20 Best Strawberry Picking MN Farms 2024

Strawberries start to ripen between June and July. Strawberry picking in Minnesota is one of the best summer traditions for every age group. Many farms harvest these beautiful red juicy berries every summer, and most use organic, nature-friendly methods of agri-culture to provide the best fruits to the basket. 

Afton, Minneapolis, Hastings, Rochester, Monticello, and Souther Minnesota are famous for farms offering fruit-picking traditions in the USA. Plan for choosing a perfect farm for enjoying strawberry picking and other fun activities in Minnesota this summer. 

Strawberry Picking in Minnesota
Strawberry Picking in Minnesota
Minneapolis Minnesota Weather history
Minneapolis Minnesota Weather History

1. Berry Hill Farm – Anoka, Minnesota

Cliff and Amy Rowe have run this 100-acre strawberry farm near Minnesota since 1991. The farm mainly produces strawberries, raspberries, pumpkins, and rhubarb. The berry-picking season here starts in mid-June.

First is strawberry picking, and then raspberries are picked. Picking out the best berries from the berry patch is the best fun activity of summer. The Berry Hill Farm also offers rental services for outdoor ceremonies.

Berry Hill Farm Orders Price

  • $3 per lb for U-Pick
  • $30 for a pre-picked 6 lb box
Berry Hill Farm Minnesota
Berry Hill Farm, Minnesota

Family Fun Activities near Berry Hill Farm

Picking fresh berries and enjoying them in the open barns is a perfect summer holiday. In addition, children enjoy the tractor rides on the farm. People can also visit nearby tourist attractions, like Rum River Central Regional Park, Oliver Kelley Farm, Wild Woods Water Park, Gooseberry Falls State Park, and many more. 

Address: 6510 185TH AVE NW, ANOKA, MN 55303

2. Rod’s Berry Farm – North Branch, MN

Rodney Elmstrand’s family has been catering to some of the best strawberry pickings in Minnesota for the last three decades. Then, they won the Minnesota River Friendly Farmer Award in 1995. People can enjoy yummy berries grown in a stress-free, friendly, and safe environment. This 80-acre farm has maintained farming in a nature-friendly way.

The cooperation of the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture helps them. You can get rides to the berry patches in case of inconvenience. 

Rod’s Berry Farm Orders Price

  • $2.80 per lb for U-Pick
  • $4.50 per ib for Ready Pick
Rods Berry Farm North Branch MN
Rods Berry Farm North Branch, MN

Family Fun Activities near Rod’s Berry Farm

The farm is a 50-minute ride from the twin city and is open from 8 am to 8 pm. It is closed on Sundays. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Bob Dylan Mural are close to the farm. You can plan a family holiday with strawberry picking; visiting these places is a good idea this summer.

Address: 28624 Zodiac St. NE, North Branch, MN; 51-674-4172

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3. Wyatt’s Strawberries and Asperghaus – Hastings, MN

Wyatt’s Strawberries and Asperghaus is a family-friendly berry farm at Hastings. The place is open this summer for strawberry picking for a more extended period every day than other farms. You can bring your containers to pick strawberries, and Prebooking is encouraged for strawberry picking at this farm. 

Wyatt’s Strawberries and Asperghaus Orders Price

  • $3 per lb and $6 per quart for pre-picked orders.
  • $.70 per wax-covered berry box.
Wyatts Strawberries and Asperghaus Hastings
Wyatts Strawberries and Asperghaus Hastings

Fun Activities near Wyatt’s Strawberries and Asperghaus

Places like the Minnesota Zoo, Afton State Park, Rice Park, and the Science Museum of Minnesota are close to Wyatt’s Strawberry Farm. Plan a family visit to the farm this summer and enjoy a memorable holiday with your family. 

Address: 10370 180th St E, Hastings, MN 55033

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4. The Berry Patch – Forest Lake, Minnesota

The Berry Patch near the metro area is one of Minnesota’s oldest and best places for strawberry picking. The 20-acre farm is kid-friendly and provides fresh berry recipes for customers. Farm owner Kevin Edberg emphasizes offering only fresh picks daily. 

