8 Best Travel Insurance for Australia from India

Australia is the only country that has a continent. Every year many tourists fly down to Australia to witness its natural wonders. Tourists need to purchase travel insurance while travelling to Australia. Travel insurance works as an umbrella against unforeseen events. 

A travel insurance policy provides coverage for different types of emergencies. The travel insurance from India for Australia covers medical and non-medical emergencies. 

Travel insurance providers offer numerous policies that suit the unique travel needs of a traveller. You can find Different Types of Travel Insurance plans for Australia. The best providers from India are:

  1. TATA AIG 
  2. GoDigit
  3. ICICI Lombard
  5. Royal Sundaram
  6. Reliance General
  7. Bajaj Allianz
  8. Bupa
Travel Insurance for Australia from India
Travel Insurance for Australia from India

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Table of Contents

TATA AIG Travel Insurance for Australia

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Medical help up to $ 5 lacsLocal assistance
Reimbursement for transportation to a hospitalTrip cancellation
Reimbursement for emergency treatmentCover for loss of baggage
Reimbursement for emergency medical suppliesCover for the delay in baggage
 Reimbursement for new or duplicate passport
 Reimbursement for flight delay
 Policy extension for 7 days automatically
 Reimbursement for bounced hotel booking

Reimbursement for bounced flight bookings

Premium Amount

A premium of ₹1058(approx) (including GST 18%) on an insured amount of $100,000. 

GoDigit Travel Insurance

What’s Included?

Basic Option

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Cover for accidental treatmentDaily allowance of cash
Cover for emergency evacuationPassport loss
Emergency medical treatmentChecked-In baggage loss
Personal accidentChecked-In baggage delay
Accidental death
Accidental disability
Basic Option

Comfort Option

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Cover for accidental treatmentDaily allowance of cash
Cover for emergency evacuationCancellation of trip
Emergency medical treatmentDelay in common carrier
Personal accidentChecked-In baggage loss
Accidental deathMissed connection
Accidental disabilityPassport loss
Cover for emergency dental treatmentEmergency cash
Emergency extension of the trip
Abandonment of trip
Bail bond
Personal liability
Checked-In baggage delay
Comfort Option

Premium Amount

₹434(approx) (including 18% GST) must be paid as a premium amount on a policy of $100,000 by the traveller. 

travelling from India for Australia
Travelling from India for Australia

ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance for Australia

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Cashless hospitalizationEmergency extension of the hotel
No medical test (up to 85 years)Emergency advancement of cash
Daily hospitalization allowanceLoss of Checked-In baggage
 Reimbursement for cancellation of a trip
 Reimbursement for trip interruption

What’s Not Included?

Expenses for treatment of pre-existing diseases.

Premium Amount

The traveller will pay a premium of ₹898(approx) for the amount of $100,000. 

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Medical emergency expensesPersonal liability
Emergency dental expenseHijack allowance
Medical evacuationEmergency monetary assistance
Cash for daily hospital allowanceDelay in flight
Medical repatriationHotel accommodation
Body repatriationBaggage loss
Permanent disabilityPersonal document loss
Accidental deathChecked-In baggage loss
 Delay in Checked-In baggage

What’s Not Included?

  1. Intoxicant substance consumption
  2. Breach of law
  3. Treatment for a pre-existing illness
  4. Obesity treatment
  5. Cosmetic treatment
  6. Treatment for self-caused injuries

Premium Amount

A traveller needs to pay ₹1075(approx) (including GST ₹164) on an insurance amount of $100,000.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Body repatriationPassport loss
Cover for personal accidentHijack compensation
Cover for medical emergencyTrip delays
Dental treatmentPersonal liability
Accidental dismembermentChecked-In baggage loss
 Checked-In baggage delay

What’s Not Included?

  1. Cover for pre-existing medical illness
  2. Claim arising from any act of terrorism
  3. Claim arising from self-injury
  4. Claim arising from suicide

Premium Amount

A premium amount of ₹1479.72(approx) must pay by the traveller for $100,000. 

Reliance General Insurance Travel Insurance

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Treatment of teethThe expense for new or duplicate passport
Permanent disability-related compensationReturn ticket for a family member (if insured is hospitalized for more than 7 days)
Emergency medical expenseMissing connecting flights
Accidental injury during tripEmergency cash facility
Medical evacuationCompensation to a third party
Repatriation of remainsCancellation or interruption in trip
 Delay in trip
 compensation for Burglary in home
 Hijack allowance
 loss of Checked-in baggage

What’s Not Included?

