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Decathlon Salt Lake store in Kolkata showcases products for sports and travel categories like hiking, running, cycling, fitness, water sports, cricket, swimming, football, golf, roller sports, badminton, horse riding, volleyball, tennis, and more. They also provided home delivery to customers. 

Decathlon is the largest retailer and manufacturer of sporting goods worldwide. This French company provides extravagant merchandise for 70 sports and 5000+ products. 

Decathlon was first started in Bangalore in 2009. Now, there are over 37 outlets in India. The company provides effortless post and pre-purchase services. Decathlon also has an online website and mobile application.

Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Kolkata
Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Kolkata

My Visit to the Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Kolkata

This year, when I visited Biswa Bangla Gate restaurant, I visited Decathlon Salt Lake and purchased a rucksack. The material is very tough and can take a heavy load.

My Visit at Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Kolkata
My Visit at Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Kolkata

Decathlon Kolkata Salt Lake City Timings

Decathlon Kolkata Salt Lake City opens from 10:00 am to 09:00 pm.

Decathlon Kolkata Salt Lake Address

X1, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Ground Floor & First Floor, 4, Street Number 17, EP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Decathlon Kolkata Salt Lake Products

Decathlon is a one-stop shopping destination in India for purchasing sports goods. The company is B2C now and has a 90-day return policy. They offer a 2-year warranty on all goods. Decathlon has products for water sports, target sports, fitness sports, cycling, roller sports, etc. 

Goods for men and women include footwear, Topwear, sweatshirts, jackets, Bottomwear, Innerwear, etc. Items for kids, like cricket kits, bats, equipment, footwear, scooters, skates, and cycles, are also sold. 

Decathlon also offers travel accessories, massagers & support products, nutrition & hydration items, and equipment-activewear for the gym. 

Decathlon Kolkata Salt Lake Shop Tour | Best Travel and Sports store in India

Decathlon Kolkata

Decathlon has four stores in Kolkata, West Bengal:

  • Decathlon Saltlake (sector 5), Kolkata
  • Decathlon Shakespeare Sarani, Kolkata
  • Decathlon Connect Park Street
  • Decathlon Newtown

All Decathlon showrooms in Kolkata offer in-store shopping, home delivery, and in-store pickup. 

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake Bicycle Workshop

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake has a bicycle workshop. Equipment, tools/accessories and items related to bicycles are sold. The bicycle workshop also provides repair and maintenance services. A team of technicians works to provide quality and customized goods for all customers. 

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake Jersey Printing

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake offers a jersey printing facility. Customers can get names and numbers printed on their favourite t-shirts. The cost for printing the name/ number is INR 99 (approx). Currently, the rate for printing both names and numbers is INR 149 (approx).  

Decathlon Kolkata Online

Decathlon offers a store for online shopping. Customers quickly order products sitting at their homes. The website lists 5000+ products for over 70 different sports. Many coupons and promo codes are available to get additional discounts. There is a 90-day return policy on products, except for a few. Shipping above INR 1499 (approx) is free. Decathlon also has an online mobile application for shopping.

Decathlon Store in Salt Lake Prices

Prices for different products at Decathlon are reasonable and worth the quality. The price range at Decathlon outlets starts from INR 149 (approx).  

Decathlon Workshop Services

Decathlon offers many workshops for customers. These workshops provide services that help in extending the shelf life of products. Services like repairs, adjustment and maintenance of gears are available. Specialists also offer free advice, inspection and suitable service recommendations. 

Workshop services offered at Decathlon are:

  • Skate sharpening
  • Bike repair and maintenance
  • Ski waxing
  • General ski maintenance
  • Ski sharpening
  • Garment Embroidery
  • Heat pressing
  • Racquet stringing
  • Printing

These services vary from location to location and store to store. We recommend contacting the local store before visiting. 

Decathlon Customer Care/ Services

Decathlon has well-trained & informed staff and helpful customer care/services. Staff give good recommendations to customers (especially beginners) about which gear or product would suit them best. Customer care/ service is contacted for registering complaints, product-related queries, giving feedback, account-related information, etc.  

Customer Care Number: 076767 98989

Decathlon Special and Best Products

The best products at Decathlon are: 

Decathlon Cycle

Decathlon has many cycles ranging from kids’ bicycles to mountain bikes, folding cycles to cross-country cycles, etc. The price of cycles at Decathlon ranges between INR 5499 to INR 199999 (approx). 