You can visit any time during the summer season to pick fresh berries. They start with strawberries and blueberries and end the season with raspberries. New picks are also low-cost, and Pre-pick orders are prohibited here. 

Berry Patch Orders Price

$3 per lb for U-Pick

The Berry Patch Forest Lake
The Berry Patch Forest Lake

Family Fun Activities near Berry Patch

The farm is 30 minutes from St Paul and Minneapolis and offers only fresh picks. So berry picking is considered an annual occasion here that anyone can enjoy. People can patch this occasion with a short visit to nearby Valleyfair, Afton State Park, Forestville, and Chippewa National Forest. 

Address:  10456 192nd St N, Forest Lake, MN 55025

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5. Lorence’s Berry Farm – Northfield, MN

The Lorence family has produced berries and asparagus on this 22-acre farm in Northfield for over four decades. They have a farmer’s stall in the local Ferndale market. 

The farm is famous for its big, juicy strawberries and fresh asparagus. People can visit the farm for some of those in the summer season. The farm opens early in the morning. Dates and times are all updated on the official webpage. 

Lorences Berry Farm Northfield MN
Lorences Berry Farm Northfield MN

Lorence’s Berry Farm Orders Price

  • $7 for a quart
  • $40 per flat or 6 quarts 

Family Fun Activities near Lorence’s Berry Farm 

Strawberry picking and enjoying different recipes with them are themselves enjoying. Customers can also visit Lorence’s Berry Farm’s nearby spots like Antlers Park, Minnesota Zoo, Dakota City Heritage Village, Rambling River Park, and many more. 

Address: 28625 Foliage Ave, Northfield, MN 55057

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6. Miracle Strawberry Farm – Dodge Center, Minnesota

Barry and Marybeth Mosier run this plantation. Farm, Family, and Faith are three things they stand for. The Mosier family has served as missionaries in Africa for over a decade. They share many stories with their customers. 

People visit this farm for a warm welcome, delicious and chemical-free berries, and stories about the experiences of the Mosiers. At Miracle Strawberry Farm, pre-picked orders are prohibited, and customers have to pick their berries to buy. 

Miracle Strawberry Farm Orders Price

$2.25 per lb for U-pick

Miracle Strawberry Farm Dodge Center
Miracle Strawberry Farm Dodge Center

Family Fun Activities near Miracle Strawberry Farm

Strawberry picking at Miracle Strawberry Farm is itself a family event. You can enjoy picking and eating farm-fresh berries accompanied by some great stories of the Mosier family. 

If you plan to visit nearby tourist sports, there are many, such as Oxbow Park and Zollman Zoo, Carpenter Nature Center, Mineral Springs Park, History Center of Olmsted, and Cascade Lake Park. 

Address: 60687 T-41, Dodge Center, MN 55927

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7. D Round Barn Berries – St Michael, Minnesota

D Round Barn Berres at Saint Micheal is comparatively new in strawberry picking in Minnesota. The Dufners started hobby farming with their kids some years earlier, aiming to harvest their food in a nature-friendly way. Strawberry picking here is always a festival for kids.

D Round Barn Berries Orders Price

  • $3 per lb for U-pick
  • $5 per lb for pre-picked orders
D Round Barn Berries St Michael
D Round Barn Berries St Michael

Family Fun Activities near D Round Barn Berries

Strawberry picking season is a fun time at D Round Barn Berries; families come here to pick their berries and connect. You can plan a short trip by adding some local attractions to your list. Many tourist attractions are nearby, like Fish Lake Regional Park, Ritter Farm Park, Henry’s Wood Park, Gale Woods Farm, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, and many more.

Address: 2260 Jamison Ave NE, St Michael, MN 55376

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8. Spectrum Farm Strawberries – Carlton, Minnesota

Spectrum Farm Strawberries have been a prominent name in organic farming in Minnesota for two decades. Besides strawberries, this farm is famous for chicken, egg, pork, beef, maple syrup, and honey.

The owners believe in sustainable farming methods like land covering, regular weed and critter removals, and synthetic pesticide-free farming. In 2017, they acquired the famous 40-acre Finke’s Berry farm in Carlton County. Pre-pick orders are prohibited here.

