How Many Drive-in Theaters Are Left in the USA? 2024

Currently, approximately 300 Drive-in theaters are left in the USA, as per the statistical records of the United Drive-in Movie Theater Owners Association. Most Theaters are in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.

There used to be 4000 drive-in movie theaters. The concept of outdoor drive-in cinema has taken a backseat since the late 1950s. 

Their popularity started blurring as the in-house movie gained popularity and land prices increased. They are coming up with unique ideas to retrieve their former glory. Like weekend swap markets, cafes, and community music shows. 

How Many Drive-in theaters are Left in the USA
How Many Drive-in Theaters Are Left in the USA

The Largest and the Smallest Drive-in Movie Theaters in the USA

Many outdoor theaters are under West Wind and Starlight, making them some of the USA’s most popular drive-in theater chains. The largest one in America is the Ford Wyoming Drive-in movie theater in Dearborn, Michigan. 

The place has the space to accommodate 3000 cars. The smallest one is the Spud Drive-in movie theater in Driggs, Idaho, which can accommodate only 75 cars. 

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States with the highest number of Drive-in movie theaters in the USA

With 30 outdoor movie theaters, New York comes first in the states with the most drive-in theaters in the USA. Pennsylvania and Ohio come in second and third positions with 29 and 24 drive-in movie theaters, respectively. 

These states are followed by Indiana and Texas, with 19 and 18 outdoor drive-in theaters. On the other hand, there are zero drive-in cinema theaters in states like Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Louisiana. 

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Drive-in movie theaters in California

California is sixth on the list of states with the highest number of Drive-in theaters. There are nearly 14 active theaters. Famous drive-in theaters in California are the Hi-way Drive-in of Santa Maria, Mission Tiki Drive-in of Montclair, West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-in of Sacramento, Solano Drive-in of Solano, South Bay Drive-in of Imperial Beach, etc.

Drive-in movie theaters in Indiana

Indiana is another state on the list of states having the most Drive-in theaters. Famous drive-in theaters of Indiana are 13-24 Drive-in of Wabash, Auburn Garratt Drive-in of Garratt, Bel-Air Drive-in Theater of Versailles, Cinema 67 Drive-in of Spencer, Holiday Drive-in of Mitchell and Rockport, Melody Drive-in of Knox and many more. 

Drive-in movie theaters in Colorado

Unlike California and Indiana, Colorado has less number of drive-in theaters. There are 7 or 8 famous outdoor drive-in theaters here. In Colorado, 88 Drive-in of Commerce City, Comanche Drive-in of Buena Vista, and Star Drive-in of Montrose are present. 

Drive-in movie theaters in Oregon

Like Colorado, Oregon has only a few drive-in theaters. The most notable ones are the 99W Drive-in of Newberg, the La Grande Drive-in of La Grande, and the M&F Drive-in of Milton-Freewater. 

Drive-in movie theaters in Illinois

Unlike Oregon and Colorado, the people of Illinois enjoy drive-in theaters. There are nearly ten drive-in movie theaters in this state. The notable ones are Route 34 Drive-in of Earlville, Route 66 Drive-in in Springfield, Oasis Theater of Marion, and Harvest Moon Drive-in of Gibson City. 



Drive-in movie theaters have changed a lot with time. However, the thrill and comfort of watching a movie from the car seat are the same as in old times. People have started to like the concept of drive-in theaters again. In some cities, people organize drive-in outdoor movie nights in their neighborhoods to encourage community culture.

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