  1. The expense for life-threatening conditions (arising from pre-existing illness)
  2. A cost incurred for suicide, self-injury, mental disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, venereal diseases, etc
  3. Expenses if the insured is travelling against the advice of a doctor
  4. Expenses incurred if the insured is travelling for medical treatment.
  5. Loss of passport due to carelessness

Premium Amount

₹498(approx) is the premium amount that a traveller needs to pay on an insured amount of $100,000. 

from India for Australia
From India for Australia

Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Medical expenseChecked-In baggage loss
Medical EvacuationChecked-In baggage delay
Repatriation of remainsPassport loss
Emergency dental treatmentPersonal liability
Personal accidentHijack cover
Delay in trip
A cash advance for emergency

What’s Not Included?

  1. Pre-existing diseases
  2. Regular health checkup (no indication of adverse health condition)
  3. Medical expenses after the policy have expired.
  4. Self-inflicted injury or suicide expense
  5. Expenses for physical disorders like anxiety, stress, etc
  6. Treatment-related to alcohol, venereal diseases, etc
  7. The expense for treatment methods that are not clinically recognized
  8. Medicine required for treatment (other than allopathy)
  9. Cost of purchasing spectacles, hearing aid, etc
  10. Medical expenses for pregnancy or childbirth
  11. Baggage delay (while coming back to India)

Premium Amount

₹725(approx) (including ₹111 GST) is the premium amount for a traveller on an insured amount of $50,000.

Bupa. com Travel Insurance for Australia from India

What’s Included?

Medical CoverageNon-Medical Coverage
Medical care for overseesLoss of belongings
Emergency medical treatment24/7 emergency assistance
Emergency dental treatmentTravel disruptions
 Delay in travel
 Travel cancellations
 Accident of rental vehicles

Premium Amount

A traveller needs to pay $64(approx) as a premium amount while travelling to Australia. 

Travel Insurance Claim Process for Australia

The travel insurance for Australia helps travellers to face any unforeseen events during their trip. To claim travel insurance for Australia from India, the traveller must follow the following steps.

  • The first step will be to inform the insurance company immediately. 
  • Insurance providers attach a claim form of policy documents. It must be duly read and filled and sent back to the insurance providers. They might also email the form to the insured.
  • Insurance companies need all the essential documents while processing a claim. Thus, the traveller must keep all necessary documents with him while he is travelling. 
  • In the case of Burglary, the insurance company needs a copy of the FIR to authenticate the claim. Thus, the police must be contacted as soon as a mishap happens.
Australia from India
Australia from India

Cost of Travel Insurance for students travelling to Australia

Students must avail of travel insurance if they want to pursue higher education in Australia. As per HDFC ERGO ₹1154(approx) (including GST ₹176), the student must pay a premium on a policy of $100,000. 

Travel Insurance for students travelling to Australia
Travel Insurance for students travelling to Australia

Australia Visa Procedure

Obtaining a visa is of utmost importance while travelling to Australia. The documents to be submitted while applying for a visa are:

  • A valid passport
  • Photographs (2 copies)
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Employment details
  • Financial details
  • Proof of employment
  • Statement of a bank (last six months)
  • IT returns (3 previous consecutive years)

The traveller will be asked to undertake a medical examination to receive the visa. A tourist might be asked to furnish details of assets owned by them. 

After verifying documents and medical tests, the visa is issued in 15 working days, costing around ₹7400 (approx).

Australia Tourist Visa from India requirements
Australia Tourist Visa from India requirements

Australia Tourist Visa requirements from India

  1. ₹8306(approx) per person is the fee for an Australian visa from India. 
  2. 10 to 15 days are required to process the visa.
  3. The agents can charge an additional fee for processing visas at ₹2000(approx)+15% GST.
  4. Photocopies of all pages of notarised passport that has a validity of 6 months are needed.
  5. A visa application form must be duly filled and signed.
  6. Two recent photos of size 35 x 45 mm are required.
  7. A copy of the aadhar card or PAN card is mandatory.
  8. A copy of IT for consecutive three years, bank statements for the last six months and salary slip of the previous three months must be submitted.
  9. An original letter of leave from the employer on the company’s letterhead and authorized signature is needed. 
  10. The registration certificate must be submitted if the traveller is self-employed. 
  11. Proof of retirement must be submitted if the visitor is retired.
  12.  A copy of NOC from college or university must be provided if the applicant is a student. 
  13. Proof of hotel accommodation, travel itinerary, return flight tickets, and other financial documents must be provided.
  14. A notarized NOC from anyone non-accompanying parent is mandatory for a child below 18 years. The NOC must be attached to the passport of the child. 
  15. When a child is travelling or staying with a non-relative, submission of complete details about that person is mandatory. 

