When is the rainy season in Belize | Best time to visit and travel

Often we think of vacationing at a beach during the rains, and tropical Belize always welcomes us. Located off the Caribbean Sea and bordered by Mexico and Guinea, Belize is an off-beat beach paradise in the USA. But when is Belize rainy season? Balize rain pours from mid-May to November, approx six months

This long rainy season usually serves as a low tourist season. But adventure lovers are now flocking to Belize even while it rains. Otherwise, the best time to visit for travel in Belize is usually from December to May. 

rainy season in Belize
Rainy season in Belize

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Where is Belize Located?

The sub-tropical Belize is a Central American country, act as a link between North and South America. Countries bordering Belize are Mexico in the north, Guatemala in the west and south. On its east, Belize faces the Caribbean Sea. This exotic location has made it a global tourist destination. Owing to its geographical location, it enjoys a maritime climate maintaining equable temperatures. 

Types of Seasons in Belize

You can categorize seasons in Belize according to weather conditions and tourist arrival. Belize has two prominent seasons: Dry Season and Rainy Season. Hurricanes are predictable and a common phenomenon, mainly during the rainy season. Here is a complete season-wise guide for a fantastic trip to Belize:

  1. Belize Rainy season
  2. Belize Dry Season

1. Belize Rainy season

Exploring the pristine islands during the rain offers a thrilling experience. However, due to its tropical nature, Belize experiences rainfall for six months (May-Nov). As a result, humidity rises, with average temperatures shooting up to 26 degrees or 30 degrees.  

Enjoy exploring the caves outdoors or relax at the resort. The cloudy and misty weather of Belize is an excellent watch for tourists. 

The Great Blue Hole, Belize
The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Packing and Checklist for For Belize Rainy Season

  • Rain shields are a must (umbrellas, rain jackets)
  • Ziplock pouches for saving the phone
  • A waterproof camera like GoPro
  • Female Urination Device (comes in handy while on adventures)
  • Self-filtering water bottles (rainy season can make drinking water questionable in Belize)
  • Powerbank for an emergency
  • Casual slippers
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Mosquito and insect repellants

2. Belize Dry Season

Winters in Belize are the official dry season devoid of rain and snow. Temperatures swing between 22 degrees to 27-degree Celsius. The mild winters last for three months, from November to February. The waters are excellent, not cold, and the sea is calm for indulging in aqua sports. The islands become filled with travelers as this is the peak tourist season. The dry season continues up to May, replacing winters with hot summers. 

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Packing and Checklist for Belize Dry Season

  • Sunscreen & Goggles
  • Light jackets for the nights
  • Portable Chargers
  • Hair conditioner (the salty water may ruin your hair)
  • Hats and caps
  • Sunburn soothing gel
  • Wrap skirts (multipurpose use as a skirt, sitting mat, etc.)
  • Swimsuits and shrugs
  • Wireless earphones
  • Quick-drying clothes
Belize Caribbean Tropical Water Tourism Port
Belize Caribbean Tropical Water Tourism Port

Is there a hurricane season in Belize?

Both the rainy and hurricane season comes hand in hand in Belize. Hurricanes originating off coastal Belize hit it hard, mainly from September to October. Flooding and flight delays are expected faced by many tourists. 

Traveling in Belize during the rainy season can be a great choice if you are looking to tone down your budget. These times tourists get huge discounts on all bookings

8 fun things to do in Belize

Every activity becomes a fun activity in Belize, particularly during the drier months. Every nook and corner of Belize is filled with tourists from across the globe. Water activities like snorkeling to walking amidst the Mayan ruins.

  1. Go for a fun zip-lining adventure 
  2. Get a taste of the jungle night-life at Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge
  3. Head to the Blue Hole Reserve for a surreal feel
  4. Enjoy inland swimming at Rio on Pools, and Big Rock falls after you’re done at the beaches
  5. Indulge in snorkeling and diving for a casual meeting with the marine life
  6. Cave tubing is the best during the dry season, with no fear of cancellation
  7. Exploring the ruins of Mayan civilization is another fun thing to do
  8. Get a mind-boggling sight of the blooming coral reefs, a few kilometers off the Belize coast
King Lewey Belize Bar Ocean Island Caye
King Lewey Belize Bar Ocean Island Caye

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Types of weather by month in Belize City (yearly)

During forecasts, Belize experiences significantly fewer climatic fluctuations. Only the rainy, winter and summer seasons are the most prominent. Outdoor touristy activity schedules change accordingly. 

