13 Best Michelin 3 Star Restaurants in The USA 2023

The USA takes pride in housing several notable Michelin-star restaurants. Each of them offers flawless services and mouth-watering dishes. They pay attention to even the tiniest need of their guests. Visitors get to savor various food items ranging from authentic to modern. In the humongous country of the USA, there are many 3 Michelin-star restaurants.

Those Michelin 3-star restaurants in the USA are perfect dining places for tourists and natives. It’s a system of rating restaurants all around the world. Restaurants work hard and compete with each other to feature their name in the Michelin guide.

Michelin 3 Star Restaurants in The USA
Michelin 3 Star Restaurants in The USA

1. The French Laundry – Yountville, California

This Californian eatery is a luxurious restaurant in Napa Valley serving delicacies from French and modern American cuisine. The French Laundry restaurant’s menu changes daily and is run by Chef Thomas Keller. 

The French Laundry
The French Laundry

Two tasting menus of nine courses each are served. One is entirely vegetarian while the other is the Chef’s special. Holiday special menus are prepared during Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. The French Laundry is open all seven days of the week.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 350 – 450$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, French

Address: 6640 Washington St., Yountville, 94599, USA

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2. SingleThread Farm – North Street Healdsburg, CA

SingleThread Farm in downtown Healdsburg, California, is a country inn and restaurant. The owners, Kyle Connaughton and Katina Connaughton are two eminent chefs that helped this eatery achieve all sorts of accolades, including three Michelin stars. 

Their menu is delicately constructed around produce from their farm. The proximity to Sonoma Wine Country provides an excellent wine list for this restaurant, and it can seat up to fifty-five diners at once. The interior will give you a cozy yet sophisticated fine dining vibe.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 375$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Californian

Address: 131 North Street Healdsburg, California 95448

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3. Atelier Crenn – San Francisco, CA

Standing as a symbol of minimalism and classy is Dominique Crenn’s Atelier Crenn. It’s located on the side of a hill in Cow Hollow, San Francisco. Elegance is this eatery’s main theme, which can be seen in its food and interior. The walls are decorated with her father’s paintings. The artistic aura exudes a calm mood over the dining area.

Atelier Crenn
Atelier Crenn

The restaurant offers dishes close to nature. Sustainability and caring for society are a big part of their motto. Atelier Crenn works with Rethink Food to provide proper meals to those in need. They also participate in environment-friendly activities and were recently declared a plastic-free establishment.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 298$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, French

Address: 3127 Fillmore St., San Francisco, 94123, USA

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4. Quince Restaurant – San Francisco, California

Quince is the perfect mixture of sunny San Francisco and Italy. The restaurant offers contemporary American dishes touched by Italian cuisine. It’s located in Jackson Square inside a rustic-looking building with a brick exterior.

However, the interior is elegant and sophisticated. Chandeliers and a ten thousand-bottle wine cellar decorate the area. The refined decor attracts diners to celebrate their special occasions here.

They serve daily changing tasting menus influenced by seasonal produce. The restaurant has collaborated with Fresh Run Farm to obtain their greens. They also have an impressive wine list with a majority of Italian natives.

Entry is only permitted through prior reservations. The service is excellent.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars and Michelin Green Star
  • Price: 195$ – 350$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Californian

Address: 470 Pacific Ave., San Francisco, CA, 94133, USA

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5. Benu Restaurant – San Francisco, California

Benu has been around for a shorter period, but its list of accolades runs long. It was the first San Francisco restaurant to receive three Michelin stars in 2014, only four years after opening. 

Head chef Corey Lee is a wonder with Asian flavors and keeps redefining traditional Asian food in a modern way. Their tasting menu starts with small bite-sized dishes like sushi or dumplings and ends with delicacies like barbecued Korean beef. 

Benu Restaurant  San Francisco
Benu Restaurant San Francisco

Their wine list contains three hundred hand-picked wines from France, California, Germany, and Austria.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 350$
  • Cuisine Types: Asian, Contemporary

Address: 22 Hawthorne St., San Francisco, 94105, USA

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6. Manresa Restaurant – Los Gatos, California

Manresa is the place where Chef Kinch’s culinary expertise comes to life. Californian ingredients and cuisine are at the forefront; however, inspirations from Europe and other parts of the USA make their dishes one of a kind. Their expert play on flavors makes the simplest dishes, like roasted asparagus, exquisite.

Manresa Restaurant
Manresa Restaurant

It’s located in California’s Bay Area and has a stylish interior suiting its widespread fame. The restaurant is always busy and therefore regarded among the top fine dining places in the country.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 365$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Californian

Address: 320 Village Ln., Los Gatos, 95030, USA

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7. Masa Restaurant – Time Warner Center, NYC

Masa by Chef Masa Takayama is a Japanese restaurant whose sushi is regarded as the best in the country. The interior decoration is simple with an oriental theme but elegant at the same time. The toned-down decor is Chef Masa’s belief in letting his food take center stage. The hinoki wood sushi counter is the main point of attention in the dining room. 