Best Time to Visit Australia

You can visit many beautiful places in Australia in different time zones. The best time to visit Australia depends on your budget, ideal climate, preferences and interests. However, many tourists visit Australia in March-May and September-November. The weather during these months is mild and perfect for strolling around the beaches.

Best Time to Visit Australia
Best Time to Visit Australia

Places to Visit in Australia

  • Sydney Opera House (New South Wales)
  • The Great Barrier Reef (Queensland)
  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (Northern Territory)
  • Sydney Harbor Bridge (New South Wales)
  • Blue Mountain National Park (New South Wales)
  • Melbourne’s Culture (Victoria)
  • Bondi Beach (New South Wales)
  • Daintree National Park (Queensland)
  • Fraser Island (Queensland)
  • Kakadu National Park (Northern Territory)
Places to Visit in Australia
Places to Visit in Australia

5 Best things To Do in Australia

  1. You can surf on the Gold Coast. It’s a metropolitan region famous for its sandy, long beaches, canals, waterways, surfing spots. 
  2. Travellers can enjoy the authentic local culture in Brisbane. Brisbane, a large city and the capital of Queensland, is on the River Brisbane.
  3. You can enjoy a laid back day in the countryside in Canberra. Farmland, natural reserves, and forests surround the place. 
  4. At the centre of Melbourne, the city is the Modern Federation Square, along with bars, restaurants and plazas. Travellers can go on a shopping spree in Melbourne.
  5. Travellers can visit the Sydney Opera House and enjoy the architectural work of the 20th century. 
Things To Do in Australia
Things To Do in Australia

Embassies of India in Australia

The three Indian Embassies in Australia are:

  • Consulate General of India at 265, Level 1, Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia. Ph number- +61-2-9223-2702
  • Consulate General of India at 344, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, Australia, VIC 3000. Ph number- +61-3-96827836/96825800
  • Consulate General of India at 12 St. Georges Terrace, Level 6, Perth, WA 6000. Ph number- +61-8-92214205

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Is travel insurance worth it in Australia?

Yes, travel insurance for Australia is worth purchasing. Travel Insurance for Australia from India covers the unforeseen events that a traveller might face while travelling. 

Is a tourist visa open for Australia?

Yes, the central government has decided to issue international tourist visas as the pandemic situation has improved in the country. However, the Australian government has decided not to welcome any tourists until 2022. 

How to go to Australia from India?

Travellers consider travelling by air as the best way to cross Australia from India. Air India operated the only direct flight to Australia (New Delhi to Sydney), lasting 12 hours 30 minutes. You cannot reach Australia directly from India by rail or sea.

Does the policy cover Pre-existing disease conditions?

No, the travel insurance policy for Australia from India doesn’t cover any pre-existing medical conditions. However, some insurance providers provide policies that cover pre-existing diseases too. 

What insurance do I need to travel to Australia?

Types of travel insurance required while travelling to Australia vary from traveller to traveller. Choose a policy that will best suit your needs. For instance, a family insurance travel plan is recommended if you are travelling with your family. 

Is travel insurance available in Australia?

Yes, travel insurance policies are widely available in Australia. The top 5 companies that provide the best insurance in Australia are AIA, Zurich, TAL, MLC limited and Resolution groups. 

Can foreigners buy travel insurance in Australia?

Yes, foreigners can buy travel insurance policies in Australia too. Visitors can purchase travel insurance in Australia from companies like Aussie Travel Cover that provide overseas visitors cover. 

Is travel insurance to Australia mandatory?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for Australia. Travel insurance will protect travellers from unforeseen circumstances. The travel insurance policy for Australia covers both medical and non-medical emergencies. 

Australia business visa cost from India?

A business visa for Australia from India will cost INR 9999 (approx) for 90 days. The agents might charge an additional INR 2000 (approx) (excluding GST) for processing the business visa to Australia. 

I suffer from hypertension/diabetes. Can I buy a travel insurance policy?

Yes, you can buy a travel insurance policy even if you are suffering from Hypertension/ diabetes. However, those will not cover expenses under the travel insurance policy.

Are there any pre-policy medical checkups required for travel insurance?

A pre-policy medical checkup is not mandatory for obtaining a travel insurance policy. However, few travel insurance providers provide medical checkups. 

Is travel insurance for parents visiting Australia from India necessary?

It’s suggested to purchase travel insurance to protect parents from unforeseen circumstances. 

So which Travel Insurance for Australia from India do you like the most? Tell me in the comments.

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