Monthwise weather history for Belize
Monthwise weather history for Belize City

Visit Belize in the Summers

Summers are lively and exciting. Belize experiences dry summers from March to April. Temperatures rise considerably up to 32 degrees Celsius with the lowest rainfall. The weather remains more or less stable. It’s a great time to visit Belize without any weather-related worries. 

Months (Summer)Max Tem (Celsius)Mini Temp (Celsius)Ave Rainfall
April312138 mm
Visit Belize in the summers

Visit Belize in the Rainy Season – Weather by Month

Rainy downpours are set in mid-May and continue straight up to November. Monthly fluctuations prevail, with July to October being the wettest months. It usually coincides with the off-season, so most hotels offer dirt-cheap prices.

Belize is known to experience hurricanes from the adjoining Caribbean Sea during this time. It’s recommended to get travel insurance for safety. 

Months (Rainy)Maximum Temp (Celsius)Minimum Temp (Celsius)Ave Rainfall
May312257 mm
June3123120 mm
July302258 mm
August302288 mm
September3023102 mm
October2921103 mm
November281964 mm
Belize Weather by Month

Visit Belize in the fall

Just after the Belize Rainy Season, the fall arrives for a short period. The humidity level falls from mid-November to early December. The drier months start in the mild winter season. Skies remain partly cloudy, and short-lived rain showers are expected. It’s an excellent time to visit Belize before the tourist rush sets in.

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Visit Belize in Winters

Winter in Belize is exceptionally mild. It’s sudden after the rains start ceasing from November. The typical months of winter are December, January & an ideal time for vacationing, with breezy mornings and chilly evenings.

Temperatures in the mornings usually hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and hit a low of 60 degrees by night. Diving in the calm ocean waters will revive and refresh the soul. Mornings are not always sunny and scattered clouds bring occasional rain. 

Months (Winter)Max Temp (degree Celsius)Min Temp (Celsius)Ave Rainfall
December 281844 mm
January 271847 mm
February 271941 mm
Visit Belize in Winters

Visit Belize in Spring

Like fall, spring in Belize also makes a guest appearance only. Replacing winters with warmer temperatures lasts only for a week or two. In most years, it coincides with the summer season and becomes indistinguishable.

Spring in Belize lasts from February-end to the second week of March. Being the peak tourist season, it becomes a bit expensive if bookings are not made earlier. Water activities and rainforest hiking are the best things to do during this time. 

Belize climate graph

Talking of graphical representation of Belize’s climate, the curve remains almost the same every year. Belize is a tropical country, is less prone to climatic fluctuations. Apart from the unprecedented hurricanes, the weather is predictable all year round.

Belize is categorized into two seasons: Dry (comprising the autumn, winter, spring, and summer) and the wet season. The transition from autumn to winter and spring to summer is indistinguishable primarily. 

Belize climate graph
Belize climate graph

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What is the best time of year to go to Belize?

If you searching for When to Go in Belize, the answer is the dry season from November to May. It’s the peak tourist season. Low humidity, cool weather, and calm waters offer the best time to visit Belize. 

To enjoy a safe rainy Belize, visit during the start or end of the rainy season. Travel either at the end of May or in early November. You can enjoy both the rain and Belize tour. Any booking cost is low at this time. If booked in advance, then it gets even more cheaper.

Smoker Belize Red Habanero
Smoker Belize Red Habanero

Best seven list of things to do in Belize Rainy season

Traveling to Belize during the rains is a different experience altogether. The beautiful lush greenery of the Central American forests is a treat to watch. The combination of the grey cloudy skies above the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea will bring soulful joy.

  1. Get your trekking shoes on and go for Mayan ruins at Xunantunich, Lamanai, Altun Ha, etc.
  2. Visit the lobster festival at Ambergris Caye island in the first week of June.
  3. Head to the Belize museum for a historical facts and overview of the place.
  4. Spend a day enjoying the ancient Mayan culture; a visit to the ATM Cave is a must
  5. Relax and chill at your resort
  6. Go for cave tubing
  7. Get a surreal feeling at the beach while it rains
High Temple - Lamanai, Belize
High Temple – Lamanai, Belize

6 Belize famous attractions

  1. Scuba Diving – Anytime between November to May. It’s recommended to keep safe from the hurricane season.

2. Snorkeling – All water activities are best enjoyed in the dry season extending from winter to summer. The best months are from December to April.

