Are Michelin Stars for Restaurants or Chefs?

Who gets Michelin Stars, Chefs or Restaurants? The answer is the stars are for the restaurants, not the chefs.

A Michelin Star is the most prestigious award for any restaurant or chef. It’s a restaurant guide that reviews fine dining restaurants and awards stars to the ones that exceed the expected culinary standards. 

How do Michelin stars work?

People have a common dilemma regarding these stars: Although a chef plays a vital role in acquiring the star, it’s only attached to the restaurant’s name. The star remains with the restaurant even when a chef leaves. The guide clearly states, “There is no such thing as a Michelin-starred chef to avoid all confusion.” 

Are Michelin Stars for restaurants or chefs
Are Michelin Stars for restaurants or chefs

How are Michelin stars awarded?

The Michelin Guide gives out its stars by following its unique process. A team of eighty anonymous Michelin inspectors is deployed around the world. These inspectors are highly knowledgeable about cuisines and all things culinary. They are also specially trained to review food and identify the best in the lot. 

These inspectors go for a meal at a fine dining restaurant, posing like any regular guest. There, they judge the food based on five categories, namely: 

  • The quality of ingredients used
  • The skill in food preparation
  • The combination of flavors
  • The value for money
  • The consistency of culinary standards

The reviews from each of these anonymous food inspectors are discussed with the director of Michelin Guides during a yearly event known as “star sessions.” These sessions are the last step before awarding a star to a restaurant.

The decision is taken after days or even weeks of debate by meticulously going through each restaurant.

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How many Michelin stars can be awarded?

A restaurant can only get three Michelin stars no matter how good their food tastes. The meaning of each star according to the Michelin Guide is as follows:

  • One star – high-quality cooking, worth a stop
  • Two Stars – excellent cooking, worth a detour
  • Three Stars – exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

History of Michelin stars

Michelin Star began as a publicity strategy for the tire company Michelin in the year 1904. The guide was for helping car owners in France to locate a repair shop along with a restaurant. So that they can eat while their car gets repaired.

After, they started the Michelin Guide, mainly as a travel guide, mentioning the best eateries in the country. This guide’s popularity grew over the years, and it became the most respected food award.

How do Michelin stars work for chefs?

Even though a star is awarded to a restaurant, the head chef leads the cooking team. The fame of the chefs shoots to the sky, and they become celebrities in the culinary world. With the fame, their demand also rises incredibly.

Other awards by the Michelin Guide

Apart from the stars, the Michelin Guide also gives out several other awards for encouragement. These are:

  • Bib Gourmand: This award is given to a restaurant serving high-quality three-course meals for a lesser, pocket-friendly price.
  • Michelin Plate: The Michelin Plate is awarded to restaurants that offer good quality food but still need to be on the level of a star.
  • Green Star: It is the newest addition to the list of awards offered by the Michelin Guide, introduced only in 2020. This award is given to restaurants that operate ethically and environmentally friendly.
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