Millennium park Kolkata West Bengal & boat rides

Millennium park Kolkata

Millennium park Kolkata

Do you need a break? Do you want to enjoy a pleasant evening after a busy work schedule? Here is a place for you where you can enjoy a wonderful evening in the midst of ever-flowing ‘Hooghly River’. Yes, you guessed it right, its Millennium Park Kolkata.

A view of ‘Second Hooghly Bridge’ and Howrah Bridge’ from a well constructed and maintained park from a beautiful bank of the river. A well-seeded garden along with the cold breeze of ‘Ganga River’ is a wonderful location to spend your evening with your loved ones.

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Location and How to reach

This park is located on the eastern bank of ‘River Hooghly’. Just around the corner of B.B.D Bagh and front of Metcalfe hall and floatel restaurant.

There are several ways to reach the Millennium Park. You can take a bus or cab from Esplanade metro station or Dharmatala. Few minutes walking distance from Dalhousie square. And nearest circular railway station is B.B.D Bagh. After reaching this railway station you can see the Millennium Park gate. Kolkata Howrah ferry service available to Millennium Park from Howrah across the river. The name of the ferry that is Fairly Place.

Address – 12, Strand Road, Bara Bazar, B.B.D. Bagh, Kolkata, West Bengal 700001

Top 4 Things to do in Millennium Park Kolkata

  1. This place is filled with a landscape garden with verities of trees. A long walking path is formed along the bank. Many benches are located within this garden. You can enjoy an evening walk, especially for elderly people. Benches to sit a have chat with friends, family and loved ones.
  2. For children, this park has kid rides. They can enjoy their rides while their parents can have quality time together. You can find the merry-go-round, toy trains, and disco ride along with many rides. The cost is cheaper than local fairs, only 20 rupees per head per ride.
  3. Plenty of snacks vendor and food stall around so no problem to ease your hunger. You can find small open-air restaurants, with river-facing seating arrangements. And along with various snacks, plenty of cuisines is available there at an affordable price. From soft drinks to Indian local drinks like Lassi, Coconut water is available.
  4. You can go for a boat ride whenever you want. Every Saturday and Sunday jetty launches a boat ride called ‘Mayurpankhi (nao) cruise’. It will cost you only 100 rupees per hour. Kolkata cruise ride from Millennium Park is also available via Vivada cruise Millennium Park.

Apart from these, a lot to do in Millennium Park Kolkata. On a specific occasion, this place is a hidden gem for many people. Like on St. Valentine’s Day couples visit here to enjoy their togetherness. Every year Government West Bengal celebrates a festival called “Ilish festival” on monsoons, where you can enjoy the prolific taste of ‘Ilish’ while cruising on the river.

Millennium park Kolkata West Bengal & boat rides
Millennium Park Kolkata West Bengal

Millennium Park Kolkata timing and entry fees

Although this place is developed by CMDA/KMDA (Kolkata metropolitan development authority) is a private park opened for public. This park usually opens at around 10 o’clock in the morning and closes around 8 o’clock at night.

Millennium park ticket price is only 10 rupees per person in 2021. In the summer evening, this place is a relief. Sweet ‘Ganges’ breeze is always there to make you feel comfortable.

Millennium park cruise time table

Kolkata Heritage River Cruise starts Millennium Park Ghat. The launch floats in the Ganges for 1.30 hours and gets back again in Millennium Park. Tickets are Rs 39 per person. It’s a two-storey launch, there is no online system. Seating arrangements on both floors, you can sit anywhere.

River Cruise Cafe is available for light snacks only. A variety of cutlets, patties, singara, cakes, coffee, tea are available. The Launch ride from millennium park reaches Babughat, Jagannath Ghat, Bandhaghat, Aheritola Ghat, Nimtala Crematorium, Ramkrishnapur Ghat, Rabindra Setu/ Howrah bridge. The Vidyasagar setu/ Secont hoogly Bridge can be seen from this boat.


Monday to Friday at 4 pm and 6 pm.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm.

Floating Library in Kolkata

The Young Readers Boat Library launch running from Millennium Park. Timing is 11AM, 1:30PM,and 3:30PM. Fare is 100 rupees and 50 rupees for students bellow 18 years.

Millennium park Kolkata West Bengal & boat rides
Floating Library in Kolkata

Things to visit nearby

The location of this place is very interesting. There are several interesting places around to visit nearby from Millennium Park Kolkata. Like ‘Babu Ghat’ ‘Princep Ghat’ and many government buildings like G.P.O, Writers Building is nearby. The famous Dalhousie Square is just around the corner.

Also, a few interesting places are there. Like Postal Museum is just a walking distance from the park. And Howrah Railway Museum is too close which is nearby Howrah station. Never to forget newly opened RBI Coin Museum is also nearby.

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Pollution of Ganga and Future of Kolkata and these parks

Well, we all know that’ Hooghly River’ is a Branch of ‘River Ganga’. And it’s been a problem for a long time that ‘River Ganga’ is getting polluted every day. As a branch of this river ‘Hooghly River’ is also getting affected.

Being just beside ‘Hooghly River’ this beautiful man-made park will also is at risk. Because all the toxic waste and harmful things the flow is bringing all the way can be very harmful. Seems this place will not stay very healthy soon.

In a few whiles, an activist name G. D. Agrawal died in Rishikesh after 111 days of fasting. His longtime crusade of Cleansing of Ganga ended after his heroic death. He understood the future situation of pollution of the river and we mustn’t let his sacrifice in vain. On behalf of everyone, we request our Government look after it as soon as possible.

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Millennium park Kolkata to Gangasagar ferry

Hurray!! Ganganagar yatra from Kolkata by boat service starts from millennium park to Kachuberia by Vivada crouse and an initiative of West Bengal government. Its the same day journey, but if you wish you can stay one day in Ganganagar Dham and come back in the next day.

The cruise has 90 seats and its approx a 3.5-hour journey. The fair is 1000 rupees in general and first class 1400 rupees. The ship started at 10:30 am in the morning from millennium park and reach Kachuberia ferry ghat. They return from Kachuberia ghat to Kolkata millennium park around6:00 pm.

Vivada Cruise Ride from Millenium park

You can test A luxury cruise ride on the Hooghly River in Kolkata.

Vivada Cruise offers daily 4 cruise ride with Breakfast, Lunch, Evening and Dinner. Total ride timings around are three hours. Online ticket booking is available.

From Millennium Park, they start the journey. The morning breakfast cruise and evening cruise’s journey path is, from Millennium Park to Belur Math.

Lunch and dinner cruise ride is just floating on the chest of the Ganga River. You can enjoy the lighting of the Howrah bridge with your beloved one.


As I have said earlier, this place is very enjoyable. You can always use this place for an evening gateway. Elders can rejuvenate their health by roaming around in this beautifully seeded landscape garden. Kids can enjoy this as an amusement park because of all those amazing rides. Couples can enjoy their time. And most of the refreshing boat ride is waiting for you.

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How do I get to Millennium Park Kolkata?

The place is connected with all the ferry ghats including Howrah. 
 Buses are available from Esplanade.

When did Millennium Park open?

3 pm to 8 pm everyday is the timing for everyday.

Is Millenium Park free?

10 rupees is the ticket for two parks. And for the 3 no park another 5 rupees charge.

What is the name of Ferry Ghat near Millennium Park in Kolkata?

The nearest ferry ghat is shipping corporation ferry ghat another name is Millennium park ferry ghat. 

What is the best way to go to Millennium Park from Sealdah station?

From Sealdah station you can easily reach Millennium Park by car or local transport. Take any bus (eg – 12c/2) for Dalhouse or Howrah It is about 4 km distance via BB Ganguly Street or via Mahatma Gandhi Rd.

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