3. Fishing – The best fishing months for Belize sport fishing are from May to October. From summer to the fall, fish like Tarpons, Permit, and Bonefish are easily found.

4. Canoeing – All year-round except for the rainy season. The hurricane season may be avoided explicitly for personal safety.

5. Cave Tubing – Anytime from December to April serves as the best cave tubing time. The caves get almost submerged into the flooded waters during the wet season. Hurricanes cause more interruptions in enjoying this fun activity.

6. Zip lining – January to March is the best for venturing into zip lining. With the lowest precipitation, these are typical months of the dry season. 

Belize underwater
Belize underwater

Belize travel guide

Our travel guide ensures a fun-packed yet easy-going travel in Belize. For a stay of 7 days in Belize, the following itinerary serves as the best guide:

  • Day 1: Touch down at Belize International Airport. Avail a sea taxi or a plane to go to San Pedro. Flying over the reef view is a recommended option if the budget permits. Freshen up and walk on the beaches and enjoy the famous restaurants.
  • Day 2: Set out to snorkel or scuba dive at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve during the day. Head back to Ambergris Caye and enjoy the Secret Beach sunset.
  • Day 3: Enjoy a quick yoga session at Ambergris Caye. Head to the Belize Barrier Reef. Follow it up with a tour at the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary. 
  • Day 4: Ride to Caye Caulker to enjoy the calmer beaches. Visit the ruin Mayan site like Xunantunich or Lamanai. Kayak your way back via the Monkey River. Spend sunset at the Gladden Spit.
  • Day 5: Hike up the Mountain Pine Reserve Forest enjoying its scenic waterfall landscape. Next, visit the Belize Botanical Garden and the adjacent Green Iguana Conservation Project. Kayak at the Macal River at sunset.
  • Day 6: Go for Barton Creek and Actun Tunichil Muknal cave for an enchanting view. Follow it up with the Belize museum tour. Then, visit San Ignacio market for last-minute shopping.
  • Day 7: See the Great Blue Hole and the Barrier Reef while heading to the airport. You are now concluding your journey to the pristine islands of Belize.
Xunantunich Temple - Cayo District, Western Belize
Xunantunich Temple – Cayo District, Western Belize

Top 5 Places to visit in Belize

5 important places to visit in Belize are:

  1. Placencia
  2. San Pedro
  3. San Ignacio
  4. Ambergris Caye
  5. Cayo

Best 26 Major Attractions of Belize

Belize has so much to offer luxury to cheap travel its tourists that one should not miss out. All the major attractions of Belize are:

  1. Placencia
  2. San Pedro
  3. San Ignacio
  4. Ambergris Caye
  5. Cayo
  6. Great Blue Hole
  7. Belize Barrier Reef
  8. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave
  9. Hol Chan Marine Reserve
  10. Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve
  11. Rio on Pools
  12. Big Rock Waterfall
  13. Big Rock Waterfall 
  14. Belize Zoo
  15. Xunantunich 
  16. San Ignacio Farmer’s Market
  17. Lamanai
  18. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
  19. Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve
  20. Secret Beach
  21. Belize Botanical Gardens
  22. Green Iguana Conservation Project 
  23. Barton Creek
  24. Altun Ha
  25. Caye Caulker
  26. Hopkins
Belize Cay Caulker Ambergris Central America Island
Belize Cay Caulker Ambergris Central America Island

Public Holidays and Festivals in Belize

New Year’s Day – January

New Year’s Day is a public holiday in Belize. It’s the day when people stroll around and enjoy fun activities. Belize celebrates New Year with fireworks, dynamites, and sparkles. They have a tradition of bursting “cuetes” (firecrackers) non-stop. People see this as a day for recreation to socialize with family and friends.

Fiesta de Carnaval – February

Fiesta de Carnaval or Belize carnival is celebrated every year during the week before Lent (season of fasting and praying for 40 days). They held the festival on Ambergris Caye in the bustling town of San Pedro. Belizeans let their spirits high and take part in singing, painting contest, and flour fighting. Special group dance competitions, “Comparsas” and lively parades are held throughout the week.

Baron Bliss Day – March

Baron Bliss Day, a national festival, is celebrated to commemorate a British resident. Baron Bliss died while he vacationing in Belize. He donated 2 million Belize dollars (approx) for constructing libraries, schools, and institutions like the famous Baron Bliss Institute. Horse racing, boat races, and parties are held on this day to honor him. 