Masa Restaurant
Masa Restaurant

Traditional Japanese dishes are revamped using modern techniques here, and fresh seasonal produce is used as an ingredient. Masa perfectly balances traditional and contemporary in its cooking and decorations. It’s cooking in front of you restaurant.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 595$
  • Cuisine Types: Japanese, Sushi

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10019

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8. Per Se restaurant – Columbus Circle, New York City

Per Se is the New York City version of the famous The French Laundry. It’s located in Columbus Circle and has a great view of Central Park. 

Legendary Chef Thomas Keller’s two nine-course and five-course tasting menus have earned the restaurant many awards, including three Michelin stars. The dishes result from the perfect execution of complex French cooking styles. 

There are more than two thousand wines in their collection. The nine-course meal is served in the Main Dining room, and the five-course menu is served in the East room.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 355$
  • Cuisine Types:  Contemporary, French

Address: 10 Columbus Circle, New York, 10019, USA

9. Le Bernardin by Eric Ripert – 51st St, New York

Le Bernardin in New York is a branch of the highly acclaimed French restaurant of the same name. Maguy Le Coze and Chef Eric Ripert brought seafood from the French coasts to the heart of Midtown. Fish is front and center here. Their exquisite cooking can even turn mundane fish into a gourmet meal. They also have a vegetarian menu to entertain diners of all kinds.

The interior is sleek and modern. In addition to the dining room, there is a lounge on the side which has a casual environment. The warm lights on the ceiling exude a calmness inside the room. Soft jazz music in the background also adds to the vibe.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 93 – 228$
  • Cuisine Types: Seafood

Address: 155 W. 51st St., New York, 10019, USA

10. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

The Chef’s table located behind Hudson Yards grocery store feels like a different world. Finding your way to a fine dining restaurant through a grocery store alley is a beautiful experience and a bonus to its delicious menu. 

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare

Chef César Ramirez plays with Japanese flavors and French techniques to create some exquisite plates of food. The natural flavors of the ingredients are highlighted in each dish. Authentic Japanese ingredients are directly imported from the country. Even though there are plenty of tables on the floor, the kitchen counter is the most desirable place.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 395$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary

Address: 431 W. 37th St., New York, 10018, USA

11. Eleven Madison Park – Madison Ave, New York

Eleven Madison Park is a contemporary fine dining restaurant in New York City opposite Madison Square Park. The interior with white tablecloths and hand-blown vases are presented in perfection. 

Eleven Madison Park
Eleven Madison Park

The owner, Chef Daniel Humm, completely restructured the restaurant post-pandemic. It’s fully vegan and uses only plant-based ingredients for its daily 8 or 10-course tasting menu. Eleven’s amazing team shows that food can be delicious even without meat products

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 125 – 285$
  • Cuisine Types: Contemporary, Innovative

Address: 11 Madison Ave., New York, 10010, USA

12. Alinea Restaurant – N. Halsted St, Chicago

Chef Grant Achatz and his creative ideas make Alinea enjoyable. Dining here is not just about food but also about the theatrical influence behind each dish. Quirky elements such as smoke, vapors, and even edible balloons provide a one-of-a-kind show for the diners. 

Select your choice of wine from the restaurant’s vast wine list. Its indigenous dishes have earned Alinea the title of Best Restaurant multiple times

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 210 – 365$
  • Cuisine Types:  Contemporary, Creative

Address: 1723 N. Halsted St., Chicago, 60614, USA

13. The Inn at Little – Middle St, Washington

The Inn is a restaurant cum lodging site. It’s the workplace of legendary chef Patrick O’Connell. This cozy restaurant on the outskirts of Washington D.C. is practically on a farm. 

The luxurious yet homely set up of warm lights, gorgeous carpets and wallpapers, and cushioned chairs looks like a scene from 60s Europe. 

Dining here is often linked with the artistic experience in this 5-star hotel. They get fresh ingredients from their farm situated around the building inside the campus. The menu here is rarely changed, so all guests have a similar flavor experience. A pure vegetarian menu is available.

Their 12000-bottle wine cellar possesses almost every type of wine you need. Restaurant reservations are confirmed for those staying in their inn.

  • Star Rating: Three Michelin Stars
  • Price: 308$
  • Cuisine Types: American, French

Address: 309 Middle St., Washington, 22747, USA


Michelin star is the highest culinary honor for any restaurant. It signifies excellence, consistency, and luxury experience. There are many Michelin 3 Star Restaurants in the USA, which secures the third position among other countries. Each restaurant elevates different cuisines by using robust flavors. They are continuously serving premium quality food with top-notch services.

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