Decathlon Shoes

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake has shoes for both men and women. Shoes for jogging, running, trekking, etc., are available. The company has shoes in all sizes and for all levels (intermediate & beginners). Waterproof shoes are also purchased. The cost of shoes at Decathlon ranges from INR 899 to INR 9499 (approx). 

Decathlon Tent

Decathlon sells tents for 2-10 people with 0-3 rooms. Tents of brands like Quechua and Forclaz are available. The cost of the tent at Decathlon ranges from INR 399 to INR 89999 (approx).  

Decathlon Rain Jacket

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake has rain jackets for boys, girls, and women, and the jackets come in various sizes and colours. Types of rain jackets like 3 in 1, over-trousers, jackets, and rain capes are available. The cost of rain jackets at Decathlon ranges between INR 499 and INR 12999 (approx).  

Decathlon Bag

Decathlon has an extensive collection of bags and backpacks ranging from sports to trolley suitcases. Bags in multiple colours are available for every volume (5 L to 90 L). The company even sells rain covers for bags and backpacks separately. The cost of bags at Decathlon ranges from INR 199 to INR 11999 (approx). 

Decathlon Skateboard

Decathlon sells skateboards in different sizes and colours. Skateboards are sold according to various levels of practice (advanced, beginner, & intermediate). The skateboard cost at Decathlon ranges from INR 299 to INR 5599 (approx). 

Decathlon Jackets

Decathlon has jackets for both men and women in various sizes and colours. Jackets for windy, rainy, freezing, mild climate, warm weather, snow, etc., are available. Waterproof and water-repellent jackets are also sold. The jacket cost for the Decathlon ranges between INR 299 and INR 12999 (approx). 

Decathlon Track Pants

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake has track pants in various sizes and colours for men and women. Track pants for activities like pilates, stretching, toning, cricket, gym, bodybuilding, yoga, squash, etc., are available. The cost of track pants at Decathlon ranges from INR 399 to INR 1699 (approx). 

Decathlon Football

Decathlon Saltlake sells football and other related accessories. Football in sizes 1-5 and as per type & level of practice are available. The cost of football at Decathlon ranges between INR 149 and INR 2499 (approx). 

Decathlon Massager

Decathlon also has massagers like compression socks, massage rollers, hand massagers, massage kits, massage balls, massage rollers, massage sticks, massage pillows, etc. The products are available in different sizes and colours. Their cost ranges from INR 149 to INR 5999 (approx). 

Decathlon T-shirt

Decathlon has t-shirts (long-sleeved, short-sleeved, polo, and jersey) for multiple sports like jogging, toning, mountain-nature hiking, pilates, golf, tennis, etc. T-shirts are sold in different sizes, neck types, styles, colours, materials, and sleeve lengths. Their cost ranges between INR 159 and INR 3599 (approx). 

Decathlon Rucksack

Decathlon Kolkata Saltlake sells rucksacks for sports like trekking, stalk hunting, wildlife watching, arctic trekking, bushcraft, etc. Rucksacks are available in different colours and volumes (7 L to 90 L). Their Prices range from INR 199 to INR 11999 (approx). 

How to Wear a Backpack or Rucksack Correctly

Decathlon Return policy

Their 90-day return policy is a customer favourite. Visitors also easily exchange goods at a store or online website. A highly trained and efficient team of professionals resolves queries and provide a recommendation to customers. The decathlon showroom in Saltlake, Kolkata, West Bengal, remains open for 365 days. The company accepts payment via cash, card, and UPI. 

Is Decathlon a Chinese company?

Decathlon, the best shop for sporting items, is a French company. In 1976, Michel Leclercq started the first Decathlon store in Lille, France. The company has over 1600 stores in 60+ countries. 

Why is Decathlon famous?

Decathlon is famous for selling good quality products at reasonable prices. Goods are priced as low as INR 149 (approx). The easy availability of outlets all around India and online shopping facilities makes it famous among customers. Decathlon has clothing for all sizes (up to XXXL) and shapes.

Does Decathlon deliver for free?

Delivery at Decathlon is free on a purchase of products above INR 1499 (approx). 

Does Decathlon Salt Lake Have Kid’s Bicycles?

Yes, Decathlon Salt Lake has a lot of bicycle options for kids. Different types of boys’ and girls’ bicycles are available.


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