Spectrum Farm Strawberries Orders Price

  • $4 per lb for U-pick
  • $1 per empty flat for picking
Spectrum Farm Strawberries Carlton
Spectrum Farm Strawberries Carlton

Family Fun Activities near Spectrum Farm Strawberries

Spectrum Farm Strawberries depend on daily weather and the availability of berries for strawberry picking seasons. Interested people must contact their hotline before going there.

If you plan to visit there, visit the local attractions, like Glensheen Mansion, Jay Cooke State Park, Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve Park, and Voyageur Statue. 

Address: 2332 Co Rd 4, Carlton, MN 55718

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9. Straight River Farm – Faribault, Minnesota

The farm of Bill and Maggie Heins in Faribault, Minnesota, is famous for its juicy strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and sweet apples. Based on versatility in preservation, you can get three types of berries on this Minnesota farm during strawberry picking: Wendy, Cavendish, and Jewel. 

The farm is nearly two decades old and offers some of the best strawberries in Minnesota. Pre-picked orders and strawberry picking depend on the weather conditions and availability of ripened berries. Interested customers must follow their official webpage or call to confirm all these. 

Straight River Farm Orders Price

  • $2.75 per lb for U-pick
  • $3.75 per lb for Pre-packed orders
Straight River Farm Faribault
Straight River Farm Faribault

Family Fun Activities near Straight River Farm

Strawberry picking in Minnesota is a fun activity for kids and families, and adults must accompany the kids for safe activities. There are many local tourist spots near the farm that kids can enjoy like The Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo, Hidden Falls, River Bend Nature Center, Teepee Tonka Park, White Sands Park, Central Park, Steele County Historical Society, and many more.

Address: 3733 220th St E, Faribault, MN 55021

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10. Little Hill Berry Farm – Northfield, Minnesota

Aron Wills and Molly McGovern Wills and their kids have transformed this corn and soybean field into a berry field. For the past ten years, this farm has provided organic and juicy berries in Northfield. Strawberry picking in Minnesota, thanks to berry farms like Little Hill Berry Farm. 

Aron Wills used to serve in remote villages of Bulgaria under Peace Corp. He used his experience in organic and sustainable farming to grow berries, pumpkins, and potatoes. They also organize yoga sessions on the farm. Shawnee Langworthy is a well-known yoga instructor in Minnesota who organizes Little Hill Farm’s yoga classes. 

Little Hill Berry Farm Orders Price

  • $10 per flat for adults
  • $5 per flat for kids( 12 yrs or younger)
Little Hill Berry Farm Northfield
Little Hill Berry Farm Northfield

Family Fun Activities near Little Hill Berry Farm

This summer, Little Hill Berry Farm is one of Northfield, Minnesota’s best places to enjoy strawberry picking. Besides juicy strawberries, you can enjoy their unique dishes from everything available on the farm. 

They offer mainly vegan desserts. You can enroll in their yoga sessions, too. Many other tourist attractions are nearby, like Buck Hill, Mill Towns State Trail, Cowling Arboretum, North Alexander Park, and many more. 

Address: 4339 320th St W, Northfield, MN 55057

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11. Carter’s Red Wagon Farm – Park Rapids, MN

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm is one of the oldest strawberry farms in Minnesota, and the farm is a big name in the Park Rapid Area Farmer’s Market and Walker’s Farmer Market. The main crops of this farm are strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus, pumpkins, and sweetcorns. 

Recently, the farm has been sold off to new owners to carry on the tradition. Besides organic fresh harvests, people can buy fresh jams, jelly, Watkins, and more. Besides strawberry picking, the farm is famous for its Fall Festivals. 

Carter’s Red Wagon Farm Orders Price

  • $3 per lb for U-pick. If someone picks 30 lb, the price drops to $2 – $2.50 per lb.
  • $7 per quart for pre-picked orders.
Carters Red Wagon Farm Park Rapids
Carters Red Wagon Farm Park Rapids

Family Fun Activities near Carter’s Red Wagon Farm

Visiting Carter’s Red Wagon farm is an occasion for kids and families. With so many fun activities and delicious sweet treats, strawberry picking in Park Rapids, Minnesota, becomes fun for everyone.

