. The ground floor is The Loyalist, while the upper floor functions as Smyth. The Loyalist is a bar with dark walls and warm lights. On the other hand, Smyth is a refined and chic modern dining space with an open-air kitchen and large windows.

Start with the creative drinks and cocktails on the ground floor before heading up for the Michelin-starred tasting menu upstairs. Appetizers and delicious bar foods are also available at the Loyalists. 

Smyth provides a tasting menu, with most dishes being seafood-focused. They use fresh farm ingredients for their menu, which brings a ton of flavor to the plate. There are no limitations to the cuisine here, and you can have a taste of the whole world during your time at Smyth.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 265$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Modern Cuisine

Address: 177 N. Ada St., Chicago, 60607, USA

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21. Moody Tongue Brewing Company – Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

The Moody Tongue Brewing Company is the first brewery in the world to get two Michelin stars. The bar at the entrance encourages diners to have a casual drink or to. It will then lead you to the main dining room, where legendary chef Jared Wentworth prepares a 12-course menu. The menu is hyper-seasonal, and each course has a suitable beer, brewed in-house, and paired with it.

The interior focuses on minimalism, but luxury is still prominent throughout it. The bar is centered around a glorious fireplace with a library. The dining room is modern, with 28 seats for diners. Modern lamps and indoor plants finish the look with the utmost sophistication.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 285 – 330$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, American Contemporary

Address: 2515 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 60616, USA

22. Jont Tasting Counter Concept – NW, Washington DC

Jônt is a place where a team of inspiring chefs works tirelessly to create food that is perfect in every sense. From delicate flavoring to complex techniques, Jônt pulls off everything and brings a smile to the face of their diners.

Their menu is greatly influenced by Japanese seafood. Every night, diners are presented with a 32-course tasting menu with ingredients from around the world. 

The interior is sleek and modern, and a white marble counter surrounds an open kitchen with long-legged chairs. Flowers add a pop of color to this elegant white room.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 305$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 1904 14th St. NW, Washington, 20009, USA

23. Minibar by José Andrés restaurant – E St. NW, Washington

Contrary to its name, Minibar is a hub of big, bold flavors. Chef José Andrés, with his creative and whimsical food recreation, attracts diners from around the city. 

The food here is a work of art prepared with delicate techniques and flavors. The menu is Japanese-influenced and thus involves many Japanese ingredients and fine dining items like caviar and truffles. 

Diners are served on the counter surrounding the open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs live in action. In-house sommeliers carefully craft wine and cocktails suiting each item.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 295$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 855 E St. NW, Washington, 20004, USA

24. Pineapple and Pearls Restaurant – 8th St, Washington DC

It’s a party here every night, with glitz and glam decorating the place from head to toe. The pink-hued walls are a unique sight for any high-end place. These minute details have made this restaurant stand out from the crowd and become a popular dinner stop for people.

They serve dinner from Wednesday to Sunday. A four-course contemporary chef’s tasting menu is served to diners. Portions are large, with choices for each course. Adjacent Bar serves wine and cocktails with bar food.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 325$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 715 8th St. SE, Washington, 20003, USA

25. Sushi Ginza Onodera – West Hollywood, CA

Sushi Ginza Onodera is a Japanese restaurant giant with branches worldwide. Their West Hollywood outlet has excelled in cooking and presentation, which added to its ever-rising fame and helped it receive two Michelin Stars. Sushi Ginza Onodera mainly focuses on the authenticity of its food and strictly follows Japanese traditions. 

Almost all the fish are imported from the Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo. They prepare sushis with the help of the Edomae style, which is a traditional cooking method that dates before refrigerators came into being.

The interior is also made from Japanese products. The sushi bar is made from a log of hinoki, a native Japanese tree. The plates and bowls are also exquisite Japanese utensils of great value. The delicious food and calm atmosphere make diners refreshed and happy.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 300$
  • Cuisine Types: Japanese, Sushi

Address: 609 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, 90069, USA

26. Citrin and Mélisse restaurant – Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA

Citrin and Mélisse by Chef Josiah Citrin are two separate places functioning under one roof. The restaurant authority put forth this arrangement for the ease of customers. Mélisse is a fine dining restaurant serving a tasting menu, while Citrin has a more bistro-like vibe. 

Melisse is a 14-seat intimate dining space with an open kitchen showing the chefs at work. Citrin provides an a-la-carte and prix fixe menu, and a bar is also present here. Modern Californian cuisine is prepared. Ingredients are sourced from local farmers.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 295$
  • Cuisine Types: French

Address: 1104 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, 90401, USA

27. Providence Restaurant – Los Angeles, California

Since its inception, Providence by Chef Michael Cimarusti has been praising its innovative approach to seafood dishes. The ocean-themed restaurant is decorated with barnacles on the ceiling.  

The menu features fish and seafood as the main component. They procure their ingredients from different parts of the world and present them in dishes that are heavily influenced by the culinary styles of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. Ingredients are sourced from countries like New Zealand, Norway, and Japan. Desserts made from in-house chocolates are also delicious.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 225 – 475$
  • Cuisine Types: 225 – 475

Address: 5955 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, 90038, USA

28. n/naka Restaurant – Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA

N/Naka is a traditional Japanese restaurant that has changed the oriental dining scene of L.A. They follow the Kaiseki cuisine, a culinary art form that presents ingredients in their most natural form.