Commonwealth Day – May

Belize, in 1981 joined the Commonwealth. They celebrate 54 independent states under the British Monarchy on this commonwealth day or Sovereign’s Day. A flag-hoisting ceremony and reading of the queen’s message are held in schools and universities to commemorate Sovereign’s Day. National Sports Council organizes horse and cycle races. 

Lobsterfest – June

Lobsterfest is celebrated to mark the beginning of the lobster season in Belize. This crustacean festival is widely celebrated in three areas: San Pedro, Placencia, and Caye Caulker. Tourists can enjoy many lobster delicacies along with living music and dancing. 

Mango Festival – July

The Hopkins Mango Festival is a two-day exciting and family event. It’s held on Stann Creek beach, where different stalls serving mango delicacies are established. People can enjoy a variety of mango-made dishes, candies, jams, jellies, and drinks. Many competitions and games are organized for visitors. 

Costa Maya Festival – August

Costa Maya is the most colorful and most significant festival in Belize. This three-day event is celebrated in San Pedro. Visitors can enjoy live music, cultural performances, entertainment, traditional cuisine, and games, etc. The famous Miss Costa Maya International pageant is held during this festival. Their primary aim is to promote Mundo Maya countries through folklore music, dance, food, etc. 

Belize Independence Day – September

Belize became the only Central American British colony to become an independent nation on 21st September 1981. Every year on this day, the people of Belize gather throughout the country. They celebrate the culture, history, people, and independence of their beautiful nation. Flag-hoisting ceremonies and parades are a part of this event. 

San Pedro’s Township Day – November

Township Day commemorates the transformation of a small village of San Pedro into a town on 27th November 1984 by the Belize government. The local government town board organizes annual events like boat races, parades, fishing competitions, music to celebrate this day. 

Placencia Mistletoe Ball – December

The Placencia chapter of BTIA (Belize Tourism Industry Association) organizes the annual Mistletoe Ball every year. It’s organized in a resort at Placencia on December end. Visitors put on their best outfits to enjoy the night. This glamorous party on the Placencia peninsula comprises music, dancing, food, and raffles. 

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Does it rain a lot in Belize?

It’s raining almost every day in Belize. Find light to moderate showers during your stay. The chances of getting a single rain-free day are lower during the rainy season. Drier months also receive scanty rainfall with cloud-cast skies.

How many days do you need in Belize?

A 7-10 days trip will cover the important locations in Belize. But for a thorough and insightful trip, a two-week itinerary serves the best. Belize has so much in store that days fall short to explore its beauty.

Is Belize expensive for tourists?

Yes, It’s one of the most expensive beach destinations in Central America. For a week’s tour, per person cost, including food, travel, accommodation, and activities, are around US$ 945. Roughly amounts to around US$70 per day per person.
To see its bewildering beauty, you should visit the pristine islands more than once. Nonetheless, whenever you come, be it the rainy or dry season, all times are the best time to visit Belize. Be sporting, make prior bookings, and execute your thoughts into actions. Then, safely head out during the Belize rainy season for a trip to remember. 

What are the three tourist attractions in Belize?

The top three attractions in Belize are (1) The Great Blue Hole, (2) Caye Caulker, (3) Belize Barrier Reef.

What is the most recognizable tourist destination in Belize?

Cayes, Coastal Villages and Mainland Jungle are the most famous destinations visited by tourists in Belize.

What is there to do in Belize?

Visit the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave and experience the inside of the cave where the Maya pottery have been lying undisturbed for millions of years.
Enjoy Cave Tubing and discover crystal curtains, fire pits, glyph writings, and even skeletal remains of sacrificial victims.
Go Ziplining close to the caves Branch park.

Is Belize dangerous to visit?

It depends on the area you are choosing to visit. Thesafer areas for tourists are Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. But places like Guatemala and Southern Belize city’s crime rate is high.

What language does Belize speak?

Belizeans speak many languages like Yucatec, Mopan, and Kekchi. But the official language is English.

What is Belize famous for?

Belize is famous for its world’s second-largest barrier reef. It has a dense jungle that houses howler monkeys and jaguars. Belize is also famous for its pine forest on the mountains, beaches with palm trees, rivers, caves, etc. People can also enjoy diving and snorkelling here.

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