Why Does the US Virgin Islands drive on the left? USVI Driving Guide

They drive on the left side in the U.S. Virgin Islands because of the donkeys. People in earlier days used donkeys as their primary transport. They were trained to move to the left and pass other donkeys.

Later, many islanders continued to use donkeys on the same roads even after introducing vehicles there.

USVI Driving Guide

  • You’ll notice a lot of quick honks as you drive around; these are the drivers on the Virgin Islands’ way of saying “thank you” or “welcome” to other drivers.
  • Narrow mountain roads occasionally make sudden turns.
  • Refrain from drinking or using any form of addiction.

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US Virgin Islands Driving Side

US Virgin Islands Driving Side is left. It’s the rule under the United States Territory. Visitors to the USVI who intend to rent a car should be aware of two things:

  1. They drive on the left.
  2. They drive conventional American cars with the steering wheel on the left.
US Virgin Islands Driving Side
US Virgin Islands Driving Side

Is driving in the U.S. Virgin Islands easy?

Driving in the USVI is straightforward. When you get used to driving across the islands, it’s like driving anywhere else. It takes a few minutes to learn.

Do I need to have a license to drive in the USVI?

Yes. Visitors having a legitimate U.S. driver’s license can legally drive in the U.S. Virgin Islands as it falls under the U.S. Territory.

For visitors from other countries, an international driving license is required to drive here.

Where to rent a car in the US Virgin Islands?

A car rental will cost you at least $60/per day. However, many options are also available. There are numerous car rental companies, both offline and online. Popular car rental companies are

  • St. John Car Rental
  • Aquarius Car Renta
  • First Rent A Car, etc

US Virgil Island drinking age

The legal drinking age is 18 years in the United States Virgin Islands.

Us Virgil Island language

English is the predominant language in the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, a small number of natives also speak Spanish and French.

Places to avoid on St. Thomas Island

Catcalls and pickup attempts against women are very frequent at night here, especially when they are alone. Thus, it would help if you were alert while visiting these areas:

  • The back alleys of the Charlotte Amalie, Frenchman’s Hill.
  •  The back streets of Frederiksted and Christiansted.
  • The “Estate” region, where public housing developments are situated.

Is the U.S. Virgin Islands Independent?

USVI cannot be called entirely independent as it falls under U.S. Territory.

A vote on the islands’ status was slated for 1989 when the U.S. Congress amended the Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands to permit it.

It was postponed multiple times until 1993 when voters were given a choice between remaining a U.S. territory, integrating into the U.S., or declaring independence.

Nowadays, many resorts are on the Virgin Islands to enjoy holidays.

U.S. Virgin Islands highways

A major street on St. Thomas, USVI, is Highway 30. However, other auxiliary highways like Highway 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306, 308, 313, 314, 315, and 318 exist.

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