N/Naka takes inspiration from this cuisine to create a modern interpretation of it. Chef Niki Nakayama’s creativity has struck a fine balance between traditional and modern dishes that engage the diners entirely. Vegetables used to create these dishes are from their organic garden. 

A 13-course tasting menu is served every night. This menu changes based on the seasonal produce available. A vegetarian alternative is also available.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 245 – 285$
  • Cuisine Types: Japanese, Contemporary

Address: 3455 S. Overland Ave., Los Angeles, 90034, USA

29. Hayato Restaurant – Los Angeles, CA

Hayato is a sleek, intimate seven-seat Japanese restaurant serving meals of Kaiseki cuisine. The open kitchen is surrounded by a counter where guests are seated. 

Chefs finish their cooking in front of diners while explaining the traditions and mechanism of the dish. It’s mainly seafood-focused. 

Their specialty lies in washoku, a traditional Japanese cooking style. Original Japanese artisans make all elements in the restaurant. You must make reservations well in advance due to the limited number of seats. It’s cooking in front of you restaurant.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 295$
  • Cuisine Types: Japanese, Seafood

Address: 1320 E. 7th St., Ste. 126, Los Angeles, 90021, USA

30. L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – NE. 41st St, Miami

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon is a world-renowned restaurant chain serving modern French cuisine. Its Miami outlet opened its doors in 2019 and has earned two Michelin stars. Chef Joël Robuchon is known for converting simple food and ingredients into fine dining classics.

 Guests can choose à la carte, a four-course seasonal prix fixe, or a four-course chef’s tasting menu. All the items on the menu change based on the seasonal availability of ingredients.

Guests are seated around a counter facing an open kitchen. Thirty-four red leather chairs are available. The rose-colored walls with subtle lighting create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you enjoy a fine dining experience, then these Michelin-star restaurants are worth a visit. Each restaurant differs from the other in some aspect, but all of them will serve you food that will keep you wanting more. 

Experience different flavors, cuisines, atmospheres, and artistic presentations while eating at one of these restaurants. Expand your knowledge of food and learn more about the different culinary cultures of the world.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 150 – 255 USD
  • Cuisine Types: French, Contemporary

Address: 151 NE. 41st St., Miami, 33137, USA

31. Al Coro – New York

Al Coro is one of the extremely talked about creations of Chef Melissa Rodriguez and Jeff Katz. They both worked hard to make this a mind-blowing glitzy space. Seating arrangements are there for almost ten people. The interior depicts the amalgamation of the old world and the new era. 

This restaurant amps up the drama with live music and old-world jazz. Their bustling dining area is the backdrop for a kitchen that peeps behind the scenes. The menu provides a savoring authentic modern Italian delicacy. Al Coro usually serves a substantially small portion, which makes it more desirable. This place is perfect for private dining and event hosting.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars.
  • Price: 210$
  • Cuisine Type: Italian, Contemporary.

Address: 85 Tenth Ave., New York, 10011, USA.

32. Momofuku Ko – New York

Momofuku Ko is a highly acclaimed restaurant that combines many cuisines. It was founded by David Chang, who owns several other restaurants in the city. The name “Momofuku” means “lucky peach” and refers to a dessert made with custard. 

In 2008, Ko opened its doors as one of the high-end restaurants. They have received numerous awards, including being named one of the Best New Restaurants in 2009. Ko also won two Michelin stars for its food. Currently, the restaurant is run by head Chef Esther Ha.

Their lively music and elegant, laid-back atmosphere encourage people to dine here. The Main dining room and the bar at Ko are two distinctly popular restaurant areas. The main dining Room offers a comprehensive tasting menu, while The Bar at Ko offers an ever-changing à la carte menu. Both menus can be paired with an extensive beverage selection.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars
  • Price: 280$
  • Cuisine Type: Contemporary.

Address: 8 Extra Pl., New York, 10003, USA.

33. Saga – New York

Saga is a new addition to the city’s fine dining scene and is located on the 63rd floor of the iconic Art Deco tower at 70 Pine Street. The restaurant offers spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline and is one of the main attractions for diners. Saga has been in business since the start of the year 2021. 

They are known for their excellent cooking and have been awarded two Michelin stars. The restaurant’s unique and spacious layout adds to the overall dining experience. Their luxurious dining rooms are decorated with peach and emerald velvet furniture, green marble tables, and decorations made of carved stone. 

Chef James Kent serves dishes that perfectly compliments the environment. He offers the diners small yet delicious compositions that embrace the place’s elegance. If you’re looking for a refined, unforgettable dining experience with breathtaking city views, Saga is it.

  • Star Rating: Two Michelin Stars.
  • Price: 170$
  • Cuisine Type: Contemporary.

Address: 70 Pine St., New York, 10005, USA.


The high standards for these stars elevate the popularity and status of the receiving restaurant. New York City has earned 65 Michelin stars and has the maximum number of Michelin restaurants in the United States. Each of these restaurants serves creatively prepared delectable delicacies to satiate the palate of food lovers.

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