You can add nearby tourist spots to make it a memorable family trip, like Phelps Mill Park, Itasca State Park, Evergreen Fun Park, Linquist Park, Maplewood State Park, etc.

Address: 14766 119th Ave, Park Rapids, MN 56470

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12. Firefly Berries – Rochester, Minnesota

Tonya and Dean have organized strawberry picking in Firefly Berries for nearly a decade. This family farm is famous for its environment and soil-friendly agriculture methods. Customers can buy homemade jam, jelly, naturally dyed yam, Concord grape juice, grape fruit leather, raspberry(red and yellow), elderberry, rhubarb, raw honey, and honeycombs. 

Many picnic tables are beside the patches, and customers are encouraged to taste their harvests and food only on these farm spots. Camp Companion puts up stale on the farm for donations and adoptions of dogs and cats. If you’re looking for a 4-legged companion, visiting Firefly Berries is a good option. 

Firefly Berries Orders Price

  • $2.50 per lb for U-pick
  • $6.25 per quart $20 for 4 lb, and $45 for 10lb
  • $6 per quart at Rochester Farmers Market.
Firefly Berries Rochester
Firefly Berries Rochester

Family Fun Activities near Firefly Berries

Strawberry picking in Minnesota farms is always a family fun activity. In addition to this, in Firefly Berries, you can get a chance to meet your forever pet. Customers can visit some of the nearby tourist spots anytime like Quarry Hill Nature Center, Ear of Corn Water Tower, Niagara Cave, Bluffscape Amish Tour, and SPAM Museum. 

Address: 5542 23rd St NE, Rochester, MN 55906

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13. T Berries – Avon, Minnesota

T Berries is a popular fruit and vegetable farm in Avon, Minnesota. Besides strawberries, you can buy potatoes, onion, garlic, cabbage, asparagus, tomato, melons, raspberries, cucumbers, and beets. They sell homemade jam, jelly, spreadable fruit, herbs, and canned food. They also take online pre-pick orders. 

T Berries Orders Price

  • $2.75 per lb for U-pick
  • $4.75 per lb and $42.50 per 10 lb for pre-picked orders.
T Berries Avon
T Berries Avon

Family Fun Activities near T Berries

There are many tourist spots near T Berries, and customers can visit those besides strawberry picking in Avon, Minnesota. Like Gooseberry Falls State Park, Como Park Zoo & Conservatory, Munsinger Gardens, Forestville, and many more. 

Address: 38345 Co Rd 9, Avon, MN 56310

14. Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar – Monticello

Brad and Bess Munsterteiger are the owners of this farm. They have been farming strawberries and blueberries for almost two decades and sell honey, honeycombs, beeswax, and balms. Different types of kinds of garlic are the latest additions to their list. It’s one of the best places for strawberry picking in Minnesota. 

The Strawberry Basket Orders Price

  • $2.70 per lb for U-pick
  • $4.50 per lb for pre-picked orders.
Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar Monticello
Strawberry Basket & Big Woods Nectar Monticello

Family Fun Activities near The Strawberry Basket

Besides strawberry picking, people can visit Strawberry Basket’s nearby tourist spots on Aetna Ave., like Bridgeview Park, Oaks on the River, Bertram Lakes Singletrack Trail, Pioneer Park, and many more. Kids and families can have an eventful day while strawberry picking here. 

Address: 12591 Aetna Ave NE, Monticello, MN 55362, United States

15. Lunemann’s Luney Berries Strawberry Farm – Cohasset, MN

Carol and Michael have restored this hundred-year-old farm into a beautiful commercial and organic farming center. Strawberry picking at Lunemann’s Luney Berries Farm is an exciting event for everyone. 

There are four different types of berries harvested on the farm, and customers can buy bakery items: jam, jelly, Maple syrup, Wild Rice, honey, etc.

You can enjoy freshly baked food and a variety of other items besides strawberries here. The owners have modified the barns to host events like weddings, parties, receptions, etc. Customers can rent the place for any occasion, and there is a gift shop on the farm. 

Lunemann’s Luney Berries Strawberry Farm Orders Price 

  • $16 per flat for U-pick 
  • $22 per flat for pre-picked order
Lunemanns Luney Berries Strawberry Farm Cohasset
Lunemanns Luney Berries Strawberry Farm Cohasset

Fun Activities near Lunemann’s Luney Berries Strawberry Farm

Carol and Micheal welcome customers of all age groups. They suggest a morning tour of the farm to get the best fresh strawberries from the patch. Customers can visit tourist spots nearby afterward to enjoy their trip. Like Judy Garland Museum, Children’s Discovery Museum, Hill Annex Mine State Park, Crystal Park, and many more. 

Address: 41237 Co Rd 63, Cohasset, MN 55721, United States

16. Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm – Redwood Falls, MN

Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm is a famous farm for strawberry picking in Minnesota. There is a small playground and a food truck on the farm.

Customers can enjoy harvest on the picnic tables beside the patches and get freshly baked muffins, cupcakes, and waffles using farm-fresh berries. They also serve ice creams and other sweet dishes. 

Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm Orders Price 

  • $3.50 per lb for U-pick
  • $5.50 per lb for the first 10 lb pre-order, $5/lb for additional lbs
Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm Redwood Falls
Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm Redwood Falls

Family Fun Activities near Hilltop Harvest Strawberry Farm

Visiting Hilltop Harvest Farm, this strawberry picking in Minnesota is a great way to enjoy a family vacation. Interested people can enjoy their fresh harvests and homemade delicacies to bond with each other.

Besides, there are many tourist attractions nearby, and people can visit them too. Like Jeffers Petroglyphs, Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Fagen Fighters WWII Museum, Redwood Falls Zoo, and many more.

Address: 33343 Hunter Ave, Redwood Falls, MN 56283

17. Strawberries Galore & More – Albany, Minnesota

This Albany farm is well-known for its organic and land-friendly agriculture process. The owners believe in faith, family, and dedication to their jobs. Providing farm-fresh organic harvests to the tables every day is the motto of this plantation. 

Besides strawberries, you can get raspberries, pumpkins, asparagus, squash, sweet corn, and honey. Customers can also buy freshly baked pastries, jam, jelly, and canned food from the office. 

Strawberries Galore & More Orders Price

Strawberries are sold at a competitive price based on the demand and availability of berries and weather conditions. U-pick and pre-order prices are regularly updated on the farm’s official web and social media page. 

Strawberries Galore & More Albany
Strawberries Galore & More Albany

Family Fun Activities near Strawberries Galore & More

Strawberry picking at Albany is a great way to enjoy relaxed holidays. A short visit to Strawberries Galore’s nearby tourist attraction will make this strawberry picking season more memorable. Like Hemker Park and Zoo, Visit Little Falls, Holdingford Lake Wobegon Trail Head, Walker Art Center, Frogtown Park, and many more. 

Address: 34407 Co Rd 10, Albany, MN 56307

18. Otter Berry Farm – New York Mills, Minnesota

It’s a fourth-generation family-owned plantation near Perham. Strawberry picking in Otter Berry Farm, Minnesota, is like a blast for kids and families, and the owners have placed many exciting things on the farm to keep everyone happy. 

The playgrounds and wagon rides are great for kids. The farm animals are kept near the strawberry patches; you can pet them anytime. There is a picnic spot on the ground for customers to enjoy their harvest and sweet treats. The GPS-enabled Corn Maze is a good place for playing with kids.

Otter Berry Farm Orders Price

  • $3.25 per lb for U-pick
  • $26.25 per box for pre-picked strawberries
Otter Berry Farm New York Mills
Otter Berry Farm New York Mills

Family Fun Activities near Otter Berry Farm

Strawberry picking at Otter Berry Farm, Minnesota, is a festival for everyone. People love visiting nearby tourist spots after enjoying the strawberry harvest from the patches. 

There are places like Prospect House and Civil War Museum, Chief Wenonga Statue, FinnCreek Museum, History Museum of East Otter Trail County, New York Mill Sculpture Park, and many more. 

Address: 38132 470th Ave, New York Mills, MN 56567, United States

19. Pleasant Valley Orchid – Shafer, MN

Jim Birkholz, Judy Erickson, and their family successfully run one of Minnesota’s best strawberry-picking farms. They have been harvesting strawberries, apples, and pumpkins for the last two decades on their 71-acre farmland. 

Get the best strawberries here. The fruits are produced organically; you can buy freshly baked pastries here. The barn is available for fairs and events. 

Pleasant Valley Orchid Orders Price

The farm sells strawberries at a competitive price, which varies with the supply and demand of the berries and weather conditions. Customers must check the official webpage of the farm or contact them via telephone to confirm the price. 

Pleasant Valley Orchid MN Shafer
Pleasant Valley Orchid MN Shafer

Family Fun Activities near Pleasant Valley Orchid 

Customers like to visit the fields early in the morning to get fresh picks and visit the Pleasant Valley Orchid’s nearby tourist spots. E.g., Como Park, Zoo and Conservatory, Itasca State Park, Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Rourke Art Museum, and many more.

Address: 17325 Pleasant Valley Rd, Shafer, MN 55074, United States

20. Afton Apple Orchard – Hastings, Minnesota

Afton Apple Orchard has turned farming and strawberry picking into a fun activity. Strawberry picking at Afton Apple is indeed entertainment for every age group. A vast playground, sunflower and zinnia fields, and a food truck( Berry Burn) with sweet dishes for customers. 

You can buy jam, jelly, local honey, sauces, freshly baked pastries, pies, apples, asparagus, pumpkins, and squash here. They aim to provide farm-fresh food to every table. The barn is also available for flower and tractor displays, farm animal petting, and other occasions.

Hayride at Afton Apple Orchard Hastings Minnesota
Hayride at Afton Apple Orchard Hastings, Minnesota

Family Fun Activities near Afton Apple Orchard

Strawberry picking in Hastings, Minnesota, is a festival for everyone. And if it’s Afton, then it’s a whole day celebration. Customers like to visit nearby places besides strawberry pickings, like Carpenter Nature Park, Afton State Park, Vermillion Falls Park, LeDuc History Estate, and many more. 

Address: 14421 90th St S, Hastings, MN 55033, United States

Best time for berry picking in Minnesota

Strawberries ripen during the summertime in Minnesota and are a daily activity based on the daily climate and availability of ripened berries. The berries turn into juicy red treats with fresh rainwater and summer heat.

The suitable time for strawberry picking in Minnesota is from mid-June to the 1st weeks of July. The strawberry farms offer U-pick and pre-picked fresh strawberries during this period.

Tips for Berry Picking

  • Kids of all age groups like to make snacks directly from the plants. Make sure to remind them to buy and wash the berries first.
  • Train your kids about farm etiquette before bringing them to the patches. Train them about the quality of berries and how to pick them. It helps minimize farm waste.
  • The owners assign a lane for every group. Please try to stay within your assigned area.
  • Ask for containers from the farmhands.
  • In most fields, pets are prohibited. Make sure to leave your furry friends at home.
  • Weekend mornings are the busiest time at the fields. So it is advised to visit during weekdays.
  • Strawberry Picking in Minnesota is a summertime activity. Customers are advised to bring hats and suncream and dress accordingly.
  • Bring a sufficient amount of drinking water with you.
  • Most of the farms are on the outskirts of the cities. They face technical problems sometimes. Bring enough cash or checks with you to pay for your berries. 

How to contact the farms for berry picking?

All farms have their website, social media page, and contact details, and interested customers must contact them before visiting to confirm details about U-pick and pre-picked orders. The price may also vary due to availability. 

When is Strawberry Picking Season in Minnesota?

Mid-June to July is the best season for picking strawberries in Minnesota. Warm summer can experience that time.

Where can I go Strawberry Picking in Minnesota?

Berry Hill Farm, Rod’s Berry Farm, The Berry Patch, etc., are famous. Read the article, and you will get 20 firms information to visit and have fun with.

Find Strawberry Picking Farms Near You


Strawberry is a sodium-free, cholesterol-free, low-calorie light meal full of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. This berry is well known as a good option for most sweet treats like ice creams, pastries, waffles, jam, and jelly.

Strawberry picking in Minnesota is a fun activity for every family, Mainly because they get better quality berries at a low price. People like to buy strawberries in large batches to store for future use and enjoy different dishes. This summer, plan a visit to the nearest berry patch and enjoy the sweet red berries with your family. 

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