Amar Kutir Santiniketan Bolpur in 2024

Bolpur is called “Lal Matir Desh,” but now you can find red soil only on Amar Kutir premises. It is one of the prime attractions in Santiniketan with historical value.

The centre offers workshops on handmade items, sarees, clothes, etc. This historical place takes part in India’s independence.

Rabindranath Tagore’s home, Santiniketan, gets the UNESCO World Heritage tag.

Amar Kutir Santiniketan
Amar Kutir Santiniketan
amar kutir bolpur
Amar kutir Santiniketan

Amar Kutir in Bolpur Santiniketan

From Bolpur station, the distance is around 7 km. Toto’s are available for visiting all the tourist places in Shantiniketan Bolpur. You can find a performance stage where artists are singing Baul Gaan. Also, it has a garment and handmade product shop where you can buy stuff.

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Amar Kutir Santiniketan History

Amar Kutir Society was established in 1923 by the great freedom fighter, Late Susen Mukherjee, with the inspiration of Rabindranath Tagore. However, in 1932, the British government closed it for Swadeshi Movement.

After Independence, Rabindranath Tagore re-opened it to help rural development. Since then, this society has provided training and support for making handmade products for rural people. In addition, this organization encourages and motivates women for self-independence.

Amar Kutir Showroom

On the main premises, you can find different workshops. You can visit and observe the procedure of how they make handmade products. There is an exhibition hall and museum as well. It’s now becoming a shopping centre where you can buy many products made by the local people. You will find:-

  • Dokra sculpture, ornaments.
  • Jeans bag, pouch, money pars, cloth bag, etc.
  • Leather bag, hair clip, leather money bank, ornament box, etc.
  • Wooden products like the table mat, showpiece, hair clip, wall pocket, specular, etc.
  • The vast variety of Saree, Punjabi, Kurti, Salwar kameez pieces, Panjabi, Bag, Bedsheets, Dupattas, etc.
  • The items of Kantha Stich. There is a large amount of Kantha Stich products you can find.

I love shopping, so I purchased unique items for myself and my family.

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Kopai river from amar kutir
Kopai river from amar kutir

Food in Amar Kutir Hensel Ghar, Ballavpur, West Bengal

The Hensel Ghar nostalgically served good quality food. All the kitchenware is made of Bell metal (কাঁসা). The price is a little high compared to other hotels in Bolpur.

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Amar Kutir showroom VS Sonajhurir haat

You can buy stuff here if you cannot visit Sonajhurir haat on Saturday. The price is almost the same in both places. In Sonajhuri haat, you can bargain a little, but in Amar Kutir, you buy a product including GST, but the product quality is better than in Sonajhurir haat. It’s my personal opinion.

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Amar Kutir and Sightseeing in Santiniketan

  • Amar Kutir ECO tourism park Ballavpur, west Bengal -to Bolpur Amar Kutir park is just 2 to 3 minutes walking distance. It is made by society for rural development.
  • Kopai River Shantiniketan – is a walkable distance from the Amar Kutir resort. You can watch a small part of the river from here.
  • Prakriti Bhavan Nature Art Museum – is just 2.7 km away; you can reach it within 5 minutes by a Toto.
  • Sonibar er hat / Khoai boner hat – to Amar Kutir distance only 3.4 km, and you can reach there within 6 minutes by Toto.
  • Srijani Shilpagram – is just around 4 km away from Amar Kutir society. You can reach there within 9 minutes by a Toto.

How to reach Amar Kutir

Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development (AKSRD) is very popular in Bolpur Santiniketan. Roadways, railways and public transport connect it to all places in West Bengal. From the Bolpur – Santiniketan Railway Station, take Bolpur -Suri Road via Sriniketan to reach this place by Auto/Toto/Taxi ( 7 km ).

It is 180 km. from Kolkata by railway, 55 km. From Burdwan by railway and 54 km from Durgapur by railway. For those who travel by road from Kolkata, it is 163.5 km; from Burdwan, it takes 62 km; and from Durgapur, it is 54 km. And from Sriniketan, it is just 2 km.

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Places to visit near Shantiniketan B0lpur

  1. Gitanjali Rail Museum
  2. Kankalitala Temple travel guide
  3. Biswa Bangla hat
  4. Prakriti Bhavan Nature Art museum
  5. Amar Kutir
  6. Amar Kutir ECO-Tourism Park
  7. Srijani Shilpagram Shantiniketan Bolpur
  8. Ballavpur Wildlife Sanctuary Bolpur Shantiniketan
  9. Kopai river
  10. Visva Bharati Santiniketan
  11. Visva Bharati Kala Bhavan
  12. Rabindra Bhaban Museum
  13. Sonibarer hat / Khoai boner haat
  14. Kalikapur Rajbari
  15. Ghurisha Terracota temple
  16. Wood Fossil Park Birbhum
  17. Raipur Rajbari Birbhum
  18. Surul Raj Bari
  19. Sriniketan Bolpur
  20. Santiniketan Poush Mela

What is Shantiniketan famous for?

Shantiniketan is famous for the Visva-Bharati University, built by Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. In addition, it is renowned for its Rabindra Museum / Culture / Handicrafts/ Saturday hut, etc.

How far is Shantiniketan from Kolkata?

Shantiniketan is 163 km away from Kolkata. You can reach Shantiniketan by train/bus/cab (Ola, Uber). By train 1. Ganadevta Express, from Howrah to Bolpur Daily Departure at 6:05 am, arrived at 8:43 am. 2. Maa Tara Express daily departure from Sealdah at 7:20 am to arrive at Bolpur Shantiniketan at 10:30 am. Bus from Esplanade to Bolpur daily departure at 6:45 am and arrival at 10